Beyoncé Tries—And Fails—To Not Upstage Kelly Rowland


We love a good rumor as much as the next pop-culture junkie, but thanks to the internet, gossip has sort of spiraled out of control, and sometimes, we like to think of ourselves as rumor-busters—like when we busted rumors about Beyoncé‘s album getting pushed back…by calling her publicist, which no rumor-monger had yet bothered to do.

Now we have more evidence to support our continuing “Destiny’s Child are not beefing” coverage. We’re not so naïve that we blindly believe everything that Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland have to say on the topic, of course, but the rumors have been getting more and more ridiculous in the face of what seemed to be growing evidence to the contrary.

When we heard that, at the launch party for Rowland’s Here I Am, the duo (and Michelle Williams) had been as friendly as Rowland claimed on Tuesday that they always had been, we reported as much. But one thing puzzled us: why was Beyoncé only photographed entering and leaving the party, and not at all with Rowland, inside? The New York Daily News gossip blog Gatecrasher gave us an answer this morning, which may also explain what has continued to fuel rumors.

In short: blame B’s bodyguards. According to Gatecrasher, Beyoncé intended to approach Rowland where she was stationed at the back of the club, but her security detail “seemed to think better” based on the stir that her appearance caused. “Instead, they installed the diva in one of the club’s front banquettes and brought Rowland to her,” Gatecrasher reports. They’ve also got an explanation for the absence of photographic evidence of Rowland and Beyoncé together: “The security detail also set about preventing anyone from snapping Sasha Fierce’s picture,” they say. “One bodyguard went so far as to shine his flashlight in the faces of would-be shutterbugs.” We suspect that Beyoncé came late—Gatecrasher notes that by the time she arrived at 1 a.m., “the crowd had thinned considerably”—to avoid upstaging her friend and former bandmate, but when you’re Beyoncé, apparently it’s unavoidable.

We do feel for Rowland in the situation—it’s gotta be a little uncomfortable to have to take orders from your friend’s employees at your own party—but again, if there’s any bad blood in Destiny’s Child, the trio did a heck of a job disguising it. Rowland allegedly gave Beyoncé “a very long hug” and Williams quickly followed. Notwithstanding the security imbroglio, “the trio hung out for nearly an hour,” letting close friends (not professional photographers) photograph them, before all leaving at about the same time. That’s quite a performance if the three really are beefing.

Beyonce does Destiny’s Child reunion at Kelly Rowland’s fete, steals thunder from ‘Here I Am’ singer [Gatecrasher]

[Image: Getty Images]

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  1. tamikae says:


  2. Mesha says:

    I am so sick of the so-called beef between these two women. They both are beautiful talented women.. However in my opinion.. Kelly is having her time to shine. And I am so happy to witness it. I am from Houston, to be exact. And while Mrs. Carter may be more famous, Kelly is more down to earth. She comes home on a regular and hangs out with us “common folk”. I guess B has better things to do. But I do have a question: Is it me or does it seem as though B has no friends or than weird ass Gwenth Paltrow? Hmm! Is it because she is too good or is she a high functioning retard? I dont know.. But Kelly has all these friends and seems as though she enjoys life. Just a thought.

  3. rick says:

    who cares

  4. Truthhurts says:

    Its really funny the bodyguards weren’t in the way of this picture, with Bey being by herself. Beyonce in my opinion has always been on this high pedestal. Kelly continue to shine as the beautiful star you are. Keep making good music that people will enjoy.

  5. Melvin says:

    THis is a none issue. Please get over it!

  6. iloo says:

    just keep her away when kelly and/or michelle is doing a function/promotion for themselves.