Beyoncé: Year of 4 VH1 Special Set To Premiere Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on VH1


International superstardom is exhausting, especially if you’re Beyoncé! After a fierce Sunday set at Glastonbury, Beyoncé’s 4 finally hits shelves this week, and yes, we’re absolutely ready for this album’s off-the-charts intimacy levels to stupefy our senses. As a hard-working entertainer dedicated to her craft, it’s no surprise that the talented renaissance woman needed and deserved a break from years of relentless recording, promoting and touring prior to releasing this record. But what, exactly, did Queen B do during her year away from the music business?

Premiering tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. on VH1 and Palladia (7 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and BET), VH1 special Beyoncé: Year of 4 arrives just in time to bring the icon’s year-long adventure to light. (If you miss it, we’ll have it streaming on for 24 hours, too). Capturing her many experiences while traveling the world and re-examining her career, the film is equipped with footage taken with Bey’s camera and her own very-personal narration. Truly bringing us into her often-private world, Beyoncé ruminates on her life thus far, her marriage to rapper Jay-Z, her company and brand (after parting ways with father and former manager, Matthew Knowles), and the future she intends on building as a role-model for women around the world. In the sneak above, we follow Bey as she toboggans down the Great Wall of China, hangs with friends and family, and recognizes how taking time off never even occurred to her.

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  1. Ty says:

    She is great but she looks so tired.

  2. eyller says:

    eu queria muito ganhar o novo album da minha diva BEYONCE por que ela transformou a minha vida pra melhor, e eu nunca mais mais vou esquecer do que ela fez..

  3. Texas Diva says:

    B is super talented and has done some decent music over the years with Destiny’s Child – but it perplexes me so…how in the HELL can Beyonce’ even begin to think that she can be considered a role model? With her gyrating up and down the stage, throwing her blonde weave in a bodysuit (half naked) – black girls all over the world are already impacted by her image. She was cool years ago – but once she left the group and went solo, she continued to toe the line until she inevitably crossed it – selling her soul by using her sexuality instead of her skills to sell records. Do you see Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, India Arie, Amel Larrieux, Jennifer Hudson and other talented singers doing all that? No – they don’t. They don’t have to. There are many other singers who are doing that, but it doesn’t make it right, does it?? I’m not knocking the hustle; I just weep so deeply for young girls everywhere that look up her and may feel that objectifying themselves is the key to success.

  4. Texas Diva says:

    B is supertalented and stuff, but I am so over her image. How in the HECK can she even begin to deem herself as a role model for young women? With all that raunchy gyrating in a bodysuit across the stage, slinging her blonde weave everywhere. Is all that necessary? She has toed the line with her image – pushing the envelope with sexuality ever since she left Destiny’s Child to go solo. You don’t see Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, India Arie, Amel Larrieux, Mary J Blige and other talented singers do that – do you? There are others in the “pop arena” who resort to such antics to sell records and pimp themselves – but that don’t make it right. I am not knocking the hustle; I just weep for all the young girls everywhere who already look up to her and think that objectifying themselves equals success. The next generation – we are in trouble!

  5. lisa bush says:

    Beyonce I am so proud of you for making this album it is FLAWLESS. there was so much hype that no one knew what to expect.well Mrs.Carter you have exceeded all my expectations!!….I do get so sick of people talking trash about you,if they don’t like it then turn it off…also why do people feel the need to keep comparing you to Kelly? Don’t they know you two are like sisters and you wish nothing but the best for her? Most of the people saying that have the CRAB mentality.why do you have to sit down for someone else to stand up? THOSE THAT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES WILL SHINE RATHER YOU ARE OUT OR NOT…THEY LACK THE DRIVE YOU HAVE SO IT IS EASIER JUST TO HATE ON YOU. AS IF YOU HAVING A BABY WILL TURN OFF YOUR TALENT,IN FACT IT WILL GIVE YOU MORE TO SING ABOUT.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, QUEEN B IS STINGING SO STAND BACK…….

  6. WENDY says: