Posted: Jason Derulo Catches A Winter Sunset Down Under


To say Jason Derulo has been on the move for his Posted month would be a gross understatement. He spent the first two weeks traversing the breadth of Europe on a promotional tour, then returned to the United States—but only for long enough to shoot his new video in Los Angeles, without even a stop home in Miami—before heading directly to Australia for more promotion. We’re a little jealous of all the places he’s been and the gorgeous weather he appears to be experiencing wherever he goes, but we certainly don’t begrudge him the hours upon hours of interviews and photo shoots! His latest guest-blog entry just hit our inbox, so here it is for you:

I’m sitting in this hut on a private island called Double Island in Australia. Join me as I watch the sun go down. So much to be thankful for ay? Sad to say, that this is the fourth and final week of my VH1 Posted. How does it feel to have traveled around the world and back with me?

I’ve been here in Oz for the past week. I do a million interviews a day but somehow I still feel like I’m on vacation. I haven’t actually had a vacation in 2 yrs. When I plan one, something always comes up. The beautiful beaches and ppl here make it feel like a getaway.

I’m a guest judge on X Factor today. I can see the nerves in the hopefuls as clear as neon signs, that just shows how bad they want it! Its AMAZING how those same nerves I had now is just a memory. I pray that I can help someone’s dream come true!!!

I’m going home to miami tomorrow. 6 months ago was the last time I slept in my own bed ;) second single “It Girl” is only days away and my album just a few weeks. Couldn’t be more excited to share with you, the greatest accomplishment of my life thus far. FUTURE HISTORY!

Thank you for embarking on this great journey to FUTURE HISTORY with me.
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Much Love

We’ll have Jason Derulo Posted for five more days, and despite his sendoff here, we bet we’ll have more from him before the month is up, so keep checking back at!

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