Check Out A Clip Featuring Never-Before-Seen Show Footage From The Mob Wives Reunion


As if you weren’t looking forward to the Mob Wives reunion enough already, we have another special look at some of the action for you. The promo above is a glimpse into what went down on set (yes, that’s Renee walking off in tears), but more importantly, you’ll get a peek at some never-before-seen footage of Karen and Drita‘s fight. There’s nothing scarier than hearing (and seeing) an enraged Karen yell for Drita, is there?

For more bonus footage of this fight and so much more, tune in to the Mob Wives reunion, airing Sunday, July 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Linda C says:

    Ask Renee if she’s related to Victoria Gotti. They’re mannerisms and facial expressions are uncanny. I say is it “nay” or “DNA”?

  2. charter says:

    I must say that I have been busy with work but finally caught up on the finale. Why didn’t Karen know that Drita was there to fight, after all she was the only one dressed down for the evening?

  3. Debbie says:

    The fight between Drita and Karen seemed fake. I really liked Drita in the beginning but as the show went on Drita became more of a back stabber as well as a liar. Carla is the biggest backstabber there is i don’t trust her nor Drita. They want attention for themselves and they act like they are too good. Drita needs to focus more on her husband cheating on her and her kids and not so much on Karen. Drita is a mother and it’s funny seeing her out parting more then being at home being a parent.

  4. Genuine Gemini says:

    Drita was wrong period! She’s angry with the wrong person!! I like Drita but “friends” don’t do that whether they talk everyday, month, year or whatever. If she was not Karen’s friend she wouldn’t have been so welcoming when she came back to town. Drita thought Karen would avoid it since it was in the past. She apologized before then when Lee screws her like he did Karen, she took her frustration out on Karen. Drita my girl but she needs to own up to her part, she screwed her once BFF ex of 7 years AND then married him, Karen & Lee got history whether she likes it or not! It’s not even about Lee, Drita…let it go, you’re better than that! Would it be OK if Carla married Lee 10-15 years from now if you two lost contact? Lee is scum! You and Karen can both agree on that! She know better than anyone!!

  5. elizabeth says:

    Well I find this show “Mob wives” to be shameful; to see grown ass women who can’t even leave high school problems in the past, if any of these women have little girls, it’s to teach them never to fight over men, that’s one thing my daddy taught me growing up. It’s so sad that drama can make us money but really, what it’s teaching you. Sending ladies the wrong message, that is why T.V is not so good for the brain. I’m 29yrs old living in Cali, I know what mob life is because I was born in san Bernardino, Ca, raised in LA and studied college here, moved away from a small town Palm springs, my father took myself and 7 other siblings and my mom to palm springs so we wouldn’t h get caught up gang related or dead by 14yrs old. Of course your hood never goes away, so I thought this show “mob-wives”, was going to be more about the afterlife and what can do to a young child, (not healthy, poss. no career’s or dead). I had to stop, change the channel, because it has brought out my out my old temper within my love ones, I’ve been through anger management for about 8mths therapy back in 08′, it’s not where I want to go back, the point of the blog, is to say these women need some help on how they deal with conflict and the truth. There doesn’t have to be negative drama…just real good people…to start over and raise my little girl even better. You women are so beautiful and when you show anger in your face, it takes your beauty away, and remember we are parents, what we do reflect to our children, love you Karen for having the strength to write your book, can’t wait to buy it and read it…wish the best for all the mob wives to forget the past and focus on their career’s, and better life for their families

  6. Penelope says:

    Holy great show… I never suspected that I would enjoy it or be as moved by these women’s stories.. It isn’t easy being a single parent yet you are all trying to do it on your own… congratulations to you for that. In that same line of thought though, I can’t help but be really disgusted by Karen and her behaviour… Karen…get over LEE.. for heaven’s sake.. you’re old friends with Drita, you have a daughter now , you’re trying to make a life for yourself and most importantly Lee has a wife and kids of his own… stop your nonsense of saying it’s not about Lee, it’s about Drita blah blah blah….. girl.. it’s obvious you’re hating on her.. perhaps you’re a little jealous, who knows… you smirked when they showed that Lee had been unfaithful to Drita… that’s pretty petty on your part… but the funny thing is that as aggressive and strong as Drita seems… it’s obvious that she has some really strong core values and she doesn’t seem petty at all.. I respect her for protecting her family.. and you seem to forget that Lee is HER husband… not your boyfriend,(and who cares if he’s your ex boyfriend)…He is HER HUSBAND.. and the father of her children… her relationship is more important than yours with Lee…so nobody really owes you any explanations etc…she’s not the bad guy, she didn’t steal him from you, she didn’t have a relationship with him while you were dating him…and apparently dating lots of other guys too… let it go and really be what the show can be about… Four women being friends and supportive as they go thru some extraordinary circumstances of being connected to the mob.

  7. Cat_H says:

    Watching this and others like these, for me, is like watching a train wreck, I just can’t help myself!!!