Talking Celebrity Rehab Episode 6 With Dr. Sharp And Jennifer Gimenez


Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is back for a fifth season, and we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk about the show with Dr. Drew and some of the other staff at the Pasadena Recovery Center to get an inside look at the rehabilitation process. This week, we spoke with Jenn Gimenez and Dr. John Sharp about Friends and Family Day at the center.

First we spoke with Dr. John Sharp, the Pasadena Recovery Center’s psychiatrist, about Amy Fisher and Michael Lohan‘s dramatic family visits.

In this episode, it’s family day at the center and it seems very overly focused on Amy and Michael in particular. I’m just curious if you thought this show was going to latch on to them and their issues and run with them as much as it has?

Dr. Sharp: The clinical work that was done in connection with the family visits was very earnestly focused on what we could do with who was available. For example, Bai Ling‘s mother only became available after the original filming, so she wasn’t able to be there at family day…We were just as concerned with Bai’s needs to reconnect with her mother as we were with needing to talk through whether Amy Fisher’s husband was going to be supportive with the changes she was going to make in her life. It just turned out because of who was available, who showed up and how people behaved that the production of the episode featured these dramatic moments, but I don’t think that the treatment emphasized those people more than anyone else’s legitimate need to get attention to their family issues.

What was your ultimate take on the relationship with Amy and her husband?

They’re very close and he is very supportive of her well being, and Dr. Drew and I wanted to asses that and get a feel for what their relationship is like. Her husband obviously is a very imposing man and we worried from a distance that he may have strong feelings about what she should and shouldn’t do and that may not have aligned with what we would see in her best interest. It turns out he was very supportive of her. We really got the sense that he wanted her to do whatever she needed to do to get healthy, specifically when she was talking about giving up making adult movies. He was not at all resistant to that, he actually said that he was relieved. That’s a good example of how important it is to bring a significant other in, in regards to a personal change that is going to affect their family.

Later in that day when Lou, Amy’s husband, makes threats toward Jeremy Jackson because of comments that Jeremy’s sister made to Amy, how detrimental can that level of over-protectiveness be?

He is definitely a force to be reckoned with and was very intimidating in that moment, and I try to put things in perspective. I thought, here’s a tough guy, he may have a tender heart but he is reacting the way a tough guy would when he has strong feelings. I didn’t take him to be a killer, I just thought this is the kind of thing a tough guy would do. I couldn’t imagine personally being able to say to someone saying “I’m gonna kill you,” but I can imagine a guy who had a different background, a different line of work, it was probably very natural to him, so basically it just gave us even more reason to want to assess his capacity to understand her best interest and and his ability to work in a helpful way with her needs.

Amy is so self-conscious about what people think of her, but then she has no problem talking about how pretty she is. Which I think is funny to hear her say “I’m so pretty,” when it seems like she doesn’t have that level of self-assuredness or confidence in any other aspect of her life.

That is striking isn’t it?

I think it’s because most people that I come across in real life won’t say “It’s because I’m so beautiful.”

Well, that’s an example of kind of automatic mechanism of taking something you’re uncomfortable with and turning it into its opposite which technically Freud called reaction formation. So someone who is shy or anxious proclaiming “I’m so beautiful,” is turning it into its opposite, and when I heard that from her I don’t think that she is being boastful or vain, the best way I can ultimately make sense is that this is an inside out expression of her own insecurities.

The other big story line is Kate Major coming to visit Michael and one of the stipulations of her visit is to get treatment. How did you guys help her?

When Kate arrived on the scene, she was not clean and sober, and as soon as it was clear she couldn’t help him and all she could do was make trouble — he’s such a generous person who is perhaps overly involved in the lives of people he cared about and it was kind of distracting and problematic for him. Look at his “phone addiction,” it wasn’t a real addiction, but if it wasn’t Kate Major, it would have been somebody else, he would have been on the phone with Lindsay or Dina or coming up with a better solution to some other problem in his life.

But she was a special problem and she showed up and she was high and she wanted to get back involved with his life and he definitely heard us say she, in fact, needs treatment. We made several recommendations for her and tried to facilitate her going at first to some kind of outpatient treatment and then to some sort of inpatient treatment.

That’s a good example of how a good treatment would proceed. For the team, whether it was Shelly or Bob or Jennifer or Drew or I, to each be able to have a take based on our interaction and compare notes, you know it was abundantly clear to everybody, Dr. Drew saw it almost instantly, that she needs treatment and he needs to understand that, and that’s kind of the intervention, she’s got to go and he’s got to realize that.

(Interestingly, despite the show’s efforts to help Kate, she has been angrily Tweeting about how she was depicted. In the past few days, Kate has written “Nice editing @drdrew @JenniferGimenez make ME look like the crazy one. Here come the lawyers!” and “@drdrew I am FORCED to defend myself and my character against the media when they attack me. Lawfully and publically. The best is yet2 come” among many other Tweets.)

When we got on the phone with Jenn Gimenez, we spoke about some of the other big moments from this week.

Let’s talk about the drama this week between Jeremy and his sister and Amy Fisher’s husband. It’s crazy to me that someone would even bring up the “face shooter” topic to Amy Fisher as a joke.

Yeah, I think the words she chose were inappropriate, but I think you have a lot of different personalities in one place at one time and when the outside family comes in, the dynamic of that is…most of the family are untreated Al-Anon or co-dependency and you’re talking about a lot of personalities here. Was it correct, what she said? I would have chosen different words. We didn’t know that was going to happen but I think after, she tried to calm it down, but what it created was a huge storm. I thought it was unfair to Jeremy.

But he also fueled it when he kept saying “Get comfortable with your truth,” instead of letting it lie.

Yeah, Jeremy was trying to protect his family and Lou was too, it just escalated so badly. But Lou took it to a whole other level threatening to kill somebody over and over again.

You were with Jessica this week when she had to make the decision to pull out of the USO tour, could you relate to the struggle of giving up a job in order to get treatment?

I was sitting next to her and after it happened I told her I was very proud of her. She was adamant about going on this tour and she didn’t have very much of a foundation and was afraid she was going to drink and go back to those old ways. What she needed to realize was that after treatment is when your life really begins and you need a lot of coping tools, and Jessica was just at the beginning phase of recovery. It was very slippery for her and you’ve got to make choices. After I got sober, I chose to go back to L.A. and I didn’t know how to do that, so when I went back to L.A. I nearly died. So I know the depth and weight of that. Especially in light of the loss of Amy Winehouse, you’re expecting someone to get better but then go off and work and make money but there’s no foundation beneath them. Jessica’s choice ended up being a great choice, and it was a very hard decision, but the right one.

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  1. Valorie Jean Shearer says:

    I just read that this poor woman was reaching out to you weeks before her death, and you were quoted as saying, “Drew also says that Janice Dickinson told him that Winehouse was trying to contact him in her final days: “I found out also yesterday that believe it or not she was trying to contact me, which was weird … I remember getting calls from Europe and thinking what the hell is this”? I thought you were a compassionate, caring Dr. who was really genuine, and to think you were too busy to try and help this woman who was desperately calling out for help; I just cannot believe this; how could you have turned your back on someone that was reaching out to you this way?! Coming from a drug addicted family myself, this just makes me sick! I thought you were a better person than that.. could you not have taken some time out of your busy schedule to try and prevent this woman’s demise? .. You should be ashamed of yourself, I know I am ashamed for you.. Valorie Jean Shearer

  2. patricia farrell says:

    This show is just exploitation of people with mental problems. To put a person so notorious as Amy Fisher on is disgusting. I wonder how the women she shot feels about it. Also, Michael Lohan what a deadbeat Dad who doesn’t seem to have a job but shows up on this show? It really shows what his family must have suffered with him. The only real “celebrities ” are Dwight Gooden and Sean Young. It’s to bad they can’t have a private way of recovering.

  3. janice williams says:

    i cannot believe what jeremys sister said.that was so rude and mean spirited.amy fisher was very young and influenced by an older man.this happened years ago.then jeremy acts just as bad,if he would have just said i am sorry for what she said,it could have ended there.i guess his whole family have no compassion.sure is different for casey anthony who most believe killed her baby girl and left her to rot in the swampy area near her parents home.
    to amy you paid your dues,dont let people like jeremy and his sister get to you.those people are just uneducated and dont get it.
    i also dont know why joey buttafuco was let off so easy,he was the slimeball adult in it.he should have been held much more accountable than he was.amy was a teenager.sincerely,jan w.

  4. Inside matters says:

    This comment is for Amy Fisher:
    Amy, I feel sad for you that there are so many small minded people around you. To make so many mean spirited comments just shows how much they are trying to avoid in their own lives.
    I am a mother of three & I grew up a couple hours south of where you grew up. I don’t think you are a monster. You were a child when that incident happened. A child on drugs. Being a mom, & doing my best to remember what it was like back in my teen years, has helped me to see what a crazy chaotic time that is for kids. Not factoring in what it would be like on drugs. You were a child, on drugs, that made a bad choice. You paid the price of that decision when you were incarcerated. You shouldn’t have to live your life with your head down, only to lift it when you work a job that makes you feel less than you really are.
    Just know, Amy, there are people in this world that see you for the wonderful human being that you are. I wish you the best life has to offer.
    Society: I ask you to remember your teen years. Some of you may say it wasn’t a crazy, chaotic, hormonal time, but I think alot of you will agree it was. Imagine that any number of the poor choices you have made as a child were thrown in your face, day after day, as an adult. Wouldn’t you feel that your treatment, by society, was unfair.
    Even MaryJo forgave her & went to bat for Amy to get her out of jail.
    Before you open your small minded mouth, stop & think how you would feel in Amy’s shoes.

  5. Ann Roper says:

    Is there some way the public can let Amy know that not everyone is ignorant enough to believe she was a cold-blooded killer when she was a teenager, and that we know she is now an adult woman who deserves love and respect for who she is now. Intelligent people understand the influence older men can and often do have on young girls, particularly when alcohol and/or drugs are involved. And that what someone has done when they are a young impressionable teen is a far cry from what they are as a person, particularly so many years after the incident. I believe Amy paid a much higher price, especially in the media, than she should have and that she should be proud of the family she has raised and the person she really is. I hope she can keep trying to look upon continuing ignorant behavior as just that — ignorance — and that what ignorant people say or think is in no way is a real reflection of who she is or what intelligent people think. She has plenty of understanding supporters out here who wish her health and happiness.

  6. mike karpov says:

    i think amy fisher is a real screw up who in there right mind would have kids with this woman that
    can not take the truth and cries over the littlest thing said about her .her husband is nothing more than a pornographer he is just trying to get rich off her name that is why he made that home pron movie . now all of a sudden she is upset over her porn movies she should be locked up in a psycho ward . her husband should be arrested for saying he is going to kill someone who do he think he is he is a want to be he thinks he is a bad a** i have news for him he is just a joke to all of man kind . he could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag

  7. Bob Dylan says:

    Does anyone know where to find a list with all the music from each episode? There are only a couple of songs listed on the VH1 section for this and lots are missing.

  8. J-Go says:

    Jeremy and his sister are complete idiots! Who says those kind of things?? There Mother obviously didnt teach them respect for others and then has the nerve to call the Police! Unbelievable!!! Amy is there to recover not be attacked!

    And then you have Steven Adler saying she needs to leave! In my opinion they should have never let that “THING” return to the show to begin with!

  9. andypandy77ful says:

    Valerie Jean Shearer I think you are very wrong to put Amy Winehouse’s death on Dr. Drew for not picking up his phone when she called. Do you know for a fact for this to even be true. Second, even if it is true, if Amy Winehouse truly wanted to get help & Dr. Drew didn’t answer her call, there are too many other countless rehab’s & “celebrity” rehab Dr’s & prestigious rehab’s available that she could’ve chosen from especially given her financial stability afforded her any rehab facility in the free world to chose from. Amy was a very talented singer, yet she was more known for her highly publicized addiction to drugs & alcohol. It was also highly publicized her many early departures from treatment centers. I am sure there were numerous factors for her reason to self medicate as a way of coping, but unless someone held a gun to Amy’s head each time she drank or put a crack pipe to her lips…then it was her responsibility solely to be accountable for how she was going to fix her problem & that was no one’s cross to bear, but her own.

  10. Denise says:

    I agree with “Inside Matters”. I have so much compassion for Ms. Fisher. She never had a chance. Taken advantage of by a pedophile and treated as though it was she who had the power to make a grown man into an adulterous lech. I have faith that Amy can get her life back and enjoy the second half, leaving the adult film industry and the past behind. Her husband seems very supportive and I believe he wants the best for her. I would be happy to be a friend to Amy.

  11. mary says:

    amy, has not been crying over mary jo, she only crys for herself. looks like see has not ever shown remorse over what she did. she appears to only have sympathy for herself and how everyone will not let go of her trying to kill an innocent wife of her lover, but uses that fame to make porn where the only reason people will look at it is because of her dirty deed. if she wants people to forget what she did, why is she using it to make money. her husband is a blowhard, bully who pimps her out so he doesnt have to work. her name is why he got with her, so she could make money off the past, she claims to want to forget. how would it feel and how much sympathy would you have if she did that to you? i felt sorry for her until watching her and seeing how she is as a person.

  12. Cristina says:

    Amy Fisher’s husband’s only defense against Jeremy is his MOUTH…no wonder Amy is a bag of nerves! The man is a miserable 80-year-old wanna-be, and telling Jeremy that he’d “kill him where he stands” ? ….very weak and telling of a scared, old and very miserable human being! I think that Amy’s husband has plenty of issues of his own that he needs to sort out before he is left to terrorize Amy…. Wow…when you see these people who have been sucked up, chewed on and then spit out by the “industry” (Amy)…and those who have had nothing but a life of failure when trying to even get into the “industry” (Amy’s husband), it makes one thankful for being a regular everyday person instead of so f”d up in the head!!!

  13. RB says:

    Wow!! I’m an addict. Clean for almost 5 years. Heroin. It is very difficult to change careers when trying to get sober. My chosen profession was of the illegal means, so I understand having to start over. You see, I am 48 years old and starting over. When I decided I didn’t deserve to live the way I was. I knew there was something better for me. I tried very hard to not lose everything. But, there are some things in life that are unavoidable. I lost 2 cars, a home, and a boyfriend of 8 years. The boyfriend was somewhat surprising, but I didn’t realize I lost him long before I got sober. In fact, the only thing I came out of it with was a 20 pound cat of 8 years and lots of debt. But guess what, I also came out of it with sobriety. There is a big difference between being sober and sobriety. I love sobriety, being sober is still difficult from day to day, but it is doable. I am on my second semester of school. I am getting into the field of Human Services. I want to someday own and operate my own sober houses that takes women and their animals. “Animals in Recovery.” I want to specialize in battered and abused women. I was lucky enough to have a 6 month women’s sober house take me and my fat cat in when I was at my lowest. I suffer from severe clinical depression. I didn’t get out of bed for about a year except to take care of my cat. So you see, and I direct this to Amy Fischer, you do not deserve to have to do something for a living that you do not want to. You are very pretty, and as far as I can tell, your are smart too. Your husband see’s it also. Otherwise, believe me he wouldn’t stick around. Be grateful you have someone who is going to stick by you. All I had was a cat. An overweight cat at that. But I guess that’s all I needed.
    Celebrity Rehab has kept me sober for a while now, and I really appreciate that. Celebrity Rehab is probably the only show that I walk away from with tears in my eyes. I have to watch it alone. I still can’t let people know I have a vulnerable side. Just remember, getting sober is the hard part, sobriety is the reward.

  14. claire says:

    This whole craziness started with Jeremy’s evil sister making that horrible comment to Amy Fisher. And then the loony girl starts breathing into a bag. GIVE ME A BREAK! She should have apologized to Amy. Who gets introduced to someone and then says something so awful???

  15. Valerie says:

    Jeremy and his sister were flat out wrong! These are the type of people who are only sensitive to their own needs. Even though Amy Fisher’s husband went overboard with his death threats I totally understand where he was coming from. Jeremy sees that its hard for Amy to open up and and therefore get well and he rubs her past in her face.
    I never thought that I would feel sympathy for Amy Fisher but here I am. I applaud anyone working hard to be well.