Gavin DeGraw Takes To Twitter After Being Discharged From Hospital


After reportedly suffering a late night (early morning?) beatdown from a group of hooligans and THEN getting struck by a taxi cab, singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw was discharged from New York City’s Bellevue Hospital yesterday afternoon. Although he suffered a broken nose and is recovering from a concussion, his thumbs apparently escaped the incident unharmed; he presumably used them to tweet the message you see above from his Blackberry yesterday afternoon.

While police are still investigating the mysterious incident, a few more details about the evening have emerged. Initial reports pegged DeGraw as being quite inebriated when the incident occurred around 4 a.m. on Sunday night, but Gavin’s brother Joseph told Fox News that Gavin “had nothing but cranberry juice to drink” on the night in question (a night, mind you, that was spent at National Underground, a bar that the brothers co-own). Additionally, People is reporting that Gavin’s assault took place after “some kind of argument” broke out between himself and a group of people he didn’t know. DeGraw also told police that he “can’t clearly recall” how the disagreement got started or any events of the night in question. To help piece the events of the evening together, police are attempting to collect security camera footage from the neighborhood in question.

We continue to wish Gavin a speedy recovery from his injuries, and we’ll bring you more information about this scary incident as it emerges.

Gavin DeGraw Can’t Remember Much From Attack, Cancels Shows, Report Says [Fox News]
Gavin DeGraw Beating Mystery Deepens [People]

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