Michael Lohan Discusses How He Would Be “Stuck On Stupid” Without Celebrity Rehab


Michael Lohan‘s rehabilitation on this season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew has given us quite a few dramatic moments, in no small part because of his volatile relationship with his ex, Kate Major, which we got a glimpse of on last night’s episode. In this interview we did with Lohan before the season began, he explains how he got involved in the show and how he was able to overcome his co-dependency with Major.

“My co-dependency issues with the relationship I was in had a big effect on me on the show and led to anger and led to me walking off the show at one time,” Lohan told us. “It was a process.” Lohan seems to have taken to the process, and now sings the high praises of it and his doctors, especially Dr. Drew. “I admired Dr. Drew when I spoke on other shows with him…But once you get to know the man, he is amazing,” Lohan says.

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