Seven Non-Fighting Mob Wives Moments We Love


The Mob Wives tend to fight often — what do you expect when you put four strong-willed women with occasionally tense histories together? We’ve already shown you what our favorite Mob Wives fight faces this season are, so now we bring you the lighter, less fighty side of the series, the funniest, sweetest, and generally more peaceful moments from season one. From Renee‘s insane laser peel to Karen‘s loaf of bread, here are some of our faves. Let us know which moments we missed in the comments, and don’t forget to tune in to the Mob Wives reunion special this Sunday, July 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Drita‘s Photo Shoot

When your hubby’s in prison, the last thing you want is for him to be thinking about other women (he does that enough when he’s OUT of prison, thankyouverymuch), which is why Drita sent these sexy photos to Lee. She mocked the idea when he initially asked her for photos, but damn girl, you could sell a 16-month calendar, easy.

Carla Tells Her Kids That Daddy’s Coming Home

One of the happiest moments of the series was the day that Carla took her twins to the beach to tell them daddy’s coming home. Little Joseph’s double fist pump of happiness is adorable and the whole family is excited for Joe, Sr. to come back from his six-year-long “business trip.”

Drita Finds Out About Lee

This certainly wasn’t a “light” moment, and it was a big blow for Drita (and a genuinely shocking moment) when she tells Carla that she found out Lee had cheated on her. Drita doesn’t mess around though, before her tears were even dry, off she went to see the divorce lawyer to find out how to take care of her situation.

Karen’s Dating Diet Calls For A Nice Loaf Of Bread

When Carla asks Karen what she’s looking for in a guy, her dating must-have is simple: A nice loaf of bread. (Hold the container of milk and the stick of butter.)

Drita The Exterminator

This will always be a personal favorite. The raccoons of Staten Island are wreaking havoc on Drita’s garbage, and there’s only one thing to do: paintball the s— out of them. No vermin should dare to mess with a mob wife.

The Mob Bust

Also not a “funny” moment, per se, but the big mob bust that got Renee’s ex-husband Junior sent back to jail was a defining moment of the show, and a golden opportunity for Renee to reconnect with Karen.

Renee’s Face/Off Moment

After the “Holy-God-what-the-eff-happened??!” of Renee’s face reveal wore off, we learned that her laser peel is just a drop in the plastic surgery bucket. Renee recently underwent a full-body-lift after season one ended — let’s hope we recognize her for season two!

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