Royce Reed Recaps The Season Three Finale Of Basketball Wives


The VH1 Blog is lucky enough to welcome back Royce Reed to her weekly recapping gig where she’ll give us her perspective on all things Basketball Wives 3. Check in each week to hear Royce’s take on the drama that goes down. This week:Drama at its worst.


Well, the season has yet again come to a close.

As you notice in my one and only scene during the finale, I don’t speak on things I cant back up. Anyone who follows me on “Life,” I mean “Twitter” knows that up until we started live tweeting for VH1 ,I never commented on any of my castmates. Truth be told, I only speak to Ashley, Tami and barely Suzie outside of filming. I don’t make claims without proof, which is why I believe Jennifer ran from the conversation. She knew exactly what she said about me but did NOT want to own up to it in my face alone. I still have no real issue with Jennifer, she has an issue with me. I’ve read a few of her comments and interviews she’s done in the past few weeks and I think its fair to say I’m definitely not the one on the short bus or in need of the most growth mentally.

I believe Chad and Evelyn a little bit more after this episode but I’m still not 100% sold. I think every couple has had this conversation at one point or another but shockingly I’ve tended to be Chad. I’ve always been told I think like a dude. I keep my same friends, I’m still cool with most of my exes, and we actually hang out from time to time. I believe in trust and loyalty to a fault, I think because I either get cheated on or I get bored because they let me get my way too much. I admit, I also like a man to take charge and tell me no, but you put your hand up??? “That might get you popped!” (Tami Voice). The conversation ended with no real resolution to the matter but we do know they had relations…that’s the easiest way to end an argument that’s going nowhere.

The whole Divorce Party and everything leading up to it was weird to me. I come from parents married 40+ years, aunts and uncles the same, extended family, etc. There have been a few who have divorced but it wasn’t “happy.” I watched this episode in awe at how easily couples forget their vows and move on so quickly. From designing the cake to having the “New Man” help beat the Not -Yet-Ex-Husbands Head off the pinata, my face was shock. I know Jen came from a family of hurt and that story hasn’t really been told, but I believe in the future it needs to be. I think she needs to heal before she rushes into the dating lifestyle and turns into someone that’s not really her or attractive. Watching her talk about “making out because he’s cute,” and “getting lucky” was honestly a little bothersome. She’s not in her 20′s and there are some young girls who look up to her. Before diving back into the sea looking for fish, I think she needs to tend to the holes in her boat.

On to the infamous drink throwing contest..

First of all I don’t condone violence. I do believe in self-defense but this wasn’t that. The conversation Eric and Jen were having IN MY OPINION was almost like a battle of who can hit the most chords. Yes, Eric was wrong on so many levels with the way he was talking to Jen. He may have been trying to get his point across but the way he was attempting to do it was dead ass wrong. On Jen’s end, you don’t EVER talk about someone’s mother or checking someone’s mother. PERIOD. When Eric got up to leave, Jen should’ve just let him leave. Instead, she decides to throw a glass filled with liquid. Regardless of her excuse “I didn’t mean to hit him, I just meant to throw it in his general direction!” That’s BS and we all know that. I don’t believe it was meant to necessarily HIT him, or hit him hard but you definitely wanted it to graze by him like you had some balls! Eric retaliating and tossing the drink directly IN your face was DEAD ASS WRONG. YES! BUT, I learned long time ago if you have the balls enough to act like a man don’t be shocked if that man actually turns around and treats you like the man you just pretended to be. I have slapped a dude, and I have punched a dude, but best believe I ran to my Daddy.

In the end, this season was drama at its worst. If the off-season I’m hoping to see more career moves from my cast members because as I stated before fighting for ratings isn’t whats up. Drama will come and go but careers can last a lifetime.

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  1. snickers says:

    If a man or woman mother is out of line she SHOULD be checked by their child. Its called “leaving and cleaving” and mama is no longer the first lady in the relationship. Eric sounds like a mama’s boy.

  2. J Austin says:

    Royce, I luv your grind & hustle. Keep doing your thing Ma. Evelyn, “CHILD PLEASE” you will never be able to tame Chad. He told you he will never break ties with his old flames & at the end all you could do was laugh about, you are desperate to have a man in your bed. ” KEEP IT MOVING” or laugh now, cry later. Jenn be yourself & stop trying to impress ppl that dont matter & never will matter. Suzie, “AKA” (talkatha) need a man & she will stay out of ppl’s biz. Same goes for Tami, men like women that they can take to a public place & expect the women to control herself if someone looks at her funny, & to say you have a charity that help teens, REALLY! Shaunie just sit back & laugh at all you fools, You notice since her & Gloria had words, she saw just how stupid she looked & never again did we see that side of her again, Meeka, you came on too strong, a wise lady told me, never try to fit it, STAND OUT. I agree with Royce show us yall are business WOMEN, not GIRLS.

  3. Monie Love says:

    I just started watching the show and I love it…….It is great trying to figure out which women are real and who is phony. The fashion, real estate, relationships, and drama all rolled together makes a great show. The only thing I don’t understand is how Evelyn can live so lavishly and still allow her mother to live in the projects…now I’m not saying that she has to be in a mansion but damn a little house outside of the concrete jungle she living in now will be better. I think if her fiance loved her that much he would want her mother to be safe because I bet you his mother don’t live in the concrete jungle.

  4. Idella Thomas says:

    I must agree with you on everything. I hate to see women behaving the way some of them did. I don’t feel Meeka should come back because she came with drama. I am a divorced woman and it hurt to lose the man who said he’d love you forever. The only upsides to my divorce is the 3 beautiful children he helped me have and a year later my night in shining armor rescued me. I must admit I met my future husband a year later but we dated for 5 1/2 almost 6 years and that was because my ex faught so hard to make our union impossible. I ended up giving him everything but my children and he didn’t really want them. He was out to hurt me with words or however he decided but when push came to shove he had to hold up or fold up and violence is and never will be the key to any problem. Royce keep being you and letting the negative roll off your back. I’m proud of you and I’m glad you took the higher road. Be blessed in your future endevors:) Idella Thomas

  5. Mia says:

    I agree totally with everything your saying. It was wrong for that to happen to Jennifer but in all reality your not suppose to throw things at a MAN just as well as a MAN is not supposed to throw things at a WOMAN. One more comment the problem that Jennifer has with you is TOTALLY because she still cares for him or thinks that you turned on her as a friend so she is hurt by the fact that you tweet and met up with Eric. Some girls think that if you are my friend then you should not talk 2 my ex’s just as well as I would do for you.

  6. Alesia says:

    How can anyone celebrate breaking a holy union you made before God?! Jennifer is trashy. What man in their right mind will want her after seeing her reckless behavior and tongue.

    Eric should have listen to his mother. Mother knows!!!

  7. sharon says:

    Eric, Eric, Eric, Eric: You my brother, are less than a man. A real man, would walk away. You,
    should learn to let go. You, are out of control (NOT, Jen). If you can’t take a little “water”, then maybe you can take some “milk” from yo mama (lol). “You” got just what you deserved. You, are just mad (another word for angry—boo boo). “You” lost out. You can’t control Jen (anymore). So get over yourself. You didn’t make her, GOD did. You ain’t no GOD! Who are you? Better yet, who do you “think” that you are? How can you tell her (Jen) that she ain’t NOTHING? Your career is over, bro. Plus, no one has ever heard of you before “Basketball Wives” (the show). So, you didn’t have a damn thing to do with Jens’ position on the show. So, she made you (lol). Throwing a bar drink in a womans’ face, doesn’t make you “big man”. In
    fact, it shows your “IGNORANCE” like your ex (Jen) said. You shouldn’t have been cheating on her (during your “marriage”). You are the one, that looks like the “damn fool”. Only a “fool”, would do what you have done (i.e. cheating; having outside children during your marriage; disrespecting women; and etc…). You “talk” a dumb game (because, you are truly a FOOL!).
    You say that Jen will be 40 year’s old, in three year’s. Well, guess what? She is still young enough, to enjoy herself. GOD, knows evil. He will provide her with who and what she needs.
    So take the “S” off of your chest (you fail to be her helpmate). Admit it, and move forward. She may NOT be NOTHING “to you”. But, one mans’ trash is another mans’ treasure. Go away, you will still be UGLY in three year’s. That’s a fact!

  8. Nokeyah says:

    Royce…I too would love to see Jennifer sit down and explain herself. She look like chicken-butt doing all this running and using Evelyn’s name to make a point. As for the situation with Eric, Jennifer deserved it. Don’t do it and it won’t be done to you. If you take a look back, while she was wiping her face, she looked totally shocked and saying to herself “that was not how it was suppose to go!” Susie is a doosie…I don’t even know what to say about her. Just no backbone…nothing. Evelyn, I wish you well with Chad because I think you look desperate since watching the finale. Tami, I like you but seek help for your anger and make amends with Meeka. You’ll need it! Oh…Meeka, stay away from this show. You should’ve stuck with Royce; even though she tried to warn you.

  9. zet says:

    First of all, Jen didn’t have a problem with you until the reunion show where you were showing your a**. Sitting up there saying you believe she leaked her nude pictures on the internet. If she did or not, it was not for you to be broadcasting it on national tv. YOUR opinion or not!! But you think she should be cool with you after that, but you don’t have a problem with her?
    In YOUR opinion you think she still has feelings for Eric, but you don’t see why she would have a problem with you twitting him, business or not, after you did your little dirt and are now trying to make her look immature, when it was you who caused the problem, never opened your mouth to apologize. But you want to talk now,why? Your actions are shady,she see’s it, she feels it. What you don’t get is that it is more about what the hell you are up to than it is about Eric.
    I don’t know what kind of :friends” you got that it doesn’t bother you when they talking to one of your exe’s,hell it doesn’t have to be a friend,just someone I know and I would have a problem with them talking to an exe of mine. For one it’s too freaky, for two it’s sneaky and shady as hell. because it makes you look like you were after something in the first place and you didn’t care if someone got hurt. Not to mention you were drilling Suzie about what Jen got in her settlement.
    Jen bringing up Eric’s mother, HER business, apparently the woman did something that hurt Jen, sticking her nose where it didn’t belong,for her to get on him about not being man enough to step up to the plate. It was up to him to be a man and tell his mother to back off and show his wife some respect. The fact that he didn’t and feels because it was his mother he couldn’t, says a lot about him and his treatment of women. Any man worth his salt would know how to sit and talk to their parent about their involvement in their marriage and bounderies and still be able to keep peace.
    Jen had every right to toss whatever, after what he put her through. He couldn’t even be man enough to say,I deserved that and walk it off.
    What I’d like to know is who appointed you to blog about these women? You’re so real, why haven’t you slapped your pitbull on the nose ? You have plenty to say about the others and what they do, the pit bull has been rabid from day one and you have so little to nothing to say.
    It would be an entirely different thing if one of them had a blog about you allowing your son to sleep in a room with his mothers porn like pictures hung everywhere. I am so glad Christine is the total opposite of you, so he can see all women are not like that.
    You lied about not twitting about the BBW, as far as I’m concerned the Royce you play (using your acting skills???) Is someone you wish you could be and she’s even fake. Why didn’t you blog about your seizure ? You have fans that were very concerned, there was not one Thank you,hi, bye or kiss my a**. Another sign that you are not real, it ment nothing to you. Could it be because it was all fake ? A ruse to try and sell books from pity? Because anyone with common sense will go to the Doctor and be checked out and had it been a seizure E.R. Whats your excuse? You’re Royce Reed, not Dr.Reed, for all you know you might have had a mini stroke.

  10. Anna says:

    Wives come and go, mothers are forever. Don’t believe me, get an illness and need your azz wiped, see who’s still there; go to prison for life, see who’s still there, lose all your fortune, see who’s still there, lose the ability to sex her up, see who’s still there. These are not wives of biblical times, these wives are not the Ruths’ of modern day African/Edenic peoples. These women are self-serving and the mothers who have raised their sons decently know this. Until God calls her home, mother should always be the first lady because I guarantee you when all else fails, she will be the last lady standing by her son’s side.

  11. Anna says:

    Royce you are fabulous! I’d be proud to have you as a friend or as a daughter. Keep dancing you are talented and beautiful. You have a father and brother who love you and the other women are jealous. I too was taught to respect the physical strength of men. I’ve never been hit or disrespected by a man as I have never hit or disrespected a man. I too have a loving father and I have six wonderful brothers who love and adore me. Like me, you are petite and will always look 10-15+ years younger than your chronological age. I was still being carded in my late 30s because I looked like a teenager. My husband loves that people often think I’m his daughter. Big amazon women have always given me problems too, but like you I don’t back down – the bullies only bully the weak and cowardly.

  12. MEME says:


  13. MochaLatte says:

    Royce, Royce, Royce….How is it you always say the things I’m thinking….lol

    That Divorce party was TIRED! She spent way to much time talking about Eric and using his name that was weird to me. The Finale was WEAK…all in all….Shaunie, Boo Boo…Do Better! That’s all I have to say to Ms. “Ride or Die” Business Woman….lol….That part about her starting the shoe line was like five episode’s late….and I hope she will replace Suzie if she has no plans on having her own storyline…..I think all of you ladies…yes, including The Worlds Biggest Groupie… Evelyn(Do she think she’s black? She said a lot racist mess too,people caught that) are a little more interesting than just fights and she said, she said nonsense…..Like I said Shaunie… Do Better!

    As far as the drink throwing, I mean, Hey! he didn’t turn into Debo(Tami) and hit her…and Jennifer was way out of line attacking that mans mother. His mother is not apart of this show and their marriage is over….stop looking for people to blame….blame yourself and Eric! period! …They both still have feelings for each other….and living next door to each other too…mmmm.hmmmm….I’m not fooled.
    Debo(Tami)(bonus clip) Wants to be a DJ….The station better get some good insurance….that Chicks a Liability!
    Good Luck to You Royce! I hope you land bigger and better things….Stay You and Live For You(and your adorable son, of course!)

    The Reunion Look Like a Hoodrat Fest! minus you and John Salley LOL

  14. BeautifulnFaithful says:

    Jen shouldn’t have even brought Eric’s mother up in conversation, Eric actually said something NICE about her mother. Jen shifted this conversation in a negative direction, what does it matter how his mother was? She is divorcing him, so why even talk about it…..She walked into the meeting with an attitude and got what she was looking for. Eric could have been a bigger person by walking away even after she threw the drink…BUT, she did throw that drink all over the back of his shirt and she got what she deserved, so how was she shocked that he did, what she did? Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it! Point blank!! Jennifer has a lot of growing up to do and so does Eric.

  15. Nahla says:

    “BUT, I learned long time ago if you have the balls enough to act like a man don’t be shocked if that man actually turns around and treats you like the man you just pretended to be.”

    This is a very important point for all women to remember.

  16. Fine Fella says:

    Royce need to sit her ass down ….immature lit fake broke ass

  17. giagrl says:

    Jennifer deserved to have that drink thrown in her face. Eric was walking away from her until she decided to throw that glass at him so she got what her dizzy, dumb azz deserved. On another note, she looks ridiculous in that video with Bobby Valentino.

  18. shaw says:

    You are so immature. You get joy out of being childish. Grow up! I guarantee that if you do life will be a lot easier for you.

  19. beautifulmodel says:

    Honestly i believe Royce is the youngest cast memeber and the more conscious and mature.Jennifer is way too old to be acting so cheap and loose,claiming “he’s cute” and slobbing him in public at her so called “divorce party”. What is her grind,honestly, to keep wearing color contacts and looking for “hook-ups”?.Almost 40yrs with no career just a divorce under her belt and some money she earned thru marriage/divorce/”Housewifes”? I am looking forward to Housewives of LA and hoping that these women will be more real,less drama and act their age. Good luck to Royce in all her endeavors and i hope the rest of her cast members will get a life soon enough and grow up

  20. kim shelby says:

    i hounestly could say i love all the basket ball wives seriously i do my comment to royce statement is really not much because shes an adult and grown enough to state how she feels just as well as everyone else do. i wouldnt call basket ball wives drama tho because woman argue,disagree and fight all the time thats why we can never share bedrooms as girls i am 20 years old and i’ve learn that drama only lives inside of “drama queens” and when i say “drama queens” i mean people who think they are better than the world,people who love to judge,people who could care less about everyone else pretty much like those who judge u at a job interview because you have been arrested or have no diploma but not knowing why people dont have one all im saying is yall beautiful womans are bless to the fullest and very sucessful so who cares bout susie running her mouth like the niagara falls or tammy use to have foodstamps or evelyn sleeping with whom ever or jen and eric being married or devorced you ladies have young adults looking up to you all and learning alot from this show just relax a little and as of meeka you did deserve what you got lol but seriously all you ladies i hope you all continue living a great life ad remember the little things dont matter let go and let god i love you guys!!!

  21. Dee says:

    I’ve been reading your blog and I also follow you on twitter. I must say at first I didn’t care for you. No, I didn’t know you nor do I know you now… But from what I have seen and can put together, you seem to be a nice young lady. I did pass judgement on you, which a lot of females do, which I’m trying to get out of. Passing judgement is one of the main reasons females can’t get along. Something is either heard or taken in the wrong way and the chance of a good friendship never happens. Instead we get hate and a bunch of unneccessary drama. Who reall has time for all that? seriously???
    I agree with you on so many levels about the most recent show and previous ones. I wish the
    best for everyone on the show and hope that the necessary changes can be made. I respect
    your grind and one of these days I will get your book.

  22. ide says:

    j austin said it all for me. you go girl. royce is the realist to me. and i like tammy too. looking forward to season 3 or 4 wich ever comes next. wanna c what happens with the comming up nuptuals. : )

  23. Woman are so emotional says:

    Sorry ladies but the battle of sexes has been going on since the beginning of time. Zet, no one, man or woman, has a right to throw anything at anyone. Sorry but that is not a defense in a court of law. And I never heard of a moral or spiritual reason either. Now if you are a woman, of course you will feel it is okay. You are taking up for your girls. But if this was a lesbian fight would it be right for the woman to throw a glass at another woman in the heat of passion? No. So don’t make it any different if it was a man or woman.

  24. secrets dorsey says:

    Ms Royce i love u don’t change your honest and have self respect please don’t change

  25. obi says:

    royce i love how real u are, never fake or phoney unlike the other girls on the show..the other women are so wrapped up in how much money a man has or wrapped up in material things, always talking about how busted you look or what u have on. you own your own home, you own your own bussiness, you wrote a book, and you have a son by one of the most sucessful men in the nba( dwight howard). you never bite your tongue and always say what u feel, you go girl!!!

  26. stfu says:

    I agree with Zet!! Tell em girl.That bastard Eric speaks as tho his marriage aint over due to his lack there of, and the fact that he never gave her a legit sincere apology for all the mess hes done. Granted Jennifer was just dumb for still marrying the dude after finding out he cheated on her…but whatever, royce is still an irrelevant non mother fn factor!!!

  27. blessed28 says:

    All you women need to grow up who the heck need friends nobody do u

  28. mz.ware says:

    i love you (no homo)any way im your biggets fan an Jenifer only act like that cause she around evelyn an suzie, tami shaunie but when her an eve got into it she anit say nothing back like she was scared an girl i feel u bout jen an eric i dont get why she so corious bout u tweetin eric an meetin up wit him obvislouy she stil cares about him cuz i wudnt hav no problem with you talkin to ma ex-husband. i dont care what they say but u just be you

  29. LuvinMichelle says:

    Again, you manage to blog about every episode except the episode(fight) between your friend Tami and Meeka, why is that? I don’t know who made you the blog guru!!

  30. Yeah says:

    She will not keep it real with us on Tami because she is afraid of her. Point blank end of story.

  31. Sue says:

    @LuvinMichelle and Yeah if you go to Royce twitter page and go to July 28 click on it will take you to the blog she did about the fight. Keep doing you Royce gotta love those few haters compared to your true fans

  32. veebee76 says:


  33. Kelley says:

    @ Zet
    Well said. I am a very good judge of character and from what I see on tv, Royce is the biggest fake. She is a walking, talking contradiction. Its amazing there are people who praise and follow her.
    I feel sorry for the people who believe all the lies and judgements Royce spits out of her mouth.

  34. Paddington says:

    Can Eric close his mouth? It looks like his lips can’t go over his teeth :/ It;s very distracting. I can’t understand one word he says. And what is that big knot on his head

  35. tracy house says:

    First you don’t have to explain your position to anyone on that show. second, REAL WOMEN don’t need drama in their lives so let them have their little fame, u have a degree and a future

  36. Chyna says:

    Go ahead Royce telling it like it is once again. You have to wonder about these people that get on YOUR blog compaining about what you write. Clearly it says it’s my blog(meaning Royce) so if you don’t like her or what she writes it ‘s quite simple…….just bypass her blog. And the ones on here claiming you are fake, tacky, etc……. what could you possibly have to defend about the others. I will say point blank that Royce has always been real and upfront with everyone. Don’t forget how when Tami was getting ready to dig in your ass last season Jennifer, Royce was the first one to jump in front of you and get on Tami case(meanwhile your best friend ALL BARK AND NO BITE) Evelyn said not a word. These ladies never keep it real and they absolutely have no substance to them other than what they think they look like. Royce if I were you, honestly I wouldn’t even come back to deal with the foolishness on this show. You keep doing you and keeping holding ya head up and you will continue to go far because you have alot that they secretly wish they had.

  37. AmarieWray says:

    Ha Ha @ Zet … You are obviously Jen or Ev. WE ALL KNOW that you read Royce’s blogs cuz your too immature to just ignore whats being said about you. Listen BBW’s … this is the thing. As a fan at first we liked the show because after a busy normal day at work with the kids ect we could sit down and see what people who have a lil more than us did on a reg basis. Now we like the show because we actually feel sorry for pretty much all of you … even Royce but ESPECIALLY Jen and Ev. Jennifter you are no victim. You sold your soul for a lil bit of change and in return you got a drink thrown in your face. I happen to think its an even exchange. Instead of being a gold digger you should have just waited for real love like the rest of us. Ok Ev Ev Ev … SMH – Chad is cute, charismatic, and hella funny. But he ISNT tame-able. So put your handcuffs away hun cuz the only way you two will ever make it is if you accept his occasional indiscretions. Tami .. I love ya. But i agree with most that its time for you to monitor your behavior with a lil anger management. Maybe your next show should involve some type of counseling. Suzie .. oh wait Suzie who?. Nuff said lol. Shaunie .. hmmm very interesting how you managed to squeeze five minutes about your business but no one else’s. Go head girl. Pimp them hoes i mean shoes lol. and Royce. Just stop caring about these none facta’s … irrelevancy cant be seen and neither should they. I will watch the finale and after that Im just not sure if i will dedicate another moment of pity or time watching black women demean themselves on tv for a dollar. Even tho we as a people have come along way .. it appears that just maybe we havent come far enough. Peace!

  38. JJ says:

    Im a brother & I watch the show with my girl, It’s ” ENTERTAINMENT” ladies, stop taking it personal. Remember this quote: SWEEP AROUND YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR, B4 YOU SWEEP AROUND SOMENONE ELSE’S. We all have flaws, we all make mistakes. Men can have an arguement & shake hands the next day. Women will take hating other women to their graves. LIG (LET IT GO).

  39. Jazzy1 says:

    Royce I feel your sentiments 95%. I was feeling Jen’s hurt for the most part, but when she left the lemon squeeze minutes before you arrived, that was highly suspect to me. It instantly showed guilt on her behalf. On the contrary Eric was dead wrong no doubt for the drink dunk, but celebrating a divorce before it’s even final was weird and even after the divorce it just seems evil, not happiness. I think in this case Eric’s mother was right about that marriage happening; Mother’s Knows Best. IJS Outside of their mess (Eric & Jenn) I like how you stand up for what you truly believe in; you are not going to hate somebody just because someone else hates… very mature and blessings to you for being that way!

    I really don’t like to be one-sided when several people have played a role in drama, but in this case I think you’ve been thrown under the bus in Season 3 because for one, Team Popular totally underestimated you as a woman and the truth came out about some things during Season 2 Reunion and it keeps coming out even after watching the sneak preview of this season’s reunion show. I must add however, some, if not a lot of Jen’s feed towards you comes from Evileen (Evelyn), but then again, when a bunch of women are in a circle commotion almost always unfolds through a main source (and it wouldn’t be from the infamous diarrhea mouth herself, but maybe the mouthier of wrongs that couldn’t seem to get it right so apparently she quit the show???). :)

    Lastly, my late grandmother told me this, “When you have people running their mouths all the time, they got to be lying some of the time.” I believe in my late grandmother’s saying, but clearly it was not meant for you because no one really wants to talk to you in the Pt.1 reunion and guilt clearly carried the day.

    Your parents did well raising you IMO and too, you have individuality that speaks volumes on any occasion. Keep doing you young lady!

  40. zet Not a BBW says:

    This fake trick ! How many times are you going to bring up the designer clothes these women wear? You know, the kind of designer clothes you claim you don’t need. Let’s be real, you had no problem with those designers before, but now that YOU CAN’T afford them, you knocking them for it? Suzie 2 it was your mouth that got all your riches taken, not theirs. It was your mouth that had to be slapped with a gag that made you even more of a non-factor on BBW’s. You couldn’t talk about your short life (such as it is ) with your ex-boyfriend, which left you with nothing to talk about on the show but the women because you knew you were going to be replaced. You’re using the show hopeing for a jump off to some big fast money to help you pay off all that money you owe. Wow grandma what a big mouth you have. You never knew any of these women before the show, but you think it’s ok to trash them for your benefit. Braylon will be so proud when he gets older,with his cute self. When he starts going to school he’ll be able to brag to his friends about his almost naked mommy’s pictures hanging in her room where he slept. Your so called career could affect his life and you don’t seem to care. How did you say it,”Royce gone do Royce.” You go girl, you doing a bang up job. Even if you live to see your account thawed out and can call your money yours, all your butt popping,lies and nasty photos will still be within reach for his friends to torture him with, when he has contact with other kids, and these kids are born with computers in their hands these days, That child is going to learn a lot about the trick who is known as his mother.
    Chad should sue you for that statement you made about him on television. When are you going to turn on your pitbull for being friendly with Evelyn? That really bothered you, anyone who has anything to do with her bothers the hell out of you, which is why you started the mess with Jen. Trying to get a rise out of Evelyn.
    Good or bad, they are being who they are, you on the other hand,shady,back stabbing, jealous, sneaky and an ice berg. No feelings, no emotions except for when you heard your pitbull made up with Evelyn.

  41. GirlBye says:

    Do you have ANYTHING to talk about besides Jen and Evelyn? You spend ALL your camera time taking shots at them or being angry at Susie for making up with them. You don’t conduct yourself or your relationships any better than the other girls. And unlike the other ladies you’re a baby mama. WOMP! You didn’t get a ring or even a proposal, so you’re in no position to cast stones or give relationship advice, honey. Seems your WHOLE LIFE revolves around bad mouthing your baby daddy or anyone that you feel has wronged you in some manner (including your cast mates). So how can you shout Jen out for her ill feelings and actions towards Eric when you’ve been doing the same thing and worst for the past two years. You need to stop with the holier than thou act. You’re no better than Jen or Ev, and your life is just as messy, if not more so…

  42. Viewer from Vegas says:

    Until you are in a happy, loving, MARRIAGE, you are in NO POSITION to discuss any thing in that area. Jennifer deserved to have a divorce party if she so chose to. It is her life and she can do what she pleases. Who are you to judge? When it is time to leave a marriage, do it! Why would anyone stay in an unhappy situation? Did you stay with Dwayne? Obviously, Jennifer didn’t come to the decision easily and she gave Eric plenty of chances. But in your book, she should stay just like you did in your marriage….OOOPS you were never married. Moving ON!

    I’m glad Jennifer didn’t meet with you. For what? Nothing would be accomplished and an argument would have ensued. She’s not going to change your mind and vice versa so why talk? For ratings? Get outta here.

    You don’t condone violence yet you were to chicken crap to tell Tami how wrong she was to get into a physical altercation with Meeka. Ooops, because you are really afraid of Tami, that’s right.

    And further, how do you condone someone having “fun” when you are willing to have “fun” yourself! You are a bag of contradictions and it is just sad to watch your childish self write this blog with all the bitterness and hate you can muster. Jennifer is a grown woman and her dating and even having sex does not mean she’s in a relationship. It means she is a person who can make decisions for her life at the place it is in at that particular moment. Why do you care? Why does her and Evelyn’s life bother you so much?

    How about in YOUR off time, you actually act in something other than the chittling circuit play you were in that landed in a whopping two cities and do something other than twerk your cooch. You not being on the show would be refreshing and when you weren’t shown, I didn’t miss you at all.

  43. Sarah says:

    ROYCE, I’m surprised to find out you I agree with everything you mentioned. I’m not sold on Chad and Evelyn and having sex does not solve arguments. Jen used to be very classy and reserved but the divorce party made her look like trash. I also agree with you that if you want to act like a man and throw or hit them be prepared to get smacked back like a man. Jen should have let him walk away in rage but instead allowed him to come back and shove that drink all over her face. I was left speechless but she should’ve walked away really fast after that. Looks like Eric got the last laugh.

  44. tia says:

    I like all the basketball wives..they are no different from any other women with problems..

  45. renee says:

    i hope that jen or eve kick royce ass she is the main one talking about them every place she went on the show that’s all she would talk about every one said’s that she so cuite NOTshe wish she looked like them

  46. FanofRoyce says:

    Dangggggg, Royce you have a lot of haters!!!! That is so crazy! Royce keep doing you and the Haters like Zet and the other Fake ass Basketball Wive Wanna Be’s can just Suck on One.LOL

  47. FanofRoyce says:

    Renee, can’t you and the other haters read. In case you can’t at the beginning of every blog,
    Royce say’s
    So why do you dumb asses keep reading and commenting??? LOL

  48. quiana says:

    royce hi i what your friends be nice to you becauce i what friendyls i do need what no figth on the show

  49. Lane says:


    I, just wanted to say, I like the show, but I don’t know why Evelyn and Jen think that it is okay to say what they want about others, but it is not okay for others to say anything about them? Jennifer, I know Evelyn is your friend, but don’t gang up on people, because it will come back, I really like you girls and I know it’s a show , but I’m keeping it real. You guys do come off as being bullies. What happened to the episode that proves what Tami really said? That episode needs to be shown, maybe Meeka could get a break. Oh, and Susie, you, talk too much. Still have much love for you all. A real friend would not even allow, their best friend to bully others. That is not classy.


  50. hamster says:

    Except for you and meeka, gravity is getting the best of the rest of the group.

    You rule Royce!!

  51. dee says:

    Okay, here we go again. The white media enjoying some black female drama………Didn’t you all learn from “Flav of love” or what about “I Love New York”………Royce, career is not what you have …… have no talent………you can’t act……..oh, you can dance………Royce, you claim that you don’t like violence, but yet you love to fight. Grow up little girl………and put some grown up clothes on………….lol

  52. AKA1908 says:

    For you guys throwing so much shade towards royce, why are you on her blog? If you hate her so much why view this section.? Go make yourself relevant.

  53. I lov the show and the cast, and I think u made a good decision on furtherin yrself to want more out of life, hope that yr book does well and yr actin. All the BS u went threw on the show, did any of the things that went on bring u dwn or make u stronger, and in the future are u gonna be on another basketball wives. comment; on Royce

  54. juana12 says:

    hi royce i dunno about u yet but in all honesty u acted more mature then the rest of them drama queens even tami and i love tami. If ur still on the next season i will watch it cause i bet since they cant break u they gonna turn on another one or maybe they will have a new girl and bully her. Dont u think tammy is trying to hard to be part of the click? she acting to much like evelyn and its not like i hate evelyn but shes nobody special so i dunno why these girls sweating her. ????? anyways i thought u acted real mature just please no more fighting on ur part( unless u defending urself AGAIN) lol!!!!! P.S LOSE SUZIE AS A FRIEND CAUSE SHE IS FAKE AND A FOLLOWER! as a matter a fact watch out for all these girls !!!!!! do u boo!!!!!

  55. Cyndi says:

    Personally, I never liked Royce because she has always been so judgemental of everyone other than herself. Also, she has more mouth than anything. So quick to call someone “ghetto”, but I think you are the poster child. If I never see you on the show again I won’t miss you. Actually I like the show much better without you on it (tired of your comments). You looked really out of place on the reunion show. Plus, you should wish you look as good as most of the other cast members when you get their age. Time isn’t waiting for no one, plus you really aren’t as cute as them now no matter how young you are. Your personality makes you look worse babe. First and last time on anything that has to do with you boo………

  56. dee says:

    Oh, and Royce you got to laugh at yourself. Remember that sun dress you had on with the split on the side and the white sandals (after labor day):) you looked horrible. You need to get yourself a stylist instead of a publicist. LOL

  57. thebook says:

    Sorry, you are no V.C Andrews,Tabitha King or Lynn Peril. I found your book to be predictable, heard it, seen it all before kind of book. I really had to make myself finish it. V.C Andrews had me running to find the next installments. College Girls? I didn’t care, because I knew where it was headed and any installments would be the same. Sorry, just my opinion.