Single Ladies – Episode 5 – The Man Cleanse


This episode was supposed to be all about Val time. No men in her life, just three weeks of floral arranging, French cooking classes, reading all the great novels, and learning to golf. Unfortunately, it ended up being about everything but Val time, to her shock and horror.

First of all, let’s discuss how this episode was full of some of the best expressions we’ve seen from these ladies all season. There were some screengrab gems this week (just wait for Keisha’s tell-it-like-it-is face). So Val, who is tired of a never-ending flow of first dates that go nowhere and feel like job interviews, swears off men for three weeks. She tells Omar that the point of Val time “is to stop feeling incomplete because I’m not dating or in a relationship.” And yet, when she stops looking for love, it falls right in her lap during golf lessons when she meets one Mr. Jerry Waters.

They meet when Val, who decides to take golf lessons, forgets her credit card in her other purse (who hasn’t?) and can’t pay for her golf shop purchases which she has already changed into. Overhearing her plight, Jerry says “That outfit really needs for you to keep wearing it,” and proceeds to drop $2332.66 (which I really hope included the purchase of that golf cart) on Val before running out for a round with The Senator. I wonder if The Senator and The Mayor ever feel sad that they’re only ever referred to as their job titles on this show? Cut to Val’s golf instructor asking her if she’s ready to hit some balls, of course.

As much as I like K.C. for Val, I like Jerry even more. He’s classy, he’s smooth, and as she finds out later, he’s super rich and the father of Quinn’s former fiancee, Keisha tells her. Because Keisha has a tracking device on every man with a multi-million dollar net worth in Atlanta and she knows what’s up.

But Val is the only one with any sort of luck with men this week. First there’s April, whose run-ins with Darryl grow more contentious by the day.

Darryl plans to squeeze every last bit out of April’s trust fund (isn’t he a banker? Why in the world does he need to wring April’s trust fund out when he probably makes what she’s worth in a week?) out of pure spite. It’s not pretty, and Val tells him so when he accuses her of hiding April’s affair. Val tried to be neutral during their problems, but now she tells him “If the Darryl I know wants to show up, I’m here for him. But you? This colossal ass? You can go to hell.”

Brava, honey. But, like a dick, Darryl peaces out, shaking his head at her and driving away in her new, paid-for-by-April BMW.

Keisha’s man started off strong but ended oh, so badly. Her meeting with trainer/pilates instructor/chocolatier Amadeo took a turn for the sexy when their session got hot and heavy and leggy.

After round one of mat-based Pilates, Keisha asks Amadeo “Haven’t you had enough?” To which he cringe-inducingly answers “Are you kidding me? I can never get enough chocolate.” And yes, even though they had just been eating chocolate it still makes me feel funny to hear him say that out loud and unironically. So then they go for round two of reformer Pilates which I hear really reshapes your body.

Unfortunately, Amadeo has ulterior motives for his seduction, being that he plans to rob Keisha and Val blind while they’re both out of the apartment one night. After the apartment get ransacked, the women play the blame game. Val blames Keisha for sleeping with Amadeo, Keisha wonders why Val left all her store’s bank receipts out in the open when they should have been deposited at the bank, and that leads to the best face of the night, mad Keisha.

Ultimately, no one is to blame, they all have insurance and/or well-hidden stashes of cash, and it was no biggie. Except that Amadeo is nowhere to be found and he’s probably in another state by now, having steamy, scheme-y Pilates sex with someone else.

Finally, Christina is having an affair with her fashion professor, which the other women find out when they walk in on her having sex with him in a dorm bathroom.

Look, Val and Keisha weren’t thrilled to be at this party to begin with

but when they see this going on, they’re like

And meanwhile, Omar is hitting it off with a Gaysian, v-necked art boy

so when Val and Keisha leave the party, he stays to get better acquainted.

“I saw you do the walk of shame from my complex this morning,” Christina says to Omar the next day.

“Girl, when are you gonna learn? Omar has no shame,” Keisha tells her, but Christina also has no shame and her flip attitude about her affair with the controlling professor is not going to end well.

After everyone (except Christina) learns a lesson about themselves, the ladies settle in for TV night. Once again, Love Jones gets nixed (poor Val), but while the TV is on, Val’s old college roommate Sharon Love, a tabloid-y news reporter pops onscreen, and as can only happen on scripted television, she accidentally divulges that she and her old roommate Val slept together.

Sharon has an Urkel-y “Did I do that?” moment, but now all of Atlanta knows about Sharon and Val’s lesbian affair. You were saying about that man cleanse, Val?

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  1. Sienna says:

    I love this episode!! and the show all together is cool. I like the characters, story lines and fashion! The only thumbs down is the assistant Christina. Her accent, character and antics are annoying. She really doesnt add much to the show overall. They need to give Val an assistant with swag..

  2. Alicia D says:

    I have to admit, that I was a lot skeptical about the show without willing to watch it., but being the fair lady that I am I had to give it a try. Surprisingly I was satisfied with the characters of all the ladies, including the new assistant with the HEAVY accent ( it does need to be toned down a bit, if not for DVR I would miss 1/2 of what she says). The ” Deal Breaker” is a new millennium thing, but very relevant. lol. The acting for the 1st four episodes was produced brilliantly, but # 5, TWO THUMBS DOWN!! The music was too often, too long & too loud. The plot was great but it all came across corny & predictable. The acting was even different, acting 101 even, no one seem uncomfortable & distracted … Boo boo boo to the director on this one, go back to how u started.
    Sign, Alicia from the D , asking ‘ when we gone get to the good part??’

  3. xclusive1 says:

    Ok with April, I hope that they write into the script that she finally develops some kind of sense and have her assets frozen or transfers them to Val so that Darryl cannot get another freakin penny. His problem is that she grew up and like April said he wanted to control her in every way possible. They have been together since high school and people change and it is not that she did not love him, it is that she grew up and yes, he was pressuring her to have a baby and when she kept telling him she wasn’t ready it was like “oh you’re going to have my baby”, and she just wasn’t ready. Another thing, I honestly thought these ladies were in their 40′s because April looks so harsh and Val well you know she is a seasoned vet. But yeah I really hope that the writers decide to turn the tables on that self righteous ass hole Darryl

  4. Mo says:

    I LOVE the show! it’s so good as hell! i’m addicted! please don’t stop it! we’re finally watching something addicting!

  5. sashaaa says:

    I love this showwww… There is so much going on even though I am a little upset with how Darryl is acting and he needs to man-up… And although Im not sure, I don’t think he can really touch April’s trust fund from her grandmother which was inherited before they got married and clearly hers, not both of them….lol If Im wrong, pardon moi…smile I hope Darryl starts to regret acting like such a @%$#$#%$…lol My girl Keisha is just so cool and hot at the same time… Love her character…smile I think the assistant is cool because she adds a different flavor to the show with her accent and her wild and crazy ways but she seems to be a little wreckless… I can’t wait to watch the new episodes and look at the old ones… The older man is pretty smooth too and I like his southern flavor and smooth gentlemanlike ways… He definitely gets a thumbs up too…. I can imagine he is smooth, a gentleman who knows a lot about making money and being successful but also being street-wise too…lol Im just visualizing…smiling Can’t wait for the next episode…

  6. Dee says:

    I am definitely a fan of the show and I love that it is based right here in my home town of Atlanta. I would like to see a background of how the relationship between April and Darryl developed. I ‘ve been watching the show from the beginning and it seemed then like April was in the same age range as Val and Keisha. It was illuded to that April and Darryl met in college, but she seems clearly much younger than Darryl. Also I love the storyline of Malcom and Keisha. The show keeps the audience guessing on what will happen next.