Nicki Minaj Lied About Her Age: She’s 28, Not 26


There was plenty about which to speculate after Nicki Minaj‘s police report detailing the alleged assault by Safaree Samuels surfaced last week, but at least one thing was clear: Minaj was born December 9, 1982.

But wait! That’s not what Minaj had been saying. As recently as June of last year, Minaj was reporting her birth year as 1984 (ironically, in a Vibe cover story entitled “Just How Real Is Nicki Minaj?”) Two months earlier, Media TakeOut had already reported her real birth year as 1982, but without corroboration, the revelation didn’t stick. Last week’s Dallas police report is, it would seem, more than enough independent confirmation. This clarification doesn’t exactly lend credence to Minaj’s series of Twitter denials last week about the incident with Samuels. Minaj has not yet spoken out about the age question.

Nicki Minaj Has Been Lying About Her Age; Is 28…Umm..Why?? [ONTD]

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  1. Michelle says:

    I am sure she has her reasons, one probably being the fact that she is in the music industry. The younger the better.

  2. shell says:

    that is pitiful that she has been lying about her age.. ….. the funny thing is people… have been saying for a long time that she was born in 1982 and lil kim said that… know body believed kim…… well well well….. look what we have here.. the truth FINALLY came out.. this girl is such a fraud…. i see many of u have been caught up in her cartionish acts and colors… please get smart people.

  3. Kara says:

    So what…. age is just a number… OH WOW SHE’S TWO YEARS OLDER… what will we do….. Does that somehow make her a lesser person or make her not musically talented?…

    Shell dear, GROW A BRAIN!

  4. Drake says:

    So What? Alot of people in the music industry lie about their age. Like Eminem did but no one get on him. Even Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Birdman lied about their age but no one gets on them. and the list goes on…………. no one cares she is dop and if you didn’t like her then you wouldn’t typed her name and see this article. deep inside u do love her U haters………………..