Single Ladies Poll: Who Should Val Choose?


It’s not every morning that a woman gets proposed to twice by the two great loves of her life. But Single LadiesVal Stokes is a special gal and, go figure, the moment her ex, Quinn, finally decides he wants to be with her is the same exact moment that her boyfriend Jerry breaks his “never marrying again” rule and proposes to her.

Not only does Val find herself in a pickle because she’s forced to choose, but it looks like her two men (well, Jerry, anyway) aren’t thrilled to be competing with one another either. So we want to know who you’d choose.

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  1. Toastie says:

    I really enjoy the show and can’t wait until the next season. This is great TV you could not ask for a better cast!!!! Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash set this show off! Malcom does not hurt it either with his fine self! Sneaky yet fine.

  2. damonique says:

    I’m so mad this happened I want Val to be with Jerry. Why why!!!

  3. Carol says:

    I look forward to this show every Monday. Just found out tonight was the finale. Dang…it was good. I couln’t hardly watch it when Val answered the door. Poor sweet Jerry. Eventhough I voted that she should pick him…I think she did say yes to him, he does not seem like the type to get over seeing her with Quinn…no matter how drunk she was….really who answers the door naked in the AM. I don’t trust the FBI. Malcom must care for Keisha since used that agent to test her with that $10K awhile back. There’s some crap she just doesn’t…she needs to stand by her man…its just a guess, but that lowlife brother of his probably set him up. OMG how long am I gonna have to wait for season 2.

  4. Price says:

    Just heard on the radio, they are letting Stacey Dash go and looking for a replacement.
    Hope this isn’t true; Hope they do not mess up the chemistry of this show.

    Ladies work out your differences.
    Writer, Producers etc… Keep Stacey Dash.

  5. chocolatykizz says:

    Dear Queen Latifah,

    Why are you giving your viewers LARGE doses of GAY relationship on a SHOW about single heterosexual women and MEN?!!? I’m failing to see how this belongs on this show*getting ready to turn the channel*

    Anyway, I don’t think that Val should choose either of these men—she needs to do some SOUL searching! She just got out of a 5 year relationship and she didn’t even break-down and re-group from the 1st relationship. Hence why she JUMPED in that relationship with Jerry(who leaves a lot to be desired) and as soon as that went awry she JUMPED back into the bed with Quinn.

    I’m more concened about “Malcolm” where’s my sweet CHOCOLATY strikingly handsome man @….that’s the ONLY thing that kept me watching…..BTW–Quinn is another strikingly handsome man I just don’t feel that he and Val compliment each other(that was the story line when we tuned in).

  6. Coco says:

    I agree Stacey Dash is a keeper on this show. Val’s boutique is the glue and meeting place for the cast members. Jerry must trade Quinn to another team. Quinn was engaged to Jerry’s daughter and now trying to come back to Val, Quinn has to go. Quinn is too late and doesn’t love Val. Since Jerry has been married before, now is the time to totally commit to someone FOREVER and that person is Val. Val deserved a rich mature gentleman to take care of her, manage their businesses together creating black wealth and a real power couple in the city.

  7. CHAREY says:


  8. Kamaria says:

    I LOVE this show!! I’m very excited about the next season!! As far as, who Val should choose, it’s JERRY!! He is a loving, caring, and successful black man who treats her like a little princess. I can’ t see her giving that up to someone who left her and proposed to another women 3 months later! Hopefully, Jerry will be the choosen guy!!!

  9. Sheila says:

    Although I see it working out for her and Jerry and they get together and maybe get married, something tells me she ends up pregnant though and I bet it’s going to be Quinn’s!

  10. Sheila says:

    PS..YES YES YES, this show needs to keep Stacey Dash! She IS Val, without a doubt. Please work out whatever you have to! Val, Keisha and April have great chemistry together and I could not see anyone filling Val’s shoes.

    As for others things they wrote, yes Quinn needs to go! Trade that stupid fool! Jerry is a real man and that is who Val deserves. They are great together!

  11. Kris says:

    I think Val should choose Jerry. He’s never once treated her wrong & realized his mistake alot quicker than Quinn did. Plus Quinn is only doing it b/c he sees her happy with Jerry…its a territory thing, not love. Jerry’s is pure love.

    And PLEASE do not replace Stacy Dash. The show wouldn’t be the same without her.

  12. tink9900 says:

    Im hurt by what happened with Val and Jerry. He was eveything she wanted and its gone because Quinn took totaly advantage of the situation. Keisha is being tested yet again by Malcom and she needs to realize that. Who searches someones house without a warrent and Malcome is not under arrest. Jus the wording that Rick Fox used just didnt seem legit to me. Fishy fishy…Im happy for the white girl things worked out for her, but she need to take the Jr. A&R position grandma money aint gonna last but so long….

  13. jessica says:

    she should marry quinn cuzz sometimes it takes somebody to loose something to realize how important that person is and jerry had his chance at the casino thing he said its his turn to say goodbye so bye

  14. ck says:

    I think this show needs a lot of rehearsing b4 coming back on. The actor’s r terrible. They say they fired Dash. Terrible actress. she was terrible. they all need some more coaching. Bad acting. Could b good.

  15. GiGi says:

    I’m mad that those are all the options, Jerry shouldn’t even pay her any attention, she’s spoilt, though I missed last nights episode and am hooked on this pic, :)

  16. Sherri says:

    This was really messed up… I liked Jerry for Val. He was everything a woman would want in a man. Yeah, he had marriage issues, but damn he was married and divorced 3 times. I’m not saying compromise your standards, but you have to be somewhat understanding in a relationship. As much as he loved her, after spending time with her, marriage would’ve come. Think Carrie and Big, but the black version. It took Big 10 years to get right and Carrie had been with many men. However, he married because “She was the one.” Single Ladies is nothing but Sex and the City – The Black Edition! Except black men are a lot less forging when you hurt them via another man. Praying they work it out, but who knows.

  17. Amber says:

    VAL,Is a keeper and I really hope that the show doesn’t do anything they will regret. She is the CENTER of the show if anyone should leave it shouldn’t be VAL. But I’m really hoping not to have to protest the show next season cause I really liked it. I hate that ya’ll messed Val up like that though her and JERRY where made for each other. Please tell Lisa Raye can’t we all just get along she should know better if the rumors are true about her and Stacey Dash not getting along. Please be a LADY and the lady that u claim to be keep it professional. Don’t mess up a good show although it could use some tweaking and VH1 needs to spend more money to make it a better. The ages are a little off to April does not look 25 more like 30something!!!!!

  18. Kelly says:

    I just pray that you bring back Single Ladies for another season and Stacey Dash will be returning as Val. I certainly hope the rumors about her being fired are just that…rumors.

  19. I really like the show, but I think it was wrong for Val to go have dinner with her ex when she was in the frame of mind she was in, that made it so easy for Quinn to play his position to be a real dog and slide in to be the player he think he is. Lisaraye’s character has change why are they doing that to her and malcom. i can’t wait for the next season.

  20. SexySha says:

    I voted for Jerry but there’s no way in he** that rich black man is going to forgive her!!!! Quinn knew just what he was doing oh well Val u brought it on urself! I was secretly wishing that April and her husband got back together oh well! Why the hell did it go off with me not knowing about Malcolm and Keisha! Keisha is a ride or die chick but she feels scorned I don’t believe she would turn on Malcolm but please believe she is going to make his life a living hell once she catches up to him believe that!

  21. JUJU says:

    I look forward every Monday to watch this show it’s a breathe of fresh

  22. keisha says:

    when will the full episode be available to watch online? this episode was great!

  23. Laredo says:

    Jerry may be rich but his approach and swag and just all around mannerism is a hell of a combination so much so that even if he was a blue collar worker he would be str8 spite of his hang ups about marriage. That is all.


    Please tell me that the next season will start in like September or something…. I dont think I can wait 6 to 8 mos for this show to start up again…. This is the best show i have enjoyed in a very long time….. my heart dropped when Jerry rang Val’s door bell.. and she was standing there is a sheet and had that idiot Quinn in her apt…. I was yelling….”DONT ANSWER IT” and let him come back later…after you kick Quinn out..
    Jerry is perfect for Val….
    I also LOVED the romance between Malcolm and Keisha …I really hope that this FBI scene is just a test that Malcolm is putting Keisha through to make sure that she would be true to him no matter what…. because I love them together…

    please give us more!!!

  25. Neicey says:

    I really hate things turned out the way they did for val, keisha, and april … hopefully things will get better next season and hopefully jerry will find it in his heart to forgive val for her mistake of sleeping with quinn.

  26. enough says:

    I kinda like the show but what i am not feeling is the omar character I think the show is called single ladies save his character for another show

  27. amac says:

    Val should definitely choose Jerry if he will forgive her and take her back. I loved Malcom and Keisha and hope maybe he is testing her or was he set up by his brother, his exwife or the phony handsome FBI agent Winston who is also a friend of Malcom’s. I do not feel Malcom would just walk away from his empire and fortune or his father whom he seem to think highly of.

  28. Tracey beddingfield says:

    I the show……..great job queen lateefah- ex. Producer

  29. AGRAHAM says:


  30. Minister Brenda Brown says:

    Colin Salmon and Stacy Dash are the most beautiful couple and Colin’s character is the epitome of swagger and he is just an absolutely beautiful man. I was shocked to learn that he was British he is the finest man I have seen on tv in a very long time. Colin and Stacey just may be one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful couple I have seen on tv in quite some time.
    Queen Latifah this was just brilliant putting them together. I am a Jersey/New York girl like you although older and had I been producing this show I would have put these two together. Honestly, knowing you were producing and that Stacey was on the show was my initial reason for watching but the casting of Colin has been my reason for not missing a single episode and promoting the show like I am getting paid to do so. The show is addictive and Colin’s eyes are heavenly and angelic. PLease keep it going !

  31. Darlean Moffett says:

    i think jerry ,at the time that all this had happened she should no if she had sex or not, just cause val woke up with no clothes on , that could have been his plan to make her think they did something to have her get back with him, you know she is weak. but the way val was with jerry was so loven that they worked on the love and didn’t let lust or richest lead they in there getting to know each other . their love for each other was ture they worked on it took there time to perfect it, but his past marriages got in his way to not want to do it again, and her lack of liven life did not set her up for jerry. I think you made here to stuck up , she don’t live life , life live her and if val don’t let up she will be lonely.
    Since stacy dash is leaving try daisy brown twitter her,(dayday290) she is good ,great did a little acting and need a break.

  32. darlean Moffett says:

    can you put (Royce) from basketball wifes in stacy dashes place that would be nice she is short, tiny, and look like she can handle the part. put her in and lets see .Royce look like she can handle alot and you can replace stacey dash and it won’t look to odd about the replacement.

  33. Justicelaw says:

    Who cares ladies!!!!! Colin Salmon looks sneaky in real life and on the show!!!!!! I don’t think he can represent the type of African American basketball owner we want on the show . He can go.Get someone sexier ,besides it’s he British !!! We want to see a young sexier owner like Jay-Z type. If Val marries either one the show wasn’t be single ladies anymore . Same that for the Final season!!!!!

  34. Justicelaw says:

    Have you lost your mind darlean moffett ,yes with a lowercase “d”. royce from( Basketball Wives) you must be a friend or undercover Royce yourself . Are you trying to sabotage the show before it can get off the ground good enough. You never downsize the main character.You either keep Stacy Dash who I love so much ,”by the way I been waiting on her return for a while now”,or you go bigger .Yes, royce would be downsizing. She is not as talented ,pretty or famous as Ms.Stacy Dash.That like asking Frankie (Keisha Cole’s mother)to play Val. I’m glad darlen moffett you are not the casting director,nor producer better yet the Queen!!!!!!!

  35. T Ingraham says:

    I thing Robyn Givens should replace Stacey Dash on Single Ladies.