Talking Celebrity Rehab Episode 7 With Dr. Sharp And Jennifer Gimenez


Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew is back for a fifth season, and we’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk about the show with Dr. Drew and some of the other staff at the Pasadena Recovery Center to get an inside look at the rehabilitation process. This week, we spoke with Jenn Gimenez and Dr. John Sharp about the ongoing drama with Amy Fisher, Michael Lohan, and their loved ones.

First up is our conversation with Dr. Sharp.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but Kate Major is still upset about her portrayal on the show, do you think we’re getting a fair look at her based on her behavior during her visits?

The way we see her on TV was to me a very fair the portrayal of how she was. She was present, she was emotional, she was kinda persistent in her belief, she was ,you know, on medication. It was hard for me to tell whether she had been drinking or not because she was clearly not level headed.

And she really had to struggle a bit with hearing from everyone, from me and from Drew and from Shelly and even from Michael that she had to get treatment. The problems were really bigger than she either could see or wanted to admit.

This episode is also the first time we see Michael getting very angry and upset and it’s a huge change from the calm Michael we have seen in other episodes where he is trying to help intervene in other peoples situations in a mediator role, but in this episode he sort of flies off the handle. And I think that’s the public perception of him, the volatile celebrity father part of him came true in this episode. It’s what people I think expect to see out of him.

Yes, on the show he was always in this rescuer kind of role and yet we always were given the believe that he has problems managing his own emotions and this was kinda the first time that this really had played out. And that was dramatic and scary,regarding his problem controlling himself and the stress and strain on his own system and his heart, but also with the people around him. It was a very real occasion to kind of see what difficulties he faces in his life, that we had not kinda lived through with him before. You know a lot of the time people come in to talk about their problems are its kinda calm or they paint some sort of landscape where it’s sort of dramatic, and they paint a particular landscape where it’s very dramatic but you don’t really see where they’re situated in that. And here we saw how it probably often is in his life.

We haven’t really seen that because he was very controlled and polite and graceful and trying to help be present and take care of others and respond to other people. Which is also a very truly a reflection of Michael, he’s that guy too, it’s not like it was all bulls— – excuse me – and now you see the Real McCoy he was that guy too.

One thing I’m curious about with Amy is her role as a mom. We’ve focused on her role as a wife, and I didn’t know if you can talk at all about how her experiences affect her role as a mom, I’m just curious if she talked about that with you.

She was very focused on how important her young children are and how important her family life is. She wanted to be focused on that, I mean to me it was a little ironic that at the same time she’s willing to participate in pornography and still wants to be a good mother to her kids, I just think she saw those as two separate worlds and really what she was trying to do was to have a source of additional revenue for the family. Especially as Lou explained that his work opportunities and the amount of money he could bring to the table were limited in part because of her of marrying Amy and kind of her past or who people kind of see her as.

And yet she was willing to do something in which people may also consider a problem, being in the adult film industry, in order to kind of help with the money, really she had a very clear goal of trying to be a very careful mom. I mean they lead sort of a very ordinary routine life, going to Disney World, living in a gated community and they really like to protect themselves from the world in order to focus on raising these kids and being together as a family.

Amy, she definitely cares about he family, and I think she made a decision that was consistent with family values and going into the direction she wants, even though she didn’t know where the replacement income would come from and that she could make a healthy choice. She really relieved a lot of her anxiety and that really allowed her to back away from the drinking without as much of the difficulty as she would have thought.

When we spoke to Jennifer Gimenez, she also commented on Kate’s appearance on the show, but also gave credit to Jeremy Jackson for stepping up to apologize to Amy and her husband for the previous episode’s drama.

This was a crazy episode, I can finally see Michael’s reliance on the phone now, he literally just snatches it out of your hand at one point, it’s crazy!

He was like that all the time, not the snatching his phone away, but he would not listen when he was on it, and he was on it a lot with Kate, at night and as it was escalating with it before hand. It got out of control, I’ve seen a shot in the show when Shelly just unplugs the phone, and I was like “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?”

Can you explain why you think Kate is so upset about how she’s shown?

I’d like to clearly say this: she said she needed help and that she had a problem, and therefore because she said that, Dr. Drew and all of us, the production company and VH1, they were all gonna help her get into a treatment facility. And when she didn’t get that help and the next day she is coming and Shelly says “I thought she was going in to get better,” and it was like “Oh, no, on Monday…” Michael plays the game too. When I took the phone from Michael, Kate said “I don’t want to come here,” and that’s when I said “I agree,” I think that’s a smart move on her part, but she did end up coming.

Let’s move on to Amy —

First, can I tell you how proud I was of Jeremy? I was so like “Wow, he manned up on this,” when it came to clearing things up with Amy’s husband. I didn’t know that was exactly what he had said to him, it was amazing, this guy literally threatened to kill him and he tried to make it all peaceful, and he did do that. And I was really proud of Jeremy. I mean that is what we get to do today, fix things and that is part of making amends in our lives.

Amy and Lou have such an interesting relationship, he is so protective, but to Sean Young‘s point, if he really respects her, how can he let her do porn? It’s just like how could he be okay with it?

When I was seeing him and watching him on the show, and when he was there visiting her, I was thinking the same thing. You really do love this person but it’s like the big elephant in the room. Put all that aside it’s no big deal…But it is a big deal because she feels so much shame, guilt and remorse about it, and you’re just saying it’s okay to do it or we will just close our eyes and pretend it’s not even happening. The denial of it, again here is denial on a great level.

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  1. B. Simpson says:

    While watching these so-called celebrities demonstrate the trainwrecks they are…do we really care about these people??? I mean really….none of these people are substantial in any way. None of them were instrumental in their communities, or helped in soup kitchens, or led a tireless fight against the injustices of the world. They are a bunch of self absorbed, drug popping lowlifes who were just lucky to be famous or famous by association.(Michael Lohan is only famous for being the seed donor that gave us his more of a trainwreck daughter). So why should we care or hope for their recovery. The worst lowlife of all is Dr. Drew…looking all concerned and wanting to help when in his head he’s thinking “My ratings are thru the roof!” We only watch this nonsense because it makes our own silly lives look downright normal.

  2. Cynthia says:

    This comment is for Amy Fisher: Amy I sincerely feel your pain!! I pray that people will begin see you as a person instead of some kind of monster for what you did as teenager!! Try to remember that there will ALWAYS be idiots in this world who treat others with disdain and judge other human beings when in fact they have NO RIGHT to do so!!! From the moment I heard your story I felt empathy for you!! I wish that others would realize that you were a vulnerable teenager who was manipulated by a grown man!!! I truly do wish you ALL the best with your sobriety and your life!! I believe you are a beautiful person who is guilty of nothing more than making a huge mistake brought on by a manipulative evil beast of a man!!! Try to ignore those who strive to tear you apart and focus on getting yourself healthy and the people who love you and support you!!! Just because you made a huge mistake when you were a teen should in no way diminish the person/woman that you are today!! We should not be defined by the mistakes that we make but by the love and goodness that arise from our spirit and heart!! May God be with you ALWAYS and shine His light upon your soul filling you with peace, joy and love!!!

  3. Maria Mercer says:

    This is to response to B.Simpsom ,you are 100%right everything you wrote is true ! you took my words from my mouth……I can’t understand Drew he is so full and is funny two of his patients die of overdose ,how good he is ,he is looking for ratings and money besides this show he has other in HLN the man is making good bucks all at cost of this loosers.He is a phony !

  4. Maria Mercer says:

    Lohan is a drama queen ,he loves attention ,all the vomiting and chest pains all that is just acting,he is not a celebrity he is just the father of a looser Lindsey a thief,drug addict,alcoholic ,spoil brat girl is all! all the people in that show are a bunch of loosers and they are making Drew rich ! we don’t care about this people ,all what they need is work ,be responsibles , regular people like us ,we work ,we pay our bills like anyone else , and we don’t have to became a celebrity ! we are normal !

  5. Susan says:

    I had to laugh when amy said she was “very attractive”. Lol. Too much plastic surgery girl.
    Lohan is an idiot. No wonder Lindsay is so messed up!

  6. Mary says:

    this comment is for Amy Fisher. Maybe I missed this part of the show but I haven’t heard her once take responsibility for what she did. ‘Why is everyone so mean to me???” is what she keeps saying. YOU SHOT A WOMAN IN THE FACE. A little remorse would be nice. I do empathize for her and what she went through I’m sure there is a lot to this story that we’ll never know. Taking responsibility for your actions and admitting it is key. And what’s up with her husband? He’s blaming her for his lack of work??? What a bunch of crap and more neurosis to pile on an already fragile person. No one who really loves and respects his wife would let her have sex with other men for money. End of story. Michael Lohan and his co dependant relationship with someone old enough to be his daughter is ridiculous. He is creating and feeding off all that drama. Many people confuse conflict with passion. A truly healthy relationship doesn’t thive on all the drama. Grow up and get your life together and then you might be able to have a successful relationship.

  7. Carina says:

    Sure, because as there were too low tv quotes it would not be on the program, right? I guess we are all kind of damaged somehow and to see these makes us feeling better. I think they are really playing roles, today’s episode was really too much drama. I am from Austria originally so I hardly know anybody on the show. But I never miss a single episode. I am also not sure if Dr. Drew had a special training for “looking concerned but also competent to handle the situation”, this look on his face is kind of artifical. Nevertheless, as it is true, what the patients are telling us, I think it is really a big step to consequent yourself with the things that went wrong in your life. I know from experience that this is very hurtful. And because of the experience I do nit know if this is all true. I would not want to discuss these deep feeling in front of everybody. And I really hate that half of the episode is a repition of the last episode. I don’t know maybe thias has something to do with differences between European and American TV. I also want to address that Dr. Sharp seems to be competent and willing to help. And maybe (as we oversee all the drama and exaggerations) we can learn a little bit for our own life.

  8. Trudie says:

    First off with Amy, what the sister said was in bad taste but didn’t deserve the result from Amy’s husband.By the same token, she instead of trying to calm her husband she continued to fuss and cry keeping him upset and his attitude escalated from that one small comment to threatening a man’s life! Amy must enjoy that feeling but it almost got her husband arrested! I’m a little worn with the weeping, sometimes I don’t believe it’s sincere,she wants pity,pity,pity! **I do not understand when the cops arrived why their attention went to Michael Lohan! The intruder should have been dealt with! She acted like an absolute drunken idiot! If he wants to improve his life he’ll throw that woman out and be done with her!Dr. Drew had his duty with Micheal but other than that the cops trying to cuff him was unfair!

  9. Lola says:

    As far as Amy’s hubby goes…he’s a loser. Saying he loses jobs and money, when people find out who his wife is. And he more or less pushes her to do porn. What kind of husband, that truly loves his wife, would want her to have sexual relations with other men? And how can she bring up her daughters to be resectable women, when her past is bad enough, but could be forgiven. But having sex in front of the world for money…that’s not the way to get forgivness or respect from the public, or your children. She must teach them self respect. As for Michael Lohan…he seriously needs to grow up and act his age. He cries more than any woman I know. And usually over Kate, who is too young and too screwed up to know what love is. Now for Steven..good luck and I truly hope you get and stay sober this time. Dr. Drews patients aren’t really showing any proof that he is helping with thier rehabilitation. He needs to kick it up a notch.

  10. PB says:

    Will someone please tell Amy Fisher that she is BEAUTIFUL without makeup! She really doesn’t need NEARLY as much makeup as she usually wears. It makes me wonder if she subconsciously does this as a way to hide/protect herself.

  11. April says:

    Mary Jo forgave Amy Fischer and people need to leave her alone. She is a child in a woman’s body. Steven Adler needs to learn the difference between seriel killer and attempted murder. Amy served her time. Many young girls have been preyed upon by older men that use and abuse them and though we may not have gone to the lenghts Amy has it is a very hard thing to live through and relive every day. Amy needs one on one therapy, not group therapy right now.
    I care about Amy Fischer and her well being and mental health. Amy is a victim, Mary Jo is a victim because of her husband and Joey Buttucho is the predator.

  12. Anna says:

    I know there has to be SOME solution happening at the Pasadena Recovery Center. It just doesen’t seem to make it past the final cut. Dr. Drew being an executive producer, I thought that there would be more solution and integrity on the screen. it’s turned into just another reality show with drama and chaos everywhere. And it’s so sad that the staff seem absolutely useless running around chasing these celebrities while they wreak havoc everywhere and jeopardize the recovery of others trying to get sober. What about phone restrictions and privelidges? And I don’t mean cell phones. I mean ALL phone privelidges. I was shocked at how long Steven got to rage on about Amy not id-ing herself as an alcoholic. He was dangerously abusinve and everyone (staff) just sat there. There was no immediate response or consequences. I had to go to detox and a treatment ctr. when I got sober 6 years ago, and stayed in the 3/4 house for 5 months after the 3 month mandatory treatment. MARR in Atlanta is a wonderful center and was a wonderful place to begin my recovery. They had pretty high end clientele and didnt take any of our crap. Obliging these people on your show their tantrums and drama are killing them. It’s almost enabling.

  13. RJBex says:

    I loathe Amy Fisher, absolutely loathe that woman. She is completely dramatic and is constantly overreacting. AND – the dumb b&^%h, it was Jeremy’s sister that made the comment that set her husband off, not him. Amy Fisher doesn’t pay attention to that because apparently that’s insignificant, you know those little details that basically make up the truth. Also, she needs EVERYTHING to be about her. I hate the fact that Dr. Drew says “you don’t deserve this treatment”. How does she NOT?! She shot a woman point blank in the face because she was having a sordid affair with her husband. Amy Fisher walked up to Mary Jo B,’s house, rang the bell and shot her in the head fully intending on killing her. WTF? How does this woman not deserve everything she’s gotten in the press and in life?

  14. terri says:

    I am a really empathetic person and when I watch the show I reflect on myself. I don’t think it does anyone any good to attack anyone seeking help /offering help.

    Amy’s story means a lot to me. I was sexually abused also and it has had a profound impact on my life as well. I feel like it has destroyed a lot of my life like it destroyed hers. I am glad she is getting help for herself now and I hope the best for her. Leaving the adult industry is hard. What do you put on a resume? I can relate.

    I felt such pain for Michael. I think he should break off from Kate. She is so selfish to call the unit when he is in treatment. I was in eating disorder treatment before and a friend of mine wanted a place to stay, so I had to leave treatment to take care of him. In retrospect I think it was a bad thing to do. I hope he will go back to treatment and focus on himself.

  15. marty says:

    all cameras have to be on him put him in a room and not on the show and work on him i now ,taking his ex-wife and kids side

  16. Kay says:

    I think Dr. Drew mishandled the situation that began with Jeremy’s big mouth sister, ending up hurting Amy and infuriating her husband. Jeremy’s sister loves drama & chaos…and for her to say what she did to Amy was inexcusable. Jeremy apologized, but it should have been his ding-bat sister to apologize to Amy. Dr. Drew had all the video, he should have seen this. Amy’s clearly had serious troubles most of her life, and she’s trying hard to overcome great odds. What she doesn’t need is someone dredging up the past, especially in a group setting where people are trying to change their lives for the better. Amy needs to hold herself in higher esteem, respect herself, and grow stronger — I believe she’ll find her personal power & lose the co-dependent relationships she’s always relied on. I believe she’ll find a career path that is uplifting and makes her feel prouder of herself than what she’s been doing. If Dr. Drew will really get in there and stop dorking around, they’ll all succeed.

  17. IMG says:

    For Amy….mistakes don’t make us “bad”, they make us human,

  18. john says:

    its sad about these people all they do is cry and talk about poor them nobody made them do drugs i dont feel sorry for them. i’ve been a crack a dope head went to prison because of drugs. i got clean by myself because i knew i had to. these people are sad and worthless grew up for real its not cool

  19. support says:

    I would just like to give Amy Fisher some support and maybe a comment if it would help her… I work in Administration in a substance abuse facility in Idaho and I watch every season of this show and learn from every show with Dr. Drew. I just want to let her know she is a great person for coming forth for help on her addiction. I grew up watching what happened to her, and I just want to let her know, there are people that do support her and hope she does well. It has to still be hard, 15 yrs later, living with a mistake, which we ALL make in life; to face what the liberal media has made out their opinion and networks financially compensated on bits of information.. She is a strong women to do this. To get help! You ARE doing GREAT AMY! and I have never commented on any one person at this show or website. Amy, you can do this! You have a great heart! Keep with it! I myself was a dancer in Vegas and I fell into a similar situation with alcohol. I hope you know, I can relate on a level with what you are going through. You are doing an amazing job! Please keep coming back as “We say”

    Anonymous in Idaho.

  20. Adriamarie says:

    My emotions were all over the place . I still dig Steven Adler and I sure hope he beats all his demons , What a Great Soul he is-Success will be his.
    Now Amy Fisher, my goodness girl use your voice, people it seems have been trying to own you all your life , Now is your time so STOP the Porn and take care of kids, I mean like what are you teaching them and if your Husband loves you he would support you 100%. I kinda think he looks at you like dollar signs or your bodyguard-He’s suppose to be your husband. You have a voice Amy-lets hear it.