Basketball Wives – Episode 7 – We’re Gonna Handle This Tonight


Dear Italy,
Sorry about all of this drama.

We saw this coming, but it’s still pretty shocking to see Evelyn and Jennifer‘s friendship break down the way it did. And with Evelyn saying their relationship can never be the same and Jen claiming obliviousness/innocence, who knows how this will end? But Jen and Evelyn’s drama was not the only drama this week, Meeka and Tami are also on bad-to-not-quite-speaking terms as well. This does not sound like a great vacation. How’s the explosive-o-meter checking out this week?

Royce, Explosive Factor: 0

Royce’s only appearance this week is by text with Suzie and by Italian stripper billboard.

Poor Royce (I must say that at least once per episode). She’s not even there to defend herself against the ladies laughter at her expense.

Shaunie, Explosive Factor: 1

Shaunie’s still not one to cause drama, but when Evelyn makes her listen to the tapes of Jen’s radio interview, she is definitely shocked at what Jen said and is actively trying to mediate the situation. She also tries to mediate between Tami and Meeka, but her argument that “it was their choice to come” on an all-expense paid trip to Italy is weak, she knew there would be drama no matter what. At least she got a (barely intelligible) cooking class out of the deal though, right?

Suzie, Explosive Factor: 3

Suzie is putting herself in some awkward places lately. It’s like she’s actively choosing to get in the middle of things with Meeka and Tami and Royce and Evelyn. And you know it’s bad (at least in this circle) when Meeka says “I do feel like it’s the girls against me. Except for Suzie.”

At their cooking class, there’s drama when Tami thinks Suzie has been talking to Ashley and Royce about the rest of the group and calls her out on it. That just roils up Evelyn, who’s got a history of Suzie talking about her behind her back. Evelyn is fed up with Suzie and explains “People wanna be like, oh, we’re the mean girls. We’re not, we’re just straightforward, that’s the difference. Low tolerance for bulls—, honesty, keeping it real.” And in Evelyn’s mind, Suzie doesn’t keep it real.

Meeka and Tami, Explosive Factor: A constantly simmering 6

“If I find out that you have talked negatively about me, then I’m gonna come for you,” Tami says about Meeka, and Tami sure thinks Meeka has talked negative about her. There is not a meal that goes by without some serious drama between these two, and at lunch in Rome, Tami is still pissed about the alleged accusations that Meeka passed judgment on her (or something? It’s really hard to tell exactly what she’s mad at).

It’s like they just talk in circles and that just makes the problem worse. “I’m gonna tolerate you,” Tami says in what is the most honest but half-hearted resolution ever. To which Meeka responds “You don’t have to do me no f—in’ favors.” Lovely. But obviously Meeka feels like she’s on the outs with not just Tami but the whole group, because she totally skips their outing to the wine tasting cave and she misses out on seeing the Flavor Flav sommelier with the flashy spittoon/medallion.

Evelyn and Jen, Explosive Factor: 9

There wasn’t any drink throwing between these two, but the fight between Jennifer and Evelyn is huge. They’re best friends, so the stakes are already high, but you know how Jen always talks about “Girlfriends 101″ and the ways you don’t treat a friend? Talking s— about your BFF’s fiance on the radio is also Girlfriends 101, too, Jen! That’s easily grounds for friendship divorce, and Evelyn explains “My friendship with her will never be the same.”

Evelyn is rightly upset that Jen did an interview with a Cleveland radio station and called Chad Ochocinco an attention whore. (You can watch/listen to the whole thing yourself here.) That, on top of the fact that Jennifer has never even congratulated Evelyn on her engagement is bogus, and also not part of Girlfriends 101. So when Evelyn calls her out on it and makes her listen to the interview in front of Shaunie and Tami, things don’t end well, in part because Jen doesn’t comprehend what she did wrong. “YOU’RE the problem,” Evelyn tells Jen. “You saying this is the problem, you’re supposed to be my girl.”

“There’s just certain thing you shouldn’t say, I feel like you don’t have my back at all,” Evelyn tells her before locking herself in her room for the night. That’s when it dawns on Jen, who cries silently in her hotel desk chair, that she’s got some serious groveling to do. But since Evelyn isn’t letting anyone in her room, Tami needs to break into Evelyn’s room through the balcony because, as she says, “We’re gonna handle this tonight.”

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