Meeka Claxton Sues Basketball Wives 3 Castmate Tami Roman After Throwdown In Italy


Well, tonight’s the night that we’ve all been waiting for. After news broke last month that Basketball Wives 3 castmates/archenemies Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman threw down during the cast’s trip to Italy, everyone has been DYING to see the footage. Well folks, we know you have to wait until tonight’s episode to see these two heated rivals trade blows, but we’ve already seen the footage and can confirm it is EXPLOSIVE. How explosive? So explosive that Meeka just filed suit against Tami in a New York court of law!

TMZ is reporting that Meeka filed a lawsuit that stated that Tami “assaulted, battered, beat, threatened, menaced, attacked, jumped on, pushed to the ground, thrashed, punched, and shoved” her. The suit, as far as we can tell, was filed in civil court, which means that no jail time for Tami is likely. However, Meeka is looking to hurt Tami where it counts: Her pocketbook. Meeka is suing Tami for an as yet unspecified amount of money, claiming that the ruckus cost her a paycheck.

We’ll have more information for you on this extremely volatile incident as soon as it becomes available, which should be soon, considering the Basketball Wives 3 Reunion Special is taping in Los Angeles today…

‘B-ball Wife’ Sues: Co-Star Beat the CRAP Outta Me [TMZ]

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  1. jill says:

    really all this childish behavior and some people dont have enough to eat or are losing their homes

  2. meeka should have kept her mouth closed and got to know everyone instead of tryna be a follower and goin back in forth with all the drama she deserved that ass whoopin and now her punk ass wanna sue get together boo keep quite if u cant hold ur own

  3. love the show says:

    Come on guys this show is great even without all that EXTRA drama.

  4. nikki says:

    how do we even kno tammi ht her first???? hmmm…. i know she got a history…. but ummm…. loololol

  5. MIKE says:



    God bless VH1, Shaunie, and the girls of Basketball Wives.

  7. sandra says:

    Thats a shame that Grown women like that cannot get ALONG Tami is just A trouble maker as I see it and Meeka Need to keep her MOUTH close she know how these Ladie’s are ,why can’t women can’t get along lol WOW!!!!

  8. fan says:

    Apparently there are alot of ghetto hoodrats that have not mastered the English language, so they use their hands to resolve their issues. One of these days Tami and several of you posting will meet your match. I hope it doesn’t cost you your life.

  9. Juana says:

    I really hope that these attractive women would stop using vulgar language.

  10. b-goneashe says:

    It’s funny how we all see things. but view them differently. I agree these people are too old to act the way they do, but if you’ve been watching the episodes Ms Meeka talked herself into a beat down. she was expecting to have a rival with Royce that back fired.

  11. Patty says:

    Tammie really needs to be on medication…. she can’t control herself and I wish that Meeka would have whopped her into another century then maybe she will stop jumping in everyones face like a little kid……GROW UP TAMMIE

  12. chris says:

    Glad “Bully” Tami finally got that weave snatched. Ain’t too crazy about Meeka either.

  13. Lisa Thomas says:

    In my opinion the whole epsoide is full of crap. They call themselves grown women but yet on national T.V. acting like a bunch of stupid kids. Real women doesn’t be on T.V. yelling, cursing, fighting and gossiping. This is not intelligent or cool. These girls need a reality check. Maybe this is the reason their hubsands cheat and lie to them. If this is their idea of being a woman than someone needs to tell them that they are making fools of themselves. And then there’s Suzie always in the middle. If they were paying attention, Suzie is the S!&* starter. Trying not to be an enemy but in reality they need to stop being with her. She runs back and tell everything as if she’s enjoying them fussing and fighting. This show only shows just how stupid these women are just for a rating and a little bit of pocket change.

  14. Becky says:

    Meeka, is the the ONLY basketball wife…. this show is ridic! Tammy, is a ghetto joke, her children dont even respect her.

  15. Barbi says:

    Tammi is pure hood. Someone needs to smack Tammi around. I feel bad for Tami’s daughter, they have a low class mother to look up to, horrible role model

  16. Kay says:

    I have followed Basketball Wives from their first show. I first thought it had some drama appeal. A little over the top. But for a Monday night line up it captured my attention. At first I thought, ok this show is about Basketball wives – who is married? Then came Tami. Tami is so ghetto. I can see now why they are not married. Geesh I thought these ladies had some class about themselves, but this season they have acted like a bunch of hood rate in designer clothes. Who would want to marry any of them? Suzie – gee pick a side!

    I hope this story line changes for the sake of the show. Tami can use a bit of class. Evelyn – back off the make up gun. And Jennifer get a spine.

    I hope the writer and executive producer do something

  17. haha says:

    Meeka problem was she was too excited to fit in and be Eve, Jen and Shaunie’s friend. She should have shut her month and everyone told her not to tell Suzie anything you don’t want to get out because she can’t hold wind, and Meeka went and told Suzie.

  18. Sonia says:

    I know Tammy is being real and not fake, but at the same time she is messy. She should take the advice from the old school. “If somebody is taking about you good or bad, that only means that person is either envy, jealous or popular!” They need to grow up! They are to damn grown to act like children! All of them are different personality and need to find a way to get alone and when one say anything about the other is not present keep it to your damn self!

  19. KYMBRA says:

    I’m glad Tammi got that weave snatched too! Tammi thinks she’s tough but if it wasn’t for the security guys and crew, she woulda got her clock cleaned! I don’t think she can fight, she’s mostly noise. She needs to channel that energy into doing something to improve her situation!

  20. DMat says:

    Im sorry to see the events of Tami fighting and the back stabing that takes place on the show. Tami, you have children and you not showing yourself to be respectful, classy woman and anyone with you they are just as bad. Heard the saying you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas. Ladies please represent black women in a better life. Tami your bipolar and you need to get some help. You not a happy person that is why your so angry. God is the answer and he loves you. God Bless and Good Luck.

  21. forrealbbw says:

    I cannot believe Suzie is stilling running her mouth causing trouble. Tammy have some respect for yourself as a women. If you think this i s a positive look to your role on the show its not. Listent to LuAnn’s song and I am rewrote the hook ” TV can’t buy you CLASS, and I see your mother didn’t teacha any either. Ghetto Girl you are”

  22. H-Town says:

    Tami did say exactly what Meeka said. You all are jumping on Tami band wagon, but she got all of your all fool. Can you say “replay.”

  23. Jen says:

    people you all need to go back and watch the episode that meeka was talking about, and we all know that tami did not use the word popular guys. she was in her element and she said what she had to say about all of them. but to me all of them are hypocrites. how it is evelyn easily took that excuse from tami, she did not single her out when they were talking. she wanted meeka,, to pick sides with both she and royce. I do hope they all replay these series and watch their personality.

  24. Dedemoore4u says:

    Tami is scary. I say we all pray for Tami. She seems very troubled. The display of violence and childish behavior that i saw was very appalling to say the least. I was also disappointed that the other women seemed to not be bothered by this behavior. The altercation seemed as though it was even coerced. I feel that Meeka did handle herself with class and appears to be the only one who stood up for herself. I hope she gets every red cent she deserves. A prayer for Tami will be given by me.

  25. D. Reid says:

    Tami is the same class-less chick she has always been just like her days on the second season of the Real World. Just like she was mad at Evelyn about the kenny anderson thing and evelyn said she didn’t know about Tami. Well Tami was in a simular situation when Kenny Anderson was kicking it with Spinderella. Tami say’s Kenny and Spinderella were broken up. Maybe they were but she shouldn’t judge so hard. Grow up!

  26. Shirley says:

    I am so glad Meeka is going to sue Tami. She deserves it. Take that Ghetto stuff and leave it home.

  27. K Mack says:

    Hello!! were u guys watching the same show I just was, I don’t care what u do in life, sticks and stone can break your bones but words can never hurt you, I guess they hurt Tammi and the weave comment must have been true cuz Tammi hair came out, not Meeka’s. Tammi about to learn a lesson from this one, on the next season yall gone see Tammi having to take anger management classes LOL!, and having to give Meeka all the Basketball Wives Money.

  28. S says:

    Meeka should not try and befriend any of these women …still can’t understand why she is still talking to Susie. Tammie uggghhh just spells TROUBLE.. Grow up people.

  29. to old says:

    the woman on basketball wives are to old to be fighting grow up they look like they in school they need to be showing that black ladys know how to act like ladys know matter what i will pray for all of them

  30. Anthony says:

    I like Tammi but she’s goes too far. That’s what she gets because she needs to learn how to keep her damn hands to herself.

  31. mslady B says:

    As I am watching this episode, made me feel like I had fallen back to my high school years, some of these beautiful ladies have nothing better to do but to act so immature. We as women keep so much mess going. Stop the drama already. Its just disturbs me that we as african american womeon can stoop so low. Just a sad situation all around.

  32. Shenia says:

    The point is that Suzzie should not have ran her dang mouth. She is trying so much to fit in again with her scary self. Regardless of what Meeka said, suzzie did not have to go back and say anything. She is a butt kisser and she is frighten of the crew and will do anything to stay in the group. I agree Meeka should have told Tammi herself, but I hate that Tammi reacted off of what Suzzie said, she could have found out later. Suzzie needs to keep her mouth close before someone hits her in the mouth. Butt Kisser Suzzie!!!

  33. Yolanda says:

    I used to like Tami in the last season but now I see her as a bully. Very immature. Suzie is so two faced and she continue to plays the black women like a fiddle… Tami what is the hell are you doing fighting someone bc they told the truth about what you said. Suzie is not geniune she talks to much everything that has gotten back to someone has been thru Suzie and noone seems to see that wow…. Tami is being an embarassment to her kids. The reason why she got so made at the girl is bc she told the truth about her.

    If Evelyn was Jen best friend she would have discuss her problems with her friend first not go tell her male friend then the gossipy women. If you call someone your friend you should not have a problem going to him/her to tell what bothering you…that is not a friend that is a associate…bc why call a person your friend if you cant be real with him/her.

    Wow Tami grow up you are 40 something years old…Wow I thought you had class. Oh girl showed way more class then Tami. I know that Tami kids are embarrased bc I would if thats all my mom had to show me is still being physical at that age.

    Suzie is noones friend and that is sad that they cant see that….its funny how Evelyn says that Suzie is venting when she came back and told what Meka said, but when Suzie did it to Evelyn its that she talks to much….Evelyn is jumping on Meka bc she doesnt want Tami on her ass…

    Tami trying to jump on Meka for doing the same thing that Tami and all of them do….Then Tami going to call Meka black…what is hell do she thinks she is and her two daughters….she just made alot of little black girls lose respect for her and if her daughters, nieces or nephrew that are the same color heard that she put them back 30 years…..Grow the Hell up and stop being a bully! Set an example and stop it….u r becoming embarassing!


    it truly is sad that the women aren’t more mature…REALLY…Tami needs to take a damn CLASSY class. she is a mother and you are slapping other mothers, over______….Grow u!!p…I guess meeka, you have learned your lesson, when you see drama…RUN.. dont’s include yourself..especially as BLACK BEAUTIFUL Women..its a shame and remember TAMI..its always someone bigger than you…WATCH WHO YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON!

  35. Jazz says:

    Meeka really did deserved a beatdown. Tami gave her a opportunity to say how she felt about WHOEVER. She’s not as REAL as she said. I think Suzie was right for letting it be known what Meeka said about Tami because Meeka really the one stirrring up stuff up and causing drama. Tami doesn’t cause problems until you cause a issue with her….

  36. herb says:

    suzie has diarhea of the mouth. in due time,she will get it in the far as meeka,i think you have the right to file charges. it’s on tape. tammi struck her first.end of conversation

  37. Yolanda says:

    Its funny how ppl are on here saying that Meka should keep her mouth closed, she is grown and that is her right to speak, arent we in America….now this girl was doing what we all do thinking that she is confiding in a friend bc she thought that Suzie was being one. Not knowing that Meka and Jen would agree w/Meka about what she was saying about Tami then when Tami says something and Meka was not around they both thru Meka under the rug bc the like Evelyn is afraid of Tami bully ass…..I cant believe that I couldnt wait to see her on the show again…I thought she was going to bring back real friendship, but all she brought is drama and bulling! To the ppl that are congradulating her this will happen to you or your fam or children. Be careful what you pump up to happen to others bc it may just come around and bit u in the Ass! Grow up Tami, Evelyn and Suzie….Evelyn is trying to keep Tami off of her ass bc asa Tami told her that she may have said it Evelyn was like oh ok…but it was the very thing that Meka said……Now they are suppose to Tami in the same light that they were looking at Meka but u here how Shaunie and them were saying this was a Great trip…yeah right they said nothing to Tami but that she tried to give Meka a chance…yeah right when did she try to give her a chance….they all were very immature

  38. Kim says:

    i would first like to say I did not like reality shows until Baskekball Wives, but this season is great.

    SUZIE, SUZIE, SUZIE….you do have diarrhea of the mouth. If i were Meeka I would have turned around and PUNCHED YOU IN YOUR BIG F-in MOUTH. You just don’t know how to shut up…you will probably get yours soon. Meeka you started off on the show wrong by trying to fit in with any one group until you really got to know them each at which time you could have made your own conclusion instead of being put in the YOU SAID…I SAID..CRAP. Tami, you are my girl, but your famous word BOO…it’s not good to look like the *itch of the group all the time. Evelyn, I do like you as you always keep it real. That’s how we do it in the BRONX. Jen, it’s time to get yours…get some. I like that you were wrong and apologized to Evelyn as it was the right thing to do. Royce, missed you on the Italy trip as you would have made it even more exciting hope to see you soon. Shaunie, you stay in the middle of everything, but manage to keep anyone from even mentioning your name…Go Girl..I guess we know who the boss is.

    I can’t wait for the next show….

  39. Aim says:

    Tami you need to get your ghetto ass on. You have been nothing but a big ass bully to Meeka. I use to like you until you grew an awful lot of balls this season. You let kissing the “popular girls” ass get your dumb ass sued and I hope Meeka gets paid. You have nothing else better to do but pick fights and kiss Shaunie’s ass to stay active.

  40. tammie says:

    i am officially off this show. i used to feel sorry for shaunie that shaq cheated on her and left but now i understand. she’s a troublemaker and they are all immature. first of all how is this show called basketball wives and none of them are married! i see why kenny anderson cheated on tami. she’s as ghetto as they come. jennifer is weak, suzie is weak and a troublemaker, evelyn is ghetto as hell too but she only pulled chad because she’s pretty. royce is the only real one on the show and meeka is a little classy but she let tami bring out the ghetto in her too. i can’t believe how they were all sitting around talking about meeka and laughing in her face like little kids at that dinner in paris. BAD LOOK FOR ALL BLACK WOMEN!

  41. Porsha says:

    Well for one Meeka thats what you get. I bet you will keep your mouth shut now.lolz Susie need to get hit in the face a couple of times to cause she run off at the mouth to much.

  42. Was Team Tami...Not any more says:

    Tammi I am sure you have more things to worry about than what somebody thinks about your weave and your fits. Guess what, your weave was WACK last season. Now What? grow up boo-boo

  43. Fresnodivad says:

    Tammie is crazy as hell. Suzie is scary. Meeka is messy. Jennifer is weak. Ladies grow up and find something to do with your lives.

  44. WGuest says:

    Tami had no business putting her hands on Meeka. Suzi runs her mouth too much. Meeka honestly, you created this mess from day one. I watched when you first came on and what I didn’t like about you… are two faced and you came on the show instigating. Your entrance to the show was messy from the start. I saw it coming. As a newbie to the show your position should have been neutral. Going around talking to each of the girls and taking info back and forth is your biggest mistake! You are no different from Suzi! Keep your d— mouth shut!!! For the record you are just as pathetic and classless. Sweetheart, you are not the victim. You are just as responsible!!! Grow Up!

  45. Miami says:

    I was so team Tami until tonight, I do not like Meka but she did not deserve to get snaked like that. The person who should have gotten punched is Susie!!!! Especially when Tami did say the crap!

  46. Patty says:

    Maybe this will calm Tammie down and hopefully Meeka will stop saying things to the crew when she knows that it will get back to that person… There was no reason for Tammie to get so flared up… what was said about her, even if it was behind her back, was not serious enough to attack someone. AND from now on, don’t anyone tell Susie anything they don’t want someone to hear she is a blabbermouth for real.

  47. Q Swinton says:

    I hope that check is enough to buy back self respect

  48. samantha says:

    i love tami…..meeka its gudd tht tami whooped tht ass….u deserved it..suzie learn how to jus fall back sumtimes and i dead wished eve and jen wudnt had made up..i liked them fighting

  49. truthurts says:

    Tami appears to be bipolar. Evelyn appears to be a golddigger, Suzie clearly has poop of the mouth, Jen appears to have low self esteem, Royce appears to have learned her lesson about the girls, but won’t listen to her dad about men. Meka has runny poop of the mouth also, but appears to be a better fighter than Tami. Finally, Shaunie gets the ringleader, pimp of the year award!

  50. michelle says:

    why does tami like to act so hard …. she looks like a fool ….the other women have way more class….what a shame.

  51. JKS says:

    I have never seen a group of grown woman act like silly high school girls…he said she said. So what who cares. I stayed away from watching this show and wish I had of never watched this episode and will not watch anymore. First of all who is a wife but Meeka. Everybody else are exes or baby mamas. I thought Shaunie had more class than what she displayed. I honestly believe everyone except Meeka are scared of Tammi. Meeka is definitely not the problem….Tammie is the biggest problem and then Evelyn. Shaunie there is nothing positive about this show. You really need to pick a better quality of women. Just like the old sayings go….you can’t turn a hoe into housewife(Evelyn and Royce). You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl (Tammie & Shaunie). Jennifer is the fakest of the group but at least she has some class. Suzy is the yes girl. She is most timid no backbone having female I have every seen. She is the type of person who will is definitely get someone hurt and then sit back and act all innocent. Meeka keep your head up and don’t let trifling women bring you down. Once again I can’t help put comment on Shaunie…what is wrong with you? Your lack of concern for one of your cast members on your show is ridiculous. Stop being scared of Tammie and kissing her ass. Run your show with some dignity and class. I’m beginning Tammie running everything.

  52. Sophia says:

    These ladies have no class, they are a poor representation of American women. They all behave like ignorant, ghetto trash who happened to marry or date men with money. Tami needs anger management counselling or medication, and Suzie needs to grow up. She accuses Meeka of being a chatterbox but she is the ultimate chatterbox, she needs to grow up, or it is only a matter of time before she is back in Meeka’s position.

  53. ANGELA says:

    First of all Tammi I am very disapointed with Shaunie in how she let this mess go so far. Shaunie you always come off as peace maker the one everyone looks to for guidance, this season you were just as much a bully as Tammi. Yes, Meeeka might has talk a lot but when to watch each episode at least she was not phony (hint hint). Royce is correct all fake witches. Shaunie I hope you don’t treat everyone new that comes to show the way you Treated Meeka, you didn’t give her a chance. Hope Meeka sue you , Tammi, and Susie. Shaunie I hope when you watch the different episode you she how sneaky and childlish you acted. Hope Tammi get a good beat down. Ghetto

  54. Classless Women says:

    Shaunie – you should be ashamed of yourself and I am not going into details – you know what’s wrong. You and Suzie definitely keep stuff going and then try to play down the drama. Jennifer run…these girls are not what you need in your life. Tammi has real issues and I hope she utilize ALL of her medical benefits because mentally she needs physic rehabilitation. Who does that? Fighting over she say/I said – Grown women either talk through drama/gossip or leave each other alone. I hope and pray Tammi, that Meeka receives her just rew$rd and I HOPE you learn the properly way to handle GOSSIP AND drama GOING FORWARD (YOUR WORD) – YOU TOO Eve…YOUR BABY IS LEAVING FOR COLLEGE AND THE WAY YOU ACT IS PATHETIC. All this for the love of money, please…Get a real hustle and work hard like normal women.

  55. msslanie says:

    thats good she should sue her stupid drunken ghetto ass, tami is a drama queen.

  56. Louis says:

    Say this show is really tacky, 1st let me say that the last episode was jacked up Meka should come back and whap tammys But then she should go for that Light skinned chick who can’t keep her mouth quiet, then she should top off wit by beating up shaunie, Don’t these chickenheads know that once VH1 says that they will be done wit making these episodes that shaunie is going to be the only one getting paid and everyone else is getting dropped, then there all going to end up in a reality tv closet with the rest of the skeletons, jus ask tammy she knows lol. Tammy I used to think U were real cool on the real world back in the day, U had a lil drama back then but not like now, now ur jus tacky and it makes U look unattractive, and thats not easy to say since Ur the best looking one on the show. say U women need to get a real reality and start doing something productive with your time and stop making African American women look bad on national tv, and looking like women who are using the names of the men who are really the famous ones, and get on tv and act like tacky women, I mean really look at Tina Turner she left her husband and continued using his name but with her talent rose to become the queen of rock and roll and one of the greastest singers ever, U women on the other hand go on tv and just further continue to project to the world, the stereotypes that people have on and against black women.

  57. ms.teefromphilly says:

    I think its real corny for meeka to sue tammi. If meeka begged to be on the show & then get on their and start talkin trash from the door,she deserved to get beat up! It suppose to be a reality show,where’s the realness? I don’t understand why they can’t fight on these shows,if its so real..I hope this reunion be explosive cause people like a lil drama to keep the show interesting. Please,take meeka off and bring back gloria….

  58. TAMMIE says:

    REAL BLACK WOMEN NEED TO BOYCOTT THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Green Eyes says:

    Things have gone too far on this show….hitting another person and then laughing it off
    the very next day. Shaunie….Evelyn…Jennifer and big ass mouth Suzie are all some
    screwed up girls for even following up Tami’s Bi-Polar – Ghetto ass. Screw this show!!!!

  60. Nettie House says:

    all I have to say is Susie ain’t no refrig….she needs he behind kicked…she is weak!!! Wait until they see the biggggg Picture!!

  61. Noelle says:

    I’ve been watching Basketball Wives all 3 seasons. I have to say I am extremely disappointed with Tami’s behavior in this last episode. I can only hope that Tami will see this footage and be at the very least be embarrassed by her ignorant ways. I’m not going to give this too much energy because as a black woman, this episode made me feel really bad. I feel bad because this is what VH1 thinks is good TV and I feel bad fpr Meeka and I’ve lost respect for Tami.

  62. dlred says:

    Tami shouldn’t have hit that girl, because she did say it. All they have to do is replay footage. Shaunie is a liar also, she speak against their fighting but also promotes it and then acts surprised. Tami is too violent for the show…….I don’t think she has money but I would sue her and she should have filed criminal charges against her in Italy.

  63. M Go says:

    This show is HORRIBLE! If I were Meeka I would sue the Show’s creators, Shaunie, and Tami! It is so shameful to see women behaving so badly. It saddens me to see that ratings must be attained by ignorance, stupidity, self-deprecating behavior, and sub-par intelligence. Really disappointing. I have cancelled ALL upcoming recordings from my DVR for I won’t be watching this trash again.

  64. Sassie says:

    With friends like they are on basketball who needs enemies

  65. keona says:

    Tami clearly I though you were cool but you are not . You are just like Evelyn full of drama. You act like a child. Clearly this show is always making a mockery of the new people that come the show.
    Everybody wanna be cool with Shawna. I can’t wait to one either Evelyn or Tami go against shawna and see how that play out. Some of you ladies make black women look bad. Oh Susie I haven’t forgot about you your scared self. Then you try to be be hard talking junk about meeka after she confront you. You kiss ass to get back in and everybody no you scared as hell. You are a wannabe Susie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Shizza says:

    I agree with Lovely! Shaunie does sit back and act like everything is cool! I really dislike Suzie more than all of the women because she is the sneaky triflin one sitting back starting crap but wants everyone to think she is the “peace maker”. As far as Tami…..simply put…..

  67. peacebwomen says:

    Everyone, needs to chill and not let the small things bug them. As always, the same crap portray us as being arrogant, black women with attitudes. So they are being what they want us too. More ratings. But they could have just kept that bull to theirselves. Tammy brings everything down. She keep saying keeping it real, but she is full of drama, and is very negative. leave it alone, she wants to fight with everyone.

  68. Lisa-Ann says:

    Tammy is much too old to carry on in such a way. I was happy when you came on the show but I am oh so ready for you to go because there is nothing but drama with you. Do you ever drink a glass of juice of water? There is always a beer bottle or some type of alcohollc drink in front of you. A few sips and your ass want to fight everyone. Instead of running and acting like you are in a league that you clearly don’t belong in, stop before you make a bigger ass of yourself. You clearly need some professional help and I feel so sorry for you girls, get it together Tammy!

  69. JACKIE says:


  70. King says:

    Not because they have money they are still hood rats. Embarrassing so say the least, gives us men one more reason not to date black women. Disgusting behavior…….

  71. Lashay says:

    I think we should protest from watching this show. It portrays a bad image amongst Black Females. I used to like watching the show but enough is enough. These women have nothing better to do with their lives.

  72. All respect for Tami I had is gone. Suzie is a chicken very scary . I really don’t care for Meeka but she didn’t deserve to be jumped on. And Shawnee in my opinion is a witch

  73. Dee says:

    Like my mama always said, “Never EVER throw the first punch at someone. If someone punch or even touched you, then you hit back.” I love Tami and all, but she didn’t have to do that to Meeka. I don’t care what Meeka had done, she still doesn’t deserve that. Plus, you can’t just punch anybody…not in this day in age anyway where people can EASILY file a lawsuit against you. Maybe the judge may not rule in Meeka’s favor buuuut…from the looks of the clip maybe she will win.

    Plus, I am starting to get tired of Basketball Wives altogether because it’s all about who said who. Like Football Wives, you have real wives and/or girlfriends who talks about their struggles of being with a football player and such…in Basketball Wives, you have nothing. Season 1 it was like that but it’s not anymore.

  74. reita50 says:

    Initially,before I saw this episode,it was reported on numerous sites that Meeka was suing Tami. I was thinking,how can she do that? Isn’t there a contract that waives physical contact when the cameras are on? And if she wins her case,wouldn’t that kinda’ screw it up for all my othe r reality shows? What about Bad Girls Club ? Flo’s ankle got broke in a fight,girls get stomped down every show and I LOVE IT! But these girls never pretend to be anything but BAD GIRLS. These Basketball wives pretend to be classy women.Yes they had drama,but not until Tami came did it turn into Jerry Springer.That sucker punch she gave Meeka was just stupid.Shaunie and Evelyn pumped a few shots in her and brought her to the club.Big pimpin’ Shaunie. I hope Meeka does win her case because of the denegrating remarks she made about Meeka and Mary J. I love Mary J. and crackhead low life losers like Tami Roman should have to pay for forming her name in her foul mouth!

  75. well i’m not happy with how the show is going.. tammie is always come off like some high school ghetto chick with the fighting… how old are they?? shaunie is a trouble maker.. noone seem to care that tammie attacked meeka not cool..arguing is one thing but enough is enough..

  76. Renee says:

    WOW! I can’t believe Tami. First of all, Tami, you need to stop being so violent. What’s with all the anger? If you want to be angry with someone, then be angry with Suzie. She’s running her mouth just like she did last season. What I really can’t understand is why Tamie, Suzie, Evelyn, and Jen haven’t gone postal on Shaunie’s butt. She’s not the peacemaker. Shaunie says and does enough to get yall going and you fall for it every time. Somebody should have smacked her around a couple of times. And stop making black women look desperate and ignorant!!

  77. London says:

    I can’t believe tonights episode Tammy OMG she is so ghetto 0 class just a low life hood rat no wonder her husband left her I can’t stand her and she did say that. I don’t even know if I will watch the show anymore everyone is so too face Shaunie is messy this season she’s showing her true colors phony!! It just goes to show you what happens when to many women hang out, just messes, and now Susie wants to get some courage please she’s a coward and is happy to be in the in crowd for now with her scary butt. Why doesn’t Tammy ever try to go at Evelyn like that?? Because she’s scared she only picks on the weak… Meeka did the right thing by leaving, you would think by now Tammy would be able to afford to color her greys, get a good weave or wig and finally stop shopping at Walmart!!! Also I think it was very classless for Shaunie to read Meeka’s letter aloud to everyone when it was clearly addressed to her she’s just so fake & phony one real mess maker. I use to really like her thought she was beautiful now she’s just ugly… I’m preety much done with the show this was really bad made me sick to my stomach!!!!

  78. Zina says:

    Tammi has been such an embarrassment this season. Going after Meeka consistently like a little high school kid. Especially since she has kids in H.S. is ridiculous. You are way too grown for that Tammi. What is this teaching your daughters? Definitely not how a grown woman conducts herself. Soooo less than classy. A grown woman would just steer clear of a person that she is not “feeling”. Not smack them in the face. Which by the way, it appeared that Tammi got just as good as she gave. Meeka has a nice grip on that Indian Remi and was giving Tammi’s gut a stilletto massage. Bet she wasn’t expecting that. I really hope Tammi’s behavior stems from the need to keep the show interesting cause it is not a good look under any other circumstances for ANY woman much less a BLACK woman to behave so disgracefully. I’m personally embarrassed. All of these women are incredibly petty, phony and ignorant. Shaunee included. I don’t have to kiss her butt. She does not sign my paychecks. The only one that seems to speak up on it (at one time it was Tammi too) is Royce. Meeka stop talking to these broads like they are your friends. They’re not ya BFFs. Share your thoughts with Speedy and keep it movin’. You were doing really well with the silent treatment at the beginning of the Italy trip. That was killing Tammi. :-) And I don’t care what anyone says, Suzie is being paid a little something extra to keep the pot stirring and everyone should watch their backs when she’s around..

    I could not in good conscience hang with any of these women. With friends like these you don’t need enemies. This is why most of my friends are men.

  79. kevie thomas says:

    It is clear why these women don’t have a man in their lives, they are all have no class. All of them Tami (loud mouth ghettldo girl) Susie (the secret manipulater) Evelyn (the gold digger) Jen (the pink jacket idiot) Shaunie (need to get better friends with the money your ex left her) Meka (your class is foreign to these girls) Royce (getting away from those ghetto girls is the best thing you could have done)

    don’t waste your time people watch the soaps those people are just acting

  80. nicole says:

    who is an actual basketball wife on the show?

  81. True Talk says:

    Tami – Grow up, you did say what Meeka said. You are actually the liar. As much as you think you “tell it like it is”, you are actually just a bad drunk with a loud mouth. You actually think your kids respect the way you act? Are you crazy? I can see why Kenny dumped you, you have no class and it’s very obvious you have absolutely nothing going for you in your real life.

    Meeka – Always remember, you need to “get along” before you “go along”

    Suzie – You might be the most brain dead person I have ever seen on TV. It is only a matter of time until all your lose lips backfire. I pray that it is actually Tami who smacks you in the face when the moment happens.

  82. Idalis says:

    Tami needed a muzzle and hopefully this is it because she is out of control. She has some anger management issues that none of the others except Evelyn would address and its embarrassing for a woman her age to want to fight other women over such pettiness. I can’t believe Shaunie just sits by and lets her go on about the nothing she goes on about and never once tells her to shut the hell up. tami comes into each scene like some grand diva whose calling is to “keep it real” but if anyone else keeps it real, she throws a temper tantrum. its ok when she’s got her hand in someone else’s face and name calling, but don’t you dare do it to her. She needs rehab for her addiction to Bud Lite cuz that sh*t makes her stupid! I hope Meeka takes every penny her broke azz has that the attorney doesn’t get!

  83. Denise says:

    This was absolutely disgraceful!! As a black women I am truly embarrassed. People are always speaking of “keeping it real”, I swear that will be our downfall. Keeping it real is using your brain and not succumbing to animal-like behavior to resolve your issue. People are going to say all kinds of disparaging remarks especially in this electronic day and age. Are you going to be putting up dukes every time? You look foolish. I am so glad Meeka decided to leave the situation and not play into that. Maybe she was wrong, but Tami had no right to get physical with her. We all make mistakes but for her to be on tv acting in such a way is setback for us. I am really questioning whether I want to continue to watch and therefore support this show.

  84. Seriously says:

    This show was terrible tonight. Tami should be fired from the show for hitting Meeka with a sucker punch. Tami really brings the show down, I will not watch next season if she is a part of the show. Really tired of the ghetto/bad girl personality. Suzie is a trouble maker and snake that slide from one side to the other spreading venom. Shanie really need to screen participants a little better.

  85. Ms.Classy32 says:

    First let me say I love Basketball Wives way to go Shaunie!!!! Tami, you are a hot mess from head to toe I used to like you but you have gone to far on this one honey,you don’t fit into the groups of classy women that surround you. You are really to old to be acting like a teenager your daughters are more mature then you and that’s sad I agree with your mother your to extra for nothing tone it down you have no class and run around acting like a hood rat trying to beat up and bully every body but trust me boo boo (as you say) you will meet your match. You do seem to be nice at times but the world is starting to think that’s a front grow up and start acting like a lady your really to old be acting like you belong in the zoo or better yet leave the show cause you truly don’t fet in. As for Suzie put some duck tape on your mouth and never take it off you need to get a grip on your self and your lips cause sombody gone put there fist in your mouth if you don’t you can’t keep anything to your self and your not to be trusted stop trying so hard to be everybody’s friend. To Evelyn and Meeka great job for standing up to big bad Tami LOL Meeka just keep it real in everything you do and dont try so hard to make friends you will be fine. To the rest of the ladies keep dressing your ass off stay classy and drama free and congrats to Eveyln and Chad!!! Basketball Wives fan for life

  86. nursecita says:

    I’m reading all the comments about how ghetto Tammi is, but I think you all fail to realize that there is a method to her madness! Ratings, ratings, ratings!!!! I bet single ladies isn’t leading after tonights episode! TeamTammi!!!! lol

  87. Teddy says:

    The ruckus cost her a paycheck…Maybe this will teach Meeka don’t write checks that your ass can’t ca$h

  88. Tami not my fav anymore says:

    Tami came dressed to fight. Before it all popped off I was wondering why she wasn’t dressed well like the other girls for that night. She was the only one with pants….I say she and someone else sneakily planned this. Tami crossed the line…seeing that left a bad taste….uugh. And calling the girl out of her name because of her color? What was that about? Tami was better off just using her sense of humor and loud mouth as her character….NOT attacking and trying to debase someone’s color and physically hitting her in the face.

  89. Milia says:

    Hmm….here we go again. Another episode of the The “Angry Black Woman” out of control. And you wonder why society thinks this way of us (shaking my head in disgust). I find it rather hypocritical of Tami to tell Meeka she hates drama, and then, assaults Meeka in public over a comment she made in private. But, she’s all buddy buddy with Evelyn who slept with her ex-husband, called her a demeaning phrase, and then, put it on a t-shirt to sale. I’m sorry, but there is something majorly wrong with this picture. Tami is either a great actress, or she’s in need of therapy for not only anger management, but dellusional optimism that mistresses make great friends.

    This trip was a total nightmare and a waste of money. I hope Pimp Shawnie got what she wanted from this, because SHE controls these women whether if you want to believe it or not. I believe the REAL reason she doesn’t like Royce, is because she can’t manipulate her like the others. I wish they changed the name to this show to, Basketball Groupies who wanna be wives.

  90. Carolyn says:

    I have never found it hard to look at anyone on the television…it doesn’t even make sense; but it is very difficult for me to look at Tami now following her obvious attack on Meeka tonight. She could have killed Meeka–freaky things can happen when you put your hands on someone–she could have cut on her windpipe afterall. Tami needed to go to jail right then and there way over in Italy. Tami is a hot mess and, although, I am not a psychologist, she really seems to have a bipolar disorder and alcohol really adds fuel to the fire. She ought not to even embarrass her daughters like she does. Her weave is a mess. And her “buddies” talked about her weave and her nails in her very first episode. If she thinks Jennifer and Evelyn accept her she has another think coming. If you ask me they are all ghetto, including Shaunie who I used to respect, but don’t anymore, because she likes the mess. She knew Tami and Meeka didn’t get along and invited them both anyway to see the drama, and I will not be looking at the show anymore. It has gotten too trashy since Tami came on board.

  91. Ebony says:

    Although I like Tami, i would still have to say that she is full of drama. The thing is, thats her reputation on the show and thats how the show has edited the footage to make her look. She doesnt take mess from anyone, but she does start alot of drama. I guess its ok, since thats how she makes her money. People tune in to the show to see what she’s going to do next. As for Evelyn, she has alot of balls when it comes to everyone except Tami. She’s ready to throw down with someone like Royce, but she backs off with Tami. She’s really just a mouth piece.

  92. pretty ricky says:


  93. Nikki says:


  94. Im soo glad Meeka sued Tammy,Hey Tammy get on some psych meds!!!!!!!!!!Good for you Meeka!!!The wolf pack,might think before they decide to lay hands,GROW UP<MEAN GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Zee says:

    Lock Tami behind up and i guarantee she’ll stop, I bet if she bring that drama to the DurtySouth, these Ga peaches will get in that A@$ !

  96. CLASSY BLACK says:


  97. MSCHI says:

    MEEKA, WHY DID YOU LET TAMI MOCK YOU, AND TERRORIZE YOU DURING THE TRIP??? Tami is clearly suffering a narcissistic personality disorder. Once you give her the opportunity to berate you, and put you down; she is relentless. It’s obvious she has a drinking problem that needs to be addressed. Poor Suzy, she looks so uncomfortable. She is over thinking everything she says, because she doesn’t want to make waves and upset Evelyn. Shaunie, I love your style girl you never put your business out there, or behave ridiculously. You are intelligent enough to take these ladies out of the country, so they can behave foolishly; without embarrassing you!!!

  98. Kimberly4style says:

    Suzie is a kiss ass and a suck up! She is scared of all of them. She has no identity and no real self confidence. Two-faced. She just goes with whoever so she stays in the weak circle. Not a good look. Trife!

  99. Msalyse says:

    One thing to add on to my comment…None of them for the exception of Jen and Meeka are married to basketball players. They are either ex wives, ex girlfriends or ex fiances (keyword ex). After watching this I can see why. A man out in the public eye or hell any man dont wanna deal with a woman full of drama. They want a woman with class for a wife. The show needs to be called Basketball Players Rejects. *SN CANT WAIT FOR SHAQ’S NEW SHOW ;)

  100. Mia says:

    PRODUCERS . . . PLEASE RELEASE THE UNCUT VERSION of the fight between Meeka and Tami especially that show Tami’s weave falling out! lmao! Tami deserves to be utterly embarrassed on national TV and it will deter people from fighting after seeing how jacked up you’d look after fighting, lol!

  101. Gina says:

    Yeah, Tami came ready for a fight. Hair pulled back in a ponytail, pants on, notdressed for evening. They planned for it to pop off. Meka underestimated them. Icant believe how mean they were at the table making fun of meka like that. How would yall feel if it was you? Immature and very cruel. Childish talk… not in the circle…..blah blah.

  102. Realorfake says:

    Shaunie is a trifling sister. She is pimping these girls and swears she’s innocent and drama free. Tami is a very classless lady andis very two-faced. She did indeed called Evelyn, Shaunie and Jennifer fake. She’s a liar and that’s whatever. Susie is stupid and is desperate for inclusion. Meek a is too classy and is ACTUALLY a wife, unlike the rest of those broads. So damn disappointing.

  103. 1Jazzychic says:

    I’m so sick of all of these hoes, yeah at first Tami was keeping it real. Now it’s clear that Tami has some mental issues that need to be checked out. Maybe you should’ve stuck to MTV’s Real World. You have gotten into a fight with almost everyone on the show except Shaunie and Royce. It’s clear you cannot mix friends-Shaunie. Get it right.

  104. mia says:

    Tami is sweating Evelyn so hard that she considers her the “popular” one; Tami wants to be like Evelyn so bad and she’s angry with Meeka for trying to do the same thing. in season 2, she was crying, talking about Evelyn inspires her and always trying to say that they’re alike. She was also instigating the fight between Jen and Ev saying Jen was jealous; Tami probably wanted their friendship to end so Tami can have Evelyn all to herself, lol.

  105. Toof48 says:

    After seeing tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives, I just had to comment: in the beginning, I thought Tami was trying to portray herself to be a good friend, but after that “sucker slap” she gave Meeka, I have no respect for her anymore. Tami stated repeatedly that she was not going to say anything to Meeka while on the trip, but everything that came out of her mouth was “Meeka this” and “Meeka that.” Shaunie, Ev, Jen, Suzie and including Royce, knows that you can’t take Tami anywhere. One while, Tami comes across as being calm, cool and classy, but give her a shot or belt of something and she becomes loud and unlady like!. Tami has gotten into with almost everyone in the group and just because Royce was not invited on the trip, she wanted to make Meeka’s trip miserable. I thought Tami would have been the bigger person by not (at the beginning) being a “Debbie Downer” and stirring up trouble during their vacation. If Tami felt that bad that Royce did not make the trip–here’s an idea Tami, why don’t you take her on a trip!!! Although I have lost respect for you, I have to give you a couple of “cool” points for at least considering for one brief moment to give “Meeka another chance.” I think and I know you have it in you to at least be civil and cordial. Look at your beautiful daughters and mother! I will not give up on you Tami!!!!

  106. Hotrod says:

    TAMI WOW! what can i say! I guess Meeka explained everything on that letter. Tami was just pushing buttons time, after time, after time on the same freakin’ topic. I guess Tami deserve to get sued by Meeka. You dont put your hands on know one, no matter how mad you are at them. Tami has two girl and this is the example she has.. Wow talk about classless.

  107. Michelle says:

    I want to start of by saying I love the show; now far as Meeka and Tami. Tami gave Meeka the chance to say what ever she needed or wanted to say about Tami to Tami, but as usual she doesn’t man up and say how she truely feels about Tami. When Meeka first appeared on the show I really didn’t care for her anyway; she seemed two faced and shady. Tami on the other had I can relate to her on some aspects far as don’t talk about me behind my back and try to smile in my face at the same time. On Monday nights show I wasn’t shocked that Tami went HAM on Meeka because Meeka was and have always talked around in circles and trying to put Royce in the middle from day one.
    Tami might seem like the type of person who always has drama but that is not the case in my eyes I think she is misunderstood and doesn’t like liars and for that matter BS, yes she can and or might need to learn how to let somethings go but that does change the fact if you are woman enough to talk about her to someone else; be woman enough to say it or at least admit that you said what you said to her.
    The law suit that Meeka put on Tami is so silly, because she is the cause of the DRAMA between her and Tami.

  108. d.j. says:

    these so call wives are two crazy, high school girls are more grown up then they are,grown women sitting around sounding like little kids.please get real with this show.they suppose to be mothers.if they were my mother i would be a shame of them.o’neal please young lady do something else with your was wrong for reading that letter that was wrote to you out loud.once that letter was read you should of made a phone call to see if that lady,that mother,someone wive was alright.i think you was wrong for not looking out for all the mother always said you leave together you come back together.i never looked at this show but when i did i see why you all are ex basketball ladies need to go home and look back at this show because none of you are is to short for this.god is speaking and no one are getting it.god help you all.

  109. Tonia Miller says:

    I have lost what little respect I had left for Tami. Tami, you are classless and an embarassment to your family. I’m sure your mother and daughters are ashamed of your behavior, your horrible disposition and your constant bickering. No wonder your husband preferred the company of other women over you!!!! You are a TERRIBLE example for your daughters, who are farrrrrr more mature than your grown *ss. Please feel free to contact me via email, since you like to fight you can bring your tired *ss to Jacksonville, Florida for some old fashioned southern hospitality. As my Grandmother use to say, come spend some time at my house and get some “ack rite.” Iam glad that Meeka is suing you!!! You seem to have absolutely nothing going for yourself and your only claim to fame is that you got knocked up by a ball player and VH1 let-cho ragedy *ss on their show for ratings cause the whole world knows you are a HOT GHETTO MESS. As Meeka pointed out you are ALWAYS in the middle of some ish… you fought with Jenn cause it hurt you that she didn’t know ish about food stamps. You fought with Evelyn cause she told you to your face you are a NMFF. You didn’t like Royce in the begining because you said she remided you of women your ex cheated with and you jumped off on Suzie as well…bottom line, you are just like ish in a toilet, at the bottom of the bowl on everything.

  110. Diane says:

    I really loved Tammi when she was in the Real World, but it seems she has turned into one hateful drama queen, i hope she is getting big time money from VH1, i see now why it’s said you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. Please grow up and act like mature human beings. You all are worst than Mob Wives! I hope The Money was worth it. God Bless


    TAMI IS A TRASHY, LOW CLASS, HOT, GHETTO *SS MESS. What a sight to see a grown *ss woman starting a fight… always quick to lay hands on somebody. You were trash when you tried to start a fight with Jenn at a charity event and you are trash now… you and your drunk, ghetto *ss should appear on Jerry Springer, you’d fit right in.

  112. Marcia says:

    tami roman has no class her name does not deserve to be capitalized …I’m positve her daughters are embarrassed to see their mother act like a CLASSLESS DRUNK. Black women have it hard enough being taken seriously. Her daughters did the right thing dumping her as their manager because tami roman is a joke. Is this is the only way tami roman can find to make money acting like a drunkin bully? then i can see why her and her husband did not make it. At some point in your life you have grow and become a better person and tami clearly has not done so. I’m positive their is no mother out their that would want their daughters to look to tami roman as any kinda of role model if their any kinda of mother that has their daughters best intrest at heart.

  113. char says:

    Tami, my favorite person disappointed me by sucker punching meeka. Tami, let get real grow up show the world you of more mature than that. I don’t care for meeka but she is a lady. She was invited to italy just like you and had every right to be there. Tami, please keep the show watchable but stop fighting so da- much.

  114. SANDRA MINIFEE says:


  115. Linda says:

    Shame on these women, I’m disappointed Shaunie was critical of Meeka but Tami’s actions were inexcuseable. This is now the third castmember Tami has thrown the first punch at for not liking what was said and none of the other castmemebers commented about it. All are acting like mean girls in highschool. These are mothers and adults that should be ashamed of themselves. Classless.

  116. Linda says:

    You are all an embrassment to women, especially the mothers on the show.

  117. alexis says:

    First off everyone fails to mention that Tami didn’t exactly beat up Meeka, she started it off with a slap ,but from where i was watching i saw Meeka defending herself .I saw Tammi getting her skimpy weave pulled while getting stamped with stilettos and Tammi trying to pulled back to escape…. so tammi is just alot of talk she can’t fight ! The ones with the big mouths are the ones that can’t deliver, Suzie is just so damn disgusting cause whatever Meeka said she didnt really have to repeat, she just likes trouble she is responsible for the fight , If i was Meeka i would give her some of that stamp i gave tammi for running her mouth. over all the show bring out what people enjoys to watch…. drama !!!!! face it ppl everyone like to watch drama on other ppl’s expense so bring it on basketball wives .. i love it !

  118. Leeah says:

    I don’t know about you all.. But I just lost a lot of respect for B-Ball wives. I feel like all of the girls have reached a all time low and each of them are fake and act like childern. Every last one of them want to talk about keeping it real and none of them do. They all talk behind one anothers back. Tammi is just a hot mess to me and will do anything to anyone to keep relevance. From day one on the show she has keep some type of drama going. Meeka was right when she said out of all of the blow ups between the girls, that Tammi is a common denominator. Tammi so mad that Meeka formed the opinion about her, but if I am mistaken that is the personality that she puts out. If asked I’m pretty sure most people on here would have a negative impression of Tammi. So why is she so upset with Meeka about forming that opinion of her when she has seen the same person we have seen prior to her meeting her. And not to mention that once she did meet her, she was all sweet and open. She want to start from the gate on some negative ish. I mean who first meets someone and wants to go in about being real and all that ish. I just feel like a lot of her actions were unecessary from that begining. As was Meeka’s when she was going back saying stuff to Evelyn and Jenn. Tammi just as fake as she wants to be. She got all up in Meeka face over some bs, swearing she never said it, but then at the end of the show you want to go and correct what she said and put it that she was only talking about Eve. But in episode 1,2, & 3 she only referred to them as the other ones. Making it seem like they are a click. Come to think of it, the first time Tammi meant Meeka when they went to the opening of Trio she ended the night saying it was cool not hanging with any fake people. And if I’m not mistaken the only girls that weren’t present was Eve, Jen, and Shaunie. Not taken Meeka’s side in anyway, b/c I do feel she is messy but she really wasn’t ready for this whole show. Eve, just as fake as Tammi. B/c the only time she has said something to Meeka is when she is hanging on Tammi’s coattail or doing her private confessions. I’m not even going to start in on Suzie. She should of never made it to another season. Sorry for stating so much, but I honestly don’t think I will be watching again. All the girls have completely disappointed me. I guess I have to wait to see what the LA wives is about!!!

  119. galvestontx says:

    tammie now you see why your kids did not want you to be their manager. too much GHETTO IN YOUR BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Terri says:

    I have watched my last episode. What a disgrace. Bball wives has insulted me, my intelligence for the last time. And as for Tammi.l.. it’s really – time to take your meds.

  121. lovelylady says:

    Am I the only one that remembers Tami calling them Fake and Phony????????She did say that, she keep saying keep it real, but when she had the opportunity to tell the truth she LIED.

    Tami is PATHETIC, I don’t like this show anymore. I don’t know why Meeka wants to be around these trashy, groupie woman. I use to like Evelyn but she is messy too. They just lost a viewer after tonight they just too dang fake on this show. Suzzie is straight TRASH……

    Furthermore I did not see Tami kick anybody’s butt, it look the other way around to me considering Meeka was sucker punched. All theses woman are low life’s and this was my last show to watch. Meeka maybe you should go make friends with Gloria because these woman are STRAIGHT TRASH including SHAUNIE, that’s why they all single, Chad ain’t marrying that trash, especially after tonight because Evelyn loss the one little fan she had and we all now Chad want somebody that every body be jocking and Evelyn stock just droped to negative. And they all look old as dirt too.

  122. Nicole says:

    I have read through all the comments and I have to say that I agree with you guys, Tammi is a hot mess, 40 something year old that need to grow up. She still acts like she is in high school. Its like she needs drama to feel relevant. And like Alexis pointed out in her comment, from my view it looked like Tami was getting worked on lol… I think she had to make an emergency drive by to the salon to get the weave that Meeka yanked out her head sewed back on… Wow, show some class women!

  123. Behappy says:

    Shame on you MEAN GIRLS!! for just sitting there and laughing at Tammi imitate Meeka, that is so childish! This women is a Total drama queen that fights with everyone she has no self control .. Grow up you Nasty TAmmi!!

  124. Sandy Johnston says:

    Were the ratings going down for the show to get to that level? So embarassing! Are these real women or low life actresses? I will no longer be watching this show.

  125. silk says:

    This episode has to the the lowest of the lows……I can’t believe how these women act and Tammi she is the most ghetto acting women I’ve seen in a longtime. She is trying way to hard to get the girls on her side to the point that it was totally disgusting. She did call them fake and phony . Suzie is truly a instigator and she intentionally wanted the attention on Meeka and off of her scary a**. I’m really starting to dislike this show and if this is sad display of women that have no morals or class. The most sickening show on cable, for real!!!!!

  126. Timmesse says:

    Obviously the cast has reached a new low as far as getting ratings. This show should be called bad ex-baller girlfriends and baby momma’s club. Hint to the show’s production crew: NONE OF THESE LADIES ARE MARRIED TO A BASKETBALL PLAYER (Except for maybe one person). I would have asked why the show havent brought in more fresh, fabulous wives but the last show said it all. Who (with any decent reputation) would legitimately want to be affiliated with this show? Or in that circle? The show’s casting needs to kick all of these groupies out and beg for some real basketball wives to come on board. Trina or Vannessa Bryant anybody?

  127. Sad in Iowa says:

    The show is sad. You woman have the power to do so much good. To influence generations to come. To help others. To set good examples to so many. And yet you are playing at life, you are bad examples of what a true woman is. Your wasting time, your wasting your gifts, and your wasting the power you have to make a true difference.

  128. brennie says:

    I totally can’t belive that these so called basketball wives have the nerves to get on tv and act a total azz of themselves, then have the nerves to have kids, wow, only in America. Tami, i really can’t stand because she are a real hood chick that has a big mouth and thinks she is really bad, seem to me that everyone is scared of her. I could see why they are searching for mens, real mens want have these tramps… I Just don’t understand what so classy about either of them, nothing I see, this is a disgraced to the U.S. (shaunie, really, you have the nerves to disgrace your own color like this, shame on you, oh I no when the rating go down, you will be on tv asking for forgiveness and that you are very sorry… Evelyn, daughter needs to go off to college and never return. THIS IS SO SAD …..

  129. monie says:

    this is 4 tami:dnt worry meeka she aint nothin the reason she left is cause you beat her tail she aint nothin but a scary cat P.S. i aint gay but i like all the girls but you and evelyn are my two favorites cause yall ride or die chicks

  130. NIKA says:

    I FOR ONE AM IN AWW OF HOW THESE WOMEN CARRY THEMSELVES!!! It just proves that everyone with bank, don’t necessarily have class to go along with it. That damn Tami acts like she is still standing in the foodstamp line!!!! I for one allow my 12 year old daughter to watch this show faithfully, I explain to her this is not how real women carry themselves, she always states that working hard is not only a factor with school but socially as well she thinks they are funny. She also posed the question ” I wonder what their children think of them?” Thanks Ladies for making someone like me a college graduate and hard worker look like the million dollars you guys have. You GALS are STUPPPPPPID!!!!!!!

  131. Angie says:

    Suzie is a two face liar, never trust her. They treated her the same way and now she is happy because she thinks they have accepted he. Suzie is such a loser. Tami is a friggin bully and you need to power punch that broad in her face next time she steps to you, because clearly you will need to defend yourself. They are all fake and I cannot believe that they behave like middle school girls. I cannot even believe Shaunie’s behavior. Just a few episodes Tami and Evenlyn were Mortal Ememies, now they are BFF. Give me a break. They have never given you a chance. I do appreciate you being the bigger person and admitting you may have made a mistake. I would not even give Tami a thought becasue at the end of the day she is not important to you or your family. THEY ARE ALL TWO FACED AND FAKE!

  132. Paula says:

    I’ve only seen about 6 of these shows but I had to comment before leaving this mess alone. I’ve called Shaunie a pimp and she is. Suzie is nasty and messy and the innocent act is tired. She must be kept on to quietly keep drama going. Tami is pathetic at best and a complete fake idiot at the worst. Evelyn is messy and Shaunie too, Shaunie tries to make it look as if she isn’t. It’s not working. Jen is just a silly child being led. Meeka hasn’t really bothered anyone. The click wanted to get on a bandwagon and follow Tami in bothering that girl. This is beyond high school silliness, this is grown women showing what STUPID and TRASHY is. I hope the children aren’t watching. Most people know the loudest “keeping it real” women (used losely) are usually the ones who AREN’T keeping it real because they have to keep saying it.

  133. Marie says:

    You said it Leeah! You are SO Right!

  134. Valerie says:

    These women put a bad light on all woman of color. I can see if they were all teenagers with time to grow, but these are women who are 30 something and 40 something years old . It’s one thing to argue but to be become violent is inexcuseable. Maleeka should have laid in the cut and observed her surroundings. But every other woman on the show has talked behind the other’s back. Shaunie and Suzie are clearly the devils’s advocate. Shaunie for the money because “drama sells” and Susie because she is spineless scary punk. Yes, you all are the mean girls. Any decent, spirtually conscious ,divine soul of a man would not be caught dead with any of you superficial shallow women. You will only attract shallow men which will bring you only short term love and happiness. The world you all live in, your version of love from men will not be everlasting He won’t ” love you when your hair turns gray.” You will never get the Denzel Washington or the Will Smith kind of companionship. (Men of integrity), Enjoy your children because that is the only real love you will ever know. Also think about them when you are doing this show.

  135. Male Adult says:

    Shame on Shaunie! I really thought at some point this show would have some class. Tami and Evelyn are clearly the bullies, Susie and Jennifer just want to be apart of something, Meeka and Royce…….cool, and Shaunie is getting paid to sit back and watch this High School drama unfold!.

  136. Smitty says:

    After Tammi was going to put their differences aside…why did Meeka feel the need to discuss anything futher with sneaky Suzie. As far as I’m concern ,there was nothing more to talk about. Meeka is no angel .. when she came on the show, she ran her mouth about Royce…when she didn’t really no anything about Royce. Meeka wanted to be down with the crew. Let not forget the polo event ..Meeka started with Tammi. Sorry to say,but the tables has turned on Meeka.

  137. Rita says:

    Meeka, I think should sue! Tami needs to understand that she can’t keep going around putting her hands on people. You should have had her arrested, as her attack on you was unprovoked and unwarranted! Meeka’s hands were on her lap when Tami hit her and she was dead wrong!! However, you held your own Meeka you did not get beat up as people are saying she got one sucker punch and you went in on her from there. I do understand your apology at the table you played your cards well, but you have to pay attention!!! Susie is no one’s friend not even Royce’s friend for showing her text no one would have ever known if she didn’t tell them, she just seems to need a reason for them to keep her around so snitching is her relevance to them. I wasn’t feeling Meeka to much at first but I think this has caused her to see things for what they are and maybe she will come off a little stronger (not like the Tami) now that she knows what she is dealing with so I think I will ride witcha for a min.
    I feel Shaunie showed how messy she is by reading that note Meeka left it was addressed to only Shaunie not the crew. Respect! Is what’s missing with these ladies! (Keeping it classy)
    I hope Jen learns how to be her own person and not continue to rely on Evelyn to validate her existence on this show or otherwise, also she needs to stop talking about Eric and who is meeting up with him and what he is doing that brother has moved on and she needs to also.
    Tami needs to go to lock up and I miss Royce! I like her and foresee her and Meeka bonding since they are the underdogs on the show right now.

  138. AvaM says:

    I agree, all of the basketball housewives do be fake with one another. They all do talk about one another behide backs. It’s crazy! Meeka did get what she asked for. She did come into the picture trying to fit in and she also believed some of the things that were said about Royce, Tammi and all of the other girls. Meeka took that info and did form her own opinion based on it. Meeka was being a little tooth faced when she spoke with Evelyn by herself and again when she spoke with Shaunie, Eve & Jen at the dinner table. Meeka did say things about Tammi. When Meeka was asked about anything she said her comment was always I don’t know if I said that. or something like that, which did make Meeka look stupid. Meeka did come into the picture like she was better than anyone. Meeka wanted to hang w/Shaunie, Eve & Jen. Like I said they all are a mess. Susie did mention to Eve what Meeka said about Tammi. When Tammi walked up, Eve was the one who put that out there and repeated to Tammi what Susie had just told her. What trips me out about the whole “Susie can’t hold water ” comment is when ever Eve feels that Susie is running at the mouth Eve would sit there and listen to what Susie has to say instead of coming at her sometimes and maybe saying Susie whoever or whatever you are saying please don’t say that around me or anything positive. Eve sits there and listen to Susie and when she runs her mouth it’s a different story. I like Tammi. She means well yet she keeps it real. Shaunie was being tooth faced about even inviting Meeka and how she just exed Royce out.(so fake, so fake) She invited Meeka (don’t know what that was about) for them to have known her for a hot second. That’s what Shaunie get. I feel Meeka asked for Tammies raft. She should have been able to dish out what she handed out trying to fit in with the wrong females. Now she sueing Tammi. Meeka was shady and I didn’t like her either. I will admit that Tammi did throw me off about her when I first started watching the show because I could not understand why she went off on Jen over some foodstamps. BASKETBALL WIVES IS A HOT MESS!! I WILL KEEP WATCHING!

  139. Shawn says:

    I honestly think that Meeka got what she deserved. She came onto the show trying to size people up to see which click she wanted to hang with. As for Suzie, she’s still up to her same tricks and it’s not going to end well for her. Tami should not have popped Meeka in the face, but it was funny I must say.

  140. REALLY says:


  141. Jackie says:

    It seems the only reason that these girls have any allegience to Tami is because they are afraid of her. Tami is a bully, no question. I felt so sorry for Meeka because she was intimadated the entire trip, and NO ONE had the balls to stand against Tami.

    Suzie, you can not justify your behavior. Off camera you had so much to say about Meeka when last year you were in the same spot. Meeka came to you in confidence and you betrayed her trust so easily to keep friends, really you are setting yourself up for karma. A bit of advice for you Suzie, keeping it real is one thing but GROWN WOMEN know how to use WISDOM! Trust, wisdom is ALWAYS better than real.

    Tami, if you want your life to change for the better, get some help. Your potenial for violence and drama have held you back. Meeka has every right to sue you and if I were you I would show some growth and humble myself and make a settlement. The judge will see what we all saw and you WIll lose.

    For folks that side with Tami. There is no way that her behavior was acceptable. Follow the news and read magazines, bullying is a NATIONAL problem. Kids have been literally tormented to death, Shaunie being the woman that she is missed an opportunity to take a stance against bullying, she laughed along, sat quietly, and instigated an unbalanced woman in her compaign to harrass another women.

  142. I'Aasha says:

    Well for these ‘grown’ women to act like that just shows how CHILDISH they really are. all evelyn and tami does is look for their next victiom. Tami did take a little to far by hitting Meeka she posed as no threat(meeka) but anyways….Meeka was trying too hard to get in good with shaunie and her group that she first started talking about Royce and then Tami…..She (meeka) was asked if u got anything to say to be real and say it and she has yet to do it. Now the tables have turned to her but it was funny to her when Royce was the vicitim well what goes around comes around maybe next meeka you would keep your mouth shut.

  143. My2Cents says:

    I like Tami Roman but last night was an ugly look. Tami was wrong on so many levels especially because she did say that they were the fake and phony, so to hit Meeka for saying it was wrong.

    Meeka is not innocent, because she did not come to the show correct. She already picked a side before she came on show and she should have been woman enough to say that, don’t act like you are giving somebody a chance when everybody with eyes and ears and hear and see that you are not. But what really set Tami off with Meeka was the Polo match. Meeka thought she was jumping bad to impress Jennifer and Evelyn but they were looking at her on the show they way we was looking at the television at home like are you serious, do you really want to go there. That was not a smart move. My advice to Meeka is keep your opinions about others to yourself, because if you did your homework before you came on the show you would know that everything gets back.

    Susie, three words – Snitches Get Stitches!!!!!!! You are a grown woman and you don’t need to tell everything. If you and Tami are friends and Meeka is talking about her stop the conversation and talk about something else. Remember the things YOU do come back to YOU and I can see them turning on you soon.

    Shaunie, the only part of the that letter the ladies needed to know was that Meeka was gone. You add fuel to the fire and step back and watch things go up in smoke……………..

    Jennifer I understand Evelyn is your girl but you did not do anything wrong. Whether it is said on the TV or the Radio you told her how you felt to her face, it wasn’t a secret. And if they are going to play the interview they should play the entire interview especially when you stated “that as long as she is happy and love that’s all you care about”

    Evelyn don’t care about her story…………………………………………………

  144. daSunshine says:

    GOOD FOR YOU MEEKA!!! THere is more than1 way to skin a KAT! HIT HER IN THE POCKET FOR HER UN-LADY-LIKE ACTION.. ???WHERE THEY DO THAT AT???” Oh MIAMI. Im so tires of girls like Tammy making us FLORIDAGRLZ look like fighting-hood-ratz! You would think the Ladies of basketball playing men would conduct themselves like ladies….BUT. And that Suzzi SMH SMH: NOT ENUFF CHARACTERS TO RIDE -OUT ON THE TROUBLESOME HOOD-RAT! And as for Shawni the facilitator (misspelled name…o well) she’s clearly one of them cause she could have defuse the situation by NOT including Meeka because she couldn’t handle her girl, TAMMY. BIRDS OF A FEATHER TRULY FLOCK TOGETHER IN MIAMI…I see:)

  145. gwynette wms says:

    evenlyn you the one that i like the most you seem to be the real one meeka did come on like tostrong to try to like everyone tami i hope you get what you deserve you should never put your hands on another person i see why you daughter don’t want you to manager them if you was my mother i would not tell anyone i hope meeka do sue you, you act like a hood rat food stamps suites you. and suzie you are the real reason why people don’t have real girlfriends no more and you say you don;t want to hurt no one you will sell your child to be famous

  146. Carolina Queen says:

    Whoa! Someone needs to put a muzzle on Suzie!! If someone don’t put a muzzle on Suzie, then Suzie should at least have to wear a warning label stiched to her head that reads, “Anything you say will be twisted, misquoted, and used against you the first chance I get to blab what your telling me.” I’m surprised nobody has knocked her azz out yet. Suzie must carry a big herfin spoon in her bag so its available to stir the pot any chance she gets.

    As far as Meeka suing Tami I say GO ON GURL!! Tami is a mean drunk and maybe a lawsuit is exactly what that broad needs to wipe that ridiculous smug look off her face. Not a single episode has been aired where she’s not bobbin and weavin that head from side to side with her lips pursed so tight that if you stuck coal in her lips she’d produce a diamond.

    As far as Shawnee she’s a producer of the show, yet she is okay with calling the show Basketball “Wives”. There isn’t a single wife on the show. The show should be called Bitter Ex’s. Wait I take that back. Meeka is married, but its not the Meeka show either. With a show called Basketball “Wives” and there is only ONE WIFE on the show it sounds a little ridiculous to have a title like that for this show.

    I don’t really have anything to say about any of the other women. I was going to say I don’t have anything to say about the other “wives” but reminded myself that there are no wives on the show. Well I hate to be hatin, but Evelyn does need to get off her high horse. There is absolutely nothing special about her for her to be parading around like she’s all that. If looking like a younger version of Ezma from the cartoon movie Emperors New Groove is her claim to fame than yes, she’s got it goin on.

  147. Kenya- Harlem says:

    Suzie? Are you serious you are such a BIG trouble starter. All of you ladies should be ashamed of yourselves for cosigning Tami actions. Tami ( Chicken) I am looking at you in a different light. Meeka was not an Angel in all of this, but you have no self control. Back to Suzie If I was Meeka I would have taken a charge and beat that a**!

  148. ex -watcher says:

    I thought that was childish of Tami, everything that’s said abut her is true. Shaunie you and Evelyn laughing with Tami when she was mocking Meeka was not cool. No wonder you ladies are all ex wives , and you all talk about each other. Childish, childish, high school drama.

  149. K Laws says:

    This show is captivating but shameful at the same time. Everyone talks about each other behinds the other’s back but once it gets out it is a problem. People are entitled to their opinions and to express those opinions doesn’t mean that it has to be said to the peron’s face. These grown woman are acting like high school girls who gang up on each other. Tami was cool in the beginning but this season shows she is the bully that she is. The attack on Meeka was totally unprovoked. She was talking to Tami when out of nowhere Tami attacked her. Meeka sue Tami because she needs to learn that she cannot physically and verbally abuse people without consequences. Suzi is no one’s friend. She totally put Meeka under the bus. She could have least told Meeka that she told Tami and Evelyn about their conversation. She really didn’t have to say anything at all since Tami was going to put it to rest. Suzie talk too much and no one should call her a friend. Tami did call the other group, the fake group and as much as she is always saying she is keeping it real and she say what she say, she could have admitted that she did call the other group the fake group. Goes to show she is not all that real as she say she is. Most of these women have children, teenage children and act like them to an extent. The bullying up and making fun of people is so childish, Shaunie included. Ladies, wake up and realize that she is making a fool out of you guys and making money in exchange for your integrity.

  150. sunshine says:


  151. Candi says:

    I think they need to gang Meeka and kick her off the show! She is a fan and she doesn’t know anything about them and she is ASSuming too much.

  152. samantha says:

    but if i was suzie i would have told meeka look i dont wont to here about the other girls okay if you have something to say go and tell them because i dont wont drama turned back on me

  153. Classy says:

    Tami is a ghetto mess.. I know alot of this is fake and all for show. But really Tami do you have to act that ignorant. Over some GOSSIPING diarrhea of the mouth named Susie. All that acting rough and she could not even throw a punch.. Tell her come to the real hoods so we can show how fists fly. LOL


  154. Toni says:

    I saw the show last nite. Tammi has got a lot emotional problem she is so angry.
    Jesus Tammi fighting like you are a child is pathetic. I hope this keeps your job Tammi.
    What an example for your girls. My god you have a gang mentality you and Evelyn are quite . I ‘m willing to wager a bet that Evelyn not getting marry to Mr Chad O. Jesus Shaunie I know all the baskeball wives are not this trashy.please reorganize the cast. I would love to see some intelligent educated Black Women that are just bit more polish even thought they canhave misunderstanding among the group. but handle there business with lot more class.

  155. Lucy says:

    Tami has no class-who gives her the right to put her ghetto food stamps hands in Meeka’s face and that Shaunie is a hypocrite and she should be responsible-she keeps these low minded unintelligent women around her to try to make herself look good-that how dumb they are-but is lower than Tami-n as for that Susie she needs pepto B for her mouth-she has not change and knew exactly what she was doing-Shaunie says Tami is nice-Nice-a person who hits another-thats abuse-she is VULGAR/class-less n low n Gloria (who I dont like) got one thing right-she walke away-This Rome trip made Royce n Gloria look good-Meeka should hold her head up high n walk away-dont be frenz with them Shaunie is hanging with her own kind ghetto trash N Jennifer is a BIG old fake-which black person has never seen shrimp devained-I mean really Jennifer-u r a sneaky jealous nasty stuck up person-Evelyn deserves you -I thought Evelyn getting engage would lift her a little to being a decent person but she laugh at Meeka’s expense-Evelyn here is a question for you-Would you like Tami to SLAP your Daughter or sister? hmmm….okay-then-you are all a disgrace and haveno class n you all dress like strippers ……..

  156. me again says:

    As for food stamps Tami-who does this woman think she is that nobody can say stuff about her especially if its true-the best thing her husband did was left n marry someone else with CLASS-Tami think she is so high minded you wld think after going to the school of hard life she wld be a nicer person-Shaunie is such a disgrace!!! she sits back and enjoys those women making fools of themselves-how could she have read the letter openly -it was addressed to her n Tami is a liar she did call all of you fake like Meeka said but you took Tami’s side-Good for the Shaq-because you r jus low-Jennifer get a personality-here is some truth-You didn’t LOVE Eric-you just wanted his money-it is so clear but yu git what u got because you r a liar n married him for his money-you act like you hav class but you have none-you eat seafood -right-acting squeemish -really-well u cant cook it dirty right -it has tobe clean..I mean you are so FAKE-get a grip….Meeka leave the show n SUE Shaunie too!!!! she is not your fren n good for putting dump bell Suzie in her place-drop her like hot potato n go on with your life….n go easy on the talking sweetie-u have class n beautiful skin!!!

  157. Mel says:

    So ladies allow me to pose a few questions,
    1. What strategizes can we take to get Basketball Wives off the air?
    2. As women of color, how can we show more love and solidarity to one another?
    3. How can we depict to the world there are many positive African American women as role models?

    The reason why I pose those question above because I was flipping through the channels last night and caught these women fighting; which was very ignorant to watch two adults fight. I had to set the timer on my television to watch the show from the beginning to observe the causality this violent behavior between the two women. Also, I had to come on the blog and review what people are saying about these women who are not representing themselves in a professional or positive manner and in addition depicting to the world that this is how all African American women carry themselves. I’m an African American younger women who is about to leave the country for two years and I do not want to have to always prove to my foreign colleagues that I’m not like those women that they inadvertently watch on television (i.e., violent, loud, not loyal, angry, jealous, and promiscuous).

    If I were other wives of basketball players I would not want to be so quick to try to get onto the show. Vh1 need to take the show off the aired. There are more important issues occurring then this form of ignorance. For instance Vh1 and these ignorant women will still get paid, while individuals who are low income may have their social security cut. Let’s focus on increasing the debt ceiling and put our energy towards getting President Obama to serve another term as President instead of investing our energy towards this stupidity of a reality show.

    Lastly Meeka, sue the Tami she attacked you as though you were an animal species who was trying to harm her children. I do not condone violence and we are not animals we should not solve our differences in that vicious manner. I know how I am; I love my skin, face, and hair too much to fight so SUE.

    Meeka, I would have called the police in Rome and press charges after the attack because Rome laws are different from America’s laws and trust me individuals do not want to be put into a foreign jail it’s not good. Tami may have learned her lesson if you would have called Rome police department and pressed charges against her while in Rome. They would have immediately arrest Tami and either placed her in their jail and/or contacted the US Embassy and departed her back to the US. Meeka remember that approach, you could continuing enjoy your trip and be cordial with the ladies. Meeka, you do not have to be in the in crowd all the time. You could have tour Rome and met wonderful people and had fun doing it by yourself at times. Yes, those negative ladies would have talked but all well people are going to talk about you if you’re alive or dead so what have fun. I’m quick to go places alone if the energy in the atmosphere is not welcoming and/or negative, I would have taken pictures, went to museums, exercise, went restaurants, etc. I guaranteed you would’ve enjoy yourself and been educated simultaneously while at Rome.

  158. shanna says:

    first of all i use 2 like tami but now thing have change you need 2 check yourself tami with all this anger u have in u , your daughters see how u react 2 everything .Girl u need help cause there is somebody out there who is not afraid of u . Suzie u act like u need a friend bad, Shaunie u soooo messy its a dam shame, Eve nobody care about u and Chad just be happy, Jen no words for u just dum.

  159. REALLY says:

    Shaunie you should change the name to “BASKETBALL WIVES REJECTS”..except for Meeka, she is married.

  160. Jai says:

    This is sad that this has happen on Basketball wives. I now have less respect for this tv show.

  161. Denese says:

    Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself with bringing this type of BS to television. This show brings nothing positive to the image of basketball wives or girlfriends YOU simply perpetuate the negative images even further. Shame on you

    Jennifer move on from this show – woman up and leave – this BS will follow you a long time if you don’t especially if you trying to get a business off the ground. Perhaps you could have kept your husband if you wanted him and not your girls instead. Remember misery loves company. You are educated make better choices.

    Evelyn do you really think Chad is a good man for you or does money and fame mean so much to you that you lack real judgement and this is what your girl Jenn been feeling about the whole situation and couldn’t bring it too you because she knows you are desparate.

    Shaunie why aren’t you raising your children and providing a positive lifestyle for them.

    Tammi you are straight up a bully and you got everyone on the show scared of you but you haven’t met the right person to bust you down yet.

    Royce more power to you for truly keeping it real . Suzie – WEAK and WEAKER

    Meeka find you a better set of friends because these people are not in your corner and never will be and also get you a good attorney and hit Tammi where it will hurt her put some handcuffs on that low life. More important Meeka learn people before you assume anything about them – Most important – Stop talking so much and trying to fit in – these are PROs at being nothing and playing games and bring full court press drama. You are out of your league with them.

  162. gwms says:

    meeka girl you keep your head up and please sue that hood rate for what she got which is nothing the way she dress and look talking about you look like a man she look like one and who she think she is and the way she dress glade you stand up for your self atleast she know that you are not scare of her like the others girls are

  163. GLORIA says:

    This has to be a fake show!!! I can’t believe grown women conduct themselves that way….I will never watch this show agin. (I was in the room with my daughter) I am a older adult and I can’t see where this is a education or role models for young ladies…LETS GET THIS SHOW CANCELLED….ANYONE WITH ME????

  164. gwms says:

    tami you know you said what meeka said you said you got mad cause she call you out if the show would have played it back they will see that you said that and suzie you is what people call brown mouth with your man look self i see why you donlt have any friends and you will never have any

  165. Juicyb16 says:

    If I were Meeka, Tami would have been spending the night I jail and then slapped her with a lawsuit..

  166. GLORIA says:

    Hey Meeka don;t go around losers….Shaunie I thought you were mature????

  167. GLORIA says:


  168. Nanny says:

    Everyone needs to scroll down and read “My2Cents” blog! It’s on point!!!!

  169. Ti'Ara Wright says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaa tammi. she my girl and i dnt feel like she was wrong cus meka tried to act dumb founded and suszie she didnt even wanna tell meka she told tammi but it is wat it is TAMMI MY G!! AND SHE ALWAYS KEEP IT 100!!!!!

  170. esther says:

    You must enter a comment

  171. Atl's Finest says:

    Tami is still my favorite basketball wife. Tami keeps it 1000 % real and I love her for that, she says what she means and means what she says no sugar coating. Meeka has been asking for it since day one running her mouth and of course talking around in circles. She really didn’t know what she signed up for ” a can of tore dat a$$ up” LOL. Tami continue to ignore the haters, they just mad because they can’t drink a budlight and still look as good as you do. Tami you are and will always be the most down to earth reality star there is.

  172. Rose says:

    It seems that I am not the only one who found this horendous, embarrassing display of classlessness offensive !! The reaction I had to this misrepresentation of women (of any color) was surprising. Tami is the school yard bully and seems to have confidantly gained the respect and loyalty of the pack. Like an animal, she sucker punches her prey and then allows the pack to feed off her kill. Suzie, if you never meant for all that to happen why tattle back to the gang? Are you so insecure that you must offer up a scarifice ? How many drinks does it take to release the “real” nasty, ghetto rage that is always simmering just below the surface with more than one of our “ladies” ?? Shaunie steps back into her producer mode and must condone these outrages acts of violence, There’s reality tv but girlfriend this is trash and earns the Ugly American tag through out Rome, Between your show and the mobwives and the Jersey guidettes, American women look like a bunch of no class, ignorant caricatures of our absolute worst bahavior. Ratings or not, Tami unchecked is a deal breaker for me so please re- think your reality and present these beautiful,diverse women as you did in the beginning. Pull your show up from the gutter. I remain a fan.

  173. Dee says:

    i read some of the comments and i can’t believe what i am reading. even thou Tami may have handled the situation wrong, she had every right to confront Meeka about Her fakeness and her mouth. She was confronted with the truth about the things the she was saying on more than one occassion and tried to lie and weedle her way out of it. and that is what you call CLASSLESS. all of the girls told her to watch what say and who she is saying it to. but she kept up that nonsense and she got what she got. and what’s crazy is the Meeka does not fault in this situation.

  174. dot walk says:

    i am so glad Meeka is suing that crazy Tamy.She is out of hand and has no class at all.Too bad Meeka can’t sue Shauna because she knew what to expect when Tamy moved over near Meeka

  175. DebraKay says:

    I never was one to “beg” someone to be my friend. Either you like me or you don’t. Meeka, these women don’t like you and never will. Stop being the object of their wrath. Move on. You know, there is more to life than drinking, gossiping, instigating ill will and fighting. I never see these chicks give back to the community or do anything positive. They no longer have Royce to pick on so you were the next one in line. Step off so that they can once again turn on each other.

  176. Dee says:

    from time to time I watch this show….the more i watch it the more ignorant and stupid it is. these are grown women carrying on like elementary kids on the playground.
    Shaunie – thought you had wrong was i… sit and watch and subtly egg it on..these women around you are naive.
    Evelyn – last season you and tami were at odd it is that you are looking after her best interest now..and to turn on poor jen like that…you want her to be happy for you after you all talked her into a divorce last season..come on…one thing i can say is that you do keep it reall.
    Jen – oh how the tables are turned know how they are so why let it slip like that..hope you and evelyn can truly mend the fences.
    Suzie – you are a coward…scary too..just have to fit in and will through people under the bus just to keep tami off you butt.
    Royce – at least you have the courage of your convictions..hoochie fied yes, but you ain’t no fool.
    Tami – grow up. you are toooooo old to behaving the way you do on national television..this is pathetic…..your life should have more meaning than willfully hurting others and constantly living off he said she said…by the way you assaulted that young woman..that was not self defense…it’s on film
    Meeka – leave these gals has been nothing but gossip and trouble for you since yet came in the a physical assault against you by a low esteem person who wants to drag down with her. no amount of money is worth you loosing your dignity on national tv.
    By he way why is the show called basketball wives…only meeka and jen are actually wives and jen is soon to be an ex wife listening to her remedial friends….these men don’t want women that behave the way you do, especially in public, let alone on national tv
    I have said my peace and I will not watch the crazy wanna gals i mean groupies anymore

  177. Sexysinful says:

    OMG what happened lastnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tami should of never did that now she gotta pay the price

  178. texastee129 says:

    I think Suzie is the problem in this group.She cant keep her mouth closed. If she could just listen to whatever is being vented by the other ladies, she should just keep it to herself. Keep her off the trips and they may go more smoothly.Meeka is a wannabelong but her style doesnt fit into this group of ladies.

  179. DebbiD says:

    What Meeka s/h done was to have Tami’s a** arrested in Italy. This show is a disgrace to women of color. Everyone on B-Ball wives is afraid on Tami including Shaunie. TAMI is the BIG BULLY and a BUFFOON

  180. You must enter a comment

  181. Piper says:

    Can anyone tell me what episode Tami asked Meeka, what side was on?

  182. Ms. S says:

    This show, especially the foolishness that went on last night, is a disgrace to all women of color. As a grown women of color I cannot believe that adult women could act like this. Tami’s behavior was not only out of line it was unlawful and childish she deserves what she gets.

  183. Lori says:

    For Tammi to have so much hate for Meeka and just be ready to annilate this woman she has to have a serious problem. I think she is very envious of Meeka because Meeka has everything Tammi does not. Meeka has a husband, (who is not known for being a womanizer), Meeka has a career, Meeka is classy, Meeka has money and Meeka for most part is laid back and cool. Tammi is a ghetto hood rat and she tries to speakt articulately but she is very bitter that her ex cheated, left her butt broke, then married a white woman. Bottom line Tammi is a hater!

  184. WildBill says:

    I watched this show for the first (and last) time today. I do not see the point of this show. The show is not entertaining, not informative, not interesting, not funny, not even sexy. It is not even a good train-wreck. I was so moved by the show’s stupidity, that I had to come here and see what people are saying about it. Here’s my take on it: A reality series that “attempts” to show the glamorous lives of classy, intelligent, empowered, beautiful wives and mothers. FAIL!!! >These women are not glamorous: They visited the Roman Coliseum dressed like club sluts! The Italians (known for sense of style) were looking at them like “Che un mucchio di stupide troie Americane”. >These women are not intelligent: Intelligent people talk about philosophy, science, literature, art, events, and ideas. These women act like they never left high-scool with all that “she said that she said…”, “she’s so fake…” childish behavior. >These women are not classy: They are perfect examples that money can not buy class. Their vocabulary is disgusting, and their behavior in public is appalling! >They are not beautiful: Although most are physically attractive, when you see their personalities that changes to repulsive. >They are not even wives: I can see why. I can’t believe anyone would willingly participate in this show. It is an embarassment to women, wives, mothers, African-Americans, and America in general. TNS

  185. snickers says:

    She should also sue Shaunie as the producer as well. I hope she wins. I am so tired of seeing Black women portrayed as ignorant, loud, bossy uneducated fools.

  186. TAZ says:


  187. MeDia says:

    Stop runnin yo trapp n u wont be…..Punched N the FACE……

  188. Amelia says:

    Susie how immature and you are. Ugh. Enough of the she-said-she-said Susie. Your days are numbered. Royce was right, you are bound to get burnt because you do not keep your mouth shut.Tami acts like she just was released from a man’s maximum security prison. No class whatsoever. I was never a Tami fan. Tami always looked broke and yes, she has a bad weave all the time. She looks like she gets her hair done in her kitchen. She’s a bully and she is jealous. Everyone of those ladies except Tami has money. Regardless if they have acquired it from being a baby momma to an NBA player. Tami is a broke $%^&. She is just as two faced because she called those ladies fake and phony. Shaunie can do a better job at putting out these fires before they get started. I do not understand why she cannot do a better job managing Tami. They were acting like a bunch of mean girls teasing Meeka at the dinner table about how she talks. Meeka could have definitely come on the scene a little better. (Don’t get it twisted, Speedy Claxon’s NBA contract was legit) Meanwhile back on the ranch, I guess Meeka did the classic. She went after the biggest, loudest, foulest, most disgusting one there is–Tami. She decided to take the biggest troll down and it snow balled. Chicks like Tami are envious and insecure. Why else would she take it there. Well if any of the ladies are reading this blog, I would ask them to get back to the business of being business women, career women and more positive. Stop fighting and tearing each other down with gossip and hate.

  189. Deb says:

    Good for Meeka. That’s the adult way to handle this mess. Somebody just constantly grating on your nerves with the “did you say that?” “did you say this?” These are grown women and this show is getting embarrassing, sickening, ignorant, disgusting and too childish to follow anymore.

  190. Deb says:

    I so AGREE WITH Wild Bill. Thank you!

  191. anna says:

    all i know is meeka came in starting stuff,she hated on royce,and tami for their past.she didnt know them personally,she got what she deserved.

  192. Grandy Dee says:

    Meeka don’t fall for the new trash TV. This does not make any sense at all for black women to embarras themselves on TV. I think all of you owe black people of America an apology. We are already getting crushed in this by other races, you all make us look even worse. Where are your manners. You all have kids. Stop! IT!

  193. SlimCarol says:

    Wow, I thought I watching “Wrestmania ” last night. When I see Tammi without earrings, look-out someone is going to get a beat-down. Tammi, question for you. With 2 young ladies as daughters, what type of role model are you? I think its a disgrace the way you behave. It’s really sad that you and these women have to slower your standards and set us woman back for the sake of the ratings. Thank God, for Single Ladies! A classy show, with self respecting women. Thank you, Queen Latifah for bringing us a class-act show.

  194. kathy says:

    Good for Meeka! Tami is out of control, which she has been since season 1. Shame on Shaunie for inviting her to join the cast and then treating her poorly. Perhaps it’s because of a potential contract of a spin off with Evelyn and Ocho. The spin off should of been Evelyn and Jen…that would of been interesting. Suzie needs to sit down somewhere with her troubled self . Tami needs to hurt where it counts..the raging banchee!!! Love Jen, however. Tami kids don’t even want her around them, that should tell you something. And Royce, doesn’t give a damn because she’s getting paid by her baby daddy anyway. TEAM MEEKA!!!

  195. Elizabeth says:

    Meeka should sue Shaunie instead of Tami, and perhaps Suzie for instigating. Suzie was the one telling all. meeka talks too much. When you come into a new situation be it job,friendship etc. you need to sit back ans watch how things are done. Instead, she brought her lip service full force. i realize editing was done but come Meeka,shut, SHUT your mouth. you knew not who you were talking to. just kept talking trying to fit in. Tami,slapped that head,but she told you to never put your hands in her face.
    This entire show is trashy, these women put an all time low to women in general. Grown a– women acting like ghetto rats.
    Shaunie new the sh– would hit the fan. She wanted her ratings to go up. Just as Evelyn and Tami. Shaunie tole Evelyn to tell Tami that info. Leaving Royce out the one person Tami listens to.. Shaunie stand back but is every bit responsible. Meeka you have a husband and kids. LEAVE this messy show for your own sake and that of your family.

  196. Dia4real says:

    Ok just so we are clear–i don’t think that Tammi should’ve hit Meeka, BUT I UNDERSTAND! Let this be a lesson for all slick talking two-faced cowards, YOU CANNOT BE A COWARD & MESSY at the same time. That is an either/or situation. If you are a coward you are scared of confrontation, therefore your mouth should only speak of positive things. Mess brings the possiblility of an azzwhippin’, so be warned. Meeka is not classy, nor does she have intergrity! She spoke of being a wife, mother and businesswoman, maybe that should have been her topic of discussion instead of talking trash about Tammi and Royce to try and fit in where she obviously does not belong. All that slick talking did was get her face smacked!! Her name should be changed to KEE-KEE, because she Kee-kee’d in Tammi’s face as if she was okay with her, then when she hung out with Ev & Jen, she bashed her?? Once again, i’m not saying Tammi should have smacked her—BUT I OVERSTAND!!

  197. Diamond says:

    The only thing I gotta say is these woman have no CLASS, out of the the women I like Tammy probably because I remember from The Real World but back in the day Tammy was fighting then Ma you really need to handle that anger because every week you arguing or fighting even with you daughters. But I still like you because you keep it real and if you don’t like someone you let him know how you feel. Meeka you came in wrong ,in the begining. You didn’t know anyone and you started off all wrong and then you talking to other woman about someone they already knew, you should have just chilled out and feel everyone out and thing make your decision who you wanted to hang with but now nobody likes you. Suzie just your DAM mouth you talk to much, I mean dag as soon as someone tell her something she talking your just plain stupid. I just saying this is very embarassing to watch sometimes show some class and get along your not in high school.

  198. lcook says:

    The fight between Tami & Meeka was so high schoolish…I can’t believe women of their age and statue are carrying on in such a way, and what’s even more surprising is that the women with them support the behavior….none of the other ladies, especially Shaunie told Tami that her behavior is inappropriate. If anyone should have been jumped was Susie for carrying the bone. I totally support Meeka for standing up for herself and not following along with the crowd. I’m not exactly sure why Tami is there…is she a true Basketball wife. Actually, what’s the criteria to be a basketball wife. Actually, I was enjoying the show for the most part but the fight, Tami attitude and behavior, the cursing, etc…brought me back to high school…a place I’ve never wanted to return too, so this is probably my last show…Shaunie since you are one of the Producers of the show….some things just aren’t worth showing even for ratings!!!!

  199. Maria says:

    Did everybody miss the fact that Tami was trying to squash the situation, This stupid girl Meka had to go poppin her gums to Suzie after Tami had decided to leave the isssue alone, so for all the stupid people that think you need to pop off at the mouth about whatever you know none of these ladies really dont like you hell how could they they dont even know you. Ture maybe Tami should not have knocked her stupid tail in the face but Ms Meka came like she was all hard and stuff staring crap with Tami,for real she should not have come at Tami at the Polo match, thats really what kicked the real mess off, I knew it was gonna be down hill from there.
    Anyway there is a comment on here about Tami being broke but I’m sure she got more money than you so what does that matter the other girls just pick the right one…. This is for Shaunie Where the hell did you find Meka’s ugly ass, I’m not a basketball wife but I am a ballers wife and you can pay me to be on the show

  200. nikki says:

    i think suzie talks to much an through all off da fights its because of suzie she is fake

  201. maria says:

    Hell if somebody was talkin crap on me they would get hammered too and I am a well educated woman with a masters and I would still whip that tail. The problem now a days with folks is they always want to talk mess but never want to back it up. Words to the wise or stupid which ever you are keep your mouth shut or get ready to throw down.

  202. wilette says:

    Tamie, you need to give Susie a good ole fashion ass kicking, and teach her how not to gossup, let her know that she dont repeat everything that is told to her.

  203. betty b says:

    If we stop watching this train wreck of a show then they would not having the ratings to continue this show . We move two steps forward and the Tamis of this world kicks us back 4 steps. I applaud Meeka for leaving and keeping her dignity intact…no matter what she did Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie would still not accept her…they didn’t give her a fair chance from the moment she came on the show. I guess shows that promote mature, strong business women types are too boring for networks to want to produce.

  204. Nanna says:

    Ok…seems like everyone is hating on Tami. Does anyone recall when Meeka and Tami first met. Tami let her know from jumpstreet, “you don’t know me enough to put your hand in my face”. Look at the insert from last night’s episode. Meeka’s finger is in Tami’s face. Tami is not a hater. She just don’t like fake people. She like for you to be real with her, up front. Same as Evelyn. They have always said that. Nothing new. Meeka is a motor mouth!!! Plain and simple. She was never up front and honest. She never had a conversation to Tami about what she said to everyone else about Tami; even after given plenty of opportunities to do so. Every conversation has always been a behind Tami’s back (with a called meeting initiated by Meeka). Why would you put the other girls in an awkward position like that knowing they have been friends to each other longer than you have. Then when it hit the fan… you dance around what was said and made it always seem as though you didn’t say what you said and as though the other girls made a statement which prompted you to come out of one side of your face. Meeka is a hypocrite!! Who ever think Meeka is classy need rethink the meaning. This is a top notch “classless” b@%*h. Meeka is phony!! You are the new kid on the block!! What you did was not cool!!! I’m not condoning fighting but it was bound to happen. First impressions are lasting inpressions. You came in doing a lot of talking, forming your opinion of everyone with emphasis on Tami and Royce. Instead of talking to them as a group to find out how they are as a person and allow them to form their opinion about you; you choose to have separate meetings with each one of them, targeting Royce and Tami. Instead you built a bad rapport between you and the cirlce. As far as Suzie is concern (she does have diarrhea of the mouth); however, so does Meeka! She don’t know when to shut up!!! Suzie didn’t throw Meeka under the bus; Meeka threw her own a** under the bus!! I hope they oust your phony butt!!!

  205. KLuv says:

    I had a lot to say but real talk I totally agree with “Dee”;comment posted at July 26,2011 @1:41. Not trying to ride but everything I wanted to say is in that comment. Me being me tho I will add on with this. People need to stop and find themselves and stop trying to be apart of something that from the beginning was nothing. Be your on and stand you ground. Pss castmate Suzie you already fired because you the damn tape recorder hun! CANT HOLD WATER!

  206. well, I do not understand why grown women would carry on so much like Jr. High School, girls alway repeating what the next grown lady had said. Can’t the writers, or the producers of the show think of anything to write about what Tom,Dick,and harry, said. Do like Everlyn has done and found herself a man to settled down with. Please I liked the show but it is time to changed the script. and some people.

  207. Marie T says:

    Grown women with any kind of sense do not behave this way!

  208. chinky eyes says:

    To maria and anyone else who defends tammi actions – having a degree don’t make you educated – when you are real you are covered from all angles including integrity – who fights everyone who don’t bow down to them, that’s ignorant. And for you saying you’re educated and agree with bullying reveals your true level of intelligence. Oxymoron…being real don’t mean being ghetto. tammi was fighting meka for the same thing she did. Backbiting, double talking. Wow.

  209. Toni says:

    Tami is a bully! I wish Meeka had a little heart – I would have bust Tami dead in her face!! Suzi is a big mouth trouble making, scared punk! This entire show is ridiculous. These women have no class including Shaquil’s EX Wife. It’s terrible there aren’t any shows that depict black women in a positive light. The women on this show are too old to be acting like Teenage Mean Ghetto Girls! The forty and over crew have hit a new low…

  210. 1curly says:

    I cannot believe that such nice looking ladies are so juvenile. They have money but money cannot change ignorant behavior. Shaquille’s ex-wife is the worst. Throwing the rock and hiding the hand. She knew something bad would happen by inviting Meeka on that trip. They are all bullies. I don’t blame Meeka for suing Tami. Tami needs to run up on the right person and I guarantee you she would never get up in another person’s face again. Susie is just pitiful. None of the ladies are genuine.

  211. I think that thay are 2. old for that . Meeks talk 2 much and all Tami wont 2 do is fight . Thay all act like kids.Evely like 2 keep things going she is a s starder

  212. Deb says:

    Does anyone on here truly believe that blogger Maria has a “masters?” [sic] her spelling and description, not mine. LOL! Yea, she’s a fan of this stuff for life. smh.

  213. Willa says:

    I’m offended by the actions of all of those women, especially Tami and Susie. It felt like a high school rivalry where no one came to the defense of Ms. Claxton, and everyone just wanted to see a beatdown. Susie knows exactly how it feels to be the victim of such venom. She should’ve known better. As beautiful on the outside Tami is, she’s obviously an ugly individual on the inside, and appears to suffer from some type of bi-polar mania. No one ever called Tami on her disposition, and if they are truly her friends, then they would’ve let her know her actions were petty and uncalled for. At one time I considered these ladies a class act, but I will never watch this show again. Real ladies and real friends don’t carry on like this. It’s shameful to see such carryingon. I would never want to be a part of something so vicious that badly. Ms. Jen saw just how quickly her girl turned on her. The difference is that Ms. Shaunie and Tami came to her defense. Pure child’s play.

  214. LilyWhite says:

    I’m a white woman, educated and self employed. My friends pretty much mirror who I am as well. I would like to this opportunity for what it’s worth to express my opinion in regards to the last episode.

    I make it a point to get everyone together to view this show weekly. And I have to say it’s very enjoyable. Thank you ladies, (and I use this word loosely) you make our evening. We laugh and laugh and laugh it is such a funny show! Just thinking about it makes me smile real big! (wink wink)

  215. DOWNING CALUMET says:

    The” black” comment shows that we are still enslaved. I was shocked that the other ladies just sat by and let the violence and humiliation rage. We do not have to worry about being attacked by others. We are professionals assassins. Shaunie— wow… and you have children? I think the Eve and Jen relationship is interesting. I think Jen’s radio comments were sincere. I think she meant to be “hurtful”. Eric tried to worn her about “her girL”. Now, we don’t know what Eric did… but Jen needs to grow up. Are the women getting paid to act out?

  216. Pat S says:

    Meeka should just leave the show find an other way to get your 15 mins of fame and keep your dignity. Suzie must of been shut out in high school and is trying to still be in the click grow up Suzie and get over it. Tami wow what a looser she must make her x her daughters her mother so ashamed she acts like a wild animal instead of a grown woman and she is a liar she did say what Meeka said she said that’s why she was so angry she got caught just roll the tape!

  217. DOWNING CALUMET says:

    p.s. Suzie’s comment about liking everyone’s weave and one of the women stoked her hair… Can’t remember who it was … probably Jen…was the cherry on the cake.
    Look dummies— yall got weaves—but I don’t…
    I think Suzie is the real hero.. She is watching the gladiators fight while she looks on.
    Royce is a non-entity — give her another “man” .
    For a while, I was pulling for Evelyn, but I guess she is too ———– stand for something,

  218. Olivia says:

    First – Shaunie, these women look up to you and I know they are grown women, but this is what, the third time Tami has gotten violent with one of the women? Shaunie, you want to come off as classy and tackful but to surround yourself with wild women like Tami and pretty much be ok with it says alot about you as a black woman, and a mother of future black women. The ratiings aren’t worth having the world see black women acting out the sterotype that all black women are angry and want to fight.

    Second – Tami, you too are mother of beautiful black young ladies and this is the example you want to set for your girls. I understand getting your point across but you ran that subject in the ground. I could be wrong but you look to be still seriously bitter, hurt and crazy angry about your prior marriage and as a result, whatever chance you get to go off you do. I hope your girls have stronger, and more stable black women in their lives other than you, at this time. You seriously need help.
    I watched ths show faithfully,but after seeing this last fight in Italy, I believe this show needs to be revamped by replacing Tami or completely removed from airing on television. I hope they replace Tami and get more classy real basketball wives on the show. Who can bring drama with class.

  219. Olivia says:

    VH1 – Please drop this mess and give Single Ladies both time slots. Love the positive, successful, black women on that show. Basketball Wives is a disgrace to black women. Honestly, everytime the go on a trip or any kind of outing they never really look like they have a good time. It’s just getting ghetto and fake. These so called former basketball wives or girlfriends that want to give the impression that they are living the grand life and it looks like everytime they are at their home it’s a one bedroom apartment that has little furniture. They never talk about business or bettering their self. Shaunie of course is living that glam life,but the other women look to be putting on a serious front.

  220. Cia says:

    Tami, needs “THERAPY”….
    Susie, needs to learn to stop people dead in the tracks when they start talking about each other.. This way she will not be in the middle of anything.
    Evelyn…. Still out on her
    Jennifer… Get a spine
    Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie…

  221. Cia says:

    I’ve read some of the comments and it would not matter so much if the same person was not the one clashing with everyone. If you listened to her say she does not give a about Royce. Tammi, moved from her position on the couch toward Meeka, so she was itching to have a physical altercation. There were two particular things that stood out in the comments. “I am a white woman” and my friends and I sit around and talk about the women on this show… Class Clowns… Then there is “Maria” masters in what? I am floored to say the least… Women with true class neither backstab, gossip like school girls or have physical altercations. Either you are friends or you remove yourself from the situation. I strongly believe “Tammi” needs some serious long term therapy… Anger issues for sure…

  222. Angela A says:

    I have to say this …. Tami Roman is a classless bully, a tacky, ghetto girl. I can’t even call her a woman because a woman is an adult and her children act more like adults then she does. All of you “girls’ act like like mean 15 year old high schoolers. You are all mothers and wives(or almost) you should attempt to carry yourselves with some CLASS and dignity, for you children’s sake at least.
    By the way Tami, Meeka’s attorney will have a slam dunk for a case against you all he needs are episode of this show to show a pattern of behavior from you. You should settle.

  223. Kathy says:

    I am so tired of people talking about Tami being real, keepin’ it real, being 100. I used to believe the same and I truly liked her, but Tami is just as fake as the rest. When Tami and Royce had met Meeka for lunch (or something) and Tami had gotten wind of sometthing Meeka had said about Royce, I didn’t know until this last episode that her informant was Evelyn, and if memory serves me correctly, Tami and Evelyn were suppose to be at odds with one another at that time. Tami also laughed when the “mean girls” were making fun of Royce and didn’t defend “her girl” until Jen made her catty remarks about Royce’s love life. I don’t believe her failure to tell Royce about her going to Italy was an oversight; Tami is just FAKE. She wanted so badly to be with the “fake girls” (and yes she did call them that) that nothing else mattered. She hated the fact that Meeka was trying to take her (Tami’s) seat at the table and that’s why she was so angry. And no, I don’t like Meeka either, for she and Tami both are cut from the same cloth. The only difference I see between the two is that Tami is more boorish and aggressive. I’m glad that Meeka is suing, but I really wish that none of this drama had happened in the first place. I wish Shaunie had taken the time to expose us viewers to Italy’s culture instead of exposing Italy to ours. It would have been less dramatic but a heck of a lot more interesting! I don’t think I will watch any more of this crap. And I refuse to talk about Suzie — she’s just not worth it!

  224. CC says:


  225. carla mitchell says:

    love you ladies! tami, keep kicking ass and taking names later

  226. Kee Kee says:

    Typical trash.

    Tami is an uneducated hood rat.

  227. t d says:

    Why did Tammi think it was ok to comment Meeka’s color? If a white person had commented on Meeka’s color we’d be furiuos. For Tammi to try can beat Meeka into submission is crazy. The whole thing is crazy.

  228. crisco says:

    I am puzzled. When Tami went to Evelyn’s store to confront her about the t-shirts and they got into it, Tami said she wanted to bust Evelyn in the mouth, but wouldn’t because she would get sued, and that Evelyn was “lucky” that stopped her. Hmmmmm. So then why would she palm Meeka in the face for all of the planet to see? Did she think because this is the third season no one can get sued anymore? I was with Tami. BUT, she jumped on Meeka for nothing! For once Meeka told the truth. Tami DID say that about those girls. Although she did use the word “popular”, “fake” and “phony” was said too. When she lied about it, I just shook my head. Ms. “I’m so Real”!! Really? I don’t care that Tami talked about them because they all talk about each other and then try to act outraged when they find out about it, I just can’t believe she didn’t fess up like she is always telling other people to do. She has totally made herself look like a hypocrite, not to mention she contradicted herself. I had to laugh when she realized she was going to be in big trouble and said ” I felt threatened so I defended myself”. That’s her story and she’s stickin’ to it y’all! Once again the whole planet saw Meeka’s hands were down and she had turned to slimy Susie when Tami made the wrong decision. Now what ? That was so silly. Meeka (whom I have no love for) now has the upper hand! Dang Tami.

  229. You must enter a comment

  230. cutiepie says:

    Tami just handle her business. Meeka should of told her how she feel about her and everything could of be cool with them. Tami was willing to call a truth but Meeka keep running talk so Tami just made it happen hate it for you girl.(JUST KEEP IT REAL THE NEXT TIME YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF.)

  231. sari says:

    In my opinion she should get sued. She needs to learn she can’t just put her hands on people when she wants to and make threats. People are always going to talk about you. You can’t fight everybody.

  232. veronica says:

    why should meeka sue tammy when she should of kept her mouth shut. meeka come to the show with a lot of drama.sit down meeka and accept what you got in the mouth

  233. i really think tammi should be kick off the show she a drama since she been on he show love to fight and she do need to sued that talk about jesus christ every day.

  234. Franny says:

    Why is this show called basketball wives? who is a wife? In the other housewife reality shows most of the women are uh, MARRIED. I have lost respect for Shaunie who turned out to be a well speaking classless woman. I think she too stirs the pot and obviously for ratings since she produces the show. But honestly, I can go watch this violent behavior on you tube under :girls gone wild. Tami, sure you speak your mind but does it always have to end up in a fight ? Must everything turn to your fists flying, are your words not enough to defend what you have to say? This show has crossed the line, If I was Meeka, not only would I sue Tami I would also sue the show. Tami has put her hands on other cast members and I don’t anticipate a judge ruling in her favor.

  235. WB says:

    What a cover up! Tami was wrong for hitting Meeka and she lied about the fact that she called the girls phony. Tami is not as real as she should be. There is no reason why she should not have confessed and said that she said those things. I think that they would have respected her more for telling the truth.
    No one has the right to put their hands on anyone. I agree, Meeka has the right to hurt her where it counts-her pocketbook. When the reunion show comes, the girls will realize that Tami duped them.

  236. Light Skin vs Dark Skin says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t even bring it up but being a dark skin black woman I have to make this statement. The media always portrays black women poorly but they especially make dark skin black women look worst. How does this relate to basketball wives? I get a little laugh seeing that all the women that has an ounce of class are darker (Jennifer and Meeka although she talks too much) and all the “ghetto bunnies” are light skin (Tami, Evelyn, Susie). Just an observation.

  237. Light Skin vs Dark Skin says:

    Meeka and Jennifer are wives and the light skin girls are baby mamas. Shauna too was a baby mama before she became a wife.

  238. Nancy says:

    Tami is such a getto idiot ,even her kids dont want her involved in their music career.
    Even her kids are embarresed of her .tami needs to be a mature women and stop being an immature asshole ,getto chick ,i HOPE MEEKA SUE HER FOR EVER SHE CAN GET AND i hope tami goes to jail were she belomgs with the hood rats with no class !

  239. Y.P. says:

    Tammy is extremely comfortable in her ignorance. Still looking and living like she gets dressed out of the trunk of her car! I hope the pay check from this show is worthy..their poor kids.

  240. Jo says:

    I think Tami is classless and needs to grow up! She was very childish throughout the whole episode. Meeka apologized and if she can’t be an adult about it then she deserves what’s coming to her! Suzy has diarrhea of the mouth. and only created drama that was necessary. Evelyn is right about her being nosy as well because she was looking forward to some more drama. everyone on this show minus Shaunie needs to grow up!

  241. LECKETH says:


  242. EOA says:

    After watching the episode in which Tami hit Meeka, i was completely abhorred. Who puts her hands on another individual?. i think Tami has a huge anger and emotional problems. She seems to come out as tough but in reality is a pathetic ,angry lonely person. As a mother she needs to thick twice about what she does so that she does not embarrass herself and her kids. I think this show has no moral story and should not be encouraged. these are ll ex-wives ( with the exception of Meeka) who have no jobs and nothing profitable to offer to society than to pour their frustration on life at the throats of each other. This show should be titled Basketball EX-Wives because they are not current wives. The whole fake glamor and expensive trips are a camouflage of a deep underlining emotional emptiness that these women have. I am glad Meeka left Rome because it wasn’t worth it. For Susie i think she had no business going back to fuel the fire after knowing dam well that Meeka wanted to create peace with Tami. what Meeka told Susie during lunch was for her ears only, and going back to spill out the bean to Evelyn was absolutely unnecessary. this really shows the type of person she is. I think Shaunie needs to evaluate this whole show since she is the executive producer and ask herself if this show has any moral lessons for young people to learn form. this is a show that has a lot of violence and i think if VH1 wants high ratings they can do so with programs that are healthy and eliminate the drama because seriously they are unnecessary and silly.

  243. Jackie says:


    If you do your research you would know that Meeka is Baller. Her husband is a retired NBA player and basketball scout and Meeka herself has her own Luxury Relocation business. She helps multimillionaire athletes relocate to new cities. So, she aint broke and certainly does not need Tami’s phantom money. Meeka is really trying to teach Tami a lesson and she is doing it with class. If Tami would grow up, learn to be a professional, control her temper she could be a successful business woman like Meeka. You can’t go into corporate America cursing people out and attacking them for some childish reasons, you have to communicate like an adult. More than likely, Tami only road to success is getting on a reality show and acting like a fool. Shame

  244. Stella says:

    Jennifer now I know why you kiss Evelyn’s a–, she has some dirt on you and she could tell Eric. I for one hope he finds out, because you tried to make him think that it was his fault you were divorcing him. You are trashy just like Evelyn and none of you have realized that Shaunie is making money off of all of your ignorant behavior. Why not ask her what she says about each of you when she is with the baby, she has for a boyfriend. Tami is psychotic, she should have therapy, I know why her kids do not want her involved in their business, they even said that she is a drama queen and want attention. If i had been Meeka, I would have knocked Tami into the next week, she is a fool that thinks she can hit someone and they do nothing. Meeka, since there is tape of this happening in Italy, file charges on her there as well as in the United States. Let your daughters know that they have options under the law if anyone wishes to put their hands on them. Jails are people like Tami and Evelyn, they should suffer the consequences of their actions. For heaven’s sake, do not drop the law suit and stay away from that type of trash. You have a right to express your opinion as they do, who are they to dictate what you can and can not say. they are not God. Meeka, you have much more class than the rest. Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer and Suzy should be part of the lawsuit because they knew that Tami was going to do something to you. what does your husband have to say about the ordeal Meeka? they a look at the tapes when they do their individual interviews, there is evidence they knew before the fight happened. And for those that side with Tami, you are no better than she, stop being bullies, remember some of you have kids or will have and how would you like it if someone did that to your children. Show love not hate. God created all of us as equals. Start praying and for the love of God, stop the violence. A house divided can not stand and if we are not together as a nation and a people, others will take advantage of it and destroy us. Bullies are mere cowards

  245. Love101 says:

    I think Shaunie is a trouble maker under cover!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost so much respect for her as a black woman. ( GET IT TOGETHER / I KNOW YOU HAVE LOTS OF MONEY AND DON’T CARE WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT THIS SHOW OR YOU BUT KEEPING IT REAL IT IS A COMPLETE MESS!!!!!!
    YOU AND TAMI……LOST ME!!!!!!!!!

  246. rave says:

    Last time I checked this is a free country, so what if she was running her mouth. All of them run their mouths. Ev said the same thing about tami,I personally feel that Tami is jealous of meeka.

  247. gogo says:

    Tammie did say that the other girls were fake and Meeka should take action against Tammie, because she does not have the right to go around slapping people because they talked about her. Who is she? Susie causes a lot of confusion. If and when a person confides in her, that does not mean she has to repeat what she heard. She should know what to reveal to a person and who she is saying it to.

    Grow up Tammie this 2011 people can go to jail for having an altercation such as yours. This is not he 80′s when one had a fight and nothing came of it. You have chldren yourself, set an example of having self control.

  248. @ayoooAmber (twitter) says:

    meeka deserved to get hit in the mouth.. it was funny. she’s too grown to be talking trash… not a biggie.. her law suit is a way of saying I LOST!

  249. Mrs. J. Wesson says:

    Funny, Funny, Funny.
    First let me say that I don’t advocate violence, however this crap was hilarious! Was Tami wrong for hitting Meeka…Yes. BUT did Meeka deserve it….Yes. Tami does have a short temper and needs anger management. But Meeka is a very intelligent woman and could have de-escalted the situation easily, by keeping her mouth shut or by telling the truth. Just because you don’t use your hands to fight, SMART PEOPLE, aka “Meeka” use their words and gift of deception to get their point(s) across. However, what Meeka didn;t understand is that everyone is not as “civilized” as her when dealing with problems. And Tami is G-H-E-T-T-O, so you better watch your mouth. Which she quickly learned. Many people like to say “I’m hood” but very few are. I guess Meeka learned a valuable lesson AND Tami did too (if that lawsuit is real).

    Tami needs anger management, 1, 2, 3
    Meeka needs to stop talking about people and take some self defense classes, lol. Notice how her so called “friends” came to her defense. NO ONE backed up Meeka verbally or stopped Tami. Sorry boo boo, Evelyn, Jen, Shaunie or Suzie are NOT your friends either.

  250. nickanana says:

    Tami is a hoodlum. Suzie is 2 faced. Shauna, I couldnt get over the fact that you started laughing when Tami was mocking Meeka and that foul mouthed Evelyn is no better. Tami fought with Evelyn, Jennifer and now Meeka. I think that all of you should not have Meeka on because your hatred shows. Royce is now on the outs but, bigmouthed Suzie will keep her informed. After the show you said Meeka should shut her mouth because she found out you threw her under the bus. Whose friend are you anyway? Probably no one, and you will find that out.

  251. Kai says:

    Meeka`s words have gotten her in a lot of trouble,but thats no excuse to put your hands on her. Evelyn revealed she was pregnant by her then husband…I think thats more serious than a bunch of he said she said. Why also comment on her “black ass”? What was she referring to? She needs to pay for that. She is a mom with teenage daughters, I would be embarrassed? Shaunie-maybe she sound have taken her 5 kids instead of a bunch of so called friends on a trip. If she always in mess with these women…here are her children? This show is getting plain stupid.

  252. Roslyn Gibbs says:

    This show is a joke, money and material things can’t buy class. These group of classless ladies have shown that. The only two that might have a ray of hope is Meeka and Jennifer. Evelyn likes drama, Suzie is a suck up, she just want to be accepted so bad she will throw anybody under the bus and she most definitely have DIARRHEA of the mouth, Shaunie throws her rocks and hide her hand and the other women are to dumb to see it, Tami, just a ghetto girl that’s stuck in the hood mentality. I like Royce because she does her own thing, she doesn’t care what the others think and she is going to be friends with whom ever she wants to be friends with. Unfortunately the others don’t seem to understand it’s time to move past the high school mentality. The show should be called Ex- Basketball Wives and Ex-Lovers. The only one that fit the title is Meeka………How funny!!!!! I guess Evelyn is tired of the NBA and has moved on to the NFL. Tami character now is shady, she lied, they should run the tape back showing her calling Evelyn and Jennifer fake and let’s see if she jump on Evelyn.

  253. Dede says:

    That reference to Meeka “color” was so shocking my mouth just fell wide open. I just think that whole thing went to far. This show nor the women they feature have any class.

  254. Theresa Jones says:

    ur right, I didn’t like that comment either. and Shaunie has done a great job at showing america that black basketball wives are bitter, messy women that’s full of negativity and drama. why not show these women with their kids or on their jobs. she always shows herself in that light. Meeka wanted to show evelyn and Jennifer she wasn’t scared of tami so she started drama with tami at the polo event. she thought that evelyn and jennifer were her friends, she should have known better. meeka got mad at suzy for going back and telling tami what she said in Italy but she didn’t say anything to evelyn 4 going back and telling tami what she said about tami’s weave and clothes. why do these women feel the need 2 b in a circle. god and ur family should be the circle you want 2 b in. Meeka should’ve been cool with everybody but, she wanted to be bff with shaunie evelyn and jennifer. and Shaunie knew what she was doing when she invited meeka to Italy. she knows how tami is and she knew Tami was well aware of the things meeka said behind her back. and Tami come on. evelyn slept with your husband while u were still married 2 him. I could never b cool with someone who disrespected me in that matter. but now her and evelyn are bff r u serious. shaunie was so mad season 1 of basketball wives about that girl sister sleeping with shaq while she was still married 2 him. shaunie shaq been cheating on u. karrin stephen (aka SUPER HEAD) WAS SLEEPING WITH SHAQ. Shaunie called the LA cast of baskeball wives drama sprinkled with a lil trash bcuz the girl and her sister(the 1 shaq slept with are members of the LA cast) all they do on the show is go out 2 dinner or lunch, drink wine and sit on each others sofa, shop and start drama. no-one knows that Meeka sells luxury homes and that she lives in 4.5 million dollar mansion. no one knows about jennifer lipstick line, no one knows abou tami producing short films but we know about shaunies shoe line and evelyn store. all money ain’t good money SHAUNIE. tami do u want ur girls 2 go around smacking everybody who makes them mad. Evelyn do you want ur daughter to have sex with A GUY ON THE FIRST NIGHT bcuz he bought her a pair of shoes. Evelyn you dogged Eric out to Jennifer but Jennifer spoke the truth about Chad & u were ready 2 end yall friendship. I really don’t think Chad would end his friendship with his bff 4 you. and Jennifer u cried about the argument between u and Evelyn more than u cried about the ending of ur marriage. Jennifer spread ur wings and fly be ur own woman. Suzy why do u let these ladies talk to you like a child. Royce doesn’t kiss butt, that’s why Shaunie don’t like her. why can’t women stick 2 gether. smh

  255. Sydni says:

    .*typos my bad{I started to spell check} lbs!

  256. Tia says:

    Everyone has a comment about Tammi and Meeka. Guest what its called entertainment and obviously we all enjoy watching what’s going to happen next. So just Shut Up and wait for the next episode.

  257. jb says:

    Meeka should sue Suzie too for talked too much starting the mess runner her big mouth she claim she for peace talked to much that teacher her to keep her mouth closed… Tami talked about fight altime but she should’nt be in sues alone…..

  258. jb says:

    Meeka should sue Suzie as well runner her big mouth alot Tami talked big altime too much …Royce is good for not being let go that trip…Shaunie is mess too her that others side as well too.. Tami need not to be in the sues alone…

  259. pokey123 says:

    Meeka is just mad because she talked a lot of trash and instead of her coming on the show and taking a look in a new situation she brought DRAMA

  260. GenevieveKnowles says:

    @Tami-Lithium, anger management and a probation officer is in your near future. Keep your hands to yourself!
    @Meeka-Stop trying so hard to fit in and don’t ever go into a situation not liking someone before you get to know them.
    @Shaunie- You ‘re not going to be satisfied until Tami stabs someone or someone comes after her with gun. Stop the violence, you have the power!
    @Suzie- You ‘re next to be punched in the face…
    @Jen-You are right about Ochocinco…I’m glad you’re divorcing Eric, what a awful husband he seemed to be. Don’t ever cry over Evelyn again! Trust me she is curious about dropping you.
    @Evelyn-Yo’ure just the hottest chick on reality TV now and pretty soon Ochocinco will get bored with you. He is not ready for marriage. You two don’t even know each other. And furthermore, you better not EVER trust him around your daughter.
    @Royce-I’m bored….Step it up chickie!

  261. REGENA says:

    I see why Kenny left Tammy’s ass she is the most ghettoest, classless,uncouth embarassment to Woman, person I have ever seen. She starts trouble everywhere she goes. if I was Meeka I’d be waiting for that ass and Miami’s Airport to give her a Welcome back to America ass kicking!!!!!!!

  262. REGENA says:



  263. mzkay says:

    she should have had tammi arrested instead of taking her broke ass to the bank.

  264. MommaMia says:

    Meeka did talk in circles which was quite irritating, however, Tami (Queen Ghetto) had no right to put her hands on her. A grown woman would have stood her ground and not let another woman bully her CONTINUOUSLY! WTH . . . I’m not a fan of Meeka’s but at least she had some class about herself. Tami does need to grow up instead of acting like a H.S. girl. I wonder what her daughters think of her behavior. I believe all of the “Wives” are scared of her, especially that punk-@$$’d Susie. She really should have kept her mouth shut.

  265. Tiana916 says:

    Meeka should have never been brought to the show. Everyone finally calmed down until she cam around. She does not fit in. Tami is ghetto point blank and simple. Im 24 and I feel I am way too old to be fighting so where does that put her? The broad has kids, time to stop acting like one. Evelyn, thats my girl right there. Extra happy for her and Chad. I bought one of ur shirts girl!! Had to support that!!

  266. him8tnc says:

    Tami is a hypocrite….Flat out! She gave Evelyn flack about those t-shirts & refused to accept a portion of the proceeds that Evelyn offered her for Tami’s charity. But Tami refused because she said “What kind of “EXAMPLE” would she be showing her young ladies!!! Tami! what kind of example are you setting for YOUR OWN DAUGHTERS??? I feel sorry for her girls that have to see how childish & immature their own mother acts. Tami has anger management issues which seems to escalate when alcohol is involved….She needs PROFESSIONAL HELP! Not only for her sake, but for her children as well. Point blank………

  267. ladypizzo says:

    Meeka really need to get a life. Its chicks like her that give real women a bad name. Now you come on the show popping off at the mouth it was only a matter of time when someone was going to hit her in her HELLO!!…Meeka the best thing I can say about you is watch you mouth if you got a glass jaw and to Tammy keep on keeping it a 100… :)

  268. mymy says:

    and as for junk yard dog tammy with the worse weave on the show, her own daughters don’t want to be bothered with her that should tell her she needs to be at home as well.. but she is a shyte starter and loves to be loud and ghetto as she can, “please give me some attention” she begs ans cries for attention of any kind she needs to seek professional help for herself because she makes herself look like a fool every show, and all the fans who applaude her when she behaves this way is just sad. because if those same people were in that situation they would not take to kindly to a smak in the face on national television.

  269. Kristina says:

    Glad someone is getting sued. These women behave poorly. How does this reflect on all women of color? Shaunie, your ladies aren’t showing class when they are behaving like animals. And I have given up watching after just a few episodes. I am embarassed.

  270. ROZ says:


  271. mst says:

    Tami, stand your ground; you know who you are and don’t makes excuses for it. Meeka did wrong period and its catching up with her; keep playing those tapes so she can see her many times of opportunity. The only thing Meeka had on you which ain’t nothing is the comment you said about the phony fake popular girls and truly you did say two out the three and as you stated when you said what you said it was during your fued with Evenlyn and any one can understand that. You didin’t hit Evenlyn because she didn’t pose the first threat but that damn Meeka gave the hand and before she could take it back you already reacted. She already had the warning; she caused the issue at the polo event when she said her smart ass comment when a that time you really didn’t want to cause an issue. You just tried to ignore her and she had to egged you on…….everyone seems to forget you did not approach her she started it and she is messy and does not get a pass. Once she said that it was over no more Tami being nice and that isn’t the first time you tried to be nice. I THINK EVERYONE WHO HATES DOENS’T REALIZE THEY ARE ONLY MAKING YOU STRONGER AND THOSE WHO LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AS YOU ARE; ARE YOU GIVING THE LOVE AND SUPPPORT TO STAY STRONG! Tami I wish I had an ounce of your strongness; just an ounce.

  272. Marlow Rae says:

    Royce needs to sue Evelyn for throwing her drink on her. That drink contained bodily fluid from Evelyn. Who knows what Evelyn could have. Evelyn is forever throwing drinks on someone. You woud think with her being in her what late 40′s ? she woud know better. Something else, these females (can not call them ladies), who have been with these ball players seem to have never been outside of the U.S. until VH1 paid for it. How sad. But, to see how they act may explain why they haven’t, they woud be an embarassment to the player. May explain why some may have never made it to the alter, or are ending up in divorce. Fake Jennifer, last 2 seasons was pretending to be a prude. My husband called it, she is a tease freak. What class I thought she had has now been flushed.

  273. Marlow Rae says:

    Meeka needs to sue Susie also. She set it all in motion and then sat back with that Joe Camel smirk of hers. She set the scene by running back and telling it. She endangered your life. She knew tami was a hot head and has no self control. And Shady Shaunie, so sad for you. A bunch of classless hoodies. Meeka next time when an opportunity presents itself just know it may be the DEVIL offering it. Being thirsty coud lead you to drown. You have a husband and kids. The others just have kids. You know what I mean. Chill with your family and be happy. The rest except for maybe Royce are really miserable, and can’t help but to cause verbal or bodily harm to others. They are UNHAPPY.

  274. INDIGO BREEZE says:

    These women are an embarrassment to their race. Short temper, short vocabulary, and no class. And Shaunie these are suppose to be your friends. “Birds of a feather flock together”. I know your laughing all the way to the bank but everyone else is laughing at you and your crew. And you wonder why these black athletes go after white women. No wonder anymore, you just showed everyone why.

  275. Pam says:

    Meeka, sue “Tami Hoodrat Roman” for a Trillion Dollars!! I mean it! Meeka’s hand were not up in Tami’s face when Tami attacked her…hit the rewind button if you need to see it again. This show only has a few women that I respect, Meeka, Jennifer and Royce. Now the the only Wife in the show, which was Meeka will not return next season. I think the Show should be renamed….Maybe “Basketball Wives Wantabees” ?? That’s my take on it – If you like ignorant GhettoFab Drama, this is the show! Nothing enriching about it! It will NOT be on my list of things to watch next season. Shanie’s is really doing a bang up job – back to the drawing board please!!!

  276. kia says:

    Look Tammy is real she is not fake whatever she say is upfront as well as Royce. However there are certain people you can test and you can’t. Meeka came in bieing messy picking on the wrong person so she got what she deserved. Why is meeka on the show her dude don’t play basketball either he came in in 2000 got hurt in 2000 scored 13 points with San Antonio when they won the Championship in 03. So who is he and she dumb she can’t speak proper English and she came to start mess. Go Tammy

  277. char says:

    Meeka, sue Tammi!! She does not understand resolving issues, so maybe she will understand courtroom. Do not let anyone talk you out of suing her. You might want to consider Shaunie O’Neal and the other producers because they knew Tammi was a ticking time bomb, and they should have provided protection for you. Women like Tammi are street fighters, they do not back down. When she starts to pay for lawyers, maybe she will get the message. Do not return to this show. These women set you up to be the scapegoat. Please show them how a real professional woman handles their business. Take her to court! I hope to not see you on a show of this type. They never gave you a chance. It is hard to explain yoursefelf when women are all yelling at you at the same time. Sue Tammi, for your pride and dignity. Represent the real women of color no matter what sports they partners are associated with.

  278. Sheila says:

    I feel like this……
    If Meeka had of come on the show running her mouth as well as Susie none of this would have happened! But you should not be able to sue someone for something this petty…. Money doesn’t solve it nor take it back! If thats the case them there will be people running around starting stuff and as soon as their in an altercation, RUN AND SUE! Meeka, just chlk it as a lesson, Tami learn to hit a wall or something…lol
    I wish I could have the blessing with meeting Tami, Jennifer, Evelyn, and most of all Shaunie!!
    I just would like to have them do my make over….lol