Anthony L. Williams, Stacey Dash’s Stylist On Single Ladies, Answers All Your Twitter Questions


Anthony L. Williams is a designer and stylist known for his competitive spirit as a contestant on Project Runway and now, for his gorgeous styling skills working with Stacey Dash on Single Ladies.

Last week, we put out the call on Twitter for fans of the show to ask Anthony anything (using the hashtag #AskAnthony) during tonight’s show, and here are his responses.

@NeilGoldberg #askanthony What are the biggest differences between styling for a sitcom and designing on a reality show?

Anthony L. Williams: When designing for a sitcom it is the responsibility of the stylist to dress the character to the specifications of the script and the expectations of the producer and the director.

where do you get all those fashion’re HOT

Anthony: I shop everywhere..Vintage, consignment, call in favors from fellow designers, Top Shop, Neiman Marcus, Zara Runway…I even shop out of Stacey’s closet. There have been random moments on set where I walked by a rack and stole a dress because I thought it would be fab on Stacey!

@arjaunjubri @sewANTHONY who designed Val’s navy blazer?

Anthony: @arjaunjubri I found that blazer at BCBG. We restructured it. It’s the fit that makes the fashion.

@dowtinc: #AskAnthony – Where do you get your accessories-Stacey’s silver and feather earrings-HAUTE

Anthony: @dowtinc The “shoppers” bought those but if I had to guess I would have to say The Atlanta Apparel Mart.

@MulattoMlkshake #AskAnthony what is it like to work with Stacey?

Anthony: Stacey is amazing to work with…Only because she celebrates excellence which is one of the core characteristics of my brand. This was my first time styling anyone in this capacity and she was my teacher…At work we respected each other’s roles and after the makeup, the clothes, and the jewelry came off, we were in our sweats, tossing back cocktails and we cackled like girlfriends!!

If you have any questions that Anthony didn’t answer here, be sure to hit him up on his Facebook page or on Twitter at @SewAnthony.

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  1. TCade says:

    Someone PLEASE tell me who designed Val’s entire outfit in the last scene in “Single Ladies” that aired July 4. I absolutely loved it! I need it in my life!

  2. valerie brooks says:

    i love the show single ladies. I really love stacey dash and her hottie K.C They really do make a good couple i hope they bring them back togetther. i know Queen Latifah is the producer so make it happen i really want them together. I’ll keep posting my comments to until they are together. Thank you vh1

  3. Nikki says:

    Hello, Please, Please, someone tell me where to find that Brown dress Lisa Raye had on in episode 5!! (that aired 07/04/11). Tia “from the Game” had the same dress on in one episode and I’ve been looking for it, PLEASW SOMEONE Let me know!!!!!!!!!!!! I need it!!

  4. Liz says:

    Hello – I would love to find the gold link round charm bracelet that Val wore in the July 4th episode?


  5. SassyL8dy says:


    I just started watching “Single Ladies”. I like the variety of personalities and conflict. Who is designing the set for Val’s apartment and what was that designer’s inspiration? I love everything about her apartment!!

  6. SingleLady says:

    @SassyL8dy, I love the setup of their apt as well! its so feminine,,,Ive been tryin to come up with ideas for my townhome and I think Ive found it!! love,love the show!

  7. dana says:

    I would love to know were I could find that dress Lisa Raye wore in Episode 6.. Hot red dress with open sleeves..I LOVE IT!!

    If VH1 needs someone to respond to viewers questions, like myself hit me up!! I would love to respond to loyal viewers!!….

  8. Alexis says:

    Where Did Stacy Get Her Purple Dress With The Flowers From? It Was A Scene Where Her Ex Came To Her Apt.

  9. Girl loving gold says:

    Where can I buy the gold charm bracelet Stacey Dash wears on Single Ladies? I love it!

  10. Girl Loving the Dress says:

    Who designs the pink and green dress with the big green bow Stacey wears on the episode July 18. I want that dress…those are my sorority colors!!!

  11. Hasina says:

    The white dress in the 7/18/11 episode OMG! Where did it come from? who is it by? I would loe to know

  12. Chris says:

    Who is the designer of the jumpsuit Val wore in episode 9?

  13. Sue says:

    @Chris…I think the designer is Lisa Jayne Dunn. Anthony, I am so happy to know that you are Stacey D. stylist on the show Single Ladies. love your style & you were my favorite designer on Project Runway. Val’s style somewhat reminds me of a black verison of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City. And if you are going that direction, that is BRILLIANT!!! Your talent & personality is going to take you very far. I’m wishing you much success in our career. Be blessed & I will be watching!!!

  14. aj says:

    plz tell me – where can i find the charm anklet and necklace stacey wore with the pink sequin dress and plz show a up close photo of it if possible. thxxx