It’s Time To Ask Lenny Kravitz Anything!


Last month, we brought Jordan Knight into our offices and invited you to Ask Him Anything. By all accounts, that experiment went extremely well, and most of you did not abuse the privilege. (Those of you that did, though –and you know who you are!– have been forgiven.)

Well, great news! We’re doing Ask Me Anything again now, but this time the subject will be the multi-talented musician/model/actor/raconteur Lenny Kravitz, whose new album, Black And White America, comes out on August 30. And, in case you didn’t play this game the first time around, we really mean it when we say you can Ask Lenny Kravitz Anything! Wondering if he kept the dreadlocks he shaved off (and if he can send them to you)? You should ask! Curious as to whether he’s a boxers, briefs or commando kind of guy? You should ask! Have you always been interested in learning how he divvys up his 401(k)? Now’s the time to ask, partner.

So, how do you ask? Well, there’s a few ways. You can leave a comment below, or you can tweet @vh1 with the hashtag #askmeanything. We’ll compile as many questions as we receive BY THIS THURSDAY MORNING (6/30/11) and do our best to get Lenny to answer them all. Remember, you can Ask Lenny Kravitz Anything, so make your questions as crazy or funny as you possible. The only limit is your imagination!

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