Nicki Minaj’s Police Report Surfaces After Reported Scuffle With Her Assistant/Boyfriend


It’s tricky to fairly judge a book by its cover an incident by its police report, but after repeatedly denying that an altercation occured in her Dallas hotel Monday night, it seems that Nicki Minaj may have to clear the air with fans after all. TMZ has reportedly obtained official police documents that paint a picture of something we initially thought might be a fight with a male fan and turned it into something far worse: a lovers quarrel.

According to TMZ, the fiasco that would (allegedly) leave her bleeding first started when Young Money’s first lady was arguing with her assistant and boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, by the Palomar Hotel pool. Nicki asked a hotel employee to call the authorities before she followed Safaree up to their (shared) hotel room, and fearful that he was removing items he shouldn’t be, looked in his suitcase as he pulled it away, striking her in the mouth and chin. That’s when details become a bit fuzzy. Did he mean to hit her intentionally with the suitcase, or was it an accident? Why were they fighting, and why was she was worried he’d steal her possessions?

Speculation can only get us so far, but one thing is certainly clear: this whole incident is something Nicki and her camp want to keep quiet. Not only did the lady rapper decline taking photographs of her injury (see: Rihanna’s images heard ’round the world), but she also told the officer on duty that she and Safaree (who had by then fled the scene) were NOT a couple and had never been intimately involved. Common knowledge to many, that information doesn’t add up. And besides him and the hotel staff member who called the police, a third witness who is also employed by Minaj refused to provide any information on the scuffle. Only time will tell on this one, folks!

Nicki Minaj — Allegedly Attacked In Hotel Fight [TMZ]

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