Basketball Wives – Episode 10 – A Big Splash In The Face


These guys really know how to end on a dramatic note. Before we give into this episode’s events, we have a question…

Okay, now that you’ve weighed in, let’s recap.

At the beginning of this episode of Basketball Wives after she gets blown off by Jennifer and annoyed by Suzie, Royce says “I’m sick of them and their bitter-ass circle and their miserable-ass lives.” Thus concluding the Royce portion of the episode and season. (And, we should point out, there’s no sign of Meeka anywhere either, so she really did get the hell out of dodge after Rome.)

The rest of the show focuses on Jennifer and her vengeance cake,

vengeance pinata,

vengeance makeout session

and, yes, that drink to the face that I think might result in a slightly more aggressive vengeance alimony payment from Eric. Let’s work backward — that drink to the face. Uh. Muh. Gah. Look, yes, Jennifer threw her glass his way first, and yes, things were heated already, but man, was this a terrible move on Eric’s part. As he even says before he meets Jen, she’s got a dream team of lawyers. Do you really want that dream team using this against you?

We’ll never know the specifics of what went down to make Eric so upset — Jen said something insulting to his mother, apparently, which is also a no-no, but we can’t judge on what we haven’t seen, all we know is their divorce discussion clearly went south. We also know that the contents of Jen’s cocktail glass were pulling double duty as an astringent that night, to Jen’s shock and horror.

(We pointed out last week that after the teaser clip of the drink-toss aired, Eric tweeted his defense, saying he was casting demons out of Jennifer, but, um, that only makes him look crazy, right?)

As we continue to work backwards, we move to happier times, Jen’s divorce party, which the drink incident makes clear is the best kind of party this woman could have. First, she pulverizes an Eric pinata.

(God bless Tami for going straight for the cash that was hidden inside).

She also gets a divorce cake, with some help from Suzie. The two put a lot of thought into the cake when they went to buy it. “I want it to symbolize freedom…divorce…independence,” Jen said. “I think it should be a huge giant cake of her husbands head cut off with blood drops, and with him sad-faced and crying,” Suzie suggests. Potato, potahto.

The end result was more gory than anything either of them probably could have thought of, with a trail of blood pouring down each tier and a dead Eric at the bottom of it.

Jen stabs the sugar sculpture of Eric, complete with a deflated basketball and fondant lumphead, until he’s nothing but a sticky confectionery mess.

Perhaps her biggest triumph of all at her party is her hot and heavy make out with William, who is her rebound guy (which is only appropriate for a basketball wife). The athletic prowess extends to tonsil hockey, and it turns out all of Jennifer’s friends love to watch that sport.

Jen isn’t the only one with a man problem this week, Evelyn is also having her differences with Chad too (although it’s nothing a roll in the hay can’t cure in the end). Ev confronts Chad about eating with another woman at a restaurant. “There’s just certain situations you can’t put a woman in,” Evelyn tells Chad. Like the situation where your very famous fiancee has lunch with another woman, which can lead to public scrutiny. Now I don’t know if Chad doesn’t get it or just doesn’t care, but he is like “What’s the BFD?” and that only raises Evelyn’s blood pressure. But you know what? These two are adults, and like adults, they resolve it when Chad tells Evelyn so tenderly, so apologetically, “I’m sorry. But there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I wanna f—.”

If only every disagreement could resolve itself so easily.

And how exactly does everything this season resolve itself? Only the two-part reunion will tell. Make sure to tune in to part one of the Basketball Wives Reunion, airing next Monday, August 15 at 8 p.m., which marks the first time all the ladies have been together since filming. Will things turn violent again with Meeka? Will Jen and Eric have it out on camera? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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  1. MsCee says:

    Now that i’ve watched the drink throwing show in it’s entirety, I get why Eric threw that drink in Jennifer’s face. I am not condoning him doing so, but Jennifer could’ve kept her cool instead of throwing the drink first. What makes Eric look so bad is that he is a man, and a man should never lose it to the point where they resort to abusing a woman. She didn’t throw the drink in his face, but he threw it hard in hers. Almost as if he did so to substitute smacking her in the face with his hand. Big difference.

  2. luvinmesomebballwives says:

    Jennifer,Jenn you know better. Why did you through that drink at Erick? Let me guess ratings. Not cool. I saw this clip earlier in the week and thought that he was crapola for throwing a drink in your face. Jenn you provoked this one. Not cool jennifer

  3. Kelly says:

    Evelyn you cannot control another persons’ life. Game recognize game.

  4. kd says:

    Although it looks bad for Eric, as a man, to throw a drink at Jen, she provoked it. I don’t think what Eric did was okay, but Jen got what she had coming. Both parties were wrong, though.

  5. MsRoxiee says:

    I agree with MsCee, she should not have done that. Being a lady and classy she should not “try” to seem all tough. This doesn’t seem like the real Jenn, she’s a wanna be Evelyn which isn’t pretty. She seems desperate to have a lover or someone on her arm. I agree with Eric she doesn’t know who she is.

    He was wrong for using such force to throw his drink in her face, but I could tell he was hurt. He still loves her or he wouldn’t have greeted her they way he did. Live your life proactively nor reactively Eric.

  6. MD says:

    Hey Guys; you have to remember what Eric has put Jennifer through; she has remained cool through so much Cheating/Abuse; Jennifer is human and had her fill!
    I guarantee anyone who had been put through the same experiences would have reacted the same way, and I question anyone who claims they would not……
    I’m not saying it was the right way to handle the situation, but Eric’s abusive statements were meant to cause more pain to Jennifer!
    As a man, he looks like a mouse, a lowly abusive mouse……He’s Pathetic and should apologize to Jennifer and be ashamed of himself not just fir the drink incident, but the years of cheating!!

  7. tashan says:

    Wow…. this season has really showed some people’s true colors
    The best of luck to them all.
    *Jen-best of luck with ur new Boo..b careful as mama used to say..all that looks good to ya aint good for ya
    *Ev-ur good people and all…always remember who Chad was before you got with him
    *Suzie, Suzie, Suzie…can she please get n where she fit in
    *Tami—my kind of girl–say what is on ur mind at all times….
    *Shaunie—keep getting that paper..LOL LOL LOL
    *Royce-cool chic, but maybe this is not the venue to promote ur career
    *Meeka—just as quick as you tried to move in, you were moved out…keep it movin….

    all in all, I really enjoy the show a lot..hopefully another season…maybe…

  8. aahdz says:

    1st of all Eric is a complete asshole how dare he do that regardless of what she said about his mother. His mother should of stood out of the relationship anyways ( been there done that) mother in laws are so noisy. Ok Jen threw the glass but not to his face not cool on Eric side he looks worse then what he think Jen does. Total Looser. Go Jenn!!!

  9. aries says:

    she got was she deserve

  10. mary says:

    so its alright for the women to throw drinks on people, and abuse people (hitting them) and because he is a man she can do whatever she wants and he is supposed to just walk away. if you want respect from anyone you should give it, he was walking away, she just picked the wrong person, to throw drink on. i dont think the divorce party was funny at all, it was the most disrespectful display i have ever witnessed. they were together total of 10yrs, why did she marry him if he was so bad ? he surely wasnt an angel the six yrs before marriage. she married him for money. as did all the other bbw’s on this show. since she hates him so much, she should hate his money also and not take it from him. she really looked like a fool with that man she just met. she wants to be evelyn.

  11. Tigergrl90 says:

    Jen knew what she had all those years but she loved the lifestyle. I think Eric loved her otherwise he would not have married her after all those years. They were both angry and he reacted to her actions. She was wrong and got what was coming Evilyn knew what chad was before she got with him. She knew he had a lot of women. For God’s sake he has 3 baby mama’s.

  12. Jen deserve every once of that drink in her face. She thought she was a bad b, I bet she realize there is always someone bigger and badder. She is fake, and cannot function without being in Evilean(Evelyn) shadow. She still cares for Eric, if she didn’t care she wouldn’t get upset about Eric contacting Royce and Suzie. Ex is an ex so don’t worry about what he do and who he talk too.That is not abuse what he did. Do to others what you want them to do to you. GOOD JOB ERIC!!!!

  13. Papersack says:

    Ditto Tashaan!!!

  14. cynthia fair says:

    Jen had it comin & deserved the slap in the face with a drink.

  15. shanna says:

    Jen threw the first drink that was wrong girl Eric still love , Eve u will never had that man to your self look like u just want a husband but be carefull. Royce u did not have to go to Jen to explain nothing she was not talking to u because Eve told her not to , Suzie u need to stop girl u really want a friend bad . I have one more thing to say do yall ever go to church.

  16. Lisha says:

    Now that I have seen the whole show I can see why Eric threw the drink. She blatantly disrespected him at her divorce party and then threw the drink first! However, he should have kept his cool though and just walked away. Doesn’t MD in these comments sound like Jennifer taking up for herself??!!!! LOL Is that you Jenn? If it is you – here is my suggestion: Try making your own money like Shaunie and Evelyn. You have used that man up and then totally disrespected him on national tv!! You are cold hearted! What goes around, comes around!!!!!

  17. Charlotte says:

    Because we women don’t have the physical skills to belittle men we use the verbal skills, and we all know that a woman can draw blood with our sharp tongues. I really like Jen, but after putting Eric on blast for texting her, then cursing at him, THEN throwing a drink on him, she has the nerve to be in shock when he retaliates? I do not agree at all with him throwing the drink on her,or how he spoke to her, but we women have GOT TO STOP acting like we can do to a man all the things we don’t want them doing to us, like hitting, name calling, throwing drinks on, etc… And on top of it all, he was walking away! We women hate that because we feel that WE should always be the one walking away! It was all so sad to watch.

  18. zet says:

    After all the mess he put her through,cheating day before the marriage and many times after and having a baby with someone else, he lucky that’s all she did was throw a drink his way. He sitting there telling her she she aint going no where in life, she was getting old and lying like she the one dragging out the divorce. One moment he telling a friend about her lawyers then he telling her he didn’t get no letter from them. She’s allowed a drink toss after what he did. Had it been me he would have a matching knot on the other side of his head because his brains are clearly down south and only has one thought. He’s an idiot.

  19. ann says:

    Jen got what she deserved,just because your a woman doesn’t mean you can do what you want and get away with it..What is it with these women and throwing drinks at people,Evelyn,Suzi( who was arrested at the first season’s reunion for throwing a bucket of water at another woman) and now Jen real classy ladies…And how are some of these women Basketball Wives when they aren’t married!

  20. Miriam says:

    OMG….people really thinking fault is mutual? He went wayyyy to far! What kinda MAN does this!BTW…after what she’s been through with this cheating and obviously abusive nut(i find it hard to believe this is his FIRST fit of rage)….her tossing a drink is trivial. I felt like going through the tv with a bat when i saw this. He has a lot of nerve…you’re mad now…really?! Just goes to show how twisted our society has become. Jen had been through enough heartache and pain throughout this marriage….divorce is the best decision she could have made! You go girl! Jen & Ev have been my favs since day one!

  21. Ms Anonymous says:

    MD allow me to set the record straight. Stop saying that Eric put Jennifer through a lot, because Jennifer put HERSELF through this farce and sham of a marriage because according to her she said that she found out that Eric was cheating on her a few weeks PRIOR to getting married. She claimed she “shut down” and went through the ceremony so in all actuality SHE put herself through this, plain and simple!!!!!!! Jennifer needs to take a good, hard long look in the mirror, face the music, and admit that she made an egregious error by marrying Eric in the first place. Jennifer obviously does not know who she is because if she like, loved and respected herself as a real woman, she would have never, ever settled and married Eric. She should have said to herself, “I am the prize,” “my time is precious and valuable and should not be wasted on anyone who does not have their act together.” Bottom line is Jennifer needs to grow up and stop succumbing to peer pressure from her “so called” friends to get laid because that’s not what a solid, sound relationship is all about!

  22. Shamonica says:

    i think jenfier party was the bomb

  23. Rose Miller says:

    Ewwww….Evelynn or Evilynn Looks Krusty!!!!! She needs a Loofah shower sponge,not a man!!!!

  24. Jacob Putnam says:

    Everyone screaming about he cheated on her and everything else might want to slow down. EVE wasn’t the only one getting friendly in Vegas! I actually know Eric which is why I used my real name so there are no misunderstandings. I want to clear up a few points:

    1) The mother and Jen have not spoken SINCE THE WEDDING, so why the drama now? Maybe it’s the cameras? Naw, couldn’t be that.
    2) in the years they have been together they have BOTH cheated on each other during various points.

  25. CMOB says:

    Ok Jen if you want respect you gotta give respect. You ask for that sweetie. Stop trying to be someone you are not. Royce & Meeka you two need to move on this is not the place for you. I don’t think either of you have been treated fair but it is what it is. Meeka go back and watch the show she how running your mouth got you to this point. Tammie get some help for the drinking & the anger. Suzzie girl i just don’t like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. prettygirl says:

    well on jennifer behalf she sorta deserved it wy wld u think someone going to let u just throw a drink on them that is so disrepectful and evenlyn so tied up on wanting a rich man so bad she would put up with desperate.

  27. synderbell says:

    If by any chance Tammi reads this blog, i would like to point out to her “do you really know how desperate you look picking up that money” it shows how really busted you are, i mean really!! it couldn’t have been but a few dollar bills you looked hard up for cash i feel really sorry for you and at the same time i can hardly stand you. when the other girls look at these pictures, and if they haven’t already, they will get a good laugh at your desperation and talk about you behind your back (lol) you were the only one of your “circle” who lowered yourself to pick up money…. smh… disgusting!!!

  28. synderbell says:

    now to the reason for this blog,Jen threw the first drink so she got what was coming to her. I don’t feel that Eric was wrong at all she yelled and said some terrible things and should’ve left well enough alone. and in my opinion she should not have met with him at all thats what her “DREAM TEAM ” of lawyers are for love you miss thang, but you got what you deserved!! sorry…

  29. Penny... says:

    If u can’t stand the heat, don’t come in the kitchen…
    she threw the first drink, so she got what her hand call for, all’s
    fair in love and war !!!

  30. aunteek says:

    Jen got what she put out, and I don’t think that should make him less than a man that’s whats wrong with some women thinking that they can abuse a man and because he is a man he should turn the other cheek it don’t make him less than a man if he responds back to BS, now if he would have punch her in the face that would have been wrong. but she should think before she did what she did, and if she was so unhappy with all that have went on she clearly could have left, and not tolerated all that she (said she) went thur. she had a choice and she choose to stay. and if Evelyn hadn’t came along she would still be there.

  31. This was a wild show, Jen try to be hood and didnt know how, so Eric showed her that if you want to take it there he can, they both were wrong for throwing alcohol on each other. Jen is not my favorite cast memeber, but hey lets be real she should have known whenyou got there you get what you get. Evelyn and Chad what was the reason raising all that hell if you was just going to accept his “i am sorry” if alll you were going to do was the roll around and keep it moving, a waste of breathe when you could have used it for moaning.

  32. caligirl says:

    Tonight episode was so embarassing. It just shedded a bad light on Black American. We have always been linked with violence. I agree with one of the other post. Why did she meet with Eric? Why didn’t she let her Dreamteam handle it, and find out why he was dragging his feet. All of these women trys to be lady like, but the language they use, just make them look like they are not use to the good life, if so they would have respect for themselves…To be honest, I kinda see why they are EXES….And Jen, that Divorce Party was REEAL CLASSLESS. A very bad impression to the new guy. If you think you are going to have a real relationship with this guy, forget it…you was just a ONE NIGHTNER, he going to Move On. First of all, you know nothing about him…and of all people AL Reynolds introducted him…, lol, we know his history. One thing Eric said is true…YOU NEED TO FIND JEN…and stop listening to Evelyn, because, her relationship is going to be short lived….Ocho is not going to put up with her attitude. Message to Shauntie….you and your team needs to come up with with episodes with class….as one poster said “do they ever go to church”…why do they have to keep traveling down the same highway…and where is your man? And Meeka was set up by you Shauntie…it was totally unfair to her. If she is off the show, I truely understand, and a law suit should be filed for Tami jumping on here and all who were involved…

  33. abel says:

    The measure u give is the measure u get….She better make sure the man introduced to her by Star Jones’ ex Al (n we know his story) who he is…in other words she betta Al B Sure!! Jenny is sooo fake…she knows she posted those pics of herself..trying to act like she don’t know how to date!!
    more importantly…what bout what that ho Evelyn said…she insulted African American people, n nobody aint checking that tramp!!

  34. Greekgirl says:

    Jen you are right to DIVORCE him! He is so ugly! He looks like Mr. Ed! Everytime I see him I think of “WILLLLLBUUUUURRRRR” haha

  35. trisha says:

    I guess it’s true opposites due attract,Evelyn and Chad child please,it’s something there but I don’t know what it is.You got to give it to Evelyn she goes back and forth with Chad.The statement she made talking about”your blacka**.lol,I guess everyone letting her slide since she looks black.Jen,Jen that was wrong thing to throw drink at Eric,you know how he is.Eric never thought you would have anything going on for yourself.

  36. transwomen44 says:

    Jen I think you didn’t have to pick up the drink first, just chill girlfriend and just be a DIVA! Like all the others Ladys. I do think Ms. O”Neal you and the ladies should visit San Francisco Ca. the Bay Area. some time….:-)

  37. Madame X says:

    first of all u if u big enuf to toss, u better b big enuf to get the toss back, lol. i agree, jen wants to be like eve, which i agree is ugly, she needs to do jen. and yes, eric may have mistreated her, but i am sure she had many opportunities to walk, money sometimes can cloud ur mind. seem to me they both r holding on but jen has a point to prove to her so call friends, esp eve, who w never get married if she doesn’t change, eve is nothing but trash and is trying her best to pull jen into the trash pile. seems as she is succeeding. misery loves company.

  38. ladea says:

    these girls, are clueless about being a lady, the language they use, the way they carry themselves. jen is far from being classy, the cake was tasteless, classy women dont stoop to this level. evelyn mouth makes her sooo ugly, we know what shes doing and she still cant keep a man. tami is bi-polar, being a bully is out, shaunie is an instigator, and very sneaky, susie has no backbone and just happy to be in (in what??) and royce has finally woke up about wanting to be in the circle, meeka it was all a setup, run, run, run…

  39. cindylou says:

    jen should have never thrown the drink on eric. he’s human too. we all make mistakes in relationships and theirs should have never gone here. did we get to see shaunie and shack air their business…or any of the others breakups. but remember this is all about good tv, ratings, etc. i think shaunie didn’t handle her business well in showing black women in a positive light. but when u climb up the ladder on someone else success, then this is what u get. shame on u shaunie!

  40. Anna says:

    I am so sick of this “men should never resort to violence with a woman” sh*t. Women should stay in their places. Even an animal knows which animal to mess with and which ones not to. Women know men are stronger so they should be smarter. Keep your hands, drinks, etc. to yourself and you might come out ahead. The courts are not going to protect black women like they do white women so go ahead and get your azzes kicked.

  41. Jan says:

    Guess she was not taught “Don’t give anything that you are not willing to take.” She deserved it hands down. Calling him abusive please he just did what she did but not beind her back. We cry about being equal so lets be equal if it was Erica instead of Eric there would not be a conversation. She’s a grown woman and made a grown women decision to throw drinks. So he should have been the big person and walk away. What would have Jen learned nothing? I see her laughing about it with her girls. Hope she think twice before attacking someone.

  42. Khandi says:

    They both were out of line. Jenn knew what Eric been doing for years, dressing up and getting hair extentions and having a made up face is not what life is all about. There were times on the show where it was clear that he did not want her, she did not want to leave that life style (LIKE ALL OF THEM) and she continue to stay. She has to get a mind of her own and grow up and find herself. At the end of the day she will be taking her weak attitude into another relationship and then blaming that person for mistakes in the her previous relationship. A man only do what you allow, don’t take it, period but, that is hard to do when your not strong.

  43. Delaine says:

    I can’ t believe the comments that she deserve that I don’t care all the stuff he did 2 this woman and the only thing she did was attempt 2 throw a drink @ him. Come on people this man is boo ugly and the only reason he was able to sleep with them tricks was due 2 his career & $$. She was with this ugly man when he was just a ugly broke nobody.He tried to make it look like she was a nobody did all of you hear the response 2 him trying put down. This was a kick in the face after she loved him for him this was a face only a mother could love without benefits and Jen did.

  44. mary says:

    its awful the way posters are talking about eric, being ugly and everyone making fun of his looks. god made him , so you should complain to god. if you took all that makeup off these women and their hair products plus the fancy clothes, they wouldnt look so great. they look good because they found a rich man to provide all this for them. his looks werent a problem when she met him and he had a bankroll. when you down someone do it for their actions, not their looks. by the way these ladies look so pretty on the outside, but so ugly on the inside.

  45. CEDRIC JONES says:

    Eric what you did, i think it was ok, the bible says an eye for an eye,not just because you are a woman don’t do that, thats mans law the white man at that. Women need to reconize you just can’t do a man anytype of way just because you are a woman, i think that is sexist.

  46. sweetness says:

    she should not have thrown the drink because if you throw a punch like a dude you should be ready to receive one like a dude, Eric should have remembered she is a female and he stuck a chord attacking her and her age, at the end it was a no win situation. WHAT A MESS………..

  47. The man was walking away when Jen threw a drink at him so female or not she got it back. She started the game so maybe she should have thrown harder. the fact that she didn’t doesn’t make Eric wrong. Jen should grow up and be a woman. She still want Eric but she is scared to act on it because she is a puppet for Evelyn. Needless to say Evelyn is getting hers. Jen is fake. Thank you Shaunie for putting Jen on the show, but watchout because Jen is going to turn on all of you all. She have gotten the fever and soon you all will become Non- ————- Factors to her.
    Somebody please knock Susan down. She got her teeth fixed and now she will not close her mouth.

  48. sexy-12 says:

    Evelyn and Chad will not be getting married, believe that. Chad is full of crap. The man if full of excuses and think that whatever he says goes. Maybe this is all for tv because a broke woman wouldn’t take his crap so why should a woman thats suppose to have her own putting up with him.

  49. Well i think if you can’t take a lick don’t pass one anyway reguardless to what you should always remain a lady.And Susan needs to either mind her own business or keep her mouth shut cause if she is a friend she should be just that not two-faced.Because she talks about Tami but yet all at her trying to be her friend and the rest of them don’t care about her ,she is just a big set up to get in between all their mess. I thought Jen and Evelyn nice until they open their mouths and all that ugly came out i lost all repect for them.