Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada Reacts To Jennifer And Eric Williams’ Drink-Tossing Fight


Evelyn Lozada stopped by the VH1 office last week right, a couple days before the season finale of Basketball Wives aired, and I jumped at the chance to chat about the season finale. While Evelyn had her share of relationship drama with Chad Ochocinco on that episode, it was overshadowed by Eric and Jennifer Williams‘ dramatic argument that ended with Eric throwing a drink in Jen’s face. We wanted to know what one of Jen’s closest friends thought of that mess, and Evelyn told us that the scene itself brought tears to her eyes, but that Eric’s public response to the situation makes him look “nuts.”

Did you talk to Jennifer after the drink-throwing incident? What was your take on what happened?

We actually filmed after that, we filmed her divorce party after that, but they flipped it on the show. It was literally two days later and she was still in a really weird space from that whole thing. You could tell she was in shock, like, I can’t believe that happened. When she told me, I could tell, I knew something was wrong. I’ve been friends with them way before this. Way before the show. I don’t know if people know this but I’m the one who got Jennifer on the show and I’ve known her forever. Just to see it go down brought tears to my eyes, it was like, you know, it doesn’t have to be like that. But things happen and everybody has their own reasons why they do what they do but it was sad to see. I knew their relationship was bad but that was so disrespectful and I wouldn’t have expected that from him.

Since you’ve known Eric for so long, did you ever think he had something like this in him?

No, you know what? I’ve always said I actually like Eric. I think he’s funny. I think on the show he always looks like a douchebag [laughs] but I know him outside of that and he’s a cool guy and he has NEVER gotten physical with her. I don’t know what made him do that because if you look at the scene, she threw a drink but you can tell she wasn’t intending to hit him, but the fact that he came back and did that was a little…I was shocked. I know he has a big mouth and he’s very aggressive when he speaks, but I didn’t expect that.

There are definitely moments on the show, like him telling his friend he wants his last name back, do you think he’s saying this stuff for the cameras or is he really bitter?

Yeah, he tells her that off-camera too, I think what’s happening here is that he probably never expected Jennifer to move on with her life and be on a hit show and the tables have turned and now she’s in the light and he’s no longer in the light. I also think he really loves her still. If Jennifer were to say hey, let’s get back together, he probably would. A lot of these guys don’t think you’ll ever leave.

He’s been tweeting about the scene too and it’s just weird. He’s saying how he did it to cast demons out of her and stuff like that.

If you look at his Twitter feed, half the time it’s like “What are you talking about?” I don’t follow him and the only reason I see certain things is because people re-tweet and then you see it. But I could tell just from that clip, people have been saying things to him like “Oh, you’re an a–hole,” commenting on the bump on his forehead which is always a topic of convo, so…he looks nuts. If I were him I would be like, it happened, I was pissed, it probably wasn’t the right move, but he’s adding fuel to the fire. I don’t know if he’s on defense mode or if it’s because he likes the attention. I don’t know.

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