The Mob Wives Reunion – Highlights And Unseen Moments


The Mob Wives reunion aired Sunday night, finally! And yet, even in an hour-long show, there were plenty of little things that were cut out or that the viewing audience at home didn’t get to see. Since we were there, allow us to shed some light on what our favorite moments in the show were, but also, a few things you didn’t make it to air.

  • The clip of Renee dancing might be one of our favorite moments of the night. We might have to put this on a loop whenever we’re feeling sad.
  • When host Wendy Williams asked the women about their new found fame, Renee said that all her fans were “wonderful” and make her feel “so comfortable,” but Drita admitted “It’s weird when strangers know your kids names.”
  • We’ve always wondered what Drita must have thought about Karen mentioning that she used to “ride” Drita’s husband. In this clip, Drita proves that she wasn’t really happy to hear that.
  • When Karen was asked if her safety has ever been threatened by anyone else who, like Renee’s initial response, wasn’t happy with her return, Karen said no and explained “I can’t live my life in fear.”
  • After Drita discussed her divorce from Lee, as seen in the clip below, and the women talked about mob mistresses, Renee’s real opinion of mistresses got cut out. So what does she really think about the women who cheat with husbands? “They’re whores and they take money from families,” she said.
  • When asked what the hardest day of the year is to not have your incarcerated loved ones around, Karen and Carla said Christmas, Drita said New Year’s Eve, and Renee said every day is hard.
  • Even though, like Renee, we believe it’s good not to have regrets, the women were open about what they wished they could have done differently this season in one of the final moments from the show.
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    1. tmoore12 says:

      wendy did a great job of hosting the reunion. all vh1 reunions need her cause she’s not afraid 2 ask all the right questions. i hate how carla and drita kept missing the point. i wish drita would just apologize because she was only angry with karen after she found out about her husband cheating on her.

    2. che says:

      Karen(TRASH!!!) FOR REAL….. you are the DUMBEST FEMALE I HAVE SEEN EVER!!!! Drita should have shown it to you !! Drita would have, but she’s a WAY BETTER MOTHER!!! Go Figure!! no news to the rest of us!!!
      Drita, trash will always be trash KAREN (family otherwise)
      Move on Dreida..
      Just let her go around in circles and downwards as she ALWAYS has been!!!

    3. kks78 says:

      Karen should be able to say whatever she wants about Lee ESPECIALLY since it is HER BOOK and HER EX!! DUH! Drita has every right to disagree but GET OVER IT! Carla, well she is in denial about her ex/current boyfriend. If my husband or boyfriend ever touched another woman inappropriately there would be real problems. Carla should be replaced with someone who can bring something to the table. Love Renee. All she needs to do is get Jr. out of her heart and she will be good.

    4. Lisa says:

      Drita needs to kick Karen in the teeth but good. She acts and talks like she’s tough but she’s looking to really get her ass beat!!! I watch just in the hopes that someday she will. :)