Step Off, Haters: Rebecca Black Is Ready For Her “Moment”


Internet sensation Rebecca Black, fresh off a starring role in Katy Perry‘s Song of the Summer frontrunner, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” clearly isn’t your typical 14 year-old. Not only does her confidence belie her years—as she explained to us, she doesn’t get nervous because “I don’t see the point in it”—but she has no intention of spending her summer vacation simply marinating with friends. Instead, she’s looking to catch viral lightning in a bottle for the second time in less than six months.

On July 18, Rebecca Black will make her new single, “My Moment,” available on both her YouTube channel and on iTunes. It seems highly unlikely that she’ll be able to grab the cultural zeitgeist by its proverbial cojones once again, but you never know! One thing we do feel fairly certain of is that, regardless of the quality of her song, she’ll quickly outpace Lexi St. George, the girl handpicked by Ark Music Factory CEO Patrice Wilson to be his company’s Next Big Thing™. Despite getting a week’s worth of promotion on ABC’s Good Morning America, “Dancing To The Rhythm (With Me)” has stalled out at 194,000 views and failed to crack either the Billboard or iTunes 100.

Rebecca Black to debut new single on July 18 [USA Today]

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  1. Actually, that may not be true. In spirited defense of our girl Lexi, here’s some numbers: Rebecca didn’t blow up until her song had been on YouTube more than a month; in the first month, in fact, she only garnered about 3000 views. There’s no denying the second month was ridiculous. Lexi has a wind at her back that should build her up steadily and well. Both GMA and Ark Music factory have “Dancing” up; combine views from those two versions of the same video have 384,914 views together–garnered in the since 12 days since June 29. There were another 93,981 views for GMA week segments so she’s got about half a million watching her–should be over that be end of day tomorrow. And that’s not even counting being on Disney’s home page, where it is at the moment….

    Grand Total = 478,89