A Stylish Look Backstage At The Mob Wives Reunion


The Mob Wives certainly have a flair for the dramatic when it comes to their lives, but they also take style to bold new level too. When we were behind the scenes at the taping of the reunion special, we got up close and personal with the ladies in-between takes and got some shots of them as they went from regular glamorous to super-glam. Check out our gallery for close-up shots of Karen, Renee, Drita, Carla, and their shoes as they waited for the show to begin.

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  1. Penelope says:

    You all looked great! Karla… I looooove your hair! Seriously love it!! Rene, I am excited for you to get all your “work” ;) done… good for you.. .and you really are a pretty woman…Can’t wait to see what great things life has in store for you and your son. Drita.. you are so pretty and you looked great as always and I love coral color too! Good luck in everything. Karen…I love the color of your dress! Beautiful and I loved your shoes!! Good job ladies.. keep it positive and I am glad there’s a season 2 coming up!

  2. mary says:

    Just wanted to say I love this show — especially Renee and Karen, my favorites.
    Coming from an Italian background I have to say some of the poignant issues are very familiar — and in my opinion have more to do with being second or third generation Italian -American (southern Italy, that is) than it does with th “mob.”

    When I watched the reunion it ocurred to me that perhaps Drita — not being Italian — doesn’t “get” the “pisan” bond is for life and doesn’t get cancelled simply because someone moved away. I understand Karen’ feeling hurt. Drita has to understand that once an Italian brings a friend into her tightest circle she becomes family, a sister. She doesn’t stop being a sister just because she moved away. And Renee — I don’t know why but everytime you’ve cried I get teary eyed too.. I get it. Especially the thing about your own identity.

    Congrats on Season 2.

  3. Tee says:

    Ladies u look great great show

  4. Robert Woods says:

    Drita I agree 100% with you about Karen she needs to let go of something so trivial and get on with her own life.I also think you are a beautiful woman. and deserve the good things in life.
    And Carla what else can I say but I love your hair and I think you are absolutly Gorgeous.

  5. tah says:

    I luv the show its really gd but karen i know that u have a child now n moved on but i think she was sleeping with ur man when u guys was friends that’s how it works she was with u living with u so to get in with him that’s all she had to do was tell on u .that’s y she got upset when u start talking about her n what she was doing with u lol

  6. Jennie says:

    I love the show mob wives but I hate rap music. Why does Rene have to work dressing rappers. She has to be able to find something better than that. And wendy williams as the host of the reunion REALLY. I almost didn’t watch because of that, I can not stand her. If there is another reunion which I am sure there will be please pick a different host. How about John Gotti’s daughter??????

  7. NL_SD says:

    Amazing Renee is so offended by a drunk stranger groping her, but she is ok with most of the men in her family being in prison. Renee, learn to filter your anger where it belongs.

    Karen, your voice alone was enough to make sure I never buy your book.

    Carla…LOVE how calm you remain no matter what is going on. You are beautiful, and TRUE no-nonsense.

    Drita, you are a wreck, and I love every minute of it. You are smoking hot, a great mom, and a fiercely honest friend.

    All the ladies…the most attractive parts of you was when you were being real and authentic. I saw that a lot in all of you, except Karen.

    Best of luck!

  8. Cat says:

    Luv the Show your my favorite! Sending much Luv & Luck to you & your Girls! Cat from Baltimore Md

  9. Toni says:

    @Robert Woods, you have no clue what it is to be a woman, a woman who is friend to another woman and the code of girlfriends, and of course you are going to agree with Drita, yeah we know she is cute, but dumb. She knew very well what she did to Karen, she knew what Karen was talking about, but you sir do not, you are just a man and don’t know anything about this. Drita knew that Karen was going out with Lee, even if Karen was sleeping around because Lee was always sleeping around, too. Again, it doesn’t make it right for Drita to go and grab on to Lee and screw him because Karen just left him, and then on top of that you don’t tell your girl what has happen, that is a no no. All Drita had to do is apologize to Karen, let her know that she was wrong to going out with Lee while Karen was still with him, or not, still Drita should have said sorry, and believe me Karen would have just forgave her and moved on like she did, but Drita is feeling guilty that it was hard for her to stay focus and to realize that no one was trying to hurt her, no one was trying to hurt her family her daughters or even Lee, but no Drita put too much attention on this low life scum bag of a boy, because he is not a man, Drita missed the whole point of being a good friend. Renee was trying to tell her, but Drita doesn’t listen and Carla forget it, she was not helping she is the one that doesn’t care if her man is slapping some other woman’s azz she feels that is ok and women need to get over it, how shallow is Carla. She seems to me like a dumb blonde but she is not she is burnette/black hair, thought she was smart but I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong I love the ladies, but yeah they have issues but the only ones that really listens and try to do good for herself and others are Karen and Renee, love you Renee. Yes, I do understand what you mean about identity, I’m going through it now and I’m older than all of you, and trust me to all the ladies please listen to one another, be there for one another, remember men come and go but us women are here to stand together, remember family are always here, like your sisters brothers fathers mothers daughters sons, they will always be here for you, but as for men they come and go and please who needs that.

    Please ladies be strong, be there for eachother, women need to stick together and be strong. I’m might be a Boricua Tainos of Puerto Rico, but I am a woman a woman like you, a mother, a wife(not legal), a woman we are free and independent and we are strong when we are together.

    Hope all goes good for all of you, you all rock. Women Rule….

    Love & Peace

  10. Wendy Mulia says:

    I have watched every episode and see all the crap you put up with. Between Karen & Lee I don’t know who has hurt you the most. Girl, you deserve not only better friends but a better man FOR SURE. Karen is so mixed up. It’s ok for her to get knocked up by some guy and evidently had a relationship with him yet she gets to keep her old boyfriends as well? What the hell is that all about. An apology? You don’t owe her a da#$ thing. She skipped a few beats there don’t you think? Double standards the way I see it. And Lee, well he might be your children’s father, but you DONT deserve to be treated like a doormat, & lied to! The humiliation of a lifetime on TV. Give him just what he deserves! NOT YOU….Find a good man. You are beautiful and a great mom and you don’t seem like the type that jumps from one to the next. (Karen) I hope the next season you outshine everyone!!! I thought you were awesome from show 1 and I still think you are!!! Hang in there baby…..

  11. Toni says:

    @NL SD, really? Karen was honest? You like Drita and said she is honest, wow! Sorry, but Drita was the person who was not honest about anything. She knew she did wrong to Karen and felt guilty of it, too. You don’t see that because you are one of those women that only likes cute girl or pretty I should say, and the ones that are fat, ugly, too tall, or just don’t look right, those are the ones you talk about, I mean that is when it’s ok to say something bad about them even though you know they weren’t wrong, but since they are not to your liking you say they are wrong. It goes to prove that you are no way a good true friend, you would be the one to phuck your girlfriend’s exboyfriend even when they haven’t made it offical but it’s ok for you to go and get phuck by your girl’s exboyfriend, it just shows how shallow you are, how these ladies are meaning Drita, but hopefully she has learned that defending a piece of shyt is not a good way to go, they are nothing, that scum bag Lee hasn’t done anything for Drita but give her heartaches, give her shyt, talks dirty to her, curse her out, and til this day lie to her again and again, so no Drita should have never never defended Lee, he is nothing but a scum bag, he’s shyt, he’s nothing, not even a human being….

  12. kab says:

    I really like the show, but PLEASE, don’t ever let Wendy Williams host a reunion show!! I thought she was horrible!! She was so out of her league to even be considered for such a role. I can’t even imagine what the “girls” must had been thinking with Wendy’s over the top fakey actions!!! Never again, please. Won’t watch it again if she does.

    Renee…love her energy, she cracks me up. She’s the real deal to me.
    Karen…..she needs to grow up and let things go. Write your book, get on with you life and raising your daughter.
    Carla……the calmest one of the bunch. She’s got a good head on her shoulders
    Drita……my heart goes out to her, for she’s really hurting. She’s tried to do right by Lee and look what he does? Hang in there Drita, you’ll come out on top.

  13. briteyes says:

    Loyalty…..really? The mob has no loyalty…..nor do their offsprings! That’s the problem, they throw that word around like it has some magicaly meaning…..get a clue! If loyalty is such a standard in their lifestyle…..then my friends, there would be no one in prison. Those that use that word “loyalty” hide be behind it…..because they truely have no loyalty at all. Hang in there Drita, Karen is nothing but an opportunist!

  14. Ellie from AZ says:

    Great job VH1, Love this show! Yes, I too will be tuning in for season 2.

    First, to “briteyes” who said and I quote, “Karen is nothing but an opportunist” .. that could be said of all the cast of Mob Wives darling, not just Karen. They are all gaining from the success of this show. Hopefully that shows you what a ridiculous comment that was. Also, I am under the impression that it is Renee and Karen who are the two most “connected” women on the show, without their involvement the show would not be that interesting.

    Renee, I love that you tend to ware your heart on your sleeve. You seem tough and brash at times yet, continually show us your softer more vulnerable side. In my opinion that is what makes you real and appealing to the women that tune in.

    Karen, Wow, what can I say. Timex has nothing on you girl, talk about taking a licking and keeps on ticking.. what courage it took for you to go back and face your past, and to do so in such a public way. Pure guts. Stay strong and focused on your future.

    Drita, Sorry, but I have to agree that whether or not you viewed your friendship with Karen was over before you took up with her man, doesn’t make it right in the way you handled it.. or lack of handling it. The only place I can see being with a friends ex is viewed as acceptable is in the porn industry. I do like you and think that you deserve better than a cheating husband, as does any woman in my opinion. Here’s hoping for a better year for you and your family darling.

    Carla, I am sure you are a lovely person however, I just don’t think you are interesting enough for reality television. I wish you well.

    Looking forward to another season of Mob Wives! Until then, luck to all of you and we will be watching.

  15. Joanne says:

    hey, started watching Mod Wives and feel in love with all episodes…drama, drama!! Does anyone know when the new seasons starts…cant wait!

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