Famous Food‘s Danielle Staub, Proud Reality Villain, Talks About Her New Show


Danielle Staub is the first to admit she is a reality television villain. But she also knows that without a villain, reality TV would be boring, so she doesn’t see anything wrong with what she does best.

When I spoke to Danielle recently about her new job competing for a partnership with The Dolce Restaurant Group on VH1’s new series Famous Food, she explained that she’s thrilled to have a new show that takes place 3,000 miles from her “ex-irrelevant cast” from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that’s not to say she’s making any friends.In my interview, I found out all about how this show compares with her old one, how she loves being part of the VH1 family, but most importantly, I realized this is a woman who is not shy about saying exactly how she feels about everything. You’ll notice she touches briefly on her contentious relationship with Ashley Dupre — be sure to check out even more of my chat with Danielle tomorrow, when she addresses her beef with Ashley.

Would you say that this experience has been positive? Because I know there’s a little bit of drama on the show from what we’ve already seen on episode one.

This was nothing, it’s playground! Whatever — I survived the Real Housewives and being attacked by everyone not just who you saw on-camera, everyone off-camera, too. Once you removed me from that show, you could see that I wasn’t the problem, but I do own the fact that I do enjoy being reality TV’s number one villain in history, I’m the only villain still.

So you relish that?

I love it, I love it. I know how to do TV, it’s my job to do TV, but I also know how to keep it real, pull back when it’s necessary, and bring it on when it is. I just don’t think that too many people they put in the arena with me are gonna know how to do that. Ergo, my ex-cast. They didn’t have that filter, they don’t know how to do this the way I do. Now that it’s all focused on their lives falling apart, they’re seeing that you can’t blame me, you just can’t. I will take Famous Food, and VH1 and all the drama that comes, I’ve been watching VH1 religiously because it’s my new family, and I have to tell you, they keep it real. There’s some tough ones on here, some that I wouldn’t want to be cast with anybody else on here, that’s for sure.

If you had to go head to head with someone from one of these other shows like Mob Wives or Basketball Wives, is there someone that you think is on par with you?

D: I don’t know if I would want to piss off anyone one Mob Wives or Basketball Wives. I can’t say that I want to go toe to toe with any of them, I actually admire all of them, I know exactly what they’re going through…but I do have to say to their credit, unlike my ex-irrelevant cast, they have resolve with what they do it’s not crazy.

You’re right about that. I asked Karen from Mob Wives how they fight so much and can actually move on and get past it, she was just like “That’s what the point to show is, it’s to prove that you can keep going.”

See, she spoke it like a true lady should. I wasn’t on a show with ladies, with real women, I was on a show with children trying to hide behind everything.

Do you think that being on a show that is a competition creates more tension?

Absolutely! I learned very early in not to say your ideas out loud until Mike and Lonnie [of the Dolce Group] arrived because when I would throw my ideas out, someone else would speak up and of course they are gonna cut it out and it’s gonna look like it was Heidi [Montag]’s idea or it was Ashley’s idea, but it was mine. I learned that when Mike and Lonnie would arrive, I’d always sit at the head of the table, rightfully so, and nail it to the wall, boom. And everyone wants to try and talk over me, go ahead try, I’ll talk louder.

You were clearly trying to position yourself as, I don’t know if I should say the “front runner,” but you were the first one to say “This is a competition, and I am in it to win it.”

Oh, I’m the front runner and you will see why all the way through. I will not let down, I did not leave my children to go to LA. You will see how Heidi is like “I left my home,” and first of all its ten minutes away, and your husband brings you to and from work every day, what did you leave? I left my home I’m on the East Coast, I came to the West Coast, I left my two children for the first time in their lives for eight weeks to do a show, I’m not here to make nice.

We definitely see some tension, for instance with Vinny Pastore.

That’s a true Italian Jersey thing! He and I are good. He’s my boy. I love Vinny, I do. There’s not a lot I agree with him on, but he is able to understand the importance of “I’m sorry,” and you will see everything play out with Vinny and I, which is really the way it should always play out. Resolve, resolve!

Was the dynamic of working with a lot of men different from working with mostly women?

Much different. I was hoping you would touch on that, because for me, believe it or not the basis of most of my friendships are men, and they’re just friendships, you do anything further you lose the friendship. So it’s safe to say that having guys in the cast was really really important to me and it changed it so much, and you can see in episode one and that was the first day Juicy J put his arm around me several times, and you’ll never see Juice or Deej turn on me. Well, you’ll see some stuff but you won’t see anything that’s major, and DJ Paul and I are still texting, we’re still friends and he’s my bestie. He watched the show [RHONJ] religiously because of me, and has 40 million albums and an Oscar?

I’ll be honest with you, it did comfort me a lot knowing that I had allies, I knew I wasn’t gonna mesh with the girls ’cause they’re just girls and they’re gonna want to try and get on that platform with me and try and take Danielle Staub down, which is why I think Ashley went at me so much. She really felt like if she takes me down, she’ll be liked by all my haters, and it’s not gonna work that way. I have haters for being on the Real Housewives and I have also fans from being on there, you don’t wanna underestimate my fans, because there are far more fans than there are haters.

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