Amy Winehouse’s Private Funeral Was Held This Morning


Amy Winehouse‘s family and friends—including Kelly Osbourne, who had her hair styled in a beehive after Winehouse’s iconic ‘do, and Mark Ronson—gathered at Edgewarebury Cemetery in north London this morning for a private funeral service for the departed singer. Her father Mitch Winehouse gave a eulogy before the service, one that closed with Carole King‘s “So Far Away.” Mourners reportedly gathered afterward at a local synagogue, before the singer was cremated and her family began to sit Shiva.

Winehouse’s untimely passing has spiked interest in revisiting her woefully small body of work; Back to Black is likely to re-enter album sales charts this week. Even still, Microsoft came under fire for encouraging followers of its UK PR Twitter account @tweetbox360 to remember the singer by downloading the album via Zune.

We certainly understand (and share) the desire to revisit her work, which is why we went into our archives to find the tape of Amy Winehouse’s performance at the 2008 Oxygen Festival in Ireland. We’ve aired a handful of clips from this performance before, like her rendition of her now eerie classic “Rehab,” below, but we wanted to share the concert in full. MTV Live: Amy Winehouse will premiere tonight on Palladia at 8 p.m. ET/PT, with encore airings on tomorrow at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT and Thursday, July 28 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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Winehouse Family, Friends Attend Singer’s Funeral [Associated Press]

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  1. Eva says:

    Rico, you tasteless punk. Any death is a sad one, but Amy’s is truly sad. She had help offered and she said no. I wonder what made her so destructive–a childhood trauma? In any case, rest in peace Amy Winehous.

  2. Eva says:

    I was wrong to call you a punk, Rico, but you are tasteless. Amy Winehouse correction.

  3. Larry says:

    This is a sad, sad situation! I saw this coming a long time ago with this young lady. Addiction is a powerful, powerful vice! She could have received the help she needed if only she had chosen to do so. The blame for her death sits on one person, her!! The sad thing is that there will be others in her field that this will happen to.

  4. Dana Guthrie says:

    Looking at the pictures, I can sure tell Amy Winehouse, had a family who really cared about her. That girl could really sing, she was so talented. I wish I could’ve have gotten to go to at least one of her concerts. Amy Winehouse had so many possibilities, so much to look forward to, I wish someone could’ve found out what was troubling her. RIP Amy Winehouse!!

    P.S That was so cool and they way Kelly Osborne paid her respects to her friend with the beehive hairdo and all. My condolences to Amy’s family as well.

  5. Carly G. says:

    What’s messed up is how the media had NOTHING nice period to ever say about her, but now that she is dead it’s reversed? Media is so jacked in their line of communication and how they tear everyone down. No wonder Murdoch (News of the World) is under fire, he did pretty much the same (aside from leaky phones).

  6. Vanessa.John says:

    Amy Winehouse Was A Nice Singer. I Know That She Is In A Good Place By Now. Amy Winehouse Has A Wonderful Family That Loves And Cares About Her. So R.i.P. Amy.Winehouse..<3

  7. Nory Albert says:

    Amy Winehouse Was My Favorite Singer. I Could Never Miss One Of Her Music Videos On VH1(Channel.49)..She Was The Best. You R0Ckk AMY WiNEh0USE…R.I.P…<3

  8. Ely says:

    Amy Winehouse will be deeply missed, like many fantastic artists she died at a very young age! She will join the list of the greats Janis, Hendrix etc. God Rest Her Soul in music heaven!

  9. Matthew Pargo says:

    this is truly a shame but only if Amy Winehouse parents and her rich friends would of warned her about those drugs which they didn’t she would of been alive right now but instead they all didn’t Amy Winehouse is dead she was great great performer but she killed herself by her just keep on messing with the drugs come on she knows that drugs are bad she knows it.

  10. Catherine says:

    So sad, her talent was unbelievable. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Thank you Amy for the wonderful voice that you had.

  11. Jenny says:

    I’m trying soo hard not to take your death soo personal but over the years while you struggled with your heroin addiction I was struggling with my brothers. Everytime I need to researched it for anything to do with it your name and articles would be the first subject to pop up. I always stopped and read about about you hoping and praying that things would get better for you. In a way it was probably because something inside of me said well hey if she can overcome I know my brother can…R.I.P. Amy Winehouse..

  12. parris sharp says:

    Im very sorry u died u were an true icon rip i lov u so much i should have came 2 1 of your concerts i lov u so much

  13. Darrell Russ says:

    I pray amy is at peace now. She was a true talent, who also battled many demons with addiction. It is heartbreaking to know she is gone, but her music will be her lasting legacy. My heart goes out to her family and freinds at this sad time. It is true that ahe is now in rock n Roll Heaven. to quote and old Righteous Brothers song..”if you believe in forever, then life is is just a one night stand. If there’s a rock n roll heaven…you know they got a hell of a band!” Amy, may your voice shine on forever in rock n roll heaven!!!!! You will be missed, but forever loved!

  14. WILL MISS YOU GIRL!!!!!!