Karen And Drita Rehash Their Rooftop Rumble In This Mob Wives Reunion Clip


Mob Wives stars Karen and Drita haven’t been in the same room together since their rooftop brawl, and there’s still some tension lingering between them (“some” might be an understatement).

In this clip from the reunion, watch as the ladies get everything out on the table once again. When host Wendy Williams asks Renee who she thinks would have won the fight if Renee hadn’t stopped it, Renee explains “Drita is extremely physically strong, Karen has incredible heart. Nobody would have won, that would have been a very ugly fight.”

Check out the clip to see how each woman reacted to the fight, and tune in to the Mob Wives reunion Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    This is my opinion, whether or not you talk anymore..if you were friends at one point in a way you are still friends. I went a few years of not talking to any of my friends and with some we had fights which caused us to quit talking..but when we did start talking it was like we never stopped. Anyhow you NEVER cross the friendship line and date their ex. A friend of mine dated my ex and we fought about it, we quit talking and I seen her on Facebook and decided to put it all behind us. Yes it still hurts because they are now married and have 3 beautiful kids together. But it’s not about crossing that line anymore, she’s happy. We made up and all is good. Drita I think you are wrong for hooking up with Lee, whether you and Karen were talking or not..you lived with her and knew they were together. YOU CROSSED A LINE YOU KNOW YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CROSS!!!!

  2. Rita'sFan says:

    I so hope you will be doing another season of this show. Drita, why are you waiting around for a pipedream. Your husband, what does he provide you with? He is a phone dad, your children and you deserve a better life. I wish you the best and I really hope you can move past the issues you have had during this season of Mob Wives.

  3. robinrobby says:

    I was happy to hear we will see another Mob Wives. I have to hand it to Drita. She took the high road with Karen, that took class, good for you Drita. I have a news flash for Karen, if your book beats a dead horse as much as you did with this Lee thing, keep the book. Please save the tree and don’t bother. That’s one book I am not buying. Hopefully you will grow up and get over it by the time the new season starts, if not, maybe Renee will share her therapist. It’s gross, childish and classless to bring up sex with someone’s husband. It makes you look like a pig. You have a daughter, what kind of example are setting for her?

  4. Rema P says:

    @robinrobby – The only reason Drita “took the high road”, is because she didn’t want any more of her skeletons to come out of the closet. I’m sure Karen has ALOT of dirt on this scumbag. Drita is low class and an even worse friend.

  5. mary says:

    i think karen is nuts. she is just like her father, she said in her family loyailty, is everything. was her father showing his loyailty, when he put everthing horrible he did off on other “friends” to save his skin? she said she had sold drugs. had so many men and a child while, with lee., the FBI, bought his story and everyone is buying hers. ditra was the one who was nice to her when the others werent and just like her father, she turned on her. ditra was her girl like gotti and the rest were her fathers family. what these men did was horrible and they all should have been punished.

  6. Tony says:

    It’s amazing how people become experts on other people’s lives by watching a couple of hours of reality TV. I happened to roll with both Karen and Drita back in the day. To be fair, I’ve stayed in touch with Drita but haven’t talked to Karen in close to a decade. You wanna know the truth.

    Drita is straight up bananas. I’ve seen this broad in action before and she don’t quit. She’s the type that you need to straight up shoot to stop. Karen knows this as well. Her rooftop comments were only made because she knew that the fight was already broken up.

    Karen is pimping her book. She’s one of the most untrustworthy girls I’ve ever met. She was fun to party with, but she was a big-time player. Drita partied as well, but Karen made Drita look like Mother Teresa. Talk about dirt. The one who has the dirt on the other is Drita not Karen. Karen was always a big talker.

  7. Brookelyn says:

    Just watching the show, not knowing them in IRL. I couldn’t help but take Drita’s side. I think YES if pushed she could do harm! Seems like she actually has a big heart tho! As far as who as much as admited to be.. I think Karen WAS and IS still the biggest sleeze when it comes to Men. Drita could shame Karen beyond belief, but took the high road. Drita has class. Karen’s a Pig!

  8. Brookelyn says:

    What I meant is.. Drita knows A LOT about Karen and could have told it all!! I’m sure Karen was worried she might! Karen would have if it was the other way around. I’m really glad there will be another season. Wonder if they will add more women? Karen could leave and it wouldn’t phase me at all! The other 3 MAKE the show! Karen LOVES way to much who her father was and likes to say it as often as possible!! The other’s were less focused on that aspect.

  9. Brooklyn says:

    I side with Karen on the fighting issue, I like Drita too BUT Drita and her temper just turned me off completely. I am aware that we only get to view that hour watching the show and that the fans don’t know squat about the real lives of these women, we are just commenting on what we see for that hour episode. Both Karen & Drita have valid points and both have duped the other back when they were young and dated each-others bf’s- who cares! Most especially now that they are both grownup and gone on with their lives! They both should’ve left bygones be bygones and started up a fresh, close relationship and not based on hatred of the past. I await to see the new episodes, love Rene too! Carla= boring & unresponsive to Renee’s feeling about that man (Carla’s boyfriend) that kept touching her, Carla was unresponsive because she really doesn’t care about anyone other than herself. Friends are suppose to bring up situations that arise with eachother and make things right, Carla, obviously, did not care what Renee was feeling whatsoever, besides, she appears to be Drita’s shadow with no opinion. LOL