Michael Lohan Discusses How He Would Be “Stuck On Stupid” Without Celebrity Rehab


Michael Lohan‘s rehabilitation on this season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew has given us quite a few dramatic moments, in no small part because of his volatile relationship with his ex, Kate Major, which we got a glimpse of on last night’s episode. In this interview we did with Lohan before the season began, he explains how he got involved in the show and how he was able to overcome his co-dependency with Major.

“My co-dependency issues with the relationship I was in had a big effect on me on the show and led to anger and led to me walking off the show at one time,” Lohan told us. “It was a process.” Lohan seems to have taken to the process, and now sings the high praises of it and his doctors, especially Dr. Drew. “I admired Dr. Drew when I spoke on other shows with him…But once you get to know the man, he is amazing,” Lohan says.

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  1. charles says:

    That Amy Fisher is the eternal victim. She tried to kill a woman and still thinks that she is a victim. And she says she can’t get work so she works in porn. Probably because they pay her a lot more to show her sexual skills than any other employer is wilingl to pay her so she can show that she can’t do anything. What a dope! And her husband, the THUG, is even worse. This guy is walking around with a chip on his shoulder and ready to attack anyone who looks at or speaks about Amy…he’s the perfect enabler.


  2. jaynejane says:

    I agree with Amy Fisher being the eternal victim. She is so phony – that crying she had to have learned that in prison. I think her husband is part of her problem as well. I think he married her thinking it would get him in to the higher quality strip club. They are both nasty as far as I am concerned. I felt sorry for Jeremy’s sister – she didnt think before she spoke and who hasnt.
    I hope next week they show them slamming that Thug down on the ground and taking him to jail and I hope Amy continues to cry. Steven Adler probably loved every minute of that scene because he saw right threw her!

  3. nanci says:

    I hate to say this but charles & jaynejane, not cool that you sided with jeremy’s sister. Would you have said that to her if your were in rehab knowing that it is a trigger? See how quick steven is to judge. he hates women & to continually pick on amy – why not pick on someone weaker than you are to prove what a pro you are in rehab. Nice steven. I guess you showed amy by being a constant guest at rehab as a rehab person.
    Stop judging.
    “who does she have to be, in order to be forgiven for past mistakes.”.

  4. mary says:

    maybe if amy, showed any remorse for her actions people would not dislike her so much. she was used by joey, and she was young. now she is a grown women and i see no remorse for the pain she caused the wife. everything out of her mouth is about her being mistreated, like she has no compassion for anyone other than herself. as for her husband , if he was half a man ,he wouldnt have her doing porn to support him and their family. he is with her Because of her name and how he can profit by that name. she is a nut and he is a blowhard, bully, who cant work for his family. by the way people who want to see her porn, is only because of her shooting the wife of her lover. so if she hates people bring it up why is she using it to make money.

  5. Maria Mercer says:

    What a “drama queen” now I know why his daughter is a drug addict,shoplifter,and alcoholic ! whaoooo!!!! he is just a mess,he is just acting ,he loves the attention ,I don’t know why this guy is even in TV shows…he is nobody,just the father of a thief ,alcoholic drug user is all,how sad!Do he ever had a regular job> I think he wants Nancy to pay for everything including his drugs! Is all acting ,he should leave the show for real!!!!!!he is causing real drama and putting the other drugis in jeopardy ,he doesn’t care about the rest of the people he loves alll the attention .

  6. jeffree says:

    Alcoholic than Rageoholic … just substituting one drug for the other ~

  7. Jenalloveragain says:

    Michael Lohan is a sociopath. I am curious why Dr. Drew doesn’t address this. He craves attention, indulges in drama and taints every situation he touches. It’s no wonder why he dates that Kate woman. A sociopath preys on weak, troubled people, who can’t see clearly.

    Hopefully his family will continue to have nothing to do with him.

  8. JFN says:

    I’m still shocked as to why Jeremy kept apologizing. He didn’t say anything and Amy’s husband was jumping down his throat! Then to have Dr. Drew say “Jeremy made a mistake & said something he shouldn’t have” was even worse! HELLO? HE didn’t say anything – his sister did. I was so frustrated at them all saying Jeremy was at fault I almost quit watching the show! Lay blame where it’s due please!

  9. Dianne Petrina says:

    I usually like to watch this show but honestly with Michael Lohan on this season, I deleted the upcoming episodes. It just seems to be all about him, and I don’t care much what he does, but I don’t like to see him acting up every week. It’s a waste of time.