Mariah Carey’s Loopy TRL Ice Cream Surprise, Ten Years Later


Every now and then, somebody needs a little therapy, and ten years ago today, that somebody was Mariah Carey. When the pop diva decided to make a surprise guest appearance on MTV ‘s TRL (Total Request Live), it was already being reported that she was undergoing a tragic mental breakdown, coping with being overworked and recently single, post-breakup with latin singer Luis Miguel. Taking the impromptu entrance as well as anyone could, host Carson Daly couldn’t help but roll with the punches and point out the obvious (“Mariah Carey’s lost her mind!”) as the Glitter-promoting diva erratically moved around the Times Square studio, attempting to hand out popsicles to fans.

The best part? Before removing an over-sized, shamelessly plugging “Loverboy” t-shirt and gifting it to Carson by way of a PG striptease, Mimi pushed the frozen treats into the studio herself and requested that Carson give her a therapy session. No good deed goes unpunished! But don’t worry, underneath her shirt, Mariah revealed a tank top that read “SUPERGIRL” and a pair of teeny-tiny gold shorts that she then requested not get in the shot since they were so, well, short.

Of course, this event forebode the career disaster that was the theatrical release of Glitter (which, it should be noted, opened on 9/11), but as we all know, Mariah was able to turn her life around when The Emancipation of Mimi went multi-platinum a few years later and all was once again well in MC’s world. However, between her random, wild comments, constant running out of breath, and seemingly “medicated” mania, this clip is one to be cherished, even ten years later. And don’t forget, y’all: “If you don’t have ice cream in your life, sometimes you just might go a little bit crazy.” Mimi taught me!

It’s The 10-Year Anniversary Of Mariah Carey Crashing TRL With Ice Cream [Popdust]

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  1. chrisanthemum7 says:

    Fav quotes: “You like this!” Ten years before Facebook.
    In response to no fans standing outside with signs: “These ain’t my….these are just some folks on the nice street. Well we like this!”

  2. tahoegeminii says:

    What a fame drooling psycho ME-ME is and always has been-that was ridiculous and embarrassing–her eyes were glued to herself on the monitor -thus she saw her huge sprawling camel toe and wanted not to be shown below the waist all of a sudden-who is she kidding she crashed the set like a stripper-she is a stripper first after all-kind of unattractive one as well not to mention having to ask the audience how she looked to get more attention-she is a bizarre needy attention freak-and her behavior is still just as bizarre-even worse actually-what a hag-really really sick of her and her generic machine made voice and her insisting that she is a “diva” and can get away with acting like a spoiled 3 year old because of her so called “talent”–it’s obvious she sings over her own recordings when she is live

  3. EIGHTYYARDS says:

    tahoegeminii – Damn you a hater.

  4. YesSir says:

    Well it looks like the comments posted by attention grabber – tahoegeminii are about him/herself:

    Definitely caught my attention! I’m no Mariah fan but that was rude. Why are so obsessed with her? LOL!

  5. sridevi says:

    every celebrity has breakdowns or i don’t know they pretend to has one when they are not so successful. But mariah’s breakdown is real. She is a true artist with an amazing voice (amazing is an understatement). This was the time when teenage pop is at peak with stars like Britney or N sync. We all know Mariah is better than they are. Even Britney is not so popular as before when lady ga gas and rihanas take her place. :Britney is better than today’s lot. So to sum up, Mariah is the best.

  6. PAGG says:

    Yay! Ten year anniversary of my lovely crazy Mariah! This was before celebs went nuts. If we compare Mariah’s “breakdown” with that of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, we realize it wasn’t a real breakdown at all. She was just going through some things with her new and old record labels, and was so overworked. Someone who is crazy or mentally unstable isn’t giving interviews a few weeks later, which she did. She even appeared on a concert benefiting the 9/11 victims a month and a half after this. So come on! Let’s get real for a moment here. Still miss this crazy Mariah though.

  7. Donzzy says:

    Everyone of us are crazy at certain times in our lives (admit it!) It’s just that MC here was popular, and still is, so everyone made rude comments, judgments, whatsoever. IMO though, she was able to rise again, never gave up and remains a real DIVA! Indeed, nobody or nothing CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY from her. : )