Royce Reed Recaps The Season Three Finale Of Basketball Wives


The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce Reed to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week:Drama at its worst.


Well, the season has yet again come to a close.

As you notice in my one and only scene during the finale, I don’t speak on things I cant back up. Anyone who follows me on “Life,” I mean “Twitter” knows that up until we started live tweeting for VH1 ,I never commented on any of my castmates. Truth be told, I only speak to Ashley, Tami and barely Suzie outside of filming. I don’t make claims without proof, which is why I believe Jennifer ran from the conversation. She knew exactly what she said about me but did NOT want to own up to it in my face alone. I still have no real issue with Jennifer, she has an issue with me. I’ve read a few of her comments and interviews she’s done in the past few weeks and I think its fair to say I’m definitely not the one on the short bus or in need of the most growth mentally.

I believe Chad and Evelyn a little bit more after this episode but I’m still not 100% sold. I think every couple has had this conversation at one point or another but shockingly I’ve tended to be Chad. I’ve always been told I think like a dude. I keep my same friends, I’m still cool with most of my exes, and we actually hang out from time to time. I believe in trust and loyalty to a fault, I think because I either get cheated on or I get bored because they let me get my way too much. I admit, I also like a man to take charge and tell me no, but you put your hand up??? “That might get you popped!” (Tami Voice). The conversation ended with no real resolution to the matter but we do know they had relations…that’s the easiest way to end an argument that’s going nowhere.

The whole Divorce Party and everything leading up to it was weird to me. I come from parents married 40+ years, aunts and uncles the same, extended family, etc. There have been a few who have divorced but it wasn’t “happy.” I watched this episode in awe at how easily couples forget their vows and move on so quickly. From designing the cake to having the “New Man” help beat the Not -Yet-Ex-Husbands Head off the pinata, my face was shock. I know Jen came from a family of hurt and that story hasn’t really been told, but I believe in the future it needs to be. I think she needs to heal before she rushes into the dating lifestyle and turns into someone that’s not really her or attractive. Watching her talk about “making out because he’s cute,” and “getting lucky” was honestly a little bothersome. She’s not in her 20’s and there are some young girls who look up to her. Before diving back into the sea looking for fish, I think she needs to tend to the holes in her boat.

On to the infamous drink throwing contest..

First of all I don’t condone violence. I do believe in self-defense but this wasn’t that. The conversation Eric and Jen were having IN MY OPINION was almost like a battle of who can hit the most chords. Yes, Eric was wrong on so many levels with the way he was talking to Jen. He may have been trying to get his point across but the way he was attempting to do it was dead ass wrong. On Jen’s end, you don’t EVER talk about someone’s mother or checking someone’s mother. PERIOD. When Eric got up to leave, Jen should’ve just let him leave. Instead, she decides to throw a glass filled with liquid. Regardless of her excuse “I didn’t mean to hit him, I just meant to throw it in his general direction!” That’s BS and we all know that. I don’t believe it was meant to necessarily HIT him, or hit him hard but you definitely wanted it to graze by him like you had some balls! Eric retaliating and tossing the drink directly IN your face was DEAD ASS WRONG. YES! BUT, I learned long time ago if you have the balls enough to act like a man don’t be shocked if that man actually turns around and treats you like the man you just pretended to be. I have slapped a dude, and I have punched a dude, but best believe I ran to my Daddy.

In the end, this season was drama at its worst. If the off-season I’m hoping to see more career moves from my cast members because as I stated before fighting for ratings isn’t whats up. Drama will come and go but careers can last a lifetime.

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