Basketball Wives – Episode 9 – Home Sweet Home


Back in Miami, everything seems so boring, doesn’t it? Or at least more happy. Or at least more tongue-y.

The happy, tongue-y-ness doesn’t last long.

“I think Meeka is a backstabbing, lying, shady-ass bitch,” Tami explains before meeting up with Royce to give her the lowdown on what happened in Rome. In case you’ve been living under a rock (although let’s be real, even people who live under rocks know what happened in Rome), Tami’s fist met Meeka’s face, and they did not get along to say the least. To the point where Meeka is nowhere to be found in this episode. One less drama queen to worry about this week! In fact, this group seems unusually calm this week, to the point that our normal explosive-o-meter is moot. So let’s just see what the ladies are doing now that the end of the season is drawing near.

Jennifer‘s been referring to Eric as her “soon-to-be ex” all season, and yet as a “soon-to-be-single lady” she hasn’t put herself out there at all until now. Thank God she has a friend like Al Reynolds in her life who knows just what kind of man she needs to be set up with. Tall. Or at least, they have to have a tall bank account.

William fits that bill!

Jen goes on a date with William and they hit it off so well that she invites him to be her date at her upcoming divorce party. (Let’s hope he likes peen-yatas!) Of course, Jen is not as sexually free as Suzie, who shows off her goods to all of South Beach as she does short-shorts yoga.

Suzie and her 1/16th of an inch inseam have no problem with ending a date that might not go anywhere with some fun, no-strings-attached sex, but Jen is more cautious. She sounds hilariously like a grandma, talking about navigating the dating world with “social media” but ultimately thanks to Al, she and William have a good time, but the sparks don’t really fly between them until next week.

Jen is trying her best to stay drama-free for now, which is why she’s avoiding Royce. Like Suzie, Royce has been approached by Eric to appear in his “You-might-need-to-be-naked” movie. But unlike Suzie, Royce took the meeting with Eric without telling Jen.

Royce is also mulling over her decision to be in the film, which is questionable, but she’s open to any and all business opportunities, so it’s not like her decision is personal against Jen. Still, she feels like she owes it to Jennifer to tell her about it in person, and Jen actually goes but leaves before Royce gets there.

Detective Royce uses her powers of logic to deduce that a half-empty martini glass and the ever-so-faint scent of lip gloss mixed with feather earrings means Jen was here but recently left.

Royce is like “whatever” as Suzie explains that Jen just will not meet her face to face. Hey, one less face-to-face interaction means one less chance for beverages to fly.

While those ladies fulfilled their duties for the week creating/avoiding drama amongst themselves, Evelyn was off fulfilling family/Chad duties. More of this version of Evelyn, please! It’s adorable seeing Evelyn with Shaniece and Chad. Although, the tongue stuff wasn’t totally necessary.

“The PDA is just outrageous,” Shaniece says about her mother and future step-Ochocinco as they give their mutual tongue massage. Also, can we get more Shaniece on this show? She is the driest, funniest person on here.

Alas, she’s graduating high school and going off to college so we’ll see a lot less of her now. But on the occasion of her graduation party, even though she’s upset that her real dad and her fake step-dad couldn’t come, Chad is there to celebrate with her. “I guess the third engagement ring is the charm,” Shaniece tells Chad, referring to her mother’s two previous engagements, which throws him for a loop.

He’s like “Two what nows?” but it doesn’t faze him. He then leads his future new family in prayer.

Later, Evelyn explains why things with Chad are so good. “Chad usually does two amazing, sweet things per month,” she says. I like a man on a sweet thing schedule. Chad should teach a class at the Learning Annex to men at a loss for how to surprise and delight their ladies.

While Evelyn was initially annoyed by Chad’s cigar smoke and the long drive to nowhere

when she sees the beachfront dinner he’s prepared for her, all is forgiven. So I mean, that gives him free reign to cup her butt, of course.

During dinner they discuss their public images, and while Evelyn tells her that all the criticism she faces gets her down sometimes, Chad tells her “I’m aiming to be the number one hated athlete of all time. LeBron seems to be outdoing me so I’m trying to figure out a way to outdo him.” And then they smooch and prove that even on Basketball Wives, it is possible for an episode to end with everyone being cuddly.

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  1. justme says:

    Well tonight was gd jen is making me mad n i like her but u gotta understand that royce didn’t have to say nothing cause ur not talking to her but she was trying to reach out to u.I don’t know if it was me but evelyn lil girl don’t look to happy about things with her mother n this is not his show get out of here not a hater but its something about him

  2. iluvjen says:

    Why is Eric throwing water on Jen? (FINALE) arrgghhhh!! IMMATURE!!
    Cant wait to know what they met up for. OCHOCINCO looks soo fake and rehearsed. He seemed like forcing to make good TV. Am liking the new Jen without almost every scene Evelyn around. And Ohh Jennifers date looks suspect (helloooo AL REYNOLDS FRIEND) LMAO!!! Good show tho i luv BBW even with all the craziness and disgrace etc its what makes the show a show for us all to tune in monday night. Just remember every1 that its a show. cant wait for the finale. who has any Gossip on the reunion,,,,LOL

  3. Shonna says:

    Why the hell did Tammi let them folk edge up her hair line? She look crazy as hell. Sorry Tammi, but you lost some cool points on that. Please don’t do that again. #thatisall

  4. MEvans says:

    Ok…try to feel me. Eve honey you do you and what makes you happy. Ocho is on the fake side to me, but if he is what floats your boat go for it girl. Suzie you are being messy as hell. You are once again putting yourself in the middle of someone else’s drama…..stay out of it. Jen you have lost a few cool points with me. If there is something that you want to tell Royce you need to be woman enough to tell her to her face like a woman. There is no need to make Suzie your send-out to give a message to Royce. Tami and Shaunie you are cool with me. Jen get it together please. Fight your own battles; you are the only one I have yet to see fight your own battles when it is against another woman!!!!!

  5. Tabeitha says:

    Wow, Jen. Really? You didn’t even give Royce the chance to talk to you and Tami hit the nail on the head when it comes to Royce and the whole Girlfriends code. She should have just listened to her and worked out their friendship because I think it is actually worth saving. But they all need to get rid of Suzie because she can’t keep her mouth shut. It is clear that Shaniece is uncomfortable with her o’s relationship. But it’s because her mom has been burned in the past and she wants the best for her mom and I love that they are close as they are. I hope that she and Chad are the real thing because Evelyn did glow tonight and I love this side of her.

  6. I was just wondering if Evelyn has a fake plate in her mouth. Because when she smile her teeth look fake???????Just Wondering

  7. Dawn says:

    Look out Jen. Eric has lost it. Divorce him asap. How dare he throw that drink on you in front of the cameras! Be thankful you didn’t meet with him alone! He’s dangerous. He’s obviously lost his mind. That knot on his forehead seems to show the cyclops he really is! Keep your distance from him. Press charges for assault. You deserve better. Even in a breakup or divorce you dont deserve to be treated like that. No woman does. God bless you, keep your head up and stay away from cy.

  8. choc says:

    all of basketball wives are fake…it’s suppose to be a reality show. the only reality i see is the hair the meeka pulled out of tammy’s head and they tried to fix it by trimming it, lol. ain’t no love with eve and chad, toooooo fake. why r they all so jealous of one another and call each other friend. i think what they need is to go back to school and get the true meaning of friend.

  9. Dlady says:

    I really am surprised that these women seem to be so full of themselves. I wouldnt want to be aprt of the click. Meeka….get out now. You are so above that kind of behavior.

  10. Byron says:

    Eric, you look like less of a man throwing water at Jen. Its bad enough you so openly antagonized and disrespected her on t.v. and on the radio. Jen silence is golden and you don’t have to do anything for revenge b/c his actions have said it all. You got yourself out of a bad relationship and its best that his actions were done in front of the camera than behind closed doors (who knows what would have happened next). But you should give Royce a chance b/c after Tammi and Shaunie, she’s the only other real chick on the show.

  11. Babz says:

    Jen get over it! Royce tried to take a meeting with you regarding her situation with Eric and you refused. You don’t like her and it is not because of Eric , it is because your friend doesn’t like her. I did not see the whole episode, but, Ev’s daughter did not seem comfortable around 85, that is a sign. Guuuurrrrrlllll run!

  12. rin says:

    when will evelyn realize… that chad is not about her!!!!! he is about publicity and stunting…. he said it in the line: “I’m aiming to be the number one hated athlete of all time. LeBron seems to be outdoing me so I’m trying to figure out a way to outdo him.” … earth to evelyn….. as u was stating how u feel… chad NEVER once acknowleged your feelings…. he never said we, you, or evelyn… he was all about I I I I …. come on now baby girl….. i know know why you cried so hard when jenn did that interview.. cause u know everything she was saying was the TRUTH!!! wake up girl.

  13. hollywood!!! says:

    @Rin… u said it… she’s going to be even more bitter when this engagement ends…
    jen and royce situation… whatever…. but jen… should she really be taking dating advice from al reynolds or even go out with one of his friends….

  14. Sandi says:

    I guess Eric has woke up and realized that Jeni is gone for good and is not looking back. One thing I know about Black man, they know when they have lost a good, clean women and that is going to kill him, so look at Jeni because this is where the hurt begins for Eric. He will not be able to handle it, because he is a man.

  15. ladyofsuccess55 says:

    @Dawn! You are so right! She should press charges. They arent even divorced yet and that is considered assault. If she smart she will. I think her date is kinda cute too! Maybe he will be good for her for the time being. I think Suzy is confused. She doesnt want to be caught in the middle of something but she stll tells all. I think she feels she’s screwed if she does or if she doesnt. Royce is a scallop! She just does things for spite. She is very immature. She says she has nothing against Jen, so why not talk to her and find out whats up with their relationship as well as let her know about Eric? Eve, glad you are happy. Be careful though. Glad you are not mad at Jen but you need to listen to her, She is your bestie and she is just looking out for you. Sometimes others see things that we dont. Hope you dont get hurt in the end. Congrats on your daughter’s graduation. Tami you will always be my girl! Tooo real! I love it! Glad Meeka i not there anymore she is too much trouble. Didnt like her from Ep. 1. Shaunie, keep the pack tight, Dont add anyone else. You girls fight but you are tight. Keep it that way!

  16. ladyofsuccess55 says:

    @Sandi~ Amen to that! It always ends like that. We move on and they continue to hate….

  17. FLYY78 says:


  18. Aaliymah says:

    What the hell is up with Eric throwing water in Jen’s face like that. OMG sooooooo IMMATURE he needs to grow up no wonder why Jen’s divorcing his UGLY (_!_). As for

    Ummmmmm Tammi what the hell did they do to your hairline…sighssss.

  19. Rodata says:

    I really wish they would start a partitions to have Tammi removed from the show. After the fight or the cowardly move she did to Meek she is not fit to be on the show. Yes we like drama and all that but she is truely not a lady at all, less know a basketball wife.(ex-wife). Now we know why..
    Children saw this, and shamely her children saw it. That is why they did not want her in their business for their musical career.

  20. JMJ says:

    This episode was calm and I enjoyed the family scene. Congrats t o Evelyn for raising a beautiful child and Chad that was nice of you to be the needed male figure.

    Jen I am sorry about what happened to you but why did you not help Meeka last week? – she is a fellow castmate too and you never even knocked on her door to see how she wasa going. It’s a sad day when people choose to solve thier issues with violence and abuse instead with dialogue.

    Shaunie, please revisit your idea because this show is international and not everyone can deal with this level of aggression.

  21. pattistarz says:


  22. pattistarz says:

    Evelyn is trashy and classless. She has symptoms of a sociaopath. She sets back watching people be bullied and tormented and smiles with contempt. Don’t you think there is another like you that would take that and use it against your daughter. NONE of you think about how you would feel if someone treated a family member the way you treat people. Tami…you are only tough when you have an audience…and people have the right to an opinion. YEARS of protesting and riots brought those rights and now you act like those who acted violently towards people of your race and color…and now you act just like that big bellied red neck, prejustice…ignorant person. Suzi…go look for your idenity…putting your loyalty to people that would trash you like garbage…if you are such a follower go join Jeffs and be another wife.

  23. Mz.. Parka says:

    Tami is corny and she wants to be down just as bad as meeka! I thought she didn’t like the name Dulce(ev’s store) but on one of the episodes she’s wearing the tank smh!! She only hit meeka because she didn’t want the truth to get out what she said about the other girls. Tami could’ve saved that drama for Miami why go way to Italy to make a scene. The girls should’ve left her ass and went somewhere else! Shaunnie where’s your backbone you knew she was dead wrong and immature! Meeka come on the scene being stupid and talking too damn much, so she kind of deserves the treatment she’s getting. She should’ve kept quiet and formed her own opinion of everyone from her own one-one experience. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder what her husband thinks about her or what he sees in her because she’s drama foreal! I like Jen but she needs to toughen up! I’m glad she’s divorcing Eric with his ugly ass. He has the nerve to have an attitude the way he looks lmao he should be happy somebody wanted him!

  24. Charmaine says:

    Ev I think you and Chad will live a long happy life. Your girl Royce was here in Delaware I hope to see you and Chad here next year for the next celebrity baseball game sponsored by Duffyshope. Love you.

  25. Rhonda Fair says:

    You two make a good couple. Congradulations!

  26. Lisha says:

    This is my second time posting this! Don’t know what happened to the first one?! Is it just me or was Ocho very inappropriate with Evelyn’s daughter? He was looking at her real hard and when they where talking he was licking his lips like he was thinking of her sexually!! When she (the daughter) walked out of the room in her dress you could see how he was looking at her too hard and then Evelyn turned her head towards Ocho because I believe she could tell too! What do yall think? I think he is a dog!!

  27. mrs.winzer says:

    Yes lisha it wasnt just u i thought the same thing u hit it on the nose he was staring hard and that made her mother look bad because just like we caught it her momma caught it money talks and money can make alot of stuff get over looked girl.

  28. mrs.winzer says:

    U know whats getting under my skin how messy suzie is and how know body is putting her on blast i hope royce really tells her off she is not a friend at all she seems like a snake……..she smiles and makes everyone think she is innocent while she is causing so much drama…wow

  29. doris says:

    eric should have been happy to have jen. I lost respect for him after what he did to jen with the drink. chad and evelyn is not going anywhere, they don’t even make a god couple. tami is my girl but her hair dont look good. meeka looks like a dude. hate its over