Stacey Dash’s Stylist Anthony L. Williams On How To Get Val’s Look (Hint: TJ Maxx Is Involved)


If there’s one thing you can say about Single Ladies star Stacey Dash, it’s that she looks amazing pretty much all the time. Sure, she is genetically blessed and naturally gorgeous, but she also has an amazing sense of style, and watching her character Val Stokes on the show is like getting a lesson in fashion each week. The man behind most of Dash’s on-screen looks, Anthony L. Williams, is no stranger to working in television himself, you might remember him from his stint on season seven of Project Runway. Now he’s responsible for introducing us to Val’s daring, baring looks that make us totally jealous and inspire us to hit the gym (if only we had those legs…).

Since Val’s fashion sense is one of the most talked about aspects of the show, we asked Williams for the inside scoop on some of her best outfits. We created a gallery of all our favorites and how Williams achieved each look, so click on through and let us know which ones you covet! It makes us so excited to know that Williams sources his fashions from thrift shops and TJ Maxx as well as the high-end boutiques, he’s really speaking our language with that bargain-hunting. Williams is also on Twitter, so if you have any follow up questions, he’d love to answer them, shoot him a message at @SewAnthony.

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  1. Sherri says:

    Let’s face it, Val is for Single Ladies what Carrie was for Sex and the City, Beyonce for Destiny’s Child, and Diana Ross for the Supremes! Anthony hits the fashion nail on the head (hard and sometimes twice) in every episodes! Stacy always looks amazing. Each week gives us a greater sense of style, pushing the boundaries of elegance, sophistication, and class with a cup full of Stacy and a Dash of sexy! Together Anthony and Stacy are a match made in heaven and I can’t wait to see what these two come up with next season!

  2. LaVada says:

    I am sooooooo disappointed in the seaon finale of Single Ladies. It was too predictable and I wish there could be an alternate ending to the season. This is my new favoroite, which I don’t watch television that often. I’m just devasted and not sure if I will continue on to the next season. Writer’s could have done a better job. They must be ametuer copy cat writer’s. It is the same material as any other typical couple related material. If you need ideas email me, please. I will do it for free!!!!!


  3. Sharity Smith says:

    Ok so i love the show and hope soon that the new episodes cum out soon. When u they cumin out cuz i have to find out what happen with val, and find out if kisha said anything to the F.B.I and if april is going to get her man back. Pleas let us know when they cuming backe on the air so i can tun in every monday @ 9. Thanks for a good show <3 love it :)

  4. iris says:

    This is THE outfit that I absolutely adore.

  5. conishkee says:

    From head to toe, the colors are vibrant and she looks amazing in it. I LOVED seeing her in this outfit; I’d wear it myself. You go Stacey! And kudos to you, Anthony, for having the vision which makes every outfit she wears work!!

  6. Carol Radcliff says:

    I will not watch the show if Stacy Nash is no longer on . But I suggest if she is offically fired,
    please replace her with Eva Pickford, America Next Top Model Winner. I think she and Stacy
    look similar.

  7. Tamara says:

    i love this outfit …this was my fav…when i saw this outfit i so said i gotta find this for my closet

  8. Miriam says:

    I am in love with the entire ladies’ and gentlemen’s fashion worn in the show!!! Mr. Anthony L. Williams, I absolutely adore your designs. There is an episode in which Val is wearing a black dress and black sunglasses and I can’t get them out of my mind, they are sooo wow. I am stationed in El Paso, TX and I’ve been trying to find them(from memory) with no luck I may add. I am hoping Mr. Williams or someone from the wardrobe department could tell me the designer and where I can find those sunglasses. I may have to save up a couple of months to buy them but those sunglasses are worth it.

    Thank You,


  9. thegirl says:

    First just wanted to say that I knew when watching Project Runway that Anthony was going to be able to display his talent somewhere on TV. Good job Anthony styling for this show.
    To the commenter below who wrote that if stacey were to leave replace her with Eva Pickford from Top Model; are you kidding me. Stacey’s character is soft , feminine and Eva Pickford comes across very hard! She is not feminine enough to take on that role.

  10. Jan says:

    Anthony, you did a terrific job dressing Val. That green skirt & belt Rocks! Val looked fabulous the whole season.
    I Hope the rumors are not true about Stacey leaving the show, I looked forward to seeing Val week after week just to see what she would be wearing. Stacey is a vital part of the show….hope to see more of Val’s fabulous fashions!

  11. tracey woods says:

    pic 8,where did u get that val’s outfit.

  12. Fay Willis says:

    I feel that LisaRay puts on a GREAT performance on Single Ladies and I wish to see her back on the show next season. Also, it will be GREAT I feel to replace April and put Nia Long in that spot. I mostly record the Single Ladies show and when April’s segment comes on I just fast forward(jump over) that part, because I cannot relative to her.