Amy Winehouse Dead At 27


“Rehab” singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment today. The cause has not yet been determined. For those who have followed her longstanding battle with depression, eating disorders and substance abuse (a constant source of fodder for tabloids), this sad news may not come as a huge surprise. In August of 2007, Amy came close to death after overdosing on a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy and cocaine – and later that year was found wondering barefoot outside in nothing but a bra and jeans. These incidents were preceded by Amy’s marriage in May of 2007 to Blake Fielder-Civil, who was quoted by a British tabloid as saying he introduced Amy to heroin and crack cocaine. Earlier that same year, Amy performed for VH1 Unplugged. Blake and Amy divorced in 2009.

The singer dominated the 2008 Grammys with five awards for Back to Black, her sophomore album, winning in the categories of Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Known for her singular voice and unorthodox retro look (tattoos, extreme cat-eye makeup and beehive hairdo), Amy is said to have paved the way for artists who wouldn’t previously have fit into the mainstream. Lady Gaga, for one, famously told AOL: “Because of Amy, very strange girls like me go to prom with very good-looking guys. She’s a different kind of woman. I don’t believe that what I do is very digestible, and somehow Amy was the flu for pop music.” Regardless of whether this is true, Winehouse certainly seemed to pave the way for fellow British songbirds Adele and Duffy, both of whom share Amy’s ’60s soul vibe.

In June, YouTube videos surfaced of an intoxicated and discombobulated-looking Winehouse forgetting her own lyrics and getting booed off stage in the first stop of a European tour, which subsequently had to be canceled. Amy was reportedly working on a third album. She joins a long list of musicians who have died at 27. A phenomenon known as The 27 Club, Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain are among those who died at the same age. Let her legend begin.

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  1. tracy w says:

    that’s a damn shame that young girl needed help and all people wanted to do was make fun of her and make money off of her rip miss winehouse you have to be in a better place now!

  2. D.STAXX says:

    Amy Winehouse is dead at the age of 27. Can’t say that I am surprised, but I am sure she had so much more to offer if it wasn’t for the drugs and alcohol. RIP.

  3. godlovesmeasiam says:

    I really feel bad and sad for her family and fans who love may ask why didn’t she just quit…Let me tell you the devil drugs is not something you walk away from..if you don’t believe in GOD you better start..Amy i’m sure was tired but the drug addiction is so powerful and controlling you only GOD can save you



  5. Jill says:

    condolenses go out to her family and friends…another life lost too early!!!

  6. Lamento mucho ésta mala noticia .Es una gran perdida para el mundo artístico a nivel mundial

  7. CAROL says:


  8. vickie bell says:

    It is very sad that Amy has died at such a young age. I hope that this is a wake up call for so many.

  9. I love me. :* says:

    I think she sing nice even in Poland, but admitted that she took drugs and drank alkochol. doctors told her that if you do not stop this it will die.

  10. should have went to rehab Amy… Im talkin about long term REHAB!!!!!

  11. brandi says:

    The loss of Amy Winehouse is a tragedy felt all over the world today. She was an incredibly talented artist whose life was ended far before its time. This woman cried out for help many times and like so many others with addictions, we ignore them, shame them and humilate them with our cruel jokes. She was a beautiful soul that was buried underneath the darkness of her demons and had she gotten the help she so desperately needed, she would still be here today. May her family and friends find peace and comfort in this difficult time, and may she sing with the angels now. RIP Amy, you will never be forgotten.

  12. tw says:

    She was a great singer, loved her music.

  13. Francisco Alfaro says:

    I´ve been involved with two people very dear to me whom have been struggling with the very same situation of depression and substance abuse. I regret Amy´s dead deeply in my heart since is something I´ve thought from time to time unfortunately to occur with someone of my two dear friends, of course wishing it never happens. Nevertheless, I find myself dealing with everyday criticism from family & friends whom never get tired of telling me I should get away from them, which simply cannot do, specially since we have shared an emotional link for too long… It´s hard to explain and harder to understand. Amy reminds me one of my two friends just too much… Peace to you all.

  14. lafemmetopaz says:

    I was so saddened when I heard of the news of Amy’s death. I was so, so hoping she could learn to live a sober life, but it was not meant to be. She is one of my favorite artists of all time and she with her music will remain a legend. The CD/Album Back to Black is a modern masterpiece. The songs and lyrics from that CD continue to resonant with me every time I listen to them.

    Amy Winehouse will forever be one of the best lyrist and singers in the modern music history and she won’t be forgotten.

  15. Rafael says:

    What a waste of life and talent – so sorry she couldn’t get help and over come her demons. I feel for her family and friends. Well, she got what she asked for. The ultimate high…..RIP

  16. snuggles says:

    Im so sorry to hear that Amy Winehouse is gone…I just lost my sister a month ago to substance abuse as well. My thoughts and prayers are with her family…may God keep his peace among you through this difficult time.

  17. Andrew White says:

    Rest In Peace Amy, Your friends, family and fans all love you.

  18. Sue says:

    This is sad and yet not surprising. We can hope this will turn at least on person’s life around, but it is a choice they make and only they can change. Saddness for the family and close friends/relatives. God Bless Amy!

  19. Natasha says:

    My sincere condolences to Amy Winehouse’s family and friends. Another dear soul lost too soon. Loved her style and individuality. We all have struggles in life and with anything, some are too strong to overcome. Such a vivid, talented and amazing soul – lost too soon. You will be missed Amy and I hope you find peace in heaven.

  20. nataly says:

    very sorry for your going amy ACA chile sicera I leave my post with much more love and admiration about your songs, you’re an idol, great voice and let us unfortunate that because of the damn addictions, I hope you music still playing on our radios, TVs. I will miss your presence on stage, I never heard live but hey so is life, have a nice walk up there.

  21. jean says:

    so sad. Addiction is such a huge monster to battle against. I wish her happiness in the next go-round. Whatever that may be.

  22. Maria says:

    RIP Amy a talent like yours will not be forgotten. </3 my prayers go out to your family and friends.

  23. VANESSA GAMBLE says:


  24. sgjeffin says:

    Regardless of what Amy did or how she passed, she was a great artist. When she sang you could feel her feelings and her story. This is what being an artists is all about and not a lot of people get the gift. Her family and friends are in my prayers. God bless!

  25. blackhat says:

    I hope you find peace, Ms. Winehouse. We loved you. We will always love you.

  26. thats to bad she was so young r.i.p. amy

  27. Bonnie H says:

    Such a loss of a young singer such as Amy. My prayers and thoughts so out to her family and friends. Now she will be able to sing in Heaven amoung the many young artist that have left this world of addiction. She will now be in peace and she will never be forgotten. May she RIP,- but yet so SAD. :( :(

  28. Jo Ann says:

    Wow. So sad. Another talented artist gone. I am 49 years old, and my husband and I fell like we are still in our 20′s, and will never get used to losing people like Amy, Kurt, Jimi and Janis. They give voice to those of us that are too shy or mainstream to let our views and feelings be known to the world. They speak for us all, those of us who are professional, family oriented married people, even if we don’t let it be known…….. drug and other addtitons just have to stop, we are losing too many really meaningful young people. Please keep speaking through your music for us all. Amy will be missed. My sympathy to her family, and us all.

  29. Bonnie H says:

    So SAD and oh so young. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. She now can sing with all the other young artist that have died of addiction from the heavens above. Amy will always be with those that loved her music and her. May she RIP. She will never be forgotten.

  30. Sonia bakshi says:


  31. The passing of Amy Winehouse is an epic loss for the music industry. During the last few years of her life, people did nothing but ridicule her for battling her demons and now that she’s dead, they want to sing her praises. It doesn’t work like that. Amy was an amazingly talented musician and artist and it’s such a tragedy to know her whole story. She will be greatly missed by the people that her music has influenced and touched and hopefully will be the same for generations. Like they say, only the good die young. Sadly, she joins a list of other amazing artists who have all died at age 27. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain… Rest in Peace and Love, Amy. You were, and always be, inspiring.

  32. Petra Tank says:

    Amy Winehouse – you were, and will always be, one of the greats – and everybody knows that – never mind those moralistic idiots Amy. I am so sad you’re gone. You’ll be sadly missed. So sad you couldn’t look after yourself better, babe, humans are fragile beings… I am in shock… Far too young to go…

  33. evelyn says:

    my prayers goes out to her and her family . She was truely an amazing artist. May she rest in peace

  34. hi their, world lost one more great singer, my wish god bless is haven, filing to Sade to hear that, i love beck to black, love you

  35. WhatsRealAnymore says:

    I am so sorry for Amy, a wonderful talented artist with a Gift only God himself could give. Amy always sounded like the late Lady Billie Holiday to me. But to me she not only joins the list with Curt, Janis but Jimi Hendrix, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson because all three of these Geniuses Artist deaths will forever be cloudy in the mystery of someone else murdering them. I Believe there is a going trend now in the Music and Entertainment Business once the MEDIA and Fans label any STAR an Addict they end up dead and no one really wants to know why all of a sudden someone who has people around them 24-7 suddenly ends up being found DEAD ALONE. All these people are not killing themselves, yes some have in their daily lifestyles but who knows for sure what happens in the last 24 hours of these people life, who can tell if that last sleeping drug, hotshot, drink or pill was willfullly taken by that person, absolutely no one can tell unless they where there. Did we not learn anything from Jim Bleushi’s death that started out as a lonely addict self overdosing? To only find out he had plenty of other help. All I can say if you are an Artist that has been labeled an Addict “watch your back” its 2011 not 1970 and everybody wants a piece of the pie and others want the whole pie ! Amy Winehouse may the Eternal Peace of God be on your side.

  36. S. Brown says:

    WOW! I am in utter shock. Just yesterday I took a 30 minute drive to work and decided for the entire ride the only music that was appropriate to belt out in the privacy of my own car along the way was Amy’s! She was so talented! Her music was vivid, soulful, and painted these rich images, that were stories and those stories were related to us all in some way. You could tell with all the turmoil that America watched her experience, her spirit was so full . The end result is tragic, and her music was a beautiful gift layered in something very unique. She will be missed, she will truly be missed. Though now I thank God, because that spirit of hers doesn’t have to be so full anymore she is at peace and in a much better place than all of us. God bless her soul.

  37. shanice says:

    it is sad becuz amy winehouse is dead and she was only 27 year old that is sad becuz i listen to her music and she is a grammy-awards winner and she had to mess her self up.and amy winehouse is a great singer.and i know her holw family is heart-bro ken becuz her baby girl is gone she is in heven now with the great legnd in heaven rite now.amy u will be miss we love u sooooooo and u will be miss amy.

  38. Poed says:

    Peace at last.

  39. lking says:

    Sad that Amy has to join the 27 club. Why was this such a tragic age for so many talented artists. Booze, drugs and rock and roll, a combination that not everyone can handle. RIP Amy, you will be remembered like the rest.

  40. tiffany says:

    it’s such a trjedy for such a young talented girl to gone just like that. i have a son close 2 her age and i couldn’t imagine something like that. prayers are with family and friends

  41. we have lost a beautful soulful voice yesterday .amy will be miss for are generation.

  42. Carole says:

    Just for today, I will remember Amy Winehouse for singular sound and unique style.

  43. Susan says:

    A great musical voice has lefted us and will be missed. Amy I only hope you have found the peace you were searching for..Rest my sister your pain is no more.

  44. I am not too surpised to be reading about her death, but I am surprised that I feel so saddened by it. It is a shame she could not keep her demons away. Looking back thru the years you can see her go from SO talented to slowly killing herself. I truley hope she is at pease now.

  45. Laura Scimio says:

    I am a recovering addict myself and to see a great person like amy loss her life from her battle with drugs, is very sad and my thoughts and prayer goes out to her family and all of her fans all over the world.

  46. Nola says:

    that is a shame to have such a young girl die of drugs. It is sad that it was so obvious that this woman was a huge drug user. The fame and all the news headlines about how she couldn’t even perform was just to much for this woman. Everybody laughed at her cause she couldn’t even stand up to sing and they make huge announcements all over the tv about this. And this isn’t going to help her. Nothing is. I can remember when her song Rehab came out oh what a joke it was. I could not believe that this song went number 1. She was crying out for help from this song, but yet everybody thought it was a joke. I mean come on now. All the comedians and tv shows just made a joke of it. Yeah she does need REHAB.but you know what.. instead lets make this song number 1 so all can sing along with it and think it’s great for our young ones to be singing this song cause it’s on the radio. I am speaking from experience people. my son is in jail right now due to drugs, and I remember how he thought this song was so funny cause we tried to make him go to rehab and he said no no no.. and there was no way we could force him cause he was of age to not go, or could walk right off the grounds right after we dropped him off. So this really makes me so mad that now she’s gonna be made this wonderful singer, and songwriter, and she was just the greatest when nobody cared less for this woman. Just like they did to Michael. Nobody cared anything about him for years cut that poor man down ruined everything in his life, then he died. and omg!!! it was the biggest news all over the world, this wonderful man, this icon, this greatest person on earth has died!!!!!! So yeah I am so sick of it all. I pray for my son. I pray for her family. I pray for michaels family. I pray that God will help all who needs help and heal the family that suffer from the actual loss not the damn news!!! It’s a shame that this is what our world is like today. I am being so honest friends about all of this. I mean it from the bottom of my heart that I am so sorry.

  47. Allison says:

    Yea! Miss Winehouse was way to young. But her demons must have gotten the best of her. All though I could be wrong. And I’m hoping so. My prayers go out to her family and loved ones.

  48. gina says:

    this is really a tragedy someone so talanted and beautiful to pass at such young age i saw the concert that she did when she forgot the words to her own song i actually had tears in my eyes because where were all the people that suposally love her and should not let her continue to embarrase herself like that i know she have managers that she made sure their bills were paid and they sat there and allowed this to happen that just goes to show these people that you have around you dont give a dam about you i just feel bad for her family and may god continue to bless them

  49. sWEet NoveMbeR says:

    Shame another loss to the music world but shame that you have a addicted drug addict who showed more than her talent of music. Doing drugs. I know it is cruel but here she had a choice. She took the way of drugs that had led to her sudden death. It is upsetting when you think about it. You want them to be a positive example to the world and here they lose themselves to stupidity. Im not being cruel, im just being realistic. Anyone can do drugs but only if you choose to.

  50. rosie says:

    can you please stop playing amy whinehouse videos every 5 min!!! didnt play them before dont start now!!!!!!!

  51. Erica says:

    My condolences go out to the Winehouse family. Not very known in the states about her music, just her drug habit. It baffles me to know that this young lady died so young and needed help. Beautiful voice and one of these most underrated artist of our time( Like Raheem DeVaughn). Amy Jade Winehouse if you had your talk with God to forgive for you for the all the many things you did on this earth, He has welcomed you into his Kingdom with open arms, and he gave you a place in his amazing choir. Rest peacefully Angel and tell my Dad that I love him and sing your heart out and know that you are truly and deeply missed!!

  52. Alice Fish says:

    I watched the VH1 biography and news on Amy Winehouse dying at 27 yrs old. Vh1 listed several other young singing stars dying at 27 yrs old. Global mind control governments of covert military experimenters try to manipulate negative events so they have similiar dates, ages, or diseases. Mind control governments try to manipulate singing stars, sport stars, movie and television stars to be addicted to drugs, alcohol or other problems in order to take advantage of their money or talent. The morale governments should investigate what kind of people these young stars are associating with because they could be mind control experimenters whose goals are to destroy the lives of talented people. Michael Jackson couldn’t get away from global mind control who sent profesional covert military mothers and children (who are sometimes small adults proporting themselves as children) in order to slander and alienate Michal Jackson from his fans. Mind control nega-utopians ruined his plastic surgery, drove his mind crazy with hate broadcasting via neuroradio microchip and ultimately drugged him in order to take his life and talent from the world. These global control organizations have taken many innocent lives as Karen Carpenter’s life which they covered as bulima. Mind control morons do not want talented people or any person they do not approve of to live. Morale governments should investigate these covert military mind control organizations within every nations in order to end mind control slavery of the human mind and body via neuroradio microchips which all mankind have in their bodies now.

  53. cexycin says:


  54. Stephen says:

    I feel sick and sad thinking about what a great loss we have here, great talent.

  55. He10 says:

    Rest in peace, Amy.

  56. Mit Amy Winehouse ist eine unserer besten Musikerinnen von uns gegangen. Ihre Stimme und Art war imponierend. Mich erinnert Ihr tragischer Tod an Janis Joplin und Michael Jackson. Diese Lady wird unvergessen bleiben! Einfach toll ihre Musik. Amy ist jetzt an einem anderen Ort, die Erinnerung und die Musik ist geblieben.
    Gott segne sie und ihre Familie.