Famous Food Episode 6 – You Poke The Bear, You’re Gonna Get The Claws


On Famous Food this week, there were two prominent fights to discuss.

First, let’s talk about Danielle Staub vs. Ashley Dupre.

We’ve been watching this relationship unravel since episode one. In this episode, Danielle, adorable control freak that she is, will not have her menu tweaked by anyone, not Ashley, not Juicy J, and not even Chef Greg. And since Danielle does not let sleeping dogs lie, she has some choice words for Ashley. “You poke a sleeping bear, you’re gonna get the claws,” Danielle threatens Ashley during one of her confessionals. But it’s not just Ashley who’s drawn Danielle’s ire. When Juicy J goes off on her too, she snarks on both of them “You’re disrespecting me so you can get into Ashley’s pants? You don’t have to do that. She’ll give it to you easier than that.” I don’t wanna be that guy, but pot, kettle, etc.

And yet that drama is overshadowed by Jake vs. Scott The Designer.

Jake’s the budget guy of the group, and when Scott the Evil Designer tells him he needs $5700 extra dollars to complete his work on the restaurant, Jake goes over the contract and finds out Scott’s a lying, cheating thief who’s trying to squeeze all the money he can from — hey, wait a minute! Nevermind! DJ Paul, in one glance of the contract, realized Jake is wrong, and they do have just cause to pay Scott. Still, if I may be so bold, Scott kind of acts like an a-hole all the time and even if he didn’t want more money, I’d want to fire him too.

In this episode there’s almost a Danielle Vs. Vinny showdown too, as Vinny was put in charge of finding the restaurant a general manager, but Danielle hijacks that process and takes complete control of it. Crisis averted however, when there’s a unanimous decision to hire Alexis the cute blue-eyed kid who looks like he’s 16 and does goofy “Hey you! I know you! I know you!” finger-points.

Next week I have a feeling the drama is going to be off Danielle and Ashley for once, because ooooh, it looks like Juicy J is in troubuuullllle.

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