Sneak 30 Seconds of The Script’s New Music Video, “Nothing”


Unless you’re an android, breakups are never easy. Although a bit tumultuous, The Script’s first video from Science & Faith was predominantly romantic and lovey-dovey (which matched with the song’s themes). But for the album’s second single, it seems the the Irish imports decided to go in a different direction.

A boys night out gets a little sloppy when lead singer Danny O’Donaghue drunkenly exits a bar with his loyal bandmates behind him. Stumbling and wasted, Danny surfs the wave of intoxication, screaming the lovesick lyrics to “Nothing” down the street to his (presumable) recent ex, who in this clip, doesn’t appear to be present. And hey, we’ve all been guilty of engaging in or receiving such behavior before, right? Drunk dialing, bitter Facebook posts, longing latenight email drafts… it happens! But what will come of the boys’ debauchery-ridden evening, Script fans? Come back on Thursday morning to see, when we’ll have the exclusive premiere for the full “Nothing” video here for you.

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