Lenny Kravitz Won’t “Stand” For Game Show Host Malfeasance In His New Music Video


Lenny Kravitz plays the world’s most careless game-show-host/con artist, a character named Bart Billingsworth, in his new music video, “Stand.” Thanks to a complicated piece of machinery called the Cheat-O-Rama 3000, Kravitz/Billingsworth turns a Let’s Make a Deal type of show into Two-Card Monty. His hubris is such a perfect object lesson in how not to run a con that we thought we’d offer some tips for those of you who also want to go back in time and steal prizes from the game show you host.

1. If you use a machine to orchestrate your con, cover its name, and maybe unscrew the lightbulbs of its marquee, so it doesn’t draw attention to itself.


2. Make sure you let at least one contestant win a big prize. If you keep giving people only the lesser prizes (like, say, an alarm clock), they’re bound to get suspicious, or at least feel cheated. (P.S. We see what you did there with the alarm clock.)

3. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP. Make sure everyone in your house band is on the take! If you just keep all the prizes for yourself, a moral drummer is bound to raise the curtain on you!

(As for the sexual advances on “Bart’s Beauties,” we can’t condone the behavior, but if Bob Barker allegedly got away with it for so many years, we can’t definitively say it will adversely affect your con.)
We hope that, armed with these tips, you can, in the future, successfully go back in time and swindle regular folks in goofy costumes. You’re welcome!

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  1. Mamaweex says:

    Love the cartoon! Great video.

  2. jeanine Petro says:

    Your good cheer is way good medicine. As an elementary school guidance counselor I appreciate what hope you give! Hope the wave of beneficial music continues. The Church I occassionally attend here in Fort Lauderdale. Sponsored a program in Uganda, Invisible Children. I noticed bibliotherapy books they produced individually for children that suffered trauma. Keep thinkin how good cheer ministers are what our country really need. I wrote a letter to your label regarding playing here at a local bar (The Poor House)…the letter spoke about emotional abuse. I feel so dark in my demenor now…like the opposite side of an axis.

  3. Warner Athey says:

    They should have had that rock band on Let’s Make a Deal. The Video is great. The whole thing is a good take off on the seventies even down to the car and the clothes.