Talking Celebrity Rehab Episode 7 With Dr. Sharp And Jennifer Gimenez


Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is back for a fifth season, and we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk about the show with Dr. Drew and some of the other staff at the Pasadena Recovery Center to get an inside look at the rehabilitation process. This week, we spoke with Jenn Gimenez and Dr. John Sharp about the ongoing drama with Amy Fisher, Michael Lohan, and their loved ones.

First up is our conversation with Dr. Sharp.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but Kate Major is still upset about her portrayal on the show, do you think we’re getting a fair look at her based on her behavior during her visits?

The way we see her on TV was to me a very fair the portrayal of how she was. She was present, she was emotional, she was kinda persistent in her belief, she was ,you know, on medication. It was hard for me to tell whether she had been drinking or not because she was clearly not level headed.

And she really had to struggle a bit with hearing from everyone, from me and from Drew and from Shelly and even from Michael that she had to get treatment. The problems were really bigger than she either could see or wanted to admit.

This episode is also the first time we see Michael getting very angry and upset and it’s a huge change from the calm Michael we have seen in other episodes where he is trying to help intervene in other peoples situations in a mediator role, but in this episode he sort of flies off the handle. And I think that’s the public perception of him, the volatile celebrity father part of him came true in this episode. It’s what people I think expect to see out of him.

Yes, on the show he was always in this rescuer kind of role and yet we always were given the believe that he has problems managing his own emotions and this was kinda the first time that this really had played out. And that was dramatic and scary,regarding his problem controlling himself and the stress and strain on his own system and his heart, but also with the people around him. It was a very real occasion to kind of see what difficulties he faces in his life, that we had not kinda lived through with him before. You know a lot of the time people come in to talk about their problems are its kinda calm or they paint some sort of landscape where it’s sort of dramatic, and they paint a particular landscape where it’s very dramatic but you don’t really see where they’re situated in that. And here we saw how it probably often is in his life.

We haven’t really seen that because he was very controlled and polite and graceful and trying to help be present and take care of others and respond to other people. Which is also a very truly a reflection of Michael, he’s that guy too, it’s not like it was all bulls— – excuse me – and now you see the Real McCoy he was that guy too.

One thing I’m curious about with Amy is her role as a mom. We’ve focused on her role as a wife, and I didn’t know if you can talk at all about how her experiences affect her role as a mom, I’m just curious if she talked about that with you.

She was very focused on how important her young children are and how important her family life is. She wanted to be focused on that, I mean to me it was a little ironic that at the same time she’s willing to participate in pornography and still wants to be a good mother to her kids, I just think she saw those as two separate worlds and really what she was trying to do was to have a source of additional revenue for the family. Especially as Lou explained that his work opportunities and the amount of money he could bring to the table were limited in part because of her of marrying Amy and kind of her past or who people kind of see her as.

And yet she was willing to do something in which people may also consider a problem, being in the adult film industry, in order to kind of help with the money, really she had a very clear goal of trying to be a very careful mom. I mean they lead sort of a very ordinary routine life, going to Disney World, living in a gated community and they really like to protect themselves from the world in order to focus on raising these kids and being together as a family.

Amy, she definitely cares about he family, and I think she made a decision that was consistent with family values and going into the direction she wants, even though she didn’t know where the replacement income would come from and that she could make a healthy choice. She really relieved a lot of her anxiety and that really allowed her to back away from the drinking without as much of the difficulty as she would have thought.

When we spoke to Jennifer Gimenez, she also commented on Kate’s appearance on the show, but also gave credit to Jeremy Jackson for stepping up to apologize to Amy and her husband for the previous episode’s drama.

This was a crazy episode, I can finally see Michael’s reliance on the phone now, he literally just snatches it out of your hand at one point, it’s crazy!

He was like that all the time, not the snatching his phone away, but he would not listen when he was on it, and he was on it a lot with Kate, at night and as it was escalating with it before hand. It got out of control, I’ve seen a shot in the show when Shelly just unplugs the phone, and I was like “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?”

Can you explain why you think Kate is so upset about how she’s shown?

I’d like to clearly say this: she said she needed help and that she had a problem, and therefore because she said that, Dr. Drew and all of us, the production company and VH1, they were all gonna help her get into a treatment facility. And when she didn’t get that help and the next day she is coming and Shelly says “I thought she was going in to get better,” and it was like “Oh, no, on Monday…” Michael plays the game too. When I took the phone from Michael, Kate said “I don’t want to come here,” and that’s when I said “I agree,” I think that’s a smart move on her part, but she did end up coming.

Let’s move on to Amy —

First, can I tell you how proud I was of Jeremy? I was so like “Wow, he manned up on this,” when it came to clearing things up with Amy’s husband. I didn’t know that was exactly what he had said to him, it was amazing, this guy literally threatened to kill him and he tried to make it all peaceful, and he did do that. And I was really proud of Jeremy. I mean that is what we get to do today, fix things and that is part of making amends in our lives.

Amy and Lou have such an interesting relationship, he is so protective, but to Sean Young‘s point, if he really respects her, how can he let her do porn? It’s just like how could he be okay with it?

When I was seeing him and watching him on the show, and when he was there visiting her, I was thinking the same thing. You really do love this person but it’s like the big elephant in the room. Put all that aside it’s no big deal…But it is a big deal because she feels so much shame, guilt and remorse about it, and you’re just saying it’s okay to do it or we will just close our eyes and pretend it’s not even happening. The denial of it, again here is denial on a great level.

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