Famous Food Star Danielle Staub On Why Ashley Dupre Pisses Her Off


When I sat down with Danielle Staub recently, I was skittish about asking about Ashley Dupre at first. Ashley had told me that working with Danielle on Famous Food wasn’t easy, and I didn’t know if that was a topic Danielle would respond well to, or if she’d want to just let their drama play out on the show.

I should have known better, really. If there’s one thing you can say about Danielle, it’s that she doesn’t worry what anyone thinks of her. And once the subject was brought up, Danielle let all of her opinions about Ashley fly, uncensored. Hear what Danielle has to say about her co-star and competitor and decide for yourself if you think she’s too harsh or just speaking her mind.

Despite the fact that the show is done and the restaurant is up and running, are you still cold on the picnic theme chosen for the restaurant, which was Ashley’s idea?

Still very cold on that, no picnics. Nobody wants to take Ashley on a picnic either. She is room service, at best.

Was she the main person in the group that you clashed with?

Yes, and I think that people will see why, because she said something horrific that she never really apologized for. And once you do that to me…It’s five years later with my ex-cast I’m still thinking you need to say you’re sorry when you’ve done something wrong. Ashley needs to say “I’m sorry” because she started this whole thing.

Was this something that we will see on an upcoming episode?

Yes, you will, and it’s absolutely uncalled for, and what I did was remain dignified and wait for an apology and when that didn’t come, game on. She’s not gonna see me let up anytime soon, she can say I’m drama and I’m this and I’m that, but no. I’m good TV and you’re on my playground now, this is not the political arena where all the men are holding up dollar bills or one-hundred-dollar bills to try to get a minute with you, or whatever it is that you charge. It is VH1 and it’s Danielle Staub, and you’re not here to change your image. I’m not going to let that happen. You are known for being a governors ex-call girl…you’re not a singer.

What did you think when you were all introduced on your first meeting, did you know her or anyone else at the table?

Didn’t know who she was! To be honest with you, it took me a few minutes, and then when Three 6 Mafia was whispering it in my ears, it was like “Oh, the hooker.” I’m thinking it would be seven celebrities, not six celebrities and a call girl. I became famous on television, everyone else became famous from being on TV or in the business, she’s not really a part of this…Well now she is, but she didn’t become famous for that. So when I’m thinking I’m being cast with celebrities I’m thinking “What have I seen her on?” andwhen they told me I was like nice, she’s just here to piss me off. That’s what it was, she was just there to piss me off.

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