Sneak A Peek Behind The Scenes At The Mob Wives Reunion Taping


The Mob Wives reunion won’t air until Sunday, July 10th at 8 p.m. ET/PT, but we were there at the taping and got the scoop on what these women have been up to since the big Karen/Drita fight during the finale. We can safely say the reunion is going to be an explosive evening, and tears will be shed.

Of course, it’s understandable if you can’t wait eleven more days to see the reunion, so allow us to give you a sneak peek at the set and the women as they hung out before the cameras were turned on. We also got a few shots of host Wendy Williams who looked fantastic and was not shy about asking the tough questions during taping, a lot of questions about relationships and personal lives will be addressed.

The VH1 Blog will have even more pre-reunion coverage next week as well, so be sure to check back for more details and photos then.

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[Photos: VH1 Blog/Liz Black]

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  1. Irene says:

    I think Drita had all the right to kick ass with Karen, Karen is a fake and slut

  2. Donna says:

    Why in the hell did they have wendy williams hosting this she suckssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jaquitta says:

    Donna quit HATING Mrz William will definitely keep this reunion juicy, cannot wait for this explosive reunion.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Drita’s litttle nasty ass of foul, I dont care if Karen slept with one hundred men while she was with lee, there are some lines you don;t cross. Dritas ass is trying to find every excuse in the book to justify her crossing that line. Carla is just as dumb, by saying what type of relationship Karen and lee has if she was out and about. If they lived in the same house they did have some type of relationship. One could ask her what type of relationship could she have with a man behind bars, thats about as normal as what karen and Lee had isnt it? Your husband is still your man right Carla?

  5. Yvonne says:

    Renee, is my favorite, however I was mad as hell at her for getting in Karen’s way causing her to fall letting that DOUBLE CROSSING BACK STABING Drita get the upper and causing Karen to fall on the fool. Im sure Karen would have TAPPED Dritas ass, Believe that. Im with Karen she was with Lee 7 yrs, she can write what ever the hell she want in her book. Its not her fault DRITA got her left overs. I don’t care how she try to put it or talk around in circles, she is wrong for going behind a friend. In her mind she’s told herself it was ok since Karen move to AZ that she will never know, DAMMMM Drita, thats pretty thirsty

  6. Heaven says:

    i am on bith sides bc they both have good points but unfair FIGHT THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

  7. robin robby says:

    I watched last night season finally and felt bad for Drita. I really like her, and I know what it’s like to find out your husband had an affair. I remember the day I was moving out, my husband said I needed to be out by four cause she was moving in at four. I wish at that time I wasn’t so emotionally beat down. I would have liked to have had Drita’s attitude. By the time my daughter got married, it took everything I had not to stuff her head in the toilet when she staked out the ladies room just so she could introduce herself to me; as if I would want to meet her. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know he was married, I caught them in the shower together at my house. I guess strippers don’t care. She lost in the long run. She thought it was him with all the money. Ha! I took my money and his. That’s what he gets for dumping me for a low life stripper.
    You are awesome, strong and capable woman. You will do great on your own; really. You have been on your own for a long time raising two beautiful girls.

  8. Vanessa says:

    all you guys need to fix your grammar hahaha

  9. landa says:

    love love renee and karen…drita and carla is ALL MOUTH UP THEIR YING YANG…i think lee is the problem and cause i bet he fooled around while he married to drita and that she need to just listen first then she know what the hell karen is talking about…all i know friends dont do that to other friends…and a friend should tell her friend about her relationship with their ex no matter if they never talk for a long time…bet lee know where is karen and also bet he talk to her no matter what he call her bad names…but friends never do that to another friend…i would not want to hear it from someone else…but you know IT IS WHAT IT IS…just need to move on with their lives and make it work as friends or foe…

  10. Brandy says:

    I think urn all full of it! Drita had every right 2 date Lee. They wernt friends anymore & it was @least 1in a half years after they broke up. Carla’s just so fake & is tryin 2 stir up stuff 2 look good on t.v. & promote her stupid book. Carla is jealous of Drita. Shes the realist person on the show! When ur out of touch with a friend 4 a year or 2 ur no longer under the “friends don’t date friends ex rule.” They fell n love. Who cares? This isn’t high school. Grow up!! They didnt have any kids, went engaged & she cheated on him the whole time so, she had every right 2 not think it was a big deal. come on ppl… If any of their relationships were different then it would of been SO wrong but, they weren’t so their were no loyalty rules broken. She didnt have a kid with him & they were no longer connected as friends. Drita has a right 2b mad about her stirring up cap with that 2faced backstabing chic. I can’t waite till everyone sees her true colors.

  11. elizabeth says:

    well i find this show “Mobwives”shameful; to see grown ass women who cant even leave high school problems in the past, if any of these women have little girls, its to teach them never to fight over men, that’s one thing my daddy taught me growing up. It’s so sad that drama can make us money but really , what it’s teaching you. Sending ladies the wrong message, that is why T.V is not so good for the brain. Im 29yrs old living in Cali, i know what mob life is because i was born in san bernardino, Ca, raised in LA and studied college here, moved away froma small towm Palm springs, my father took my self and 7 other siblings and my mom to palm springs so we wouldn’t h get caught up gang related or dead by 14yrs old. Of course your hood never goes away, so i thought this show “mob-wives”, was going to be more about the after life and what can do to a young child, (not healthy, poss. no career’s or dead). I had to stop, change the channel, because it has brought out my out my old temper within my love ones, I’ve been through anger mangement for about 8mths therapy back in 08′, it’s not where i want to go back, the point of the blog, is to say these women need some help on how they deal with conflict and the truth. There doesn’t have to be negative drama…just real good start over and raise my little girl even better. You momen are so beautiful and when you show anger in your face, it takes your beauty away, and remenber we are parents, what we do reflect to our children, love you karen for having the strength to write your book, cant wait to buy it and read it…wish the best for all the mobwives to forget the past and focus on there career’s, and better life for there families

  12. Sharon says:

    If anybody owes anyone an apology it’s Drita. I think Drita owes Karen an apology cuz it don’t matter how far your friends move, a friend is a friend. Just cuz Karen moved doesn’t mean that she was no longer your friend. You used her moving as a way 2 ease your mind to be with Lee (you don’t pick up trash after your friend threw it away, END OF STORY).

  13. Rema P says:

    @brandy – First of all, do you mean Karen not Carla, is ‘tryin 2 stir up stuff 2 look good on t.v. & promote her stupid book’ an Karen not Carla is jealous of Drita? Secondly, there is no statute of limitations on friendship when it comes to dating a friend’s ex. You sound like you’re still in high school when you said, “When ur out of touch with a friend 4 a year or 2 ur no longer under the “friends don’t date friends ex rule.” They wernt friends anymore & it was @least 1in a half years after they broke up’. What kind of crap is that? You sound like a an even bigger loser than Drita