Single Ladies – Episode 7 – Ladies Who Brunch


Does anyone else need a cold shower themselves after watching this scene?

This week on Single Ladies, despite a brief spat, Keisha and Malcolm are as strong as ever. Unfortunately, Val‘s relationship with Jerry has just fallen victim to lies, and April and Reed have been rooming together and you just know that’s going to end in some kind of regrettable situation. But at least no one thinks Val’s a lesbian anymore, so she’s got that going for her!

First, let’s discuss the seemingly endless shower scene between Keisha and Malcolm.

“We’ve got it bad huh?” Malcolm says to Keisha about their new, committed relationship. Um, ya think? You guys just used up half of Atlanta’s water supply during your coital bliss. “Oh yeah, we’re sprung,” Keisha concurs. And as all new couples do, they realize that they’ve been ignoring everyone else around them in order to spend time together, so they decide to throw a brunch (Keisha’s cookin’!) to prove they can still be social.

The ladies show up in their Brunch Casual outfits

ready to eat some of the Paula Deen Pecan Praline French Toast Casserole that Keisha has made. And after they meet Malcolm’s dad, they also meet his ne’er-do-well brother Terrence (Or is it Tarrance? How are we saying/spelling this?). Terrance shows up uninvited and causes a stir, no, not when he tells Val that she needs some “thug passion” in her life, but when he starts asking Malcolm for his cut of the family business. When Keisha jumps in to tell Malcolm this isn’t the time or place, Terrence and Malcolm both tell her to stay out of it.

See, if Keisha only stayed with her boy toy Woody, the guy who randomly drops his pants,

she wouldn’t have this problem.

Keisha and Malcolm make up though when he apologizes for telling her to mind her own business and explains the deal with Terrance. Seems that Terrance did time for stealing cars, a job he did with Malcolm before Mal found a straighter, more lucrative path selling jewelry.Terrance never gave his brother up and he feels like he’s owed a portion of the family business. It gets even more complicated than that, but my head hurts explaining all of this. Long story short, Malcolm gives Keisha the keys to his fairy tale mansion as an “I’m sorry.”

If only things would wrap up that neatly for Val. Her ex, Quinn, won’t stop showing up to ask her to take him back, first of all.

And even though she laughs in his face and explains that she’s dating Jerry, Quinn has the cajones to ask Val to convince Jerry not to trade him from the basketball team that Jerry owns. Quinn’s desperation stinks, but Val’s also not heartless.

Jerry gets suspicious and asks Val if Quinn wanted to get back together with her too, and she lied and said no. So immediately Val feels bad about lying, and you know that just might lead to bad news.

Jerry doesn’t deserve the lies, Val!!

But Keisha thinks otherwise, telling Val “If men really wanted the truth from women, they would ban boob jobs.” Point taken.

Omar and Christina‘s love lives are getting complicated too. Omar is dating Ricky from My So-Called Life, so that’s exciting, only here his name is Vincent.

Omar tells Christina “Don’t tell Val, but I found him at the Gap. We were looking for jeans but we only saw each other.” Unfortunately Vincent has a very my so-called take on gay relationships, telling Omar that he likes being in an open relationship. Omar sadly tells Christina all of this while she gets a grip on his inseam working on an extra credit project so she can keep her grade up.

Christina needs to prove her worth in school because, guess what? Sleeping with the professor and then being a total B to him was NOT a great idea and he flunked her!

Maybe in the land down undah things work the opposite way, I’m not sure what result she expected from all that. But if Christina fails school, she’ll lose her Visa and get deported, so she really needs to get sewing. P.S. This professor is the worst, right? And I don’t even mean because he’s a jerk, but because that scarf is just NO.

“Why did I sleep with him?” Christina asks.

“Baby, that’s the title of my autobiography,” Omar says.

You know what the title of Reed’s autobiography would be? “The Fastest Drug Recovery In History.”

Seriously, I mean, I watch Celebrity Rehab, this guy would not go from near-death overdose to fully functional musician (and cold turkey cocaine quitter) in one day. Yet there he is, doing just fine. In fact, he and April have heart to heart chats about their lives, she’s absolved him of all his sins, and she opens up a little about Darryl to him. And then in a moment that has to be seen to be believed, they sing together about their lives. So there’s that.

I dunno, I feel like singing together is only going to lead these two down a weird, forbidden romantic path, despite April’s protests that Reed isn’t her type.

Even though everyone is in a weird place at the moment, except for Keisha, who is still in a good and very expensive place, it feels optimistic in the world of these single ladies (and Omar). But maybe that’s just because everyone’s still high off that delicious French Toast Casserole.

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  1. pretty piper says:

    Why does being a single lady have anything to do with being a gay man.? The writing sucks. Week characters, acting..just all wrong. Left over script from Legally Blonde.

  2. V says:


  3. Tamika Horton says:

    Sexiest shower scene ever!!!I’m not single but geeze it look’s alittle fun lol!!

  4. ImageFirst says:

    So far Single Ladies have my attention. Overall I’m loving the show but I do think that some of the actors really need to practice thier craft. None of the words are coming out with conviction it just feels like they are reading lines after the director says “action!” . Reality actors are acting better than the cast. Please take it as positive critcism. Also I’m not to sure on the reality that the white characters(girls) in the stuff that they are pulling that real sista’s would be tolerating for example the young girl having sex in a place of business and the Owner would just be okay with it along with her showing up late with Val’s clothes to a very important function?? Come on Really??!! she would be gone for real….and the other chick cheating and putting Val in the middle of it…Why is everything being dumped on her?? In reality I wouldn’t think she would put up with that.

  5. Sheeby says:

    I like the concept of Single Ladies but the acting has got to be the worst. LisaRaye and Stacey always sound as if they are ready from a card it is awful, cant they take acting lesssons are something. I agree abou the reality stars acting it is way better than this. WOW!!!!! I am surprised they were picked up for another season with the bad acting.

  6. Sheeby says:

    I meant reading from a card….Sorry for the typo

  7. stacy joshua says:

    Where can I find those beautiful champagne glasses with the triangle bottom ?

  8. FredaB says:

    i wish my life was really like theirs on tv & i cud live it insted of havn 2 watch it, ugh

  9. Swesburks says:

    God, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m Hooked on this Show! Damn, damn, damn, damn! The last two episodes were great! I love seeing Keisha and Malcolm together, I like Jerry and Val as a couple and Omar is always adorable. As for April, uuuuuh, I dunno… But hey, a trio beats a duo anyday unless you’re Mary, Mary. Oh and if Reed/Reid sings one more time, I’m gonna turn the tv, again! I’m talking the rhythmless worst. Ewww, almost like watching the Creepy Thin Man sing. Anyway, other than Reed/Reid and Christina, the rest of the cast is killah. Stacy Littlejohn sure knows how to let you down, then build you back up! Jesse said “Keep Hope Alive,” and I it worked! Kudos on the second season ladies! Love it!

  10. Jewel Fields says:

    Just want to say to VH1…You’ve got a hit on your hands, PLEASE don’t blow it!! We have missed both Stacey Dash and LisaRaye McCoy[Big Props to Queen Latifah for starring them in this venue] and might I add D.B.Woodside is the “Finest”(remember him as Melvin from the Temptations movie, and as Colin in Aaliyahs’ movie Romeo Must Die).
    Well done “Queen”, sooooooo looking forward to not only the next episode, but the next season as well! Good job VH1! Just remember guys…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it(New York Undercover anyone)…

  11. SingleFan says:

    As an adult I find this primetime soap GREAT; big improvement on ALL the Reality Shows and by the way its a thing of beauty to see people working. Val, Keshia and the rest of the crew are on point whether its scripted or not and DB (talented brother) is doing the thing.

    Does not matter if you are brown, blue or green and purple if gay is your joy and you are single then you fall in the same category. Cast and Crew this CA fan is digging this show so keep up the good work. PEACE!

  12. Rebecca Chism says:

    I love Single Ladies Series, it shows real character episodes. The things those ladies go through are situations that happen in real life. I real y like Lisa Ray McCoy (The Real McCoy) she is the great. She protrays a woman that can real in any character she has to mix with. She has class, and also street mentality. I just think the show is off the chain(that means great). I’m glad they are going to have another episode, and looking for another episode after that. Go ahead Single Ladies, I Love Yall!
    P.s. The men selected for the show are nice yum!

  13. shortyblack33 says:

    Well for Pretty piper and sheeby…the show is back for another season whether you like it or not and for the writing I don’t hear of any shows you have produced. O and before you say I have some nerves… I do… and yeah you do have an opinion but this is strictly my opinion too. Love the show !!

  14. Single Ladies Fan says:

    I love the show but can do without the intense gay involvement..

  15. penny2011 says:

    I love this show.. DB is the man. I love him…
    I love seeing him and Lisa together, they make a real nice fake couple…lol Keep up the good work. just one thing, I think Lisa raye should take some acting lessions. BUT I love them all.. we women have to stick together… I love it. Love you Lisa, Stacy, DB and April (sorry I forgot your her real name)..:-) and the gay
    I look forward to Monday nights…thats all I watch on Monday.

  16. Toni says:

    Weak characters??? I think the writing is entertaining, sexy, and keeps you coming back every week for more. Just all right!!! Oh and DB is feoine!!!

  17. brwnskinlady says:

    Queen Latifah, this is a hit! Love the actors/actresses they’re just right for the characters. Got to shout out Anthony L. Williams for styling Val! Liked you on project runway, love you on Single Ladies!

  18. candy says:

    i hope malcolm not gay he look 2 good 2 go 2 waste like that.

  19. Nassau says:

    Happy for a show that features mature women…this is for the Grown & Sexy.

  20. LAUREN says:

    “Kesha”, I love the chemistry between you and “Malcolm”. Awesome! I love this show as much as I love The Game on BET. You and “Malcolm” really bring a lot to this show. If it wasn’t for the two of you, I would NOT watch the show. The other two cast members are ok but they’re not bringing it like you. Good luck! May God Bless!

  21. Ms.Classy32 says:

    I LOVE SINGLE LADIES!!! This show is the bomb I’m a fan forever you go girls I love to see classy women doing there thing and dressing there ass off all at the same time and the men on this show WHEW!

  22. Fran Garnes says:

    I hope Tilky Jones Is brought back. I think he and Stacy Dash have a lot of Chemistry on screen.

  23. Nina says:

    Amazing WHITE DRESS on Val attending brunch–Where can I get this beautiful dress? Anyone out there–can you direct me to a store or designer? This is a stunner for summer. It is a gorgeous dress.

    Many Thanks & Blessings

  24. Pearl says:

    Why aren’t all of the full episodes available? Are they going to be?

  25. Sindy says:

    Where can I find the beautiful champagne glasses from single ladies?

  26. CMOB says:

    Great Show, but to me Lisa Raye can not act at all. She is alittle better than her Diamond day b/c that was a hot mess.

  27. Tamicka says:

    I really enjoyed the show Single Ladies and I hope that it is just a rumor about Stacy not returning to the show. I think you have a perfect cast and I would be very disappointed if Stacy Dash was not part of the casting…I love her character on the show.

  28. tee says:

    did anybody ever find out who the maker of the champagne glasses were?

  29. krissi says:

    Where can i get those champagne flutes from the beginning of the single ladies movie?