Basketball Wives – Episode 7 – We’re Gonna Handle This Tonight


Dear Italy,
Sorry about all of this drama.

We saw this coming, but it’s still pretty shocking to see Evelyn and Jennifer‘s friendship break down the way it did. And with Evelyn saying their relationship can never be the same and Jen claiming obliviousness/innocence, who knows how this will end? But Jen and Evelyn’s drama was not the only drama this week, Meeka and Tami are also on bad-to-not-quite-speaking terms as well. This does not sound like a great vacation. How’s the explosive-o-meter checking out this week?

Royce, Explosive Factor: 0

Royce’s only appearance this week is by text with Suzie and by Italian stripper billboard.

Poor Royce (I must say that at least once per episode). She’s not even there to defend herself against the ladies laughter at her expense.

Shaunie, Explosive Factor: 1

Shaunie’s still not one to cause drama, but when Evelyn makes her listen to the tapes of Jen’s radio interview, she is definitely shocked at what Jen said and is actively trying to mediate the situation. She also tries to mediate between Tami and Meeka, but her argument that “it was their choice to come” on an all-expense paid trip to Italy is weak, she knew there would be drama no matter what. At least she got a (barely intelligible) cooking class out of the deal though, right?

Suzie, Explosive Factor: 3

Suzie is putting herself in some awkward places lately. It’s like she’s actively choosing to get in the middle of things with Meeka and Tami and Royce and Evelyn. And you know it’s bad (at least in this circle) when Meeka says “I do feel like it’s the girls against me. Except for Suzie.”

At their cooking class, there’s drama when Tami thinks Suzie has been talking to Ashley and Royce about the rest of the group and calls her out on it. That just roils up Evelyn, who’s got a history of Suzie talking about her behind her back. Evelyn is fed up with Suzie and explains “People wanna be like, oh, we’re the mean girls. We’re not, we’re just straightforward, that’s the difference. Low tolerance for bulls—, honesty, keeping it real.” And in Evelyn’s mind, Suzie doesn’t keep it real.

Meeka and Tami, Explosive Factor: A constantly simmering 6

“If I find out that you have talked negatively about me, then I’m gonna come for you,” Tami says about Meeka, and Tami sure thinks Meeka has talked negative about her. There is not a meal that goes by without some serious drama between these two, and at lunch in Rome, Tami is still pissed about the alleged accusations that Meeka passed judgment on her (or something? It’s really hard to tell exactly what she’s mad at).

It’s like they just talk in circles and that just makes the problem worse. “I’m gonna tolerate you,” Tami says in what is the most honest but half-hearted resolution ever. To which Meeka responds “You don’t have to do me no f—in’ favors.” Lovely. But obviously Meeka feels like she’s on the outs with not just Tami but the whole group, because she totally skips their outing to the wine tasting cave and she misses out on seeing the Flavor Flav sommelier with the flashy spittoon/medallion.

Evelyn and Jen, Explosive Factor: 9

There wasn’t any drink throwing between these two, but the fight between Jennifer and Evelyn is huge. They’re best friends, so the stakes are already high, but you know how Jen always talks about “Girlfriends 101″ and the ways you don’t treat a friend? Talking s— about your BFF’s fiance on the radio is also Girlfriends 101, too, Jen! That’s easily grounds for friendship divorce, and Evelyn explains “My friendship with her will never be the same.”

Evelyn is rightly upset that Jen did an interview with a Cleveland radio station and called Chad Ochocinco an attention whore. (You can watch/listen to the whole thing yourself here.) That, on top of the fact that Jennifer has never even congratulated Evelyn on her engagement is bogus, and also not part of Girlfriends 101. So when Evelyn calls her out on it and makes her listen to the interview in front of Shaunie and Tami, things don’t end well, in part because Jen doesn’t comprehend what she did wrong. “YOU’RE the problem,” Evelyn tells Jen. “You saying this is the problem, you’re supposed to be my girl.”

“There’s just certain thing you shouldn’t say, I feel like you don’t have my back at all,” Evelyn tells her before locking herself in her room for the night. That’s when it dawns on Jen, who cries silently in her hotel desk chair, that she’s got some serious groveling to do. But since Evelyn isn’t letting anyone in her room, Tami needs to break into Evelyn’s room through the balcony because, as she says, “We’re gonna handle this tonight.”

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  1. Jackie says:

    These girls are really stuck in middle school! Meeka may have ran her mouth but how can one small comment reek such havoc. Shaunie, I am appalled that you would condone such behavior from Tami and allow Meeka to be systematically bullied and not stand up for the underdog. No wonder this show is the parasite of the NBA and black women everywhere. Jennifer, you play both sides and even after Meeka pulled you aside and had a talk with you, you still talked smack when she wasn’t around, how weak you are and small. Tami you have no right to counsel anyone you are a BULLY and need some therapy. I am ashamed that these girls did not try to give Meeka a chance and if I was her I would thank Shaunie for the invitation and peace out. As much as I think Royce is a childish trouble maker I am really starting to see her view of things regarding this group.

  2. KiKi27 says:

    I just finished watching the show when Evelyn told Jennifer off and it just MADE me soooo MAD that I become a member…..I get SOOOO tired of Evelyn and her WHINING……she thinks that she is BETTER than EVERYONE ELSE…….she can talk about everybody and have her comments and opinion about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, but when someone expressing THEIR feelings about HER and what ALL he does she has SOMETHING to say,,,,SHE NEEDS TO GROW UP!!!
    Jennifer is entitled to her opinion and ITS NOT LIKE she DIDNT TELL EVELYN HOW SHE FELT ABOUT CHAD IN THE BEGINNING. Chad must have gotten on EVELYN’S ASS so now she wants to make him feel better by telling her girl OFF……..IM JUST SAYING!!!

  3. KiKi27 says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tami SHE keeps it 100!! Evelyn could learn a thing or two from her…..

  4. Kitty2Blessed says:

    TAMMY & EVELYN do that dang thing! Shaunie do not invite anyone else, just let me take it by storm & boot Meka OUT (that will be with ease). I may not be a basketball wife or fiance’ but trust I HOLD MY OWN….I can handle it that is just the BEAST IN ME.


  5. Brina says:

    Evelyn is so upset with Jen. But, Jen told Ev this in an earlier episode. So, why she is so mad?

  6. TANYA says:


  7. N.O. Chic says:

    Eve is wrong for doing Jen that besides she said her comments about Eric. Thats why Jen shouldnt have took her advice to divorce her man thats what h*** do! Next time Jen dont take advice from a h*** that dont have a man! Misery loves company! And Eve she told you how she felt about dude from the start so dont act surprised! Men come and go friends last forever! Jen is your girl so stop being shady cuz u got a dude for now! Tami needs to get her a** kicked for trying to be sooo big and bad always starting s***!!!! To be honest all yall two faced and talk behind each others back! But I love this show so keep up the drama ladies;)

  8. maureenjohn says:

    U no i love evelyn thats my girl, she is a real chick i would love to have her as my friend because i no she would have my back. I dont care what anyone say about u i got your back girl….and i have another comment and for jen to do that to u thats shady she really isnt your friend if she was she would not have done that to u, if she is your real friend she would tell u how she feel and she should be there to support u no matter what that what friends do she was wrong……..Evelyn girl u speak your mind and thats just how i am u go girl i love u……..

  9. Yvonne says:

    I agree with Tammi; I think Jennifer is feeling a little insecure about Evelyn’s new relationship and the way that it may affect their relationship, and I do think she is feeling a littly jealous. We do have to be mindful of our words; so Jennifer should have thought about her words before expressing them in private and in public. How this will turn out will determine if they are truly friends!

    On the other hand, Susie, Susie, Susie. Your mouth, your mouth, your mouth. They do have you on the show for a reason, don’t they? Miss Meeka seems so intent on impressing people who don’t need to be impressed. So, she’s on the show too to help with the drama. She’s somewhat boring. She should have stayed home with Royce or not be on the show at all!



  11. OMG Like Why Did They Even Put Meeka Inn This Season , She ALL Drama .. I Cannot Wait Til The Reunionn Cause Her Messsssy Self Is Going To Be Revealed For Her True Colors . I Soooo Agree When Tammy Was Saying That She’s A Wanna Be Evelyn Because She Is , She Came On The Show Acting Like She Was Billly Baaaddda** And Whenn She Got Checked She Tryed Tooo Change Everything Upp. Taaaaaam , For Me Jussst Slaap Her , We All Know She All Talk !

  12. kestra melville says:

    first of all i love u guys and tonight when i saw what happened between Evelyn and Jenn it brought tears to my ears cause u guys are really close and to break a friendship like that its sad. jenn was wrong to say what she said in the interview but at the end of the day it is Evelyns choice to date or marry who she wants and as her friend Jenn should be more supportive but Evelyn needs to sit with Jenn and try to understand where she is coming from or why she said it.

  13. kittykat866 says:

    in the preview for episode 8, i am very curious to know who got into that heated fight. was it tami and evelyn, because tami invaded into her hotel room? perhaps it was suzie? because the person resembled her?

  14. Ann Cecilia says:

    I am a 45 year old woman – I have had many friends – Some come – Some have gone – My true blues have lasted through out the years – When I watch this show and see how these young ladies act, I am so sad – Tami shut up, period!!! You are such an instigator – It has to be scripted – I really hope you are really not that immature – Evelyn, you are beautiful, but too emotional and passionate about things and folks that are truly not worth it – Yes, what Jennifer said is a little rough around the edges, but your friend – Your TRUE FRIEND meant NO real harm. You know as well as the rest of America that yes he is an attention getter – It is what it is baby!!! Mend your friendship – You are going to need Jennifer and she has a heart of Gold. America thinks your are making a mistake or the relationship is scripted – That alone is pressure – The media, women and his tv persona – You are going to need a TRUE Friend. Meeka – For Real??? Can we say, high school messy!!! She has to be reading from a script as well, because no grown woman can possibly be that messy. Tami is G.H.E.T.T.O. ridiculous and Meeka – WoW!!! For Real!!! Royce is a jump off, with no real place on the show. She does not possess the style or grace of the other ladies – Replacement time!!! Susie. Susie. Susie. I think deep in your heart you truly just want everyone to get along – You try to please everyone – You were purposely left in the dark about a script (set-up) – Because you try to appease everyone, you end up hanging yourself – Just stay quiet and ride the wave – My girl, my girl Shaunie – Why would you allow your show to make us women/ladies/divas look like plum fools!!! The senseless arguing – The G.H.E.T.T.O. shatter/conversations – Damn they could of argued in Miami – Why Beautiful Italy??? Basketball wives and Housewives of Atlanta – WoW to my sisters of Color. Shaunie you definitely appear to be a silent instigator – You are a woman of power and could lead these ladies on more positive paths – But would your show get the ratings???

  15. keturah says:

    my thing is this why did Evelyn have to front Jen out like that why not go some where and talk Yall r suppose to be best friends u then need a crowd to check her personally thts weak and childish not tryna to dis u mami but tht real talk be real with ur self first face Chad is a clown but he ur clown but i know u and Jen r better then tht ur hurt so did u think it was smart r cool to hurt her whts really ur deal??

  16. punkin says:

    Tami girl u r so crazy and thts just it to damn crazy tone it dwn you my girl but u cant fight everybody come on… my mama always use to say all the bad ones or dead r in jail so clearly u anit tht damn bad… clam dwn baby u a Queen u have two beautiful daughters do u wnt them going around acting like tht really…..ijs……

  17. China Doll says:

    SMH…Can you say craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzy? Please tell me that this is an act. This mess can’t be real. I do not want to believe that these women are really this childish. They ALL have been disloyal to one another. The only one that have some sense is Shaunie. I’m only saying this because she’s making a killing off of this show. Truth be told she knows that getting these women together will bring about nothing but MESS!

    Now that’s “Keeping it 100″

  18. Miz Gee says:

    Ok so I just finished watching this weeks episode, I can’t wait til next Mon Who is that fighting Please tell me thats not Jenn and Eve. :(
    Ppl may throw Eve shade b/c they don’t like her personality but Eve is definitely real and honest. Today she was RIGHT. I love Jenn but thats your friend correction your best friend. To bash their relationship publicly is just not cool. Thats something you talk to a friend about privately. And, to not be happy whether you like him or not is not friend behavior. Friends are there for you through thick and thin. I hope you guys make it past this b/c I love your relationship. Sure it won’t be the same though :(

  19. mae stuart says:

    I am glad to see these two women go at, now jen can see what her husband was talking about when he told her ,she dont know evelyn like he do

  20. Tamika Horton says:

    Plz get rid of Meeka I can’t stand her…….&&who was that fighting at the end????Tami again???She’s such a Firecracker!

  21. Berkeley says:

    I love watching this show it is so entertaining I’m just glad it’s not my life. But when I read all the blogs that people have posted, I’m thinking to myself hell if you don’t like don’t watch it you are not forced to watch it. Tami keeps it real she says what she means and means what she says. Susie is a straight looser she is a get in where you fit in type of female. And oh let me not forget to go in on Meka she is hella fake, I just can’t wait to see the reunion because she will be busted in all her lies. Next week it is going down can’t wait to see !!!!!! I love the drama keep going!

  22. dg says:

    Suzie is a snake! She is not to be trusted. She couldn’t wait to kiss Evelyn’s butt. She has no loyalty to anyone.Im so glen had it out. Evelyn & Jen had it out. Now Jen knows how Royce feels.

  23. zouzoua bailly says:

    Lord mercy,episode 7 was so sad,Evy and Jen the two best friends,i should say “sisters”,having an unpleasantness,made me have tears in my eyes.Jen,being lonely and seeing her “bf” getting her groove on,must have felt a little envious,nothing malicious.I hope they’ll fix it quick.Jen was hurt the most to lose Eric and then Evy!!!I can’t wait for episode 8 to come…GOD bless all of you girls…

  24. Chrissi says:

    i like the show i really do i am not going to sit up here and denied that i don’t when i do. for the jen and evelyn situation i am sad to see them fight like that, because since the show started they have been close. Monkey Meeka lol i notice she isn’t getting loud and rowdy anymore as she now sees that her so called homie Evelyn doesn’t have her back and doesn’t like her. Keep ya mouth close if you can’t remember what you said about people. Susie chile girl you need to just sit back and watch the drama don’t get involve with that mess. No one feel sorry feels Royce because Royce runs her mouth to just like the others. She is not innocent. I give Shaunie some points for trying to mediate the situation with Eve and Jen.

  25. raquel says:

    You know what annoys me here and speaks to the authenticity of their conflict skills??
    How come every time someone has beef with someone they have to get all the girls together to confront them. Especially in this situation Evelyn and Jenn should have dealt with this between them. I see the point in having Shaunie hear the tape just to double check her emotions on it but what’s up with all this group confrontation? If they were on some real ish they would handle their stuff one on one. And listen, I like Shaunie but does anyone else see thats he stirs the pot and then backs off and watches the fireworks??

  26. T WOODS says:


  27. Tina says:

    1St….I think Evelyn has a right to be upset…First off we don’t know Chad she does and unless Jen knows Chad treat Eve wrong, does things he should not do than she should be supportive of her friend. Point blank…..we can have our opinions but at the end of the day everyone is searching for love and just because someone is on tv does’t mean they don’t deserve it.

    2nd, I love Tami but she’s just picking at Meeka…it’s not that serious and you can’t go around trying to make folks feel bad, she could have just not said anything to her like she said she wouldn’t…I still like Tami but just let it die already.

  28. Tina says:

    Evenlyn right about friends supporting each other even when they feel the other isn’t making a wise choice….yall have separte lives what is right for one isn’t for the other just support until you see a reason not to and everyone wants to be a star this day and age doesn’t mean they don’t want love….Eve was wrong for confronting Jen in front of “associates” or anyone else as far as that matter. Jen don’t be so non-chalant about your friendship and brush it off, evedently Eve was upset you should have just said I’m sorry I upset you even if you wasn’t sorry for the comments. Tami l love you but let the Meeka thing go, it’s not that serious and even if Meeda didn’t like Royce that’s her choice…u talk stuff about people you don’t like so why can’t others.

  29. Pink_Child001 says:

    This show really is a total embrassment to women period. I first want to say that Evelyn isnt’ a friend at all especially not a “Best” one. Everyone who have been wataching this show knows that Eveyln is the jealous one. Lets rewind 1st season) She along with the other girls bashed poor Gloria about her relationship when in fact she wanted exactally what she has,a relationship and twin baby boys. Last season) she consistantly encouraged Jennifer to not only leave her husband, but brought condoms on a girls trip for Jennifer to cheat on Eric, telling her how great she’s gonna feel getting her groove back. But look who’s engaged. Now what kind of friend is that? not one at all. like Evelyn foe friends stab in the back, and real friend stab (jenn) you in the front.. I mean confronting your “best friend” while away on vacation, when you know you felt this way was in poor taste, and to top it off in front of Tami who doesnt even like you, and who’s prabably laughing at your ass in the inside, and Shaunie who really plays all sides becomes more disppointing ever episode. Isnt she suspose to be the “Queen B” had the opportunity to defuse this situation, but she didn’t. These no reason It shouldn’t have never gotten to that point especially with Shaunie there claiming to be both of their friends. This show is just shameful!!!!!

  30. SEUSS says:

    First let me say Evelyn, Chad is not going to marry you so just get that thought out of your head… Why be mad at Jennifer she told you how she felt about Chad in that episode when you went to see him and slept with him the same night if Jennifer is your girl as you say you would have pulled her to the side and have a face to face talk to her about what your friend told Nooooo you let a couple of people get in your ear and you marinated on the information and wanted to step to Jennifer in front of people which was wrong.I think Jennifer has been more of a friend to you than you have been to her…And that gay guy friend of yours sure does have a big big nose …just saying.

  31. jan jan says:

    It so sad. These women come on T.V, and act like they are in High School. They are very ignorant. A very poor example to our young women today. They need the Lord in their lives. They are letting money rule them. Getting paid to make a fool of themselves. Evenlyn get over it. Chad is a womanizer and you know it. You will soon be kicked to the curve. He have lots of children and other baby momma’s. You will not be the last. Trust me. Jennifer get a life of your own. Stop being Evenlyn yes man. Tammy stop being offended by everything and every word. Please grow up. You guys are ridiculous fitting. Bad example of what black woman are like.

  32. Nicki says:

    OMG…This episode was crazy.Evelyn is the craziest one.She really thinks CHAD is going to marry her PLEASE. At least Jenn is able to spit the truth.All Evelyn does is go from man to man.I am so tired of watching some of these women running around sleeping with pro athetes getting paid and all of a sudden they are celebrities.PLEASE.Shaunie is the worst of all. Making money off all this crap.She is the ULTIMITE INSTIGATOR. This show is a train wreck.

  33. Melanda says:

    The fight for next week is between Meeka & Tami. I agree with all the other comments. Jennifer must have something on Chad that she has not told Evelyn. Evelyn you really should be ashamed of yourself. Why address this issue when you get to Italy, why not before you hopped on the plane. Suzie, you are just along to find out what’s going on. You can’t hold juice in a milk carton. Meeka, you have no place in this group. I noticed that you are trying to fit in, dressing like Evelyn & walking like you are a sophisicated Diva. Stop it, you are from the hood. Tami, you are my girl, but sometime you have to pick & choose your battles, Remember words don’t hurt nobody. Shaunie, you are just plain sneaky & you throw rocks & hide your hands behind your back. One thing I can say about Royce, she maybe young, but she knows those girls.

  34. MIda says:

    Episode 8 fight popped off between Tami and Meeka!

  35. TexasTea says:

    Ugh!! Im so over Tami. All those “keep it real” fans are just childish. Its not ok to say everything you think. Its not ok to constantly bully a person to get your point across. I believe Tami found an issue to pick on Meeka so she could make a common enemy with Evelyvn, Jen and Shaunie. She’s the groupie. Tami and Evelyn have fought. Evelyn won and made a T-Shirt about it, but you can be friends?!?!?! But you and Meeka can never be cool because she had a preconceived idea of Royce before meeting her??? GTFOH!! Lets be real, Tami said someone from the other team told her everything that Meeka was saying. That couldnt have been Evleyn because they werent speaking. It was Jennifer with her messy ass! As wives and girlfriends of players they all had problems with the team dancers. Thats the most she really said. Tami is taking it to the extreme cause she likes to bully. Im so disappointed with Shaunnie for not being above all that. She has the ability more than anyone to shut the mess down and not worry about the backlash from the girls. I dont see how you will transition this into a more positive show with ghetto central Tami in the crew.

  36. TexasTea says:

    Oh yea, and that comment Tami made to Meeka…With yo black ass…. So really whats that supposed to mean? I definitely saw that as a diss to her skin color. So Tami you think you are better because you are light skinned???? This is proof that she is an idiot! Jen did you hear what your “friend” thinks of you. Dont think because you are “cool” with her that she doesnt think she is better than your “black ass” as well…

  37. Wolfy says:

    I think Tammi showed her true colors by calling Meeka “Black Ass”. She’s one of those lighter skinned people who feels that being too black isn’t beautiful. Meeka, you’re beautiful. Tammi, even though you think you are cute, your instigating, ghetto ways make you ugly.

  38. Jessica Hinderliter says:

    Evelyn Tami Jen and shaunie are by far my favorite on this show but ev and jen you have a friendship like me and my BFF you all 2 love and care for each other … dont let this ruin it you alwyas hit bmps in a friendship .. I say things i doint mean to this is crushing me I never would of thought this would happen I hope that next week it aint you 2 fist fighting please tell me it aint God bless you evelyn i feel your pain but be strong and keep your head up!!!!!

  39. Shots says:

    All anyone has to do is go back a few episodes and see that Jen not only said that to Evelyn’s face but to the entire Basketball Wives fan base on the show. She made the exact same comment right after Evelyn told her she slept with Chad on the show. Evelyn never turn you back on your friends over a man. If it turns out that Jen is right about him then you will need her just like she needed you. Meeka, your main problem is you should have sat back and watched how each of these woman conduct themselves before speaking to any of them about another member of the circle. I think Shaunie and Tami should have told Evelyn, seriously that comment wasn’t that bad for you to react that way. Again I say, real will always outlast fake. None of these ladies are true friends to one another and that is clear with every episode.

  40. JENNIFER says:


  41. snickers says:

    Royce and Evelyn are fighting. You can see Evelyn head and Royce tiny feet. It looks like Royce has a hand full of her hair.
    Evelyn and Jennifer, I guess Evelyn didn’t watch last season or listen to Jens comments. And Tammi is laughing all the way to the bank. OH WELL!

  42. ohiogirl says:

    Evelyn, you look like a fool. Jen is right about ole boy… the stories are true. He’s gets engaged to every chick he dates. Do you really think he is going to go through with the marriage? Well, I guess others thought so too. He is all about the media, the attention and gaming women. Wake up! Again, I know first hand…..the stories are TRUE. Twins? Been there done that. Already.

  43. Brenda says:

    It is very depressing to see these Black Women get on television and act a DAMN fool. It was all good when Evelyn was conveniencing Jennifer to get a divorce from Erick. Now that Jen is separated and on her way to getting a divorce Evelyn wants to get another Athlete.

  44. Cindy says:

    I watches the show because of Tami and Royce, but Evelyn, Shaunie, Suzie, and Jennifer are ridiculous and childish. Jennifer had already told this to Evelyn earlier, so if she claims she wants a real friend then how real can you get? This whole seaon I believe was rushed, because of what happened at the end of last season a couple of months, and it seems as if the whole spotlight is surrounded around Evelyn being the victim.

  45. Waterblue says:

    Evelyn has a culo face. Tammie keeps it REAL and can beat someones culo too ! So greasy Meeka watch out !

  46. sunshine says:

    Grown ASS women with kids damn near grown themselves and they act better than their parents, it’s a shame to see beautiful women act like this. Tami honey get that chip off your shoulder, every body that comes into that circle is not trying take your place if you even have a place. Jen and Ev you all need to work that out by yourselves, remember you were friends before this man came into your life. Life is to short to stress have fun, you ladies are blessed to be in a position where you can visit ITALY, others aren’t so enjoy.

  47. meli says:

    evelyn was right to say what she did not how she said but what she said if jenn isnt friends with chad oh well she doesnt have to be to be supportive of her best friend i understand that she said that to her face already but what was said in private convo with them had no business being on the radio.., point blank period,..

  48. Shannon says:

    They went there 4 this bull!!!

  49. Trey Wallace says:

    Love you Ladies ….Get Over it Eveleyn!! Jenn Is right and Real as Life could be….

  50. anessa says:

    Somebody plz tell me who’s fighting in the next episode…….

  51. Tonya says:

    I just got done watching the show and I really couldn’t believe what went down with both Evelyn and Jen. Evelyn, girl I feel where you are coming from because I was in a similar situation with my best friend and it hurts. On the real, I don’t think Jen intentionally meant to hurt you when she did the interview, but her as your best friend should have had common sense to just say “As long as she’s happy no matter how I feel about Ocho-Cinco, then I’m happy to” and left it at that. Jen this is a lesson learned that you have to be careful what you say and how you say it because other people’s feeling get involved. Maybe Jen values her friendship with you Evelyn and seeing you happy with another man makes her feel kind of jealous because she’s not in a relationship right now. I really hope the two of you can work this out and become friends again.

  52. Carlene Clark says:

    Jen I really feel bad for you, I beleive that you really do love Jen as your best friend, everyone make mistakes. I’m not sure if you knew what you were saying, but I feel you made a huge mistake., the only thing you can do is learn from this, go to Evelyn and talk to her and ask for her forgiveness.

    Evelyn you can’t hold this against Jen, she just put her foot in her mouth., I’m sure you have done that before, forgive Jen and keep it moving.

  53. Adrienne says:

    I hope Meeka gets kicked to the curb. Everytime she is confronted she can’t seem to remember what she says. Does the dummy not realize the tapes can be viewed. Meeka came in running her mouth…talking about she just had lunch with the devil! Referring to Royce. I don’t feel sorry for Meeka at all. She is 2 faced and Tami is the only one calling her out. YOU GO TAMI!!! Keep it 100!!!!! Evelyn…..DRAMA!!!! Jen told her to her face everything she said in the interview. So WHY is she trippin?!?!?!?

  54. Twin says:

    Tami love you so much, you and Royce are the most real woman. Meeka, I hope that you are on the way out, you started out wrong, you were two face, playing both sides and Royce saw that. Evelyn, Evelyn, I’m not sure about you., you are FAKE, it’s sad that you want to be like Tami, and you can’t. I bet that you guys would have more fun if Royce was on that trip. See when you do ugly look what happen, Royce is not you guys problem. The trip woul have been better if Royce was there. ummmm, god don’t like ugly

  55. BlackandI'mGrown says:

    @Jackie….I agree You know….either the editing is really that bad or the Meeka stuff is really being over blown…It looks like she was set up to get beat up on this show(this season) to me….and that’s just ugly. I’m not with that. I understand people speaking their mind…but come on now…Meeka deserves a beat down…for talkin…really. How old are we? There are always going to be people that don’t like you..So, Tami will be a fighting B.I.! Meeka was never shown with her family…I guess she’s too dark for this show…lol… according to Tami…I didn’t get that one. She needs to retrack that mess…cause Black is Black. But, I guess she had to beat up “A Black Girl” this season… The respect levels…the way they are talking to Suzie like she is 13! and Evelyn talking to Jen like she just met her….it’s low IQ crap. Shaunie….Your Show Is Lookin Real Stupid…Right Now! people need to get their respect levels up and start acting like grown ass women.

  56. Kay says:

    I knew that Meeka wouldn’t make it “inside the circle” because she’s too dark. And, as we can see from the previews of Episode 8, Tami tells her as much. Darker girls aren’t well liked on this show: Meeka and Royce. I just started watching, so maybe there were some in the past. Hmmm, maybe athletes aren’t that crazy about dark girls either! ;-)

  57. Keeping It REAL! says:

    I don’t know why people are so surprised at this shows DRAMA. We live in AMERICA where drama has Always been capitalized! Stop trying to blame Shaunie for her show portraying women as being dramatic and just accept it for what it is…These types of situations happen ALL the time between MEN, WOMEN, BLACK, WHITE, BIG, SMALL and INDIFFERENT! If this show had NO drama, then iGuarantee that it wouldn’t have even made it to a 3rd season. Bravo Shaunie for playing the game of Life In America, where Lies, Sex, Drama, etc.= $$$$ while all the other boring, “Moral” things wouldn’t come close to your show’s ratings. Good Luck and God Bless us all :)

  58. Lynne says:

    can someone please tell me on the preview from episode 7, is that Tami & Meeka fighting like that?????

  59. MrsH says:

    Actually, I think that is Evelyn and Tami fighting. Because at the end of episode 7 Tami goes in the balcony and opens the door for everyone and I dont think Evelyn would have appreciated that… Plus I dont think Meeka gonna fight nothin!

  60. Lisa Newman says:

    Hey Jen already told Evelyn personally that she thinks Chad is all over the Tv too much. I do not think that Jen really is trying to hurt Evelyn. But Evelyn if you think about it girl, Jen might be right about Chad. This ring thing that he has going on is a bite much. Chad is always giving out rings. and so do a few other wealthy men in his position. They have no intention of getting married. They just like the fun of giving out rings because they can afford it. And lets say he is serious about marry you. Girl this I gotta see. And you will too. Good Luck and Congrats

  61. The REALIST says:

    I THINK that these women are showing examples of what goes on IN a circle of 5 or 6 women. any who… no one on this blog can really say anything about either of those women BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW THEM. i swear ppl watch the show and think they know what REALLY going on, like they know them personally. BUT TRUTH IS what you see is what you get and i BET these lady’s are saying the same thing bout EACH OF YOU WHO think they know whats up.!!! all smiles.
    -salina <3

  62. Clt says:

    Everyone that really believes Chad is going to marry Evelyn or give her “twins” please raise your hands! Ok, no hands. Evelyn talked about Jenn’s husband Eric like a dog for two years and encouraged Jenn to get a divorce. I figured Jenn would regret it and it looks like she does. Evelyn is not a real friend. I hope Jenn doesn’t make up with her. She couldn’t have cursed me out like that over some dude she just met less than a year ago.

  63. snickers says:

    Next weeks epi looks like Royce and Evelyn are fighting.

  64. sunshine says:

    Evelyn, how smart is it to go to the fertility clinic without being married? Chad is gonna leave you unmarried with a house full of babies! :)

  65. Sherrita says:

    Tami and Meeka are fighting!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see that.

  66. BrooklynBeauty414 says:

    Pleeeeeeease kick Meeka out the circle before someone whips her ass! *wink wink* Tami Lol Speechless on the Jen situation… really…

  67. sissy69 says:

    Yes it was wrong for saying what she said on the air but Evelyn remember the saying guyz come and go but friends are for ever. and she said what was on her mind Evelyn is my favorite but dont get Jennifer twisted

  68. CB says:

    Jen was right and Ev needs to get over it. Jen told her how she felt last season so why does it come as a surprise?

    As far as the fight it is Tami and Meeka, I read all over the blogs that they get into a brawl at an Italy nightclub. Meeka says something slick apparently and Tami punches her in the face and that is when the fight breaks out, or so I have read. Meeka from day one tried to hard to be in the thick of the drama and now it looks like it will bite her in the ass. She is a fan as Tami put it best, she cant hold her ground and is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things as far as the show goes.

  69. Renae says:

    You know, I really like Evelyn and the relationship that she and Jen had. I hate what is happening to them now.

    I think Evelyn is clearly hurting–something deep. She has obviously been hurt by people in her life that she trusted and it has left a very deep scar. This causes her to be very senstive and to feel hurt and betrayal very easily–even when unwarranted.

    Jen did not mean any harm whatsoever in what she said. Evelyn is overreacting. She should not have discussed this with the others first and then ganged up on Jen in front of them. She should have dealt with Jen privately.

    This is all about misunderstanding and as I said, comes from Evelyn having some scars of her own. She seems to see anything that someone does–any mistake, as the person intentionally setting out to hurt her. I think that is really, really sad and she needs to get help with that otherwise she is going to push everyone around her away.

    All friendships will have ups and downs and you will have arguments. They do not have to escalate to where this one did. She has to learn to talk about things that are bothering her and not let the fester as she apparently has. Jen was blindsided and had no clue. That was truly wrong.

    I hope these ladies patch things up and I hope Evelyn is wrong when she says that their friendship will never be the same. I love both of these ladies and this all just makes me so very sad. I hope they work things out and their relationship is better and more honest than before.

  70. Judy says:

    I really fell bad for Jen & Ev they are BFF and this happen. Jen you should of not made that statements in the interview. If you felt that way about Chad(because I do to). You told Ev you should of left it at that and (if) it did not work out for Ev & Chad you could of been there for your girl. Out of all the suppose to be friendships on the show I thought you all was the most real.

  71. amjoran says:

    Next week’s preview: One of the ladies fighting is definitely Tami (tatoo on her arm). I really like Tami, but I am not looking forward to seeing her fight like that on television (even if it is Meeka).

  72. Teena says:

    Jen was wrong for what she said during the interview, but was right for telling Ev from the start. As a best friend…you have to keep it real. Meeka needs to leave the show. Tami should just disregard her altogether. Royce is cool…she knows the drama with the girls (even though I think she plays on it sometimes.) Suzie need to find other friends…you can’t make someone like you. Shaunie is an idiot…she knows the drama and she is just as 2-faced/FAKE as Meeka is, she just like to keep her innocent looking. I mean, look at how she tried to console Ev after listening to the interview. She did not seem genuine. Anyway she had issues a couple of seasons ago about that girls sister sleeping with Shaq… I mean really. That was her sister, not her. Why be nasty to her?

  73. Jenn says:

    Evelyn is one of my favorites but she is acting out of line, everything that Jen said was true & she already knew how Jen felt. I think that Eve needs to stop being so damn emotional. Eve you my girl but come on Jen is ya best friend. Nobodies perfect & you know Jen always got your back, ya like white on rice. Please you cant shut her down like that. Royce and Meeka both need to go somewhere. Tami, girl you annoying sometimes but I gotta say you 100% REAL! Suzie…. you was a tough cookie but it seems since the momment you had beef with Eve, you definitely mellowed down. Thats a good thing. Ashley is a NOBODY and needs to stop trying to be someone. Im glad Gloria isnt in this season. Shaunie IDK i have mixed feelings about you. You cool with everyone but sometimes you can say some slick things. All in all I love this show!!! Keep it going…. <3

  74. patricia billie says:

    I love basketball wives, Now i will be real with you about some of your cast Shaunie. Yes, all of the ladies are beautiful, But they have the most f**ked up attitudes. Wow they have a little money, had men that everybody wanted, but still not happy. What the hell do they want ( A WOMAN). That’s what it seems, Elevyln got problems if she thinks Ococeco or what ever his name is, thats a player with the ladies and everbody see that but her, is she slow or something, has all that money and penis gotten to her or what.SHAUNIE help your dear friend out with her situations. Tell Jennifer, Elevyln was never a friend to her, Royce I love you and you hold your head up and tell everyone to Kiss where the sun don’t shine. Tammi, My girl who tells it like it is, don’t get mad when someone speaks the truth, thats why Tammi gets so mad for stupid stuff and i don’t blame her, They are scare of you girl because you are real, So ladies keep up the good work, I look forward to Monday nights to see you all go at it.

  75. Ms.T says:

    I cant seem to understand why everyone looks down on Royce because she’s a dancer yet jennifers business is strip aerobics.

  76. Simone says:

    In Italy acting like fools

  77. @anessa it was tammi and tameeka fighting.I went to ask jeeves and it took me to a little piece of a pic where it froze showing tami’s tiger tatoo,and tameeka.


    I am sad for Jennifer and Evelyn. The question is “Are they true friends?” Friends survive the good and bad times. They do not pack up their bags and run at the first sign of trouble or hold feelings that could become explosive later. They focused on giving their all to the recipient called “friend.”

    Yes Evelyn, perhaps Jennifer could have avoided the public display of her thoughts on Chad and you. Nevertheless Jennifer did share her thoughts about Chad to you on Basketball Wives Season 2. I am disappointed Eveyln that you seem to have amnesia. Besides, who are you to count judgments. Rather than including Shaunie and Tami in the listening stage of the tape, you could have gone to Jennifer directly; especially since you do not appear to be a forgiving creature.

    You are saying that Jennifer do not have your back. The question is “Do you have Jennifer’s back?” You seem to set the presidence of the future relationship between Jennifer and you. Where are you including Jennifer? You seem to encourage Jennifer to leave Eric? Isn’t your attempt to rid Jennifer of unnecessary pain similar to Jennifer trying to rid you of unnecessary pain with Chad Ochocinco?

    I am very disappointed with you girls. Get it together! Work it out among the two? Stop involving other people. If you are true friends, trust me you can get pass this stumbling block and look forward to a stronger friendships. Strength arrives from adversity. Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your relationships deeper.

    Jennifer, get some strength and stand up for yourself. Use your own mind. Exert assertiveness. Do you know yourself? Build your confidence and self-esteem. You are a person without Evelyn. You came into this world without Evelyn and people in general. Get yourself together? Correct yourself. Work it out with Evelyn but do not force any fits. If Evelyn rejects your attempts, MOVE ON! Learn the lessons, you will appreciate life better.

    Evelyn, stop hiding behind your own insecurities. Bossing Jennifer or bullying will not fill the voids that exist in your life. Stop bossing Suzie as well. I am sure that you will not approach Tami in such manners. Respect all people. Deal with your insecurities and become the better you that you can be and help Jennifer and other people to be the better them. GROW UP! Stop thinking that people owe you. Instead you owe it to God to be the best person He made you to be. Lean on your own strength and not friends or men. Get it together. Stop the demands and work on healing your relationship with Jennifer, your dad, and any people who you are holding unnecessary grudges. Let it go. You are not perfect and they are not either. You are human and only human Evelyn. You are not God. Do not attempt to be God because you cannot. You are important and so are other people as well. GROW UP!

    Suzie, I am very disappointed in your actions in regards to Royce. Girrrrrrrrrrrrl, stand on your principles and stop tolerating inferiority. Find yourself. Stand up for right. It amazes me how assertive you are with Royce but act like a scared newborn drawn in a knot. Stand up to everyone including Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie. Why did you read Royce’s text to the girls. Are you sane?! That was between Royce and you. Stop allowing Tami, Evelyn, or anyone chastise you. Girrrrrrrl, get yourself together. STAND UP!

    Shaunie, what can I say in regards to you? I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU?! It seems like you are trying to appear innocent when I see totally the opposite. You had the opportunity to encourage Evelyn to work it out with Jennifer and not lean to her own understanding. Instead, you incited trouble by saying something to the statement of …”she is your bestfriend…” What! It appears to me that you throw the brick and hide the hand. I do not think that you are in the girls’ best interests. I believe that you like to push others to drama and you sit in the back with all sorts of appearances; turning to the left, looking upwards, standing backwards, or whatever. A person like you could get people hurt. It seems like rather than you standing firm on your beliefs, you try to be cautious to tell people what they might want to hear. I have always been suspicious of people who agree with everyone or almost everyone. I wonder what you would be like if Tami and Evelyn were against you. The point is promote unity rather than division undercover. It seems that you practice discretion and discretion is not always good, especially when it is used to hide. I believe that you are very hideous. Stop producing the shows if you cannot promote peace and harmony. Although I do not like some of the actions of the girls, I am most disappointed with you because of your platform and failure to promote positive behaviors. Shaunie, SIT DOWN!

    Take a position Shaunie! Change your ways! Walk on solidarity and development! You are not innocent. Show your true colors!

    Tami I appreciate your being real. Nevertheless, slow down and reflect on your actions. Be careful not to promote mess and similar actions that you oppose, such as two-faced behaviors. If you are for Royce, be for Royce and do not water things down because the pressure is hot; such as justifying that you are not Royce’s bodyguard. Be her friend, stand by it, and let no one make you think twice about it. Work on your personal issues and stop trying to prove yourself. Just be you and enjoy the journey along with the lessons. Embrace all of you and spend little time on the perceptions of others. STAY FOCUSED!

    Meeka Meeka Meeka. You came in all wrong. Get to know people. Strengthen your character. Seek to get along with everyone and avoid getting on the bandwagon or “Evelyn’s bandwagon.” Girrrrrrrrl, enjoy building relationships and STOP FOCUSING ON TAKING SIDES! Take your side, which is good enough. GET AWAY FROM WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU OWN? So juvenile!

  79. prsmit says:

    are you all serious? evelyn…GROW UP! you can dish it, but you can’t take it. JEN IS RIGHT, AND YOU KNOW IT! There’s not a person on this planet (except his mama and you) that would consider chad a respectable and upstanding person. he may be…but you don’t know that yourself! you should know that men come and go…even husbands…but friends can be with you for a lifetime. so, to be evelyn’s friend, you have to keep your mouth closed, and not voice your opinion. Evelyn, GROW UP – THAT’S NOT FRIENDSHIP!! you want chad – good! you keep him, but your friend doesn’t have to like him. and why in the he** would you pick a man like that – who has done nothing but things for publicity – also, several kids out of wedlock – and not be surprised that people would not particularly care for them. get real!

    tammi – chill out! you don’t need to be confrontational at every setting! give it a rest..PLEEEAASE!
    MEEK A — RUN!!!!

  80. It's ME! WHO ELSE?! says:

    @anessa That’s what I wanna know!

  81. Vanilla says:

    @ Really: Black men run to other races of women because they want to. There are only four BLACK women on the show. Their ups and downs, issues with each other, are no different than women of other races. (Check out all the other reality shows with a bunch of women on them).

    Shaunie is not exploiting black women on her show. I am sure that wasn’t the plan either. However, when the cameras are rolling in the face all day, they are going to see some sides of the women that probably wouldn’t come out if they are seen walking down the street.

    The show doesn’t show what “people” have been saying about black women all along. People can only talk about what they KNOW and have experienced. So if they have had a black woman in their life that behaved in a certain negative manner, then that’s on them and maybe they need to check their own behaviors due to being PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    Everyone has some sort of issue that counseling may be a helpful solution, so don’t be too quick to single out Evelyn. I commend her for being brave enough to let us see that side of her but I am sure, it wasn’t meant for you or anyone else to judge. Really, you’re way off with your post. Not cute at all. You went through your entire post and judged all the women – oops that are not all BLACK by the way. So truly that was not positive communication, as you mentioned.

    So what Chad has 6 children and they are by 2 women he never married. The last we all looked, that was CHAD’S business, right? If Evelyn wants loves him enough to want to deal with that, people just need to learn to mind their business or get some business of their own. I don’t know how many children he has but hearing Evelyne speak, she didn’t mentioned that many. I do believe that her total came up to 4 – between the two of them. However, I don’t care. She’s happy and that’s all that matters.

    One thing you can say as, just because you have a man doesn’t mean that your friends should listen to you. Family and friends can speak alot of garbage based off their own relationship be it great, all right, or needing work. We all have our own opinions and opinions are really warranted when it comes to offering advise or conversation to a FRIEND that really needs. There needs to be 50% facts and 10% of your opinion. Let the FRIEND be able to say something too … that’s where the 40% come in.

    One day, people will stop having so much of an opinoin about someone and their life and focus on what they can do to make their life and situation better.

  82. snickers says:

    In the preview you see the back of someones blond hair and a tiny little foot with a tiny chocolate leg. The blond hair is Evelyn and the little munchkin is Royce!

  83. Kristen says:

    I guess the difference in my life and in everyone elses is that I have a God who takes care of my every need and want. You have a responsibility when you are seen by many to set a good example for people who see you. If none of these ladies have God then thats their own issue but if they do then they are setting the wrong example for the people who watch them. Yeah its tv and yeah its drama but somewhere in there it crosses a line b/c it sets a bad example for our youth and young adults. $$$$ ain’t everything and to exploit yourself by looking crazy on tv and influencing millions to behave just like you is stupid. As an african american women we do need more shows with MORALS b/c we have and always will be on the bottom of the pole if we continue to act ignorant. We have rappers with their pants hanging down, hollering about slangin dope and all our youth are coming up thinking that in order to be successful they have to diamond, cars with rims and a bank roll from doing whatever it takes to get money. Our young ladies are watching these idiots fighting, yelling cussing and screaming to resolve problems??? NO … at some point somebody has got to step in and say this is not what we are about at the end of the day. Where the hell is the unity? Where is the sisterhood? It is what it is. $$$ doesn’t define or rule my life, I watch b/c its funny but the more I keep thinking about it, nothing is funny, its really sad to see how stupid we look on tv, the joke is really on you at the end of the day. Have fun going to the bank but I truly believe that most of yall are miserable deep down inside. $$$ sure can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a therapist, I suggest you all try one

  84. chocolate lady says:

    I did not think what Jen said on the radio was that bad, she did not say anything that she had not already said to Evelyn. Ok they are best friends, but I Evelyn know her ” fiancee” already has a reputation anyway. Evelyn comes across so hard and bitter, that it is so ugly…why she have to act so hard, I absolutely hated her last year for the way she treated Suzie, she did not deserve that, it was not that serious. Stay strong Jen,you did not say anything that everyone else has not said. Hell he was trying to find love, a couple of years agoare you alright in my book and you and Tami my favorite on the show.

  85. Chyna says:

    I just watched the full episode and need to comment on a couple of things. Suzie why did you sit up there and let them ladies question you like that? You are grown and furthermore don’t have to answer to them because they wouldn’t answer to you. I wish another woman would question me about my personal conversation with another friend of mine in that manner. Why couldn’t Evelyn talk to Jennifer in private….why involve Tami and Shaunie in the process? Jennifer told the truth and gave her opinion the same why Evelyn has done with everyone else man. Only thing I didn’t like was that it seems she won’t stand her ground because we all saw she’s gonna go beg Evelyn for her friendship. One more thing why does it seems like Tami is about to turn on Royce now because she back in good with Evelyn… I don’t know but from what I heard of the next episode that’s what it seems like. Royce watch yourself and trust no one.

  86. Dark Skinned says:

    I think that one of the reasons why Royce and Meeka are treated badly is because they have dark skin. The preview of the next episode where Tami calls Meeka “Black” says it all. Last time I checked, Tami was Black too….but I guess she feels that she is better than Meeka because Meeka is dark. Well you know what Tami….Meeka has some things that you don’t have even though you are light. Meeka has a HUSBAND! She also has a very strong possibility of prevailing in court against you! What do you have? A mental disorder (probably bi-polar or borderline personality), bad credit, daughters that clearly are embarassed by you, and a stink reputation.

    Tami, please crawl back to the gutter and take your meds.

  87. Gayana Brown says:

    Tami Roman should be happy – wasn’t she formerly on Public Assistance and most likely trying hard to make ends meet. Now that she has more money to take care of herself and her daughters better, what is all the anger about? Girlfriend should be happy and appreciative that in these days and times, when many are struggling to pay their bills, she is getting a great paycheck. and then this woman is acting all of a pure fool. And I put Evelyn in the same category. “B” ought to know that you cannot change a human being or make them do anything, let alone a grown ass woman – Meeka. I guess when the courts hit that pocketbook, maybe she can sit her buttocks down somewhere and act like a real mom is supposed to act. Unbelievable.

  88. jody says:

    evelyn is blinded by “love” she will see and i hope it wont be too late ladies get over it and lets move on please

  89. Emotions says:

    Evelyn.. You are so sensitive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. MZ.B says:


  91. Daniel says:

    Evelyn , Is one very angry person….one episode after another. fighting with Tami now Jennifer. The show is all about rubbing each other the wrong way, episode after episode. Picking on each other all the time….is becoming very tiring.Meeka is the new target now. Next Episode.

  92. HoneyChat says:

    I must say I agree with a lot of you so plz excuz the repetiveness. NOW that being said, Let me critique these sistas, accord’g to what I see on VH1, in “abc” order……EVELYN I guess I can give YOU the right to be upset but THE WAY YOU WENT ABOUT ADDRESSING THIS SEEMS PHONY. You should have had this convo w/ your so called BESTIE privately and way before Rome. So is this a friendship of convenience, for VHI, or what? Cause truth be told me and Bestie would have been able to hash this out over tini’s @ dinner time. ; )……Jennifer all I can say is since it appears that you DO have your own IDENTITY, I think you just spoke from your heart on an ISSUE that you should have prob avoided with a “no comment” response BUT as it has been said you had already told her your feelings in front of MILLIONS of viewers. Maybe you should just be a fake friend and support her decisions no matter how bad you think they are. : ( …..Meeka yeah girl the way you are being treated is def some SCHOOL GIRL BULLYING TYPE OF ISH. Tami went on you from jump which is some NEW KID AT THE SCHOOL mess. So no I think you have been bamboozled by VHI/Shaunie/Tami. Hold your ground with the pitbully (TAMI) and maybe we will see you next season. : …..Royce I started being a fan but not so much anymore MAINLY b/c you seem to bash people and hide behind I AM JUST BEING REAL or 100 but you’re really self-absorbed…..why? I don’t know…..Shaunie I love you girl but I know you have your hand in some of these shenanigans b/c BS sells. This is a lot of short time DRAMA. Mean’g why all this drama ONLY 3 months out of a year? Hmmm!!!…..Suzie a leopard doesn’t change its stripes, may change up the tactics though.

  93. snickers says:

    You folks were right, it is Tami and Meeka!

  94. tareco says:

    this is a test

  95. april says:

    This was crazy! Somebody needs to tell shaq that Queen Bee Shanie money needs to be cut cause she is totally abusing her childsupport. Taking these girls on all these lavish trips to get things stirred up. She kills me acking like she can be somebodys counselor. Meeka should see that shawnie aint her friend. she read that letter that was addressed to her in front of all the girls, that was messed up. At tha table when tammie was making fun of her shawnie was sitting right there laughing!

  96. ronnie r says:

    I just want to say that I was really pro Tami up until now. I could not believe that Tami acted the way that she did. Tami I feel that you are way too old to conduct yourself in such a manner especially in Rome. Do you feel that way when you are faced with everything in life that if a person says something that you do not like then just fight! OMG!!! Give it a rest, because you only made yourself look foolish because you couldn’t handle something negative that was said about you, and truthfully, you did say those things so what were you upset about. As for Suzi, at one point I really felt bad for you, but you started all of that mess and you do need to keep your mouth closed. Get a life! I am a fan of this show, but I must say that you all need a serious reality check about some of the things that you are doing, because it really only make you look like ignorant women with no class who happened to marry successful basketball players. I am starting understand why none of you women are still with these men besides Meeka. They did right to run.

  97. tisha says:

    Did I miss something! Tammy girl you did say “FAKE” but I am sure you will not be slapping to many more people once you have to pay Meeka.

  98. daleca says:

    Tami is too old to be causing problems. She basically ruined the “Rome” trip with her unruly petty behavior. And to top off, she’s a mother. Someone needs to stand up to her to pipe down. She needs to get some type of mental health treatment. SO ridiculous!

  99. Juanita C says:

    This show has turned into a real mess. Tami needs mental health care. She is angry because she could not keep her husband, and she is angry and bitter about that. She thought she was ALL OF THAT, and she lost out in the end, Tami is a bitter person Suzie’s part should be written out, because one thing we All know, ” A dog that brings a bone will also carry one” , because he is and will always be a dog!! Evelyn is a ugly person inside and out. Just look at the twist of her mouth , that is a wickedness that she can’t hide, and it makes her extremly unattractive. Shaunie I really had a lot of respect for you that is why I started watching the show, but Shaunie has proved that she has 2 mouths, one an the back of her head also , what we call a 2faced person!! Meeka sue Tami’s broke behind because she is pathetic and bitter. I don’t think she will jumping on anyone else once she has to pay Meeka. VH1 should pitch in and get her some mental health help ASAP. I am embrassed about these girls, because they truly personify what “ghetto” is and how that attitude responds to life while in life!!! They don’t represent the true sistehood of the black woman. Take them off the air and present more postive and constructive programming

  100. Jean says:

    I have never seen such a bunch of drama filled females in my life, Shaunie is not innocent in this at all, she is the instigator in some instances. Tami is definitely a drama queen and needs a reality check, she thinks she is a BULLY, but she needs to understand, there is always someone in the world badder than you. She will one day roll up on a sister who will prove my point. The only one of the ladies I like is Royce, she is in her own world and can see the females as they are. To Susie, stop sucking up. Evelyn, you and Tami might want to check to see if you are related, lots of similarities there aka DRAMA QUEENS at the highest level.

  101. Embarrassed Black Female says:

    I had the opportunity to watch the episode showing Meka and Tammi fighting.
    I’m so embarrassed to see two Sista’s attacking each other on national t.v.
    All of you are a poor example to our young Women who are watching you.
    Tammi, you need to get you some HELP ! you are the example of a Angry Black Woman.
    I think the majority of the Cast are Mother’s ? What are you teaching your Children. Remember,
    actions speak louder than words. None of you Ladies are loyal to each other. You have this
    pretend friendship going on. I’m going to believe that your behavior on motivated by
    $$$$$$ only! Meeka, go home to your Husband and Family. Then name of the show is
    Basketball Wives but, none of them are married except you. Maybe VH1 should change the
    name to Brawling Black Women (BBW). That’s the only thing you guy’s seem to do on this
    show…. As a Black Female I’m truly disgusted with your behavior…
    I’m so glad to say that NONE of my Friends behave the way that ya’ll do. You may have more
    $$$$$ than us but, we have WAAAAAAAAY more class!


  102. DivineOne1 says:

    I really want to say this about Mrs. Diarhea at the mouth Suzie. B PLEASE first off even if TAMI and MEEKA had their differences you could have kept what was said to yourself. its like you wanted TAMI and MEEKA to fight and made it seem like you was being captain save a hoe. You are just basically the Token chic in the show becuase it seems like everything that seems to be said you are the one that hears it first amongst all of them. I mean really they could have had that mess done back at home not in ROME where all was trying to enjoy themselves. It seems like since MEEKA was the new chic and you are the renew chic you felt threatened and had to get rid of the competition. So Please dont try to be all down with them when you know that if in a heartbeat the feel like you are not real they will dump you again and you will run back to ROYCE who warned your behind in the first place.

  103. armonibell says:

    meeka needed to get her weave snatched up u shouldnt bring drama meeka dont try to get in a battle that u will not win ok

  104. armonibell says:

    Meeka u can not mess with the other girls ok so shut ur mouth ok take my advice ok boo boo

  105. tymacky says:


  106. linda says:

    sorry , but you girls act like you all is afraid of tami, instead of seeing her for who she really is , she don’t remember saying fake , but if she did she was talking about evelyn , yeah right, wake up , evelyn and jennifer i am very glad you girls are friend again. suzie you such have got punched ,while tami and meeka was fighting ,