Single Ladies – Episode 4 – It’s Hard To Choose Right When Wrong Is Just So Fun


If there was one universal theme of this week’s episode of Single Ladies, it’s “Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Because these ladies said goodbye to all their relationships (at least, I think they have).

Val‘s still trying to find Mr. Right, but one thing’s certain, he’s not Sebastian. After Sebastian asks for an invite into her apartment and Val explains her 90-day rule, Sebastian tells her he’s paid his dues and gone on dates, paid for meals, and, you know, sat through all the boring stuff, and now he wants his. When she doesn’t give it up, he calls her a tease and that’s exactly not what a girl wants to hear, so Val sends his good-looking but dimwitted ass home.

But that means that good old KC is back in the picture because, once you ride a mechanical bull in front of someone the way Val did earlier this season, you can’t cut ties forever. So they go out as friends, which is hard for KC, who explains “As long as you’ve got a body like that, it’s going to be hard to be friends.”

So Val allows him to sleep over and spoon her which accounts for that thing in his shorts poking her leg in the middle of the night.

Wait. Can we discuss two things for a second? First of all, Val is a tease letting KC sleep in her bed, there’s no getting around that. It;s hard not to sympathize with KC here. But can we address KC’s abs, please?

Good. Now that that’s out of the way.

All the sex that Val’s not having is being made up for by Christina the Intern, who manages to get caught by the police twice for public doin’ it. The first time was in Val’s shop

which Val reprimands her for. But Omar, who is nothing if not honest, tells Val “You kinda set the tone when you did KC in the dressing room.” He’s got a point! The second time that Christina gets caught, she’s in the midst of some side of the road action

en route to Val and Malcolm‘s big jewelry party with all of Val’s model’s clothing. Oh, Christina. But as she explain-o-gizes later, “I know right from wrong, but it’s hard to choose right when wrong is just do fun.” And you know who else learned that lesson the hard way this week? Everyone! But mostly Keisha.

Keisha has been ignoring Malcom’s calls ever since he tried to set her up to look like a high-priced call girl, which he denies. But these two can’t stay mad at each other, especially not when Malcolm tells her “You cannot come in to my house with all that ass clinging to that dress.” So they end up ditching their dates at his jewelry party to go at it in the bathroom.

You know a great way to ruin a hookup though, don’t you? To tell the woman you just hooked up with that it’s great that you can still be friends after having sex. Once again, not what anyone wants to hear, ever. Keisha’s not really happy about that.

And finally, April. April thought she was on the right track with Darryl, who agreed to re-start marriage counseling with her, but he was secretly scheming to wring information out of April during their sessions to use against her in divorce court. When she shows up to their house, he’s changed the locks and tells her “You’re gonna pay for what you did to me, April, starting with half of what your grandma left you. I guess this is war, babe.”

April’s like

and she gets the girls to help her move out. She should feel free to take the fridge too, since Darryl doesn’t need it on account of his being so COLD.

As they pack, they try to sort out Val’s love life.

The girls criticize Val for stringing KC along, and she tells them “KC knows what this is. I’ve been completely honest,” but April asks “Yeah, but are you being fair?” Which is a good point. Ultimately, KC makes his own mind up about their fate when he tells Val that he’s moving to L.A., explaining that it’s because he’s not tied down to anything it Atlanta. And he wants to spoon someone who will appreciate his abs and his late-night spooning boner. And since she has no other option but to be mature about it, Val takes it in stride, although she’s not really okay with it.

“We are fun, interesting, young and single!” she tells her girls as they gear up for a night on the town. And as she closes up shop for the night, she closes the KC chapter in her life for now.

It’s hard to know why she resisted KC so much, especially when the alternative is guys like Sebastian (and Malcolm…and Christina’s sex-toy…and cold-hearted Darryl) but it’s going to be even harder on Val now that he’s gone.

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