Poll: Should Meeka Claxton Return To Basketball Wives?


It’s hard to believe that someone on Basketball Wives could actually be more polarizing and controversial than Royce Reed, but it looks like Meeka Claxton holds the title this season. Claxton arrived on the scene with dreams of showing off her real estate business and making new friends, but she left the show in a dramatic fashion, having been in a brawl with Tami and banished from the Wives’ club (or at least the last two episodes).

Now that the third season is over, it makes us wonder, if there is another season of Basketball Wives (it hasn’t been confirmed…yet), should Claxton be a part of it, or will her double-talking and drama be too much to take? Let us know what you think in our poll!

And to hear Meeka’s side of everything that went down this season, be sure to tune in to the two-part reunion. Part one airs on Monday, August 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and part two airs August 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Jean says:

    Meeka feels she should sue Tami. Well she is wrong because she open her mouth too many times. In her first episode she talked about Royce to Evelyn, Jen and Shanuie. Her purpose for it was to get with the click. Now don’t get me wrong, I felted a little sad for her when the fight started but on the other hand from the beginning she steer it in that direction. If I was Meeka I would just take the ass whipping and learn from it to keep my mouth off othe0r people. Tami told Meeka that first the click didn’t like her anyway because of her mouth. She stated to Meeka “I’ll be here when you’re gone” Words seems to come to pass

  2. Missy says:

    Meeka just did not know where she should fit in and when she was confronted about what she had said her story seem to change or she didn’t recall saying it. I like Tami but Tami did not have to put her hands on her regardless of what she thought. Meeka was not a threat and so she has every right to take action against Tami. Sorry Tami!

  3. Dria says:

    I feel no action should be taken against Tammi. You can’t go running your mouth about people and starting stuff with no consequence. Besides she was warned before all the drama went down, just to keep her mouth shut and watch what she should say. Is Tammi at fault? NOPE! Any normal person would’ve done more than tapped her face…I know plenty of people that would have actually hurt her. Does it make her a bad person? Not at all, but now she knows to watch her mouth. I love all the girls, but right it right and wrong is wrong!..Wish her the best but she doesn’t fit into the show right now, maybe later on down the road.

  4. Spanky says:

    yes…she should return because in last season she had amnesia really bad (she would say something about someone and just as quick as she said it she would get amnesia)….so, she needs to come back so tami can take up where she left of in italy….maybe if she gets her head knocked a few more times she can shake that amnesia that she has and tami is just the girl to help her….

  5. Tawanda Harris says:

    I think they ALL should return!!

  6. Phyllis says:

    Just because Meeka opened her mouth does not give ANYONE the right to try and stick their fist in it. Tami is a basket case and she fits right up there with that other one from Atlanta Housewives NeNe! There are laws that protect people from being attacked and I am certainly happy that Meeka is using her right to sue. Tami is lucky she was not thrown in jail on an assault charge! I think this entire show is messy and it speaks volumns about us as black women as well as some of these comments here from other women of color of whoever you are. There is too much hostility in the world today and everyone these days has no regards for others. This show is a sad excuse for entertainment in our communities as well have enough belligerence and hostility to deal with without the compounding of shows like this one!

  7. deedee says:

    Meka ,made the mistake of trying to” fit in” instead of ” being herself”, if you are “for real” a person will like you regardless. You wont have to carry messages back in forth or try to prove yourself. I love the fact that she left when i…t got ugly. She is a “true basketball wife”, a business woman, and a class act. You dont have to fight in the street to get your point across. Ive seen such a sad display of these women since this show started. Shes not a saint but i would like to see more of her.

  8. shana says:

    No.. Meeka should not return.. She was clowned the whole time she was on the show.. and even tho she seems like a goodhearted person, she’s allowed herself to been in the position that she needs to prove herself – which she should never do. She is not in high school anymore, no one needs to feel “popular” to feel accepted. So keep it moving Meeka… your opportunity will come along, this show is not a good look for you.

  9. Kenya from KS says:

    So why doesn’t it play all year round? I’m mad it’s not on all year, I love this show! At first I was like Basketball Wives who cares but that’s my SHOW! Meeka is drama drama and drama and that’s what makes the show great I think they should get rid of Royce she’s dumb.

  10. Angie says:

    Meeka is just a fake person, a hipocrite, she was trying to hard to b down with the girls, by her age she should know how to act and behave. Tami gave her alot of oportunities to talk and explain but she was always denying things, so she got what she derserved!!

  11. Nicole says:

    Yes I want meeka back, drama will keep ratings up. I have nothing aganist Meeka. She is a motor mouth just like Suzie.and Dresses horribly for her shape just like Tammi, Suzzie and Royce and they are still around. Besides royce needs company out the circle.

  12. Mary says:

    I am so shocked at some of the comments. As an adult you can not be concerned about what people say about you and you definitely can’t physically attack people and not expect any consequences. Tammi should have been locked up that night. She better be glad Meeka didn’t have her put in a Italian jail. The sad part is Tammi doesn’t even realize how bad she looked. Judging by the reunion show preview, she continues to pick on Meeka. Tammi grow up for God’s sack. Meeka was never given a fair chance and why is Evelyn so hard on her. She never said one disrespectful thing about her. Why do all the fun shows do this? We do not need all this ghetto fighting to enjoy the show. I use to like this show. I really think all these ladies are done. Let’s move on to the Basketball Wives sequels. Meeka can be in Basketball Wives Atlanta where she resides.

  13. Kia says:

    Meeka should have kept her mouth shut period. She was the new wife to the show and she should have just set back and watch what was going on between the woman on the show. She brought alot of the back lash on herself. Meeka had plenty of opportunity to repeat what she said but she chooses to run a round and confuse things even more. Tami is real and straight to the point. I would have popped meeka to for lying so much. Team Tami

  14. nicole Allen says:

    Yes.. I think Meeka should come back… She is the only one who is still married to and with her basketballer husband.. Now Meeka did put her self out there by running off at the mouth talking about Royce in the beginning..That is what outted her to begin with.. Most woman learn that lesson in highschool..Unfortunately Meeka had to learn on nationally TV..But for some reason I don’t believe this is the first time her big mouth got her into trouble..It’s a bitter lesson to learn..But I don’t believe she deserved to get mushed faced by Tammi for something she did say.. i wished she would have stomped the hell out of Tammi.. Maybe next season..Suing her however is a complete waste of time because Tammi is broke.. I would have went with criminal charges let her butt sit in jail a few days..Give her something to think about.

  15. TerrieDC says:

    If Meeka wants to return, she should be allowed to. First of all, she is the only real current Basketball Wife on the show and she does bring a little class. And she should stay on the show so that we can see how the lawsuit goes. I hope she wins.
    The fighting may be good for the ratings, but it is absolutely disgusting that Tami can act that way and get away with it.
    So, if talking too much means you shouldn’t be on the show, then Evelyn, Susie and Shaunie who is always starting something and sitting back to see how it plays out, should all be off the show.

  16. MS.SALES says:


  17. KARMA says:

    I don’t condone violence but I do not feel sympathey for Meeka…. When they were all sitting at the table and Tami put her on blast, she should have pulled her card then… But instead she waited til she had drinks with Snitchy to try and put Tami on blast and then she did it again in a bs letter… Real women do real things, and she wasn’t a real chick…. She’s like a child, deny deny deny, and what do we do to children who talk slick out the mouth? Pop them in it!!!! While Tami was wrong and I hope she learned from it, I hope Meeka learned to keep her mouth shut, or keep it 100 with the person you NEED to be addressing

  18. CMOB says:

    If I was Meeka i would not want to come back. Yep Meeka you talk to much and that is what comes along with running your mouth. Tammie you are a mother and should be setting an example for your girls and there is no excuse for putting your hands on anybody. On that note there are consequenses for everything you do. Meeka you got pop for running your mouth, now Tammie since you can’t be a good little girl and keep your hands to your self you gotta pay for it. Thats how the cookie crumble.

  19. TeeNicole says:

    I didn’t like Meeka from Day 1. She is phoney chick who still wants to fit into ‘groups” like she’s still in middle school. Meeka came in trying d*ck ride Evelyn and Jennifer and look what happened. Doesn’t anyone like her and I don’t blame them. I hope there is another season so Tami can give her another good “mush”…lmao @ MEEKA

  20. Carolyn Lawson says:

    The next season need to get started now. The show is what us womens look forward to. Like Monday night football. Hurry back

  21. EbonyNicole says:

    This was a hard one to answer, so here is what I think: Meeka didn’t come on this show being herself, I’m pretty sure there is a lot of Meeka that we did not get a change to see! However Meeka doesn’t like the circle and the damn ass circle don’t like Meeka! Meeka should not return; how about create another show where Real Basketball Wives support each other without fights and being fake doing positive things!

  22. Louise says:

    she was even worse than Susie.

  23. kimlo39 says:

    Meeka didn’t serve any purpose in the show. Just like Suzie. The show wasn’t that exciting this season. They need step it up a little. They are a little too old to be such drama queens.

  24. queenjazze says:

    Meeka deserves to come back & be part of the Basketball Wives show…Why not? She’s married and you can’t say that about the rest of them…She’s a little trouble maker and like to dress to impress…..Don’t u want ppl on that starts chit….just saying…

  25. Ms Ladonna says:

    GIVE THE LADY A BREAK. GEZZZZZZ. Every year there has to be a Meeka. Last year and year before it was Gloria, then susie.Yes From the EDITED tapes we saw she came across to me like she tried to hard to fit in. And truthfully I dont think Susie should have ran her mouth…..ANYWAY IT IS CALLED BASKETBALL WIFES….NOT BABIES MAMMAS, AND EX GF OF BASKETBALL PLAYERS.SHOULDNT AT LEAST NE OF THEM BE AN ACTUAL WIFE..JUST SAYING

  26. Fren says:

    No Meeka shouldn’t be back on the show. I really didn’t care for her presence on the show. She was too much drama but then again drama is what’s makes the show so she might need to be back on the show next season. I so did enjoy that fight between her and Tammi.

  27. Renata says:

    Meeka should not return for a new season. I feel that Meeka came in wanting to be friends with the ‘cool people’ whom she really didn’t know. You have to learn to keep your mouth closed, observe and speak your mind to people who you are already very close to you. Meeka is just very young and got caught up in creating drama with the “she say, she say” which made her look very bad. I know she’s probably hurt by this and maybe tarnished her image a bit. I think she will bounce back but definitely learn from this experience.

  28. Confused says:

    I don’t like Meeka should return, she brought all the drama on herself. She was fake from the beginning, coming in talking about things she knew nothing about. I don’t like phony people and she is one. I hope they did not return her for another season. Also, she needs to do something about those legs in those shorts. GO TAMI!!!

  29. Angela says:

    Tami should be slapped with a lawsuit. People can run off at the mouth all day long that doesn’t give another the right to touch them. Her only mistake was trying too hard to fit in with a group of high school-acting hoes. Meeka should give those fake biotches the finger and start her own show and call it Real Basketball Wives since none of them hoes have men playing bball except her.LMMFAO

  30. Tamishouldgo says:

    I say Meeka should decide if she wants to return. If I were her, I wouldn’t. I would try another VH1 show (one with class). Meeka, don’t let people tell you that you deserved to be attacked by Tami the bully. No person, deserves her (Tami) verbal and mental abuse. I wish you success in your lawsuit. Tamis’, bullying and violent behaviors’ have been recorded since her arrival to the show (with more than just you). It’s who she is. She needs counseling. She needs Dr. Phil; Dr. Dre (she’s drunk on anger); and any other physician that ain’t afraid to be in her presence. I am fearful for the people that truly believes in anything that Tami is involved in. Test (film), for another show, Meeka. Better yet, do like the “real” basketball wives: Keep your respect, and
    stay away from the show (“Basketball Wives”). Your role (talking) on the show was just “entertainment”, these people (blogger’s) don’t get it. It’s personal for them (flesh). Tami,
    doesn’t get it either. She (Tami) knows no boundaries.

  31. Anna says:

    Having only two choices is rather one-sided. There should have been a third choice in the poll, No, Meeka is too classy for this show, then I could have voted.

  32. Issie says:

    I agree with Phyllis comments ,I feel that they are all classless the only thing they have is money ,I read that Shaunie was embasses about the show which I don’t understand why because she caused the fight between Evelyn and Tami when Evelyn confined in her about sleeping with Tami’s ex and she insist that Evelyn tell Tami, okay now this season she brings in Meeka and everything that she says they make fun of how she talks, her appearance and runs back and tell the person what she said ,now I see why none of them have a husband or in a real relationship .They don’t know the meaning of friendship and just to think most of them are MOTHERS you supposed to lead by example

  33. Shelly says:

    Although Meeka did start off a lil mouthy, I don’t think she was treated fairly. Especially when they were at the dinner table and Tammi was mocking her that was so juvie to me. Shaunie of all people was actually laughing along with them too. I really didn’t like how they treated her at all. Tammi is ghetto with a capital G. If drinking make her personality change like that she shouldn’t never take another drink in her life! My vote is for Meeka, through it all she still maintained a since of lady like behavior. Tammi doesn’t know what a lady is. Furthermore, she has two girls that’s going to view the episodes. Do she really want her girls to see her act the way she did? I surely hope not. Better than that, I hope they don’t mock their moms behavior….yulk! How ghetto was that! This message is for Tammi, Tammi whatever you do be a lady and stop wanting to be so hard core, that is so not lcute nor was it lady like. You make black women look bad!

  34. See More says:

    All of these women run their mouths, some just do it when the cameras aren’t around. How did Tami know all the stuff that Meeka said? Evelyn ran her mouth and TOLD it. In season 2 was was Tami looking angry BEFORE Evelyn told her about Kenny? Shaunie TOLD Tami that she needed to talk to Evelyn…Shaunie ran her mouth. Why did the fight happen in Italy because SUZIE and Evelyn RAN their mouths. It looks bad for Meeka because of the way the Edited the show. All of these women run their mouths. It is only fair to have at least ONE real wife in a healthy relationship on the show. It needs BALANCE.

  35. romeca says:

    i dnt like meek and i dnt like how she came on the show running her mouth so much causeing problems but that does not give tammi the rites to do wat she did!!!!!i dnt promote violence and as far as im concerned all of them needs to carry them selfs like ladies and stop carrying on like a pack of animals!!!!!!!!

  36. Kayla Cooper says:

    I would like to say Hell no Meeka should not to return to Basketball wives.my Lord, she is really dumb woman i ever saw on the show. As her husband is retired and she need to be retired also. get out of the show business.

  37. polly golly says:

    Meeka does’t seem to be the basketball wife type… with them…I like meeka…but meeka needs to find another group to be with…THEY are so not YOU…Jennifer, Move on leave eric in the clouds…you need to stay with that hotte that was at your comin out party…NO BACKSIES…on to the next..OK..jennifer,may be right about Chad, is a cad…Royce, you need to find some new friends too…they are definetly not your friends…SUZY…needs something to stop that diarreha…yall need to stop letting her say things..better yet stop saying things to her,she’s messy as hell…and the wonder why yall are by yourselves…

  38. Anita B. says:

    Hint which one would you want your daughter to act like??? Teens are wacthing and leave Meeka on the show!! Find some women who play games and donot sit drink and pick at each other. Find something a focus for the ladies….swimming lessons, cooking lessons, dance classes, pool parties, card games….etc…. Football we…kareoke…etc…

    Business opportuinities….etc..

  39. Kristle says:

    Well I am not a big fan of baskeball wives, but the episodes that I have seen the only thing I can say is WOW!!!!!! I think that Meka is 100% real. If she recalled saying something she is like yeah I said it. That darn Suzie is a TROUBLE MAKER!!!!!!!!!! as you see that is in caps. Everytime someone tells her something she is running right back and telling that person. I see that Meeka has a lottle hood in her and if it was me I would have given Tammi the business. (Seriously) She want to walk around and act tough I would have beat her like she stole something, I would of have smacked that weave straight out of her head. Yeah!!!!!!

  40. TammieshouldGo. says:

    Meeka should stay one more season,the chuck the deuces,don’t let them run you away,Tammie should be taken off the show,Meeks might run her mouth but she had not right to physically attack Meeka,Meeks hands where not in Tammie face,Tammie just wanted so excuse to fight.Tammie is ghetto don;t know how to act nowhere she goes,You see she came to the club to fight Meeka,she even moved closer to Meeka,Tammie is a liability to the show,Meeks should sue what money she has left,Tammie will be back on foodstamps and welfare.Tammie basically is insecure and jealouslymwhy she did pull that with Evelyn,Evelyn slept with her husband,but she can forgive Evelyn because she wants to be with Popular click,Shanie,Evelyn,Jen,Meeka should also consider suing the show,If someone on the show attacks someone they should have to leave the show period.For Shaunie to be a executive producer on the show she is messy,anything for rating,really.Meeka should just explain what she said instead of beating around the bush,If they don’t like what she said so what,that’s her opinion.Tammie thinks she can come at people the wrong way and when someone confronts her back she ready to fight,Tammie belongs on the UFC.Meeka continue with your lawsuit because you are goiing to win,everthing is on tape,have your lawyer request the taping from that show.

  41. karen says:

    I think meeka should stay, however I don’t think she needs the show. She is already successful on her own and is classy. The other girls are not classy and are confused.
    Meeka was mistreated and picked on and that is not right. She should try to get on another reality show, one more positive, where she can actually make real friends.

  42. jose says:

    Why is everyone against Meeka? Meeka is an adult who is entitled to her opinion. Are you telling me that because she is the “new” girl, she can’t speak or think for herself? Because she is “new” on the show, she has to walk on eggshell and be in fear of Tami. There is such a double standard. They ALL have an opinion about each other. Tami has the nerve to call Meeka a liar. Tami is a liar. Her lie is recorded on national TV. She does the same thing she’s accusing Meeka of. Tami is childish. Tami and Evelyn are friends now? That just makes me sick. Evelyn was 50 times more disrespectful to Tami than Meeka was. The whole non-factor” T-Shirts and the way Evelyn talked to Tami. If Tami wants to legitimately have beef with someone, it should be with Evelyn. Meeka is minding her own business. Tami is the one bullying Meeka. Meeka doesn’t deserve the way she was treated. The set her up in Italy. Then they are going to tell her not to sue. They have no respect for Meeka. She should sue Shaunie too.

  43. jose says:

    They are all jealous of Meeka because she is the only one relevant to the show. She is THE basketball wife. They are envious of her marriage. Also, Meeka is very wealthy. Here business is extremely successful.

  44. Char says:

    Meeka is to good for this show. This show is about women who act like junk yard dogs, and we all know the street term for that. Meeka was never given a real chance, every time she turned around someone was coming at her with something, mainly that Susie repeated or misinterrupted. Meeks should just sue TAMI, and move on. Tami likes to fight, and the best way to fight her is in the justice system. Take her to court, maybe she can fight there.

  45. yattigirl says:

    I tkink Meeka should stay because she ia the only one on the show that is married (without planning for a divorce) on the show. I sincerely believe Evelyn has a problem with Meeka because Meeka took her BFF out and they went on a double date. Tami might have had a legeitimate reason to nbe mad at Meeks in the beginning, but in Italy Tami was just being mean and had the nerve to mush Meeka because she repeated the truth about her calling Evelyn and the peanut gallery phoney. Tami even admitted saying she called them phoney later on during the trip in Italy. I think some people enjoy leaving someone out of “the circle” because theu are simply MEAN. Anyway Meeka is REALLY in the circle because she IS a BB WIFE and the rest of the cast aren’t. Hmm maybe they are a little jeaslous.

  46. Lee says:

    Meeka, I think she should not come back to a bunch of lady clowns. All they seem to do is embarrassed themselves on national t.v. I think Meeka is better then that and let tami continue looking and acting like a damn fool that she is…

  47. Est1960's says:

    From the beginning, Tami wanted Meeka to be her mole to spy on the “popular girls’ (aka fake girls) and her plan backfired. And now Meeka is the bad guy? I think Tami should be removed from the show, too, if Meeka has to go, because she can’t be trusted either. If Tami stays,then put her on a leash for your own protection, and take boxing lessons just in case she gets loose!
    If you’ll notice, people with a “ghetto mentality” are quick to suggest violence over the smallest things and they are verrrry unpredictable. You can not rationalize with them and they won’t let you win even when they’re wrong. Tami needs help and sadly no one has the courage to tell her she is emotionally and metally dysfunctional. Either Shawnie is afraid of her, or she enjoys the drama, which I think she does, otherwise Tami would be gone by now.

  48. Not a fan of meangirls says:

    Meeka’s real estate business has a net worth of seven million dollars. Her husband’s net worth is 29.5 million. And Tami has a net worth of five hundred thousand dollars. Well, like they say, the best way to fight back is to hit them in their pockets. Tami should tread lightly before she ends up being broke again, which I’m sure she doesn’t want to relive.

  49. mystic says:

    Meeka is a trip and should not return to the show. From day one to the end, she kept running her mouth and she was backstabbing people and asking some what the others said and saying she was trying to get an understanding etc. Please! She should have come into the show and the circle with her mouth SHUT and her eyes and ears open and no matter what was said or who said it, she shouldn’t have had anything to do with it. So the slap in her face was what she deserved and asked for because she just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. No one should ever be that hard up for friends, or that silly. Another thing…She DOES talk in circles and avoid answering what someone is saying to her…she starts talking as soon as the other person is saying something and just talks the WHOLE time they are talking…its a wonder anyone can ever get a sentence or a word in…she is just SAD….NEXT!!! Get her OFF the show!

  50. Shirley says:

    Meeka, hold your head up! These fools are plain and simple playa haters! They are all jealous because you have a husband and live large. Tammi is the worst of the entire bunch. This old broad has adult children and still out there fighting, what a disgrace! You should not let them shout you down. The shouting is because they know you are telling the truth and they don’t want to hear it. Tammi please go het help, you need it. I would never want to return to this show, its nothing but a bunch of old broad disgracing women, period! Keep it moving Meeka, you don’t need this show to prove anything.

  51. Golden01 says:

    Meeka you are not my favorite b-ball wife but at least you are a real b-ball wife, anyway you seem like your too smart for this show, reality tv isn’t for everyone and thats okay, sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want them to , but hey life goes on. Keep ya head up and keep doing you put the show and all that drama behind you because life is to short to sweat the small stuff. Your real friends,family, and associates know the real you and thats all that matters. There is always going to be someone that doesn’t like you it happens to all of us, but who cares. My advice is to just be quiet and observe how people conduct themselves and then decide if thats someone you want to associate with, but don’t get cool like that with anyone that you truly don’t know, thats where you went wrong. BE OBSERVANT AND KEEP PERSONAL FEELINGS TO YOUSELF AND ONLY PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST!!!

  52. Tina123 says:

    What show was everyone else watching this season. The show I watched depicted Meeka,
    treating everyone with respect. Tami, was the trouble maker and constantly tried to harass or
    create a scene with Meeka.

    Tami, was jealous of Meeka’s status in life and the jealousy was obvious.

  53. Tina123 says:

    Meeka, I am appalled Shaunie and her crew. Evelyn, was my favorite but after watching her and the others justify such a blatant attack. I lost repsect for the entire crew and if Meeka doesnt return I have better things to do with my times.

    This show is a hot mess now thanks to Tami, Shauni and VH1. At least ROYCE didn’t attack MEEKA she stayed neutral.

  54. old dime says:

    Look Meeka and all the other ladies! You ALL are very intelligent and beautiful! Take it from an old girl… looks and life don’t last forever!!!! I say everyone let bygones be bygones and just all become a strong unit of women. Enjoy your wonderful lives. Don’t bog yourselves down with hate. I think Meeka should get another chance. Just tone it down a bit girlfriend. I really would like to see the other side of you. I know deep down you are a great person.

  55. michelle mcgruder says:

    i think that meeka needs to keep moving,and suzie meesy azz gon get whats coming to her.evelyn justs need to do her and stay out the way.jennifer need a life cuz she miserable.royce i love her she needed to get back at them like that.shunie keep playing peace maker.tamie keep it real and they wasnt feeling that,she not getto at all she just know fake wen she see it.evelyn has a pretty daughter,but if know like i know she will keep suzie messy azzz from her.