Evelyn Lozada Talks About A Possible Role On SVU And What She Thinks Of The Photos We Post Of Her


Anyone familiar with Basketball Wives knows that Evelyn Lozada has the best facial expressions ever. We make sure to capture a lot of them in our weekly recaps, but we’re always a little afraid of what might happen if she knew we posted such crazy photos of her. Turns out, she’s a fan!

We talked to Evelyn the other day, and even though we mostly wanted to know whether or not her recent visit to the set of Law & Order: SVU was to see about a job (it was, sort of), she turned the conversation around to some of the other photos we’ve been known to post of her…

About the pictures of you on the set of SVU. Are you actually going to be on it?

There are talks of me doing a part. We’ll see. That was fun, I met with the casting director and they’re interested. These are opportunities that are coming to me, it’s not like I’m like “Oh my God, I want to be an actress!” but I’m like hey, why not try it and see where it goes? It’s pretty cool.

Hopefully you won’t play a dead body.

I saw you blog about it!

Your pictures were so funny, we had to post them. You behind bars is hilarious.

And how funny was that picture of me and Chad kissing? Were you the one that clipped that?


I actually have that as my BBM profile picture, I was dying laughing at that.

It takes a lot of precision and cropping to get our pictures just right.

I’m sure! I was like geez, forget about it. I’ve had some funny pictures up there with me rolling my eyes and stuff.

My job is to find your best moments and just pause them.

The third season of Basketball Wives may be over, but there’s still the two-part reunion show left! Make sure you tune in on August 15 and 22 at 8 p.m. for all the reunion action.
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