The Script Drowns Their Sorrows in Their New Music Video, “Nothing”


We whet your appetite with a 30-second sneak peek of The Script’s new video for “Nothing” on Monday, but now that the full masterpiece has arrived in the form of an exclusive Top 20 Video Countdown premiere, feel free to feast! Watching the trio leave a bar in rare form in the initial clip, we were curious to see what would come of their wild night on the town, especially since the song’s lyrics don’t try to mask the “Am I better off dead?” pain that can come hand in hand with a horrible breakup.

Brooding over his former love, a downtrodden Danny has one drink too many, prompting him to get a little rowdy and uncontrollably shout his ex’s name in the street. While bandmates Mark and Glen were initially contributing to his getting liquored up, they then somehow manage to lose track of him while crossing a quaint, Monet-arched bridge over a canal. After looking introspectively down at the water below, Danny proceeds to climb to the bridge’s ledge (are those studded Louboutin sneakers or Chucks?!) and jump in. And since we all know shots and swimming don’t mix, there is a clear cause for concern.

Once he actually hits the water’s surface (an action that could be viewed as a suicide attempt), Danny discovers that his lady is there, too, in the form of a water goddess, and happily cashes in on some intimate, underwater smooches. While her presence is seemingly a fantasy, we soon realize that our beloved lead vocalist is, in fact, in the water, for real. Does he wind up drowning in this analogy of sadness come to life, or will he live to sing another day?

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  1. Carla says:

    im from Europe and seen this a few months already but it’s always good to see an awsome band do their stuff right.
    Awsome bandf that aproaches simple feelings in such simple way. they don’t need scandals or to be outrageous to be loved.
    Proud to be your fan and see you guys in 10 days :-))))

    VH1 thank you for the support. hope to see the video more often now

  2. Willow says:

    The Script is one of the few reasons I wish I lived in Europe. I love them so much!!

    It’s a great video too:)

  3. luke carmichael says:

    Is “nothing” out on CD yet love it thanks guys keep up the good work,need to see you guys on lfdh it would really spread this awsome music!!!

  4. ani says:

    It has been a long time since i have seen a video that actually went alone with the words of a song… Beautiful work guys… I love it!! cant wait to see them again live…

  5. Janeen says:

    Great to finally see this video “officially” here in the USA. I think that this video is a great complement to the song-illustrating the lyrics and matching the mood of the music perfectly. Great work, guys!

  6. Speechless. HeyDanny,iLoveyou! :) You’re so good. How I wish I’m an Irish just like you guys!

  7. kari says:

    FINALLY, it’s officially released here in the US :) such a brilliant video!! And to the guy below who was asking, yes, “Nothing” is on their Science & Faith album which is currently in stores and available online for download as well :) Spread the word everyone!! Let’s get this vid to #1!!!

  8. Heidi says:

    In love once again! Great video guys….. can’t wait to see you in Minneapolis!

  9. Hannah Leeping says:

    they suck. soun

  10. fg says:

    Excellent video, fantatastic lyrics! This song speaks to me in so many levels because I am currently going through a very difficult breakup… and in a very strange way when I hear this song it makes me sad but it also gives me hope! Well done guys!

  11. Renata says:

    I´m brazilian…
    I hope to see The Script here soon =)
    I love you guys ;*

  12. Sydney says:

    OMG , i cry everytime i hear this song, they sound soooo good ! & I LOVE THEM <33

  13. Diana Rowe says:

    This song is the best on this top twenty I say it should be number 1

  14. sonia says:

    OMG I LOVE THE SCRIPT!! and i love this song!!! <3