Scotty McCreery v. Lauren Alaina: The Battle Of The Idol Music Video Debuts


American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina must not be in direct competition for fans or attention. How else to explain that the two new artists, who share not only a label, but also a manager (Idol guru Simon Fuller, natch), released videos within 24 hours of one another? That said, there’s no reason we can’t put them head-to-head:


“Like My Mother Does” would resemble a sequence from a horror movie—a distracted young woman alone in an overlit prop home—if Lauren Alaina didn’t spend so much time smiling and looking at the camera. The video is interspersed with projections of what’s presumably home movie footage of Alaina and her mother, as befits a maternal tribute from someone whose stardom stems from a period having lived in the public eye. We even get a teardrop to signify the key change!


Scotty McCreery plays a wide-eyed Cupid in “I Love You This Big.” He spends much of his non-singing screen time looking pensive while not helping his band set up their equipment. But this naive thoughtfulness is belied by the cosmic serendipity of lights coming on and fireworks going off to the rhythm of the song, as the young folks in the crowd at the concert-on-the-green pair off one by one. This is about as scandalous as McCreery gets at this point, but it’s a good direction, since “I Love You This Big” ends where many country songs would begin.

We have to give the edge to McCreery on this one. Alaina’s video suits her song well, but McCreery’s clip suggests, in a way the song alone did not, a broader range for his future career as a country artist. Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments!

[Image: Getty Images]

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  1. Ron King says:


  2. NCMom says:

    Yes, this much anticipated video for Scotty was definitely not a let down at all. So natural and not overdone. He looked fantastic and age appropriate. The setting could not have been better and the cameo of his mother was just enough without being overdone or sappy. Agreed that Lauren’s video suits the song but not as much as Scotty’s. So I agree on this one! Scotty’s the man!

  3. Chrissy says:

    Love Scotty–and I do think his video makes you focus on him–and does him well!!!

  4. gigi says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED Scotty’s Music Video!!!! Watched Lauren’s, but didn’t care for it much. Seems that her mother was in the video more tha

  5. gigi says:

    her mother was more in the video than Lauren!

  6. Sharon Jiles says:

    I totally agree—Scotty’s is the best–and just the beginning of an amazingly long and successful career!

  7. MAE says:

    I love Lauren and Scotty! Apples and Oranges comparing these vids. Two different themes and stories. Two different voices which blend together very well as we all know. To me this is like comparing your children. I believe both of these kids will go far and do exceptional because of their foundations and God given talent.

  8. Joyce says:

    I definitely loved Scotty’s music video. He is such a natural performer and will go far in the country music genre. LOVE SCOTTY THIS BIG and can’t wait for his cd that will be coming out in the fall.
    I did spot Scotty’s mom in the video also. How exciting for both Lauren Alaina and Scotty to be at this point in thleir lives with the success they are having and will continue to have. They come from great families and are great roll models for years. LOVE SCOTTY THIS BIG.

  9. shaneen says:

    This is a buch of crap, scotty video wasn’t better than lauren. VH1 you shouldnt be choosing anything. Let the viewers say whose better. Lauren alaina all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. rosanna g. azarcon says:

    I like Scotty’s video more! It is truly a reflection of himself. Being a a good role model for his young fans, it shows that he is capable of giving and loving everyone this big just like his idol!

    Lauren Alaina’s video on the other hand is more of a home video made personally for her 18th bday party. ‘Can’t say much!

  11. yeye says:

    yup! scotty mccreery all the way!!!!

  12. Leesa Pursley says:

    I totally disagree. Lauren’s video makes me want to keep watching. It seems we get to know her and the meaning of the song comes across and touches you. Scotty’s video is very good but I have to give this one to Lauren-Hands down!

  13. mary holley says:

    I disagree totally,they are 2 different songs each doing their best. So tired of people downing lauren she has done a great job under bad cirsumstance blowed vocal cord, bronchitius and sprained ankle. She never let her fans dowm. She is a tooper. She is a role model for youth today. I think the folks their should put everyone on auto replay and not just their favorites and friends. If given a chance this girl will bring lots of new fans to country music. i hope for one you will support her and give her a chance

  14. Diana says:

    I just love Scotty’s video