Renee Graziano Is Just Waiting For The Day When “A Man Plays Me On Saturday Night Live”


At the Mob Wives reunion, I spoke to Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo, and Karen Gravano about their current state of emotions, because it was clear the reunion brought up a lot of issues. As always, they were candid and very open, but a few minutes later after Carla had left and as I was saying goodbye, the conversation Renee and Karen went off the rails and took a turn for the hilarious.

Check out what Renee had to say about her fear of being parodied, and who they want to play them in the movie version of their lives.

Renee, when we spoke earlier this season, you mentioned that your childhood dream was to be on SNL. Would you consider doing one of those Facebook campaigns to try and host?

Renee: I’m surprised we haven’t been made fun of yet to be quite honest! Well, their season ended, that’s why. I definitely think when they come back they’re gonna do the Mob Wives — that’s when I’ll regret a lot of the things I’ve done and said, is when I actually see a man playing me. [Laughs] That’s when I’ll say “F—, I shouldn’t have said that.” I think we deserve Saturday Night Live.

Karen: I agree.

Is there anyone you’d want to play you in the story of your life? I mean, if it’s not a man playing you, who would you pick? Karen have you thought about that, if your book gets turned into a movie?

Karen: I’m in negotiations for that, actually…but I don’t know. I really like Emily Blunt, I think she’s a great actress.

Ooh, I can see that resemblance.

Renee: I love Julianna Margulies for me.

You guys are really good at casting yourselves, that’s a good one too.

Karen: Natalie Portman I also love, I think she’s a great actress. For me I’d be looking for a real actress, not someone with similar qualities who looks like me, definitely someone who can portray…my craziness.

Who would you cast to play the other ladies on Mob Wives?

Karen: [Laughs] Aren’t we trying to stay friends with them?

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