Playful Rihanna Is Not Above Groping (Or Getting Groped By) Her Fans [PHOTOS]


As we witnessed earlier today when they took to Twitter to complain about the VMA nominations, Rihanna has a very strong and incredibly vocal group of fans. How does one cultivate such a fan base, exactly? Of course, there’s no exact formula, but one such way is by hitting the road and playing live for the people that love you most. And on her Get Loud tour this summer, Rihanna has stepped her game up a notch.

Not only is she bringing the goods when it comes to her live performances, but she’s got her social media game on point. Witness Rihanna’s Facebook page, where she has posted close to 1,300 pictures (!) she’s taken with fans during Loud meet and greets. Unlike a lot of other superstars who begrudgingly perform these duties with a frown on their face, RiRi clearly seems to be having fun interacting with her friends, grabbing body parts and, shockingly, letting her own body parts be grabbed. Check out our gallery of a dozen Rihanna fans who will never forget the night that they got groped by (or copped a feel of) Rihanna!

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  1. That girl is alright! Looks like she’s fun and crazy! Those are the best fan pics ever!

  2. EDson says:

    ?? I Like her !

  3. SHAWN NEWSOME says:


  4. MiNi says:

    OMG. Luck guy. I would be so happy if I can do that and immediately faint.

  5. Nina Oglesby says:

    anything for attention…

  6. Rayven says:

    Wow, what a role model.

  7. NinaB says:

    I guess anytime you makea comment others don’t like it gets deleted. I should have free speech of my opinion. It just appears to be extra like seriously. How can someone who complains about being touched inappropriately touch others inappropriately? anything for attention.

  8. Greg Colaw says:

    Look’s like a fun person , She could grope me any old time.

  9. Robert Thompson says:

    RiRi’s fans are not complaining so get a life all of you haters. It must hurt to be bitten by the green eyed monster called Envy. You haters know that you would love to take a picture with RiRi if you had the chance. You would love to stand under her umbrella ella ella ay ay ay. GO RIHANNA NAVY!!!

  10. Patty says:

    she’s a hot mess…………………..

  11. donsha says:

    I think Rhinanna is acting wild and making herself look bad. She shows no respect for herself or others.

  12. bridgetperez1 says:

    rihanna i think u and drake are perfect together sorry chris brown

  13. bridgetwalton1 says:

    rihanna is a respectful woman she is not drunk out her ass falling on the fall like other stars have done she is young and having fun she is living the life , turn off the lights turn off the light love that song

  14. shes just legendary, what an awesome lass haha!