Jennifer Williams: “Filming With Royce Is Like Dying A Slow Death”


When Jennifer Williams was in our office recently, we wanted to know what it’s like for her to film Basketball Wives, so she told us the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of being a reality star.

When she told us her least favorite part of filming was the grueling shooting schedule, we prodded her a little bit more until she finally confessed that of there’s one thing she can’t stand, it’s filming with Royce Reed which, she explains, is like “dying a slow death” and is like “torture.” Ouch. We tried to lighten the mood a little with some personal questions too, so check out the full interview to find out Jen’s favorite movie and whether or not she has any embarrassing music tastes in addition to our questions about the show. Don’t forget to tune in to the Basketball Wives season finale, airing tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT!

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  1. Alicia Shaw says:

    That’ s because she is a weak person, My gurl Royce is cute and sexy in Jen is just a big boogy bear who’s mad because her marriage is over. Like Eric said you will 40 in three years. In who were you before basketball wives because none of us knew you. You just had to jomp on the show but your a nobody! like the rest of the world in you need to grow up because just because you in Eric are over doesn’t mean that other people have to stop speaking to him because of you.. Your nobody…. imjustsayin Life goes on Jen if you like it or not and people can speak and comment on what they want it’s freedom to speak and what ever you want grow up old chick…

  2. Rudegirl says:

    Honestly its not Royce its Suzie, She’s always running back nd telling everything that has been said and done.

  3. See More says:

    Watching her dry, pretentious, air-headed Meerkat-looking arse on screen is “like” dying a slow death. She has no sense of humor, no personality…and can not formulate a sentence without using “like” as a filler. I am sure they can’t stand Royce because Royce is an INDIVIDUAL and their simple, materialistic minds can’t comprehend a person who isn’t obsessed with trivial, meaningless things such as what designer will I wear, how long should my eyelashes be and is my make up on right. I have not heard anyone but ROYCE make a profound statement on this show, which was, “What you catch in Spain will come back with you…How about that?” It is really sad that they are so empty inside and don’t realize because they are so obsessed with their outwardly appearance…trying to be beautiful instead of realizing that if you are beautiful inwardly it will radiate outwardly. Just sad.

  4. VI Queen says:

    I so find Jennifer childish. She’s is so self centerered. I think Royce is so much better a complete woman” than Jennifer, and without a basketball husband she would be have remained the invisible ungle girl under the bus. And for Susie………… Every group has one, “I have to fit in so I have to find information to take back to everyone else”. She is such a blabber mouth, so annoying. SHe needs to go to speach therapy.

  5. Chyna says:

    Jennifer got so damn nerves. She brings nothing at all to this show except being EVELYN shadow and follower. At least ROYCE can stand on her own and woman up when she has to. I get so tired of these shallow woman thinking that because in there minds they dress or look better than somebody that they are better. Jennifer you or anyone else on that show are no better than Royce and you are definitely only known for the same reason she is……… and that is because of your dealings with a basketball player. Until you learn how a grown woman should carry herself your childish, dry, behind will never get it. Grow up and stand on your own.

  6. vee says:

    Jenn need to get a grip. What was she known for before BBW? No this show becuz of her affliation with a BB, just like Royce, what made her better? She can’t complete an intelligent sentence without some “like” and curse words as fillers. Jenn need to sit her tired” follow the leader” ass down.

  7. J Smith says:

    I agree with you A Shaw. Royce is the youngest, but the smartest. Royce isn’t running behind Evelyn, Jen, and Shaunie. Jen didn’t meet with Royce because Evelyn wasn’t with her. What made me mad was when Jen was crying because Evelyn told her off. Evelyn I can see why Jen made that statement about your fiance’. Stupid ass makes a statement that he would rather be with a Hispanic or a white women (Ocho Cinco). I know a Hispanic or a white would not look at Ocho Cinco if he wasn’t a professional football player. Ocho Cinco is disrespectful to Evelyn and she was disrespectful to him (calling him blk ass). Evelyn now you know how the “wife”, or “girlfrend” felt. What ‘s that cliche’…Whatever goes around comes around. Right Boo Boo?

  8. Really Girl? says:

    So Jennifer, let me see if I have this straight., “Filming With Royce Is Like Dying A Slow Death”? It’s okay to watch an hour show and in it, whatever your topic of conversation, you can guarantee there will be at a minimum 4 ‘like’ per every sentence. Have you watched the episodes? ‘Like’, it doesn’t ‘like’ matter who or ‘like’ what you’re ‘like’ discussing you ‘like’ totally are annoying. Eric is over you and evidently has been.
    Shaunie, you are an instigator and antagonist. You constantly stir up trouble to keep the ratings up. Wondered why there is hardly ever any show time with you and your children? Just wondering.
    Evelyn, you believe your destiny is to marry a sports figure. The issue for you is that there are other Evelyn’s from coast to coast. Just me, but I doubt seriously Chad is going to limit his intake of female companions just because you want him to. I mean why should he when you make yourselves so available. He knows your game, he’s played it before.
    Tami, you need some professional help. Not saying this to be mean. You are so out of control. Who cusses like that on a daily bases… well other than Evelyn and Jennifer. Why do you have the incessant need to put your hands on people? It’s not cute, it’s really gives ghetto a bad name. Your image is horrible for young woman no matter the color.
    Suzy, you can’t be trusted. You are a backstabber and a trouble maker. You really need to grow up. Stop carrying mess. Find some real friends.
    Meekah, consider yourself lucky. Whatever you were paid, you deserved it. Tami is totally out of control. Get with some real woman with real class. These women are losers. You’r e better than that.

  9. Juanita says:

    The mean girls Shaunie, Eve and Jenn don’t want Royce on the show. That’s why they won’t film with her. I think Jenn would reach out and be friends with Royce if her head wasn’t up Evil-Lyn’s a$$. These women are so mature and classy while Eve’s family still living in the PJs.

  10. Lane says:

    Jen, do you still care about Eric? So why do you care, that Royce met with him ? From what I see, you would not have given Royce that much respect either, again another, I can do it ,but you can’t situation.

  11. Lane says:

    Oh, And Jen, you come off as, if you’re better than other people. Not a good look, for real. had to say this, because I am a fan of the show, but the kind of animosity you have against Royce is totally ridiculous. Now you have Chatty Susie, to tell you all everything that is said about you . That should really make you feel good, Susie will do anything to stay in your circle. Susie just, does not realize that she does not have to the messenger, for you all, either you like her or, you don’t. I don’t think real friends keep up that much drama.

  12. Niki says:

    Hey Jen, you are who you are and not everyone has to like you. Everyone on the show has something to offer. As long as you and Evelyn knows how your relationship is, don’t worry about all those negative comments. Your a very beautiful and smart business woman, you were fine before Eric and the show and you’ll be fine after it as well. Try not to say negative remarks about other cast members.
    With that said, keep your head up girl! :)