Posted: Jason Derulo’s European Non-Vacation


As you may have noticed, Jason Derulo is our Posted artist for July. He’s currently on a whirlwind promotional tour in Europe for “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” the Song Of The Summer contender and lead single off his forthcoming sophomore LP Future History. The song is burning up the charts worldwide, and hit #1 in the UK, so Derulo has been doing a lot of press. You can see as much on his Posted page, where his Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of references to 4:30am calls (and let’s not forget the jet lag from the time difference). But we’ll let Derulo himself tell you about it. Take it away, Jason!

Traveling around the world promoting my new single “Don’t Wanna Go Home” has been interesting in a lot of ways. It was incredible to watch it soar to #1 in different countries. Being on several planes a day is something I’ve become accustomed to throughout my professional journey. A million interviews a day, not so much LOL. The language barrier doesn’t make things easier either. I wish I spoke all the languages of the world.

It’s kinda awkward when I tell a joke, followed by the interviewers blank stare. I’ve now realized that some of them speak only the English in the questions they’ve prepared and later, someone else does the translation off the one-sided conversation recorded on their tape recorder. After the 11th hour, the highlight of the day is the cappuccino I had with the leaf drawn on it.

Soon I will visit all of theses countries on a vacation and do all the sightseeing you can imagine. The world abroad is full of beauty and culture. In the last week I’ve traveled to France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, England and knowing my memory, I’m probably forgetting a place or two.

I love nothing more than meeting my fans that await me outside my hotel and radio stations. Can’t leave a country without tasting the local cuisine. Usually it’s AMAZING, but occasionally I have to wash the taste out of my mouth with a glass of diet coke, lime and a mint leaf.

We’re one step closer to Future History!
Until next time,

We’ll have more from Jason Derulo over the course of July, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, keep checking all month!

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