The Ten Best Mob Wives Fight Faces Of Season One


There were a lot of fights this season on Mob Wives, you had your Renee Vs. Carla, Karen Vs. Drita, and of course, Drita Vs. The Raccoons. And with these fights came great intensity, emotion, and facial expressions that are worth taking another look at. We’ve got a few months before season two premieres, so we might as well savor the best parts of season one, right?

1. Drita – Episode 10

For good reason (that reason being she tends to fight a lot), Drita is at the top of our Fight-Face list. And of course her finale blowout with Karen was the most explosive, violent, and intense fight of the season, trumping even Renee and Carla’s dinner party scuffle, in our opinion. This is Drita’s blackout rage face at its most intense.

2. Karen – Episode 10

We couldn’t make Drita number one without putting Karen at number two. These two got down and dirty, and despite their angry exchange and hair-pulling, they left us on a season cliffhanger with regard to how (or IF) this fight was resolved.

3. Renee – Episode 1

Ahh, the fight that started it all. When Renee found out that Karen Gravano was returning to Staten Island in the first episode and she was confronted by Karen, we were worried their tension might turn into a turf war. Because if there’s one thing you don’t wave in Renee’s face, it’s your finge, and Karen was bold enough to do just that. Fortunately, these ladies were eventually able to hug it out.

4. Drita – Episode 8

Drita Vs. The Raccoons might have been a lighter note on the show, but it was definitely one of our favorite moments. Unfortunately for Drita, it sounds like the raccoons are still a menace to her garbage cans.

5. Renee – Episode 2

Renee’s look of surprise as Carla’s hand grabbed her during this fight in the second episode echoed how we felt to see this episode go down. Carla explains that she wasn’t trying to choke Renee, she was just trying to separate her friends, but judging from the look on Renee’s face, she wasn’t aware of that. This was our first real look at how these ladies roll — especially considering this was one of the tamer altercations they had.

6. Drita – Episode 2

Episode two was also the first time we saw angry Drita showing off her hulk face. And, as is par for the course with these ladies, she was actually not even the aggressor here, she was just trying to make everyone (i.e. Karen and Renee) get along.

7. Renee and Carla – Episode 6

The Renee/Carla dinner party fight about Carla’s boyfriend was easily one of the most dramatic scenes to play out this season, and this image will stick with us. It’s not so much a fightin’ face as a “get your face outta my face” situation, actually, but it will go down as a big moment.

8. Karen – Episode 7

Karen got in on the action too during the Renee/Carla fight and shockingly threw a vase in Renee’s direction to get the women to chill out. It’s funny the things these ladies to do calm their friends.

9. Renee – Episode 7

And of course, when someone throws a glass vase in your direction, what other look can you give them?

10. Drita – Episode 2

Drita has gone through her share of relationship troubles with Lee, mostly because he’s been so absent for 99% of their marriage. So when Drita asks Lee in episode two when he’s coming home and he gives her the runaround, Drita first takes her anger out on him, but then she takes it out on the phone.
Bonus photo: That poor phone never even saw it comin’.

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