Britney, Rihanna, Gaga Fans Protest VMA Nominations On Twitter, Wikipedia


The 2011 VMA Nominations, revealed late last night, contained not a few surprises for pop music fans, many of whom flocked to Twitter (where #vmanominationfailure is still trending) or Wikipedia (where the 2011 VMAs entry is locked after hours of vandalism).

The loudest fanbase is that of Lady Gaga, who received three nominations (one for “Born This Way” and two for “Judas,” which the Little Monsters apparently prefer)—a pittance to these fans, especially in contrast to Katy Perry‘s nine and Adele‘s seven. The latter was more galling to the pop monsters, who after only a bit of Katy Perry slut-shaming moved on to “Adele is fat” jokes (or, more generously, “‘Rolling In The Deep’ is great but the video is boring” complaints). Britney Spears‘s and Rihanna‘s fans are also quite vocal about the two and zero nominations the artists got, respectively. (Rihanna is a featured artist on Eminem‘s three-times nominated—though not for Best Collaboration—”Love the Way You Lie” and Kanye West‘s four-times nominated “All of the Lights” but has no nominations for her own videos.)

Other much-observed snubs include Ke$ha (no nominations despite the eligibility of both “We R Who We R” and “Blow”), J. Cole for Best New Artist (with fans particularly surprised that Kreayshawn and Tyler, The Creator got nominated) and Jennifer Lopez‘s “On The Floor,” which, as our Song Of The Summer metrics have documented, has performed much better on YouTube than anywhere else.

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  1. Guilherme Mendonça says:

    Judas is the video of the year!


  2. Isabella says:

    This years VMA nominations was an EPIC FAIL! Katy Perry got 9, I’m happy for her. Adele got 7, I’m happy for her EXCEPT the fact she got nominated for her video which all she did was sit there and sing in a chair. Anyone can do that! Gaga got 3, She deserved more, Expessially for Video of the Year “JUDAS.” Rihanna got 0, now that’s just wrong. She should have gotton at least 2-3.

  3. eribert volaj says:

    Judas is NOT the best video of the year and that’s the only thing that VMA nominees are right ….. The edge of glory is better , and well , Rihanna is good in everything , so I’m really surprised …

  4. Sam says:

    I think it is hilarious…All the videos with the exception of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep are awful. The artists are awful. If Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce, and the Black Eyed Peas etc would all go to an island far, far away never to be seen or heard from again, I would be happy. They are all horrible and really are not talented at all, although Beyonce can sing, but seriously can we get rid of the leotards/bikinis. It is nasty. Their videos are nasty and I for one am thrilled they are getting taken down a peg or two since they are not worthy anyway. Let’s bring some class back to music. Give me Adele any day.

  5. LITTLEMONST3R says:

    gaga should have gotten WAY more nominations. katy perry stole everything she does from gaga. really. katy doesnt deserve 9 nominations. gaga, by far, is the best artist the world has ever seen. and im not just saying this because i am a little monster. without gaga, j-lo, katy perry, rihanna, britney, and other artists wouldnt act the way they do. they copy gaga. and i am NOT happy for katy perry or adele.

  6. Slyvia Plath says:

    Britney was robbed! ‘Hold It Against Me’ was the best vid of the year, by far.
    I know she got 2 noms but she should of got more she IS the vma’s.

  7. BlackStar says:

    DARN! Avril Lavigne was not even nominated in any,, BAD VMA! :(

  8. john says:

    Judas Video of the Year

  9. Tom says:

    HOLD IT AGAINST ME and I WANNA GO was Britney Spears’ BEST MUSIC VIDEO this era!!




  11. suckmytoelittlemonsters says:

    what a bunch of losers with horrible taste in music.

  12. wenalf says:

    Pathetic these TWEENAGES dont recognize that Adele is one of the most talented vocalists in music. And instead have to attack her weight. Pathetic and shows their maturity level. Yeah ,ok, Brittany is WAYYY better?? PLEASE ! She is pathetic ,and vocally Adele EMBARRASSES her! They really should stick to living in their parents basements and stop attacking a TRUE talent!

  13. Angel says:

    I agree with Wenalf. Gaga fans are so immature. I was surprised that Katy perry got 9 but then again, its the VMA’s on MTV..not the Grammy’s so relax. Secondly, Adele could run circles around Britney, Rihanna, Katy AND Lady Gaga in vocals any day! Adele’s video was artistic and tasteful unlike Gaga’s blasphemous video of her dancing around in her underwear..AGAIN! I wonder who does her treatments because they should be fired. Come up with something new.

  14. smudgemonster says:

    Adele is a singer, her voice is okay (if you like moany music), but VIDEO of the year? Common its simply a crap video. Crap video nominated for video of the year. Brilliant MTV! Judas is out there a million miles better than anything else made this year by anyone. American fundamentalist bible bashers still rule, thats pretty obvious

  15. Jake says:

    i dno what makes me laugh the most the fact that Adele is up for Video of the year where all she does is sit down on a chair
    or the fact that Britney was only nominated twice
    LOL i wont be watching the VMA’S this year so sad! i hope they change it!

  16. Inês says:

    I’m sorry, but Gaga has been nominated for (and won) EVERYTHING this last few years. I think you shouldn’t even be complaining at this point, you know damn well that the few nominations she’s got, she’s going to win.
    The Best Rock video category was definitely the most EPIC FAIL of all. Where the hell is 30 STM’s Hurricane? MCR’s SING? Even Paramore’s Monster, I know it premiered the day before or something but it was so powerful,
    And no, even though Adele is extremely talented (more than Gaga, Britney, Rihanna or Kesha, you have to admit it) that video DID NOT deserve all those nominations.
    MTV is just not about music anymore. It’s about annoying teenagers living on the beach and 16 year-old pregnant kids.

  17. Lady Ala says:

    JUDAS is the best video ever period!

  18. kairn says:

    where the hell is rihanna like what the hell… whats my name has 201,745,969 views. only girl has 168,300,361 views

  19. julzx says:

    Adele IS a GREAT singer…but…where is RIRI! like LOUD has been a MAYOR HIT and she got no nominations at all! WTH? Chris Brown should have gotten more nominations too!
    And what about the new artist ..only heard of two of them! like get things straight and better for next year because its true MTV doesn’t stands for music television ANYMORE…its now only about shows and more shows where is the music?????