Jane Lynch Gets Excited For The “Do Someone” Awards


The 2011 Do Something! Awards are right around the corner, but host Jane Lynch seems to be a bit confused these days about exactly what show it is she’s hosting. As you can see in the brand new promo above, she thinks that she’s signed on for the Do Someone awards, but after entering that URL in her browser, she quickly realizes her folly.

Don’t forget, there’s still plenty of time to vote for the 2011 Do Something Awards, which will air on VH1 on August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. As an added incentive to vote, we’ve got another brand new Jane Lynch promo to share with you below. This time, it involves Jane and a treadmill. We think you can guess where this one is heading.

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  1. Cumhur says:

    I definitely agree with you. But she’s always been like that. And I still love the way she is. Either Do something or Do someone :) she is my best.

  2. Anne AMAR says:

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  3. Anne AMAR says:

    THANK YOU for doing a show commending the positive. We spend so much time and attention on those perpetrating destructive behavior that it causes people to become increasingly outrageous to get attention.
    Not only should we honor those who focus on making the world a better place (hopefully motivating others in this direction) but also the regular guy who goes about his daily life being a responsible parent/employe/citizen and all the struggles that that entails without necessarily doing something extraordinary; I think this consistent day to day behavior is newsworthy and deserving of recognition in itself because it is unfortunately not the norm.