Lauryn Hill Sued For Abusive Treatment Of Her 2007 Band


Guitarist Jay Gore, who played with Lauryn Hill on her 2007 European tour has stepped up his legal claims against the singer. After initially seeking $3590 in back pay in small claims court two weeks ago (as reported by TMZ), Gore has now claimed that the tour was a hostile work environment and is asking for more than $20,000.

According to a follow-up TMZ report, the new documents claim that “after shows, Hill would demand that the musicians and road support personnel attend meetings where she would engage in a person-by-person critique and berating.” Sounds a lot like the touring prime of James Brown (not that the resemblance excuses Hill or Brown).

The documents also make the peculiarly nonspecific accusation that Hill “exhibited the type of behavior for which she had gained public notoriety,” which implies more than it says explicitly. This may be to facilitate others’ legal action; Gore’s lawyer, Nicholas Andrea, told TMZ, “We believe there are other musicians who have been mistreated by Ms. Hill in a similar manner who are reluctant to stand up for their rights and this lawsuit gives them a voice as well.”

Hill was also in the news recently when it was discovered that her newborn son’s rumored father, Rohan Marley, was not present at the baby’s birth. She responded to those rumors through her management in a glib non-denial that suggested—without exactly confirming—that Marley was not actually the baby’s father. She has yet to respond to Gore’s legal allegations.

Lauryn Hill Accused of Being a Nightmare Behind the Scenes [TMZ; HT The Guardian]

[Image: Getty Images]

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