Renee Graziano Poses With Her Two Favorite Men


For all the drama between Renee Graziano and her ex, Junior, this season on Mob Wives, it’s nice to see that they two of them are still close even if they aren’t getting romantic.

In this photo that Renee posted to Twitter yesterday, Renee is seen posing with Junior and their son, AJ, and she captioned it “The two most important men in my life.” (Interestingly, the photo has now been taken down. Not sure if it’s because Renee had a change of heart, or maybe because she’s revealing too much of her hot new full-body lift…) Either way, it’s nice knowing they’re still a happy little family.
[Photo: Yfrog]

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  1. Tina Maxwell says:

    To all the women on the show,

    God bless you, and I hope that life will continue to get better for you.

  2. D in Texas says:

    Renee looks so amazing in this picture!!! Got to know what she did. I’ll have one of those as well, thank you!! Looks like it was worth every dime & then some. Good for you, girl!

  3. roodyroo says:

    RENEE honey you look good im happy for you, absolutley amazing. N ur SON VERY HANDSOME young man.